April 27th, 2010

All the pretty little horses

You want cute? I’ll give you cute: here’s the world’s smallest newborn horse.

This reminds me that I have passed this way before. Several years ago I came across this website on mini-horses for the blind, otherwise known as guide horses. This is not a spoof; these things are real, and really cute, and really smart, and really helpful.

And they wear little sneakers on their feet, and are housebroken. And they are ordinarily allowed to ride on airplanes.

[NOTE: And speaking of cute…]

3 Responses to “All the pretty little horses”

  1. Artfldgr Says:

    Odetta was a friend of mine..

    i will send you the graphic of her personal cards, the one that friends get.

    i remember her very well… she sang a few songs for the few of us… we sat around… i got to sit on her lap and flirt (for fun)… she gave me her personal card…

    she changed my life that day…
    we could talk to her and ask her anything
    and someone asked her

    “how does it feel to be the person who did so much and changed so much” and so on and so forth..

    her answer changed everything…

    I miss her very much…

  2. Artfldgr Says:

    I have passed this way before…

    Life lends a crushing blow
    And once again a heart is broken
    And as history repeats itself
    These few words are sadly spoken

    I�ve passed this way before
    And I�ve felt this pain before
    A hurt that took so long to end
    Has found my poor heart again

    As I watch love walking away
    It brings back old memories
    A familiar pain still feels the same
    Once again heartache has found me

    A dark cloud covered my heart
    Oh, when she told me goodbye
    Now there�s nothing left but emptiness
    And the tears that fill my crying eyes

    I�ve passed this way before
    And I�ve felt this pain before
    A hurt that took so long to end
    Has found my poor heart again

    No matter how strong a man is
    Without love he walks in the dark
    If love deserts him it will surely hurt him
    Cos his weakness is his heart

    A lonely journey now stands before me
    The endless pain has started
    But this time I know the way
    Walking alone and broken hearted

    It so hard to face reality
    Knowing loneliness is my destiny

    Because I�ve passed this way before
    And I�ve felt this pain before
    A hurt that took so long to end
    Has found my poor heart again

  3. Gringo Says:

    What a memorable voice she had.

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