April 27th, 2010

Obama: again with the communication problems

This is getting awfully tiresome.

18 Responses to “Obama: again with the communication problems”

  1. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    This is a message primarily for his core supporters and secondarily for any independents still unwilling to admit they made a mistake. What else is he going to say? As a committed ideologue and a narcissist, it’s the only thing he can do. He’ll maintain this meme all the way till November. Then, things will get interesting.

  2. Steve G Says:

    Well, as far as communication goes, Obama just started playing the race card by appealing to minorities, latinos and women to come out and vote for the Democrats in November. A little early but surely a cringe-inducing moment to reflect on the kinds of divisive crap that will probably be coming to your TV this summer and fall. As a white male I sort of feel left out in the cold. Is he giving up on me? And, does he really want to appeal to all women or only to the singles who voted for him, as he did not do so well with married women. What about the gays, lesbians, transgendered and all of the other victim classes? Are they no longer worthy of being in his corner?

    If a Republican made the same sort of racist appeal to particular groups the MSM would go wild in derision. But, except for the astonishment there seems to be no backlash. Does this move us closer to a color-blind society as Obama’s presidency was hailed for bringing? Nope. Just the opposite.

    You have just lost the ability to be surprised and underwhelmed by Obama’s latest “whatever it is on the table today worth attacking”. He is a dedicated Marxist. He is not as smart as he and some in the MSM believe or would have you believe. He is not consolidating his power, as even the dufuss Chavez has done. Every day he undermines the power and persuasion of his office. He has shown himself to be of closed mind and, in his immature policies, which he implements with a vengeance, has has become a laughingstock (but dangerous, nonetheless).

    That this latest racist appeal did not even get a rise out of you is a measure of how jaded you have become. But it is only his first plea to his diminishing base in a campaign that will not only negate all that his campaign stood for on healing the divide between the races (to the extent it stood for anything) but potentially cause real rifts between the races. It also is a precursor of the lack of restraint that would ordinarily govern his temper.

    Is he the (first and) last black president?

  3. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Sorry, Neo, what is it that you’re getting tired of?

    Is it President Obama claiming that his policies are sound, but that the American people just don’t get it? Or is it his weaseling out of campaign promises by blaming his precdecessor? Or is it his making noises like a fiscal conservative — “what we’ve got to do is match up money going out and money coming in” — when we all know he’s anything but? Or is it his feigned interest in going out and speaking to ordinary Americans, when we’ve seen him avoid that like the plague? Or is it all of the above?

    Just wondering…


  4. Curtis Says:

    Professor Obama: Why am I so stupid?

    Response (without teleprompter):

    Uhhhh . . . I have taken . . . uhh. . measures . . . that . . . uh . . . will provide the citizen . . . unhhh. . . any citizen . . . that wants . . . these measures . . . unhhhhhh . . . which will provide solutions . . . to that crisis . . . unhhh. . . .of stupid thinking. . . that . . . unhhhh . . . brings us all here . . . together. . .unhhh. . . as I am speaking.

  5. Granny Jan Says:

    The real reason he’s back on the campaign trail today is that he can’t go long without the adulation of adoring crowds. The coalminer’s memorial became a campaign rally for him. Click on my name to see it.

    The crowds are made of of mostly young women who seem to have a strange attraction to him, but the ladies have always like the gays.

  6. Bob from Virginia Says:

    So his majesty is going to grace us subhumans with his insights.
    If only it were it the other way around.

  7. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    As communication involves both speaking and listening, I suppose it would be fair to say that Obama has a communications problem.

  8. Nolanimrod Says:

    I read the NYT Blog post. That makes it all clear. Obama is doing Navin (Steve Martin’s character) from The Jerk.

  9. neo-neocon Says:

    Daniel in Brookline: all of the above. Although I was mainly referring to the first—his claiming his policies are just fine but that he hasn’t communicated them well enough. In other words, he thinks if he can just spin it right, we’ll all get on board with whatever he’s trying to sell. He does believe in his persuasive powers, like any good con man.

  10. expat Says:

    I liked the line about his being in a bubble in the WH. He was born in a bubble and lived all his life in one. In any encounter with a person outside his own crowd, he inflates his own little self-protective bubble of preconceptions, eg, clinging to guns and religion. AVI is right: his problem is not being able to listen.

  11. DirtyJobsGUy Says:

    Maybe he’s trying to hard to be an “authentic” black man. You know the comedy routine where the black comedian does the role of some street preacher/activist/malcom X wannabe. The resulting speech is a jumble of meaningless words and phrases with a high unintelligible factor.

    All emotion and no meat, he’s almost waiting for the congregation to shout “Amen”!

  12. Occam's Beard Says:

    Attaboy, Buraq, it’s our fault. We’re just too stupid to appreciate your brilliance. We’re all sitting around picking bugs out of each other’s fur and throwing femurs into the air while he works on the Unified Field Theory.

    Or how to pronounce “corpsman.” One or the other.

  13. Occam's Beard Says:

    I say again, I think Buraq is a simpleton with a mellifluous baritone (smoker’s) voice. He’s not bright enough to realize that he’s not that bright.

    After academia I was in an industrial position where as part of a performance evaluation we were required to ask what the employee considered his greatest strength. (I know – HR BS.)

    By far the dullest member of my staff, in response to this question, solemnly replied “his great intellect.” I somehow kept a straight face while scouring his for some sign that he was joking.

    He wasn’t. He simply wasn’t bright enough to realize how badly outclassed he was.

  14. Curtis Says:

    Not so much that Obama can’t listen; he can’t think in a way that will allow him to understand that there is a possibility he is wrong. His whole education, both received and obtained, has been dedicated to proving others wrong. He uses words not for truth or reality but as weapons and when challenged slips into an “everything is relative” discourse. Obama listens very well; he listens for that trigger wherein he can launch into a well rehearsed monologue, a trait, rather like Hitler.

    Of course this isn’t real listening, but it does, perhaps, explain that there might be a real sense of wonder and suprise within His Holiness as to why he is so misunderstood. He’s fooled himself. However, if you’ve seen some of the pictures when he is cornered, there’s a real animal in there.

  15. Mo Says:

    Harwood is a sycophantic putz, the NY Times reader comments are hysterically stupid, and Obama…Obama is his usual mendacious self. We understand perfectly well what he has tried to foist on us, along with his fellow Far Left friends. In fact, Obama’s real problem is that we understand what is going on Washington far better because of the Internet and blogs like yours, Neo.

  16. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    Curtis, that was a good distinction on the listening.

  17. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    He does believe in his persuasive powers, like any good con man.

    Indeed he does — “inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity”, as the saying goes. I suspect he’s long been in love with the sound of his own voice, and is used to people feeling the same way.

    He also seems to believe that his words can accomplish anything — anything at all. We’ve spoken about this from a political perspective (e.g. the belief that he can settle any world dispute by talking), but another aspect is his willingness to annoy and insult people. He does this, I believe, because he genuinely feels that nobody can be mad at him forever. No matter how many times he’s thrown you under the bus, he can win you over in spite of yourself with his glowing rhetoric… and then throw you under the bus again, if he chooses.

    Unfortunately for him, many of us are unwilling to be kicked a second time… and our numbers are growing.

    Daniel in Brookline

  18. Fenwick Says:

    Hi, Neo – I’ve been reading your blog for months now and truly appreciate the thought and work you put into it!

    As a long-time avid Mac fan, I have to comment that Obama seems to believe that he possesses his own “Reality Distortion Field”… but he doesn’t even come close. He is a finger-wagging bore who cannot recapture the “magic” of his campaign no matter how often he goes out stumping.

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