April 28th, 2010

San Francisco imposes sanctions on Arizona

I bet Arizona is shaking in its shoes at this.

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  1. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    I am imagining Johnny Carson’s smirk while delivering his opening monologue and mentioning this. No punchline necessary.

  2. John Says:

    The Sanctuary City by the Bay got it’s collective panties in a wad.

  3. Conrad Says:

    My first reaction to this was, “Why in the world are San Francisco municipal employees travelling to Arizona ‘on official business’ in the first place?”

    My second reaction was, “Why are San Francisco elected officials and/or city employees spending any portion of their taxpayer-funded workdays devising ways to punish another jurisdiction’s policies having no conceivable relevance to San Fransisco?”

    This is the perfect example of government’s insatiable appetite for more power. Imagine how much better San Francisco would be if its employees concerned themselves exclusively with the task of providing traditional government services and not at all with providing advocacy on behalf of political and social causes favored by the city’s elites.

  4. Curtis Says:

    There should be a good case for the city’s actions to violate the first amendment because the moratorium on travel to Arizona is an ideological, hence, religious expression of the city government.

    These are enemies, not fellow countrymen. The scumbags will skewer any not like-minded person without regard for our constitution.

    Yet, however outrageous, they are a diversion, nincompoops fighting with words like “sanctions.” The real task is to start educating our upcoming generations. Bust the teacher’s unions! Turn the outrage into positive action.

  5. JKB Says:

    San Francisco is terrified that their decision to enforce law against US citizens while permitting widespread lawlessness among those who are unauthorized by federal law to be in the United State will be revealed as so much liberal foolishness. The Arizona law actually really just make it impossible to form a sanctuary city in Arizona.

    A somewhat similar law in a couple of counties in GA using the cooperative program with US Immigration found:

    About of third of those inmates were jailed for traffic offenses such as driving without a license. Drunken driving was the next most common charge. Four murder suspects, 10 alleged rapists and 27 suspected child molesters were also among those detained for federal immigration officials.

  6. John Says:

    “”Misguided and irresponsible” is how Arizona’s new law pertaining to illegal immigration is characterized by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She represents San Francisco, which calls itself a “sanctuary city,” an exercise in exhibitionism that means it will be essentially uncooperative regarding enforcement of immigration laws. Yet as many states go to court to challenge the constitutionality of the federal mandate to buy health insurance, scandalized liberals invoke 19th-century specters of “nullification” and “interposition,” anarchy and disunion. Strange.” George Will

  7. Jed Skillman Says:

    San Francisco’s dimwitted threat is an example of why I believe that the days of the Left are numbered. The laws of nature will not allow the Left to be this stupid and survive.

    So, San Francisco is considering retaliating for the Arizona immigration law by canceling contracts with Arizona companies.

    How did those Arizona companies get the contracts? Let’s exclude bribery, and assume that San Francisco administrators actually did their job and awarded those public contracts to the lowest bidders.

    If San Francisco cancels Arizona contracts it will, therefore, have to re-issue them to the higher bidders at an additional cost to taxpayers. This is what passes for “thinking” on the Left.

    Further, because of California’s environmental laws, much of the state actually buys it’s electricity from Arizona power companies. Does that mean they will boycott Arizona electricity? Are they really going to give themselves more brown-outs and more rolling black-outs? Is the City By the Bay willing to sit out there in the dark?

    That’s what I mean, they can’t be this dumb and survive.

  8. Marine's Mom Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments on the newspaper article. Way more entertaining than the article itself.

  9. gcotharn Says:

    Arizona ought issue a travel advisory for Arizonans who are considering travel to San Francisco. Arizona could cite crime danger created by super aggressive panhandlers on San Francisco streets. Arizona could warn that San Francisco fog creates mental fog in everyone it touches.

  10. Art Says:

    I would like to see a national boycott of everything San Francisco…..just so they can recall that it goes both ways.

  11. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    I think Arizona should offer a 60 day amnesty for any illegal in Arizona who comes forward to receive a one-way bus or train ticket to San Fran, a haven city so they can commune with the San Franciscoites.

    Then they can get services from someone not Arizona!

  12. gcotharn Says:

    I R A Darth Aggie,


  13. Occam's Beard Says:

    Do you think liberals have figured out that Arizona’s action will motivate still more illegal aliens to choose California over Arizona, thereby exacerbating the already dire economy here?

    Arizona’s legislation represents the first pickle out of the jar, and gives them a first mover advantage. Other states can then study how the legislation works in Arizona, and potentially decide to follow suit. Tthe advantage of doing so decreases with each such decision, until in the limit if all states enact such laws, none of them has an advantage over any other.

    Meanwhile, Arizona’s action places the Federal government squarely between a rock and a hard place. Love it.

    Gotta love federalism, at least in this context.

    Btw, I love your idea, I R A Darth Aggie. A key doctrine of the faith of SF liberal theology holds that homelessness in SF results from NYC giving bums bus tickets to SF. Sounds apochryphal to me, but you’ll hear it all the time in SF liberal circles. The problem doesn’t arise from their policies. No sir.

  14. OsoPardo Says:

    I hereby move that we start a fund to build a very high concrete wall around SF and then ship all violent illegal aliens there.

    I further move that there should be a one way gate in the wall. Whereby the only movement is into the city.

    Any seconds?

  15. Occam's Beard Says:


  16. JohnC Says:

    When I lived in San Fran many years ago everything / everyone was ‘far out’ man. That meant something. It meant you were in touch with things, that you had some cool. And, of course, the hope was that some young female would notice that. Things and people apparently are still far out man in SF, but the concept has changed – – things and people are far out there, really far out of touch.

  17. Nolanimrod Says:

    Arizona Clinics Lead State Income Surge…

    Ari­zona announced the results of the inves­ti­ga­tion into the sud­den increase in Arizona’s bank account…….

  18. Artfldgr Says:

    i think this photo, and the huge mayday riots (oops), will sum it up nicely. mayday has special significance.


    could this be why i was verbally attacked last night?

    you wouldn’t believe the kind of stuff that they are reading as to the behavior of gringo’s historically and that they believe (as to do so fuels their hate, which fuels their sense of purpose and importance, that gives them pleasure).

  19. Artfldgr Says:

    Guys, you missed the funniest part of all this if trends continue to split things..

    citizens will remain in arizona
    legal aliens and so forth will remain in arizona

    illegal aliens from all over the country will flock to san fran…

    as more jurisdictions decide to repeat the federal law to empower themselves to fully enforce it from stem to stern rather than look to a government that chooses what laws it will enforce (rather than remove them), and does this as a way to hide how many they have really made.

    say taxes does this too… and Utah, and don’t forget new Mexico…

    what will happen to san fran?

    what happened when a little park in Germany made it legal to shoot drugs? (history does teach)

    san fran can do this… but all they are doing is saying… “hey! everyone who worries, come here!”
    or maybe “Hey! Todos los que se preocupa, ven aquí!”

  20. Artfldgr Says:

    I would like to see a national boycott of everything San Francisco…..

    oh… and if we were as stupid as the useful idiots we could not eat rice a roni, while they refuse to drink arizona ice tea (“the drink of fascists” was said)…

    i wonder if the liberal owners of businesses like coldstones, which IS from arizona, being punished and put out by the very people they side with?

    i mean really… do you think a coldstones in Berkley is owned by a non collectivist type? how about in all those nice other liberal areas?

    i can see it now… they put a sign out,

    i am liberal
    its not my fault
    its frickin ice cream

  21. NeoConScum Says:

    May I suggest that Arizona provide free one-way transport for Illegal Aliens to San Francisco, Sanctuary City by the Bay? There they will find luv, empathy, nurturing, hugs and vast unemployment.

  22. Artfldgr Says:

    i still like George Carlin solution better…
    the skit is called “state prison farms”…

    you can read the whole thing here…

    those wishing to see the man deliver it can go here

  23. Occam's Beard Says:

    Guys, you missed the funniest part of all this if trends continue to split things..

    citizens will remain in arizona
    legal aliens and so forth will remain in arizona

    illegal aliens from all over the country will flock to san fran…

    Nobody missed this. It was obvious. Give us some credit.

  24. Michael Says:

    “illegal aliens from all over the country will flock to san fran…”

    I doubt it.

    The are illegal, not stupid.

  25. SteveH Says:

    I know quite a few libs that privately are more against illegal immigrants than any conservative. I think they simply can’t handle the pressure of being called a knuckle dragging racist by the pop culture machine. Which is why they are liberals in the first place.

  26. jon baker Says:

    Malkin has an article about how Mexico treats Immigrants to Mexico. You might consider sending it to a liberal friend- start it as an email…


  27. jon baker Says:

    I had a coworker who was -literally- a card carrying member of the ACLU. One night , in hushed tones, he told me and another conservative coworker that “The Mexicans are coming just a little to fast to assimilate.” He said this in a tone like something ought to be done about it. This was around the time of the 2006 Pro illegal alien marches where the Mexican flags were being flown in cities in America protesting American law. We workers were also at that time in the former Yugoslavia, a place torn apart because of a, shall we say, non-melting pot situation.

  28. Occam's Beard Says:

    Now, in a perfect world, Arizona would be where AZT was manufactured.

  29. E.M. Crotchet Says:

    Art Says:

    I would like to see a national boycott […] just so [San Francisco] can recall that it goes both ways.

    Just call me an ignorant foreigner, if you like, Art, who knows about SF and LA only from TV and the movies, but don’t San Franciscans generally like it both ways?

  30. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    SteveH – bingo. Liberalism enforces tribal discipline with the social pressure of exclusion. People who want to work, socialise, and mate in the tribe fear being cast out into the wild, where their skills may not be so highly valued. Generally, they all need a chorus of people around them reassuring them that they are more social and moral.

    Intellectual support for their ideas is applied post hoc.

  31. Le Trebuchet Says:

    Here is the duplicity of the Left for all to see. San Franny is having a Margret Dumont moment over AZ’s immigration policy and yet the Enviroweenies from the same town got the EPA to shut the water off to the Central Valley Farms putting an estimated 300,000 Migrant Workers (from Mexico mostly) out of work. Oh Well.

  32. will Says:

    San Francisan noisemakers are very similar to their East Coast compatriots. They all secretly know the truth; The Mexicans will come and work in their gardens, wash dishes in the upscale restuarants, and then trek back to the trailer parks and run down apartment complexes where progressives choose not to live. The Mexicans aren’t going to be infiltrating the English Dept. where they are employed, or sitting at desks in the Friends school next to their children. There are NO Home Depot’s in progressive neighborhoods for the illegals to hang around. And no MS 13/MM/Sureno drug dealers to clog up the police blotter. Progressives just dial a number and a goth chick on her bicycle brings their weed. No, they know about Arizona, and the kind of people that live in places like that! People lacking the common sense to live in Cambridge, Sausalito or Park Slope, people from places like Idaho, Alabama and Kansas, people too ignorant to attend the right schools, adopt multiculturism, realize the superior intellect of the urban politician.

    Called a friend of mine yesterday. He lives in a politically correct part of Westchester County. Works in academia. Lily white workforce, token Asian here and there, Surly black security guards at the door, the only “diversity”, fourteen floors of NYU, Berkley, Univ of Chicago etc. grads. Asked if he was going to start cutting his own lawn with recent developments.

    He hung up on me.

  33. Charles Says:

    Marine’s Mom – I second your opinion that the comments are worth reading. Some are downright funny (mainly because they are spot on!)

  34. kevino Says:

    OMG what next: California will stop exporting it’s jobs to Arizona?

    This just in: Arizona has announced that when it find illegal immigrants, it will deport them — to California.

  35. Artfldgr Says:

    sorry occam..
    when i started writing the post, the others had not gone up yet. by the time i entered it, they had appeared and the condition was gone… sigh

  36. Artfldgr Says:

    E.M. Crotchet, i was quoting someone else… and then commenting…

  37. Artfldgr Says:

    Doh!! my light just came on… 🙂

  38. Artfldgr Says:

    that was fun! do it again, do it again!

  39. Artfldgr Says:

    by the way… in case others are not old enough like me to remember. the Mexicans took the place of the immigrant Italians… the italians moved up, and the mexicans took the kinds of jobs they used to do… like construction, concrete, food service, etc…

    i do remember when you would talk to a construction worker and they all were either Italians or a mix with some short middle Europeans.

    the main difference is desire to be a part vs desire to take apart.

  40. Artfldgr Says:

    People lacking the common sense to live in Cambridge, Sausalito or Park Slope, people from places like Idaho, Alabama and Kansas, people too ignorant to attend the right schools, adopt multiculturism, realize the superior intellect of the urban politician.

    you mean places like Arkansas where Clinton is from?

    or better where John Hanks Alexander is from
    The second African-American to graduate from West Point and the first African-American officer with a regular command position in the United States Army. In 1894 he was selected to serve as professor of military science and tactics at Wilberforce University, an African American college in Ohio.

    or General William Orlando Darby, who is famous for Darbys rangers

    or someone who i think should be celebrated much more… but due to ideology they would rather she went away.

    Sonora Louise Smart Dodd
    the wonderful woman that concieved of the unequal “fathers day”. unlike mothers day which is now a communist holiday, womens international etc…
    Dodd wanted a special day to honour her father, William Smart, an Arkansas farmer and widower, who raised six children by himself. (He also was a member of The First Arkansas Light Artillery which was organized at Fort Smith and fought in the battle of Pea Ridge in 1862.) It wasn’t until 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. In 1972 President Nixon established the permanent national observance of the holiday.

    from a time when fathers were not all idiots, dolts, morons, and the punching bag of their mates standing on them.

    i can see their complaints about General Douglas MacArthur being frmo arkansas…

    but but but… how could liberals think idiots are from arkansas, and forget Carrie A. Nation? (temperance)

    and and and…
    if they are all idiots, then what of the little rock nine?
    Melba Pattillo, Elizabeth Eckford, Ernest Green, Gloria Ray, Carlotta Walls, Terrence Roberts, Jefferson Thomas, Minnijean Brown and Thelma Mothershed — made history by braving a hostile crowd to reach the front door of Little Rock Central High School, the site of the first important test of the groundbreaking Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka decision. (which by the way was a law to remove progressive segregation!!!! before wilson our military was not segregated. the progressives including sanger, really hate other races… so they set them on each other knowing who will come out on top as we fight each other and they watch)

    and to round it out for others curiosity, there is also Bass Reeves…

    but you did say Kansas.. (and i am not making fun of you, but the liberals your referring to!)

    Funny but compared to arkansas, kansas is a veritable ny… 🙂

    Adair, Florella, 1816-1865, Osawatomie, abolitionist
    Anderson, Walter A., 1880 – 1963, St. Marys, entrepreneur, fast food, co-founder of White Castle
    Anthony, Susan B., 1820 – 1906, leader in women’s suffrage
    Arbuckle, Roscoe “Fatty” , 1887 – 1933, Smith Center, silent film actor
    Asner, Edward , 1929 – , Kansas City, television actor

    just that short list says liberals show hwo stupid they are… that so many people they think are fellow travelers, useful idiots, come from the very places they belittle… that the ideals they think are good, come from the good people, and have been stretched to absurdity.

    just look at this list i slapped together of those who personify, and are part of progressive thinking or they can pretend it was.

    Axton, Mildred “Mickey”, 1919 – , Coffeyville, aviator during World War II, Women Airforce Service Pilots, one of the first three women to become test pilots, first woman to pilot a B-29,

    Baker, Nancy Landon Kassebaum, 1932 – , Topeka, the first Kansas woman to serve in the U.S. Senate and the first woman to be elected to a full term in the Senate in her own right

    Barber, Thomas W., 1814 – 1855, Bloomington, free state supporter, shot and killed by a proslavery supporter, named in Representative Hall

    Barnett, Etta Moten , 1901 – 2004, Quindaro, studied music at Western University, singer, philanthropist, civic activist, known for her role as “Bess” in the Broadway musical, Porgy and Bess

    Bickerdyke, Mary “Mother,”, 1817 – 1901, Salina and Bunker Hill, Civil War nurse, veterans’ supporter

    Blanton, David D. , Wichita, inventor of the autopilot in 1954

    Borglum, Gutzom , 1867 – 1941, St. Marys, American artist and sculptor of Mount Rushmore heads

    Browder, Earl R., 1891 – 1973, Wichita, American Communist Party leader and presidential candidate

    Brown, John, 1800 – 1859, Osawatomie, abolitionist, named in Representative Hall

    Brown, Oliver, 1918-1961,Topeka, one of 13 plaintiffs of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka U.S. Supreme Court case to desegregate schools

    Bruce, Blanche K., Leavenworth, in 1885 becomes first African American graduate of the University of Kansas, later serves as school principal

    Butler, Pardee, 1816 – 1888, Atchison, abolitionist, minister

    anyone of these would make great movies if they were truthful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carney, Frank, ? – , and Dan Carney, ? – , Wichita, restauranteurs, in June 1958, the two brothers borrowed $600 from their mother to open a beer and pizza restaurant for college students. Two years later they franchised their first Pizza Hut restaurant in Topeka.

    and capitalism is bad… let me know if you can do the same in russia with $60,000 (in those years)?

    Carver, George Washington , circa 1864 – 1943, Ness County, agricultural scientist, mortgaged his Kanas homestead to go to college

    all fly over people of ONE state.

    Chamberlain, Wilt “The Stilt,” 1936 – 1999, Lawrence, University of Kansas basketball player 1955-1957 [ok, libs dont like him other than his sex with 10,000 women…but i do, so i put him in]

    Chaput, Archbishop Charles Joseph, 1944 – , Concordia, of French-Canadian and Potawatomi heritage, was the first American Indian to lead an American diocese

    Chiles, Nick, Topeka, editor of longest-running African American newspaper in the nation

    Corbett, Thomas R. Boston, 1832 – ?, Concordia, credited with shooting John Wilkes Booth [they like lincoln, so i added him]

    Crandall, Prudence, 1803-1890, Elk Falls, Quaker educator who fought to teach African American female students in Connecticut, later moved to Kansas

    only 26 more letters to go!!!!!!!!!
    [no i wont go that far, now for some of the BEST]

    ah… if only to create a web page called the people of flyover country… 🙂

    Davis, Frank Marshall, Arkansas City, writer, poet, journalist

    bet you didnt know he was from KANSAS… 🙂

    Denny, John, 1846 – 1901, Hays, sergeant in Company C of the 9th Cavalry Regiment “Buffalo Soldiers,” recipient of the Medal of Honor [they woudlnt have existed if not for the racism of wilson]

    De Priest, Oscar Stanton, 1871 – 1951, Salina, first African American elected to U.S. Congress in the 20th century where he represented Illinois, lawmaker, civil rights advocate,

    Deuell, Peggy Hull, 1889-1967, Bennington, Marysville, Junction City, (born Henrietta Eleanor Goodnough), the first woman war correspondent accedtied by the U.S. goernment and the first woman to serve on four battlefronts

    Earhart, Amelia, 1897 – 1937?, Atchison, the first woman granted a pilot’s license by the National Aeronautics Association and the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

    Elvira, 1949, Manhattan, aka Cassandra Peterson, actress

    Etheridge, Melissa, 1961, Leavenworth, singer

    Fairfax, Alfred, Chautauqua County, Civil War veteran, first African American elected to state legislature

    Finney, Joan, 1931 – 2001, Topeka, first woman to serve as state treasurer and first woman governor of Kansas

    Fuller, Lorenzo Dow, Jr., 1919, Stockton, actor, first African American to host a national television show

    Garcia, Dionisio, 1922-1985, Holcomb and Garden City, first Hispanic elected Garden City commissioner and mayor

    Goodnow, Ellen D. Denison, 1812 – 1890, Manhattan, free-state supporter, moved with husband Isaac to Kansas Territory and other freestaters

    Grant, Jane, 1892-1972, born in Missouri grew up in Girard, andco-founded The New York Times with her first husband Harold Ross

    cant tell me they dont love the times…

    Gray, Georgia Neese Clark, 1898 – 1995, Richland, the first woman to serve as U.S. Treasurer

    Greene, Zula Bennington “Peggy”, 1895 – 1988, Topeka, author and columnist [hey! arent most of these women during the time taht women were beaten with sticks as thick as your thumb and couldnt do a thing as feminism hadnt freed them yet? if you know the history at the level i do, then you know how much BS and BPatties that is!!!!!!!!!!! cults revision hsitory!]

    Grinstead, Minnie J., died 1925, Seward County, one of the state’s first female legislators [cant say betty freidan was was a lying communist. right? despite the fact that her life itself was not how she wrote!]

    Haldeman-Julius, Anna Marcet, 1887 – 1941, Girard, actress, bank president, and with her husband, Emanuel, was author and co-publisher of the popular “Little Blue Book” series [she was bank president, not he… waht years again?]

    Harman, Moses, 1830 – 1910, Valley Falls, free thinker and editor of Lucifer, the Light-Bearer

    anyone remember me bringing up this paper before? its one of the main progressive things!! (and who did obama shout out to in middle country that was the source of americn progressivism?]

    want to see how much?

    Of the 19th century reform movements occupying a place in Kansas history such as prohibition, populism and women’s suffrage, none were more startling than those advocated by free-thought journalist, Moses Harman. Harman not only denounced all forms of government and religion, but also added a new dimension in reform by advocating that women be freed from sexual slavery by abolishing the institution of marriage. Although a complex person, Harman contended his creed was short. He believed in freedom, love and wisdom, and knowledge utilized. He further maintained that marriage destroys freedom and compels slavery, kills love, and incarnates hate, and is the inveterate foe of wisdom.

    hey! isnt that the thing all the cult followers of these people believe?

    its a freaking cult… and its been normalized, so we think its normal to beleive these things…

    how could feminists, leftist, liberals communists, progressives, and all that NOT like middle america? their biggest ideas and crappy bs comes from there! NOT the cities… the cities are were cultists presented the teachings of their prophets as the answer to all the future, and where we should go!!!!!!

    hint… league meant communism… like peoples does today (cults have special language with dual meanings)

    Late in 1881 Harman became co-editor of the four-page, monthly Valley Falls Liberal, the official organ of the Valley Falls Liberal League. The purpose of this publication was to provoke controversy and solicit comments from the readership. Harman eventually became sole editor and on August 24, 1883, changed the name to Lucifer, the Light Bearer. His strange philosophy went so far as to devise its own system of dating, not from the birth of Christ, but the execution of Giodano Bruno, a noted astronomer in 1601.

    and he is a major foundational creator to modern feminism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    here let me show you..

    “It takes a village to raise a child.” — Hillary Clinton

    “It became increasingly clear to us that the institution of marriage `protects’ women in the same way that the institution of slavery was said to `protect’ blacks–that is, that the word `protection’ in this case is simply a euphemism for oppression,” — Sheila Cronan, “Marriage,” in Koedt, Levine, and Rapone, eds., Radical Feminism, p. 214.

    “Marriage is a form of slavery.” — Sheila Cronan, “Marriage,” in Koedt, Levine, and Rapone, eds., Radical Feminism, p. 216

    “The institution of marriage is the chief vehicle for the perpetuation of the oppression of women; it is through the role of wife that the subjugation of women is maintained. In a very real way the role of wife has been the genesis of women’s rebellion throughout history.” — Marlene Dixon, “Why Women’s Liberation? Racism and Male Supremacy

    “How will the family unit be destroyed? … the demand alone will throw the whole ideology of the family into question, so that women can begin establishing a community of work with each other and we can fight collectively. Women will feel freer to leave their husbands and become economically independent, either through a job or welfare.” — From Female Liberation by Roxanne Dunba

    “The first class opposition that appears in history coincides with the development of the antagonism between man and woman in monogamous marriage, and the first class oppression coincides with that of the female sex by the male.” — Frederick Engels, The Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State (New York, International Publishers, 1942), p.5

    so guess where engels got his ideas?
    from lucifer the light bearer

    and where did feminism get their ideas?
    from the same place

    and why did saul alinsky credit his methodology to lucifer to created hell a kingdom of his own (which i guess is a form of utopia).

    Harman thought about freedom. engels and marx thought about restoring aristocracy!!!

    “The first condition of the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole female sex back into public industry, and this in turn demands the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society.” [Engels, p.67]

    and so they saw that parts of harmon and other cults that populated all over america in the 1800s.. could be assembled into a whole ideology whose parts were assembed from the most attractive parts of crank theories, cults, and wackaloons.

    now you know.

    [i have to stop here… too much work, and the readers will complain]

  41. Artfldgr Says:

    Give me another SMALL state and watch me pull out tons and tons of people who supported nearly anything you can name… and TONS of women of color, and single life, and so forth who attended college, became lawyers, doctors, arists, politicians… DECADED Before even the sufferage movement.

    if you dont dig, theyw ont dig and hand it to you
    espcieally when it disproves their historical bias
    they would rather USE your laziness and ignorance and lack of time (Created by them and yuor choices following them) to get you to hear a false dialogue.


    because you can change the person to get them to do something different in a cult, OR you can leave them alone and change the history which will mvoe the whole group.

    listing out a dozen black female lawyers that worked and were notable in fly over coutnry YEARS before feminism, suffragets, lucifers newsletters and all that crap.

    just as they covered the history of the south, the knights of the white camelia, stacking black bodies up for pyers and lynchings…

    they did the same for w omens history! they picked and chose.. and so EVERY WOMAN THAT SUCCEEDED Befoe them and crossed the cult narrative, was erased from history, or played down so much that women who they couldn’t change, all changed because they shared a common FALSE history!!!!!!!

    and cults/totalitarians/collectivists are all the same thing…

    inducing a mass mind by controlling inputs to that mind, to control the machine that mind controls! and negate that minds own choices [and cults are the only operative way to do that under control, without control its a real movement. with control its a cult pretending to be a movement!]

    Others from Kansas to read about:

    Hatke, Mary Chaney, 1918 – , Topeka, served in the U. S. Marine Corps during WWII

    [didn’t know women could be marines did ya?]

    Holt, Nora Douglas, 1885 – 1974, Kansas City, singer/composer, graduated from Western University, Quindaro, in 1917, went on to graduate school at Chicago Musical College and became the first African American woman to earn a master’s degree, she was a participant in the Harlem Renaissance [all before the time when feminism claims women couldn’t. heck a black woman in 1917 went to college… what the heck were feminists yelling in the 60s? don’t forget the first self made female millionare is black too. madame c j walker!]

    Hopper, Dennis, 1936, Dodge City, film actor and director

    Hughes, James Langston, 1902 – 1967, Topeka and Lawrence, poet and author

    Langston huges communist and then anticommunist… they like him, no?

    Inge, William, 1913 – 1973, Independence, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright

    Johnson, Don, 1949, Wichita and Lawrence, television and film actor

    Johnston, Lucy Browne, 1846 – 1937, Minneapolis and Topeka, social activist who fought for women’s rights

    Kelly, Emmett, 1898 – 1979, Sedan, circus clown

    Kersting, Kathleen, 1908 – 1956, Wichita, opera singer

    Kilby, Jack St. Clair, 1923, Great Bend, 2000 Nobel Prize for Physics for his work as inventor of the integrated circuit and co-inventor of the pocket calculator

    Knedlik, Omar, 1916-1989, Coffeyville, invented the ICEE machine, the first frozen carbonated drink machine, in 1961

    Lair, Mary Alice, Piqua, first woman to become vice-chairman of the state Republican committee

    Lane, James Henry, 1814 – 1866, Lawrence, U.S. senator and antislavery supporter

    Langston, Charles Henry, 1817 – 1892, Leavenworth, born a free man, fought for African American suffrage in Kansas, grandfather of poet Langston Hughes

    Layton, Elizabeth “Grandma,” 1909 – 1993, Wellsville, artist

    Lee, H. D., 1849 – 1928, Salina, established H.D. Lee Mercantile Company that produced Lee Rider Jeans [part of the sexual revolution]

    Lewis, Delano, Topeka and Arkansas City, U.S. Department of Justice attorney, director of the Peace Corps in Nigeria and Uganda, first African American president of National Public Radio
    [edited for length by n-n]

  42. Baklava Says:

    My poor scroll wheel….. Let me give it a shot of grease… Next time I’ll use the page down key.

    This is OK.

    I have my own personal boycott of San Francisco. I used to work there for 1.5 years. Never again.

  43. Artfldgr Says:

    Forgot to point out:

    “Lucifer, the Light Bearer” eventually changed its name…

    it became “The American Journal of Eugenics”

    so the origins of the ideas that dominate modern feminism and Nazi germany, soviet union, and all that stuff.

    originally came from america’s fly over country.

    the women dont even know that the origins of their thoughts come from a group of men who wanted a cult collective and used them!!

    their history stops where evidence begins.

    Believing a more liberal attitude prevailed in Los Angeles, he again moved in 1908 and continued publishing The American Journal of Eugenics until his death on January 30, 1910.

    and just to show that all of them are connected. here is what GEORGE BANARD SHAW said.

    “it seems nothing short of a miracle that your father should have succeeded in living for seventy-nine years in a country so extremely dangerous for men who have both enlightened opinions and courage of them as the United States of America.”

    the ENLIGHTENED opinions he was refering to is what created the shoa!!

    teh shoa and hitler, stalin, maos, and all those peoples common behavior, is engels conflagration (renamed to holocaust later), that would sweep the world and bring in one world government

    translation. a great world war will come and murder all the dysgenic races and properly seat the cult leaders upon the throne of their own utopia

    all made the same way that lucifer made his kingdom…

    Harman was already dead by the time the women picked up the torch of eugenics and designer babies (which they still carry as a female theme of better children through mate selection)

    if your historical knowlege doesnt go back this far, you would not know that the seeds for the centiries worst tortures and mass murders were an american idea that they copied like a company copies a plan from a competitor AND TRIED TO BEAT THEM TO MARKET and gain all that they would get.

    problem is, they copied wackaloons who wanted to use science to breed men. still do, but now they use SOCIAL ENGINEERING, abortion, etc… other means.

    read above, you will find black female lawyers who got their degree right after the civil war, before feminism.

    the blocks on things wer created by the progresives, then attributed to others. detailed history shows that.

    thesoviets copied it and with hegal formalized it in to a push pull methodology.

    you hold one mass down (white males), and promote the other mass outside of merit (pop up).

    when you do this you create a permanent schizm between the two groups and foment high levels of inter social antagonization.

    all one has to do is look at the way we can no longer even talk about AZ…

    it works… which is why cults work
    and also how people in the cult or when the cult goes through society, dont realize it.

    collectivism prevents thinking outside the fences of the cult, and so prevents escape from a mental prison.

    in this way, those who think right, are ok.. they are ‘locked up’, and those that don’t, are like escaped convicts… you either educate and lock em up again, or lock them away from the other so they cant show them how to escape a mental prison.

    so you have a condition that they embue the young with the tachings of the cult… marxism. and so the escapees over time get fewer and fewer.

    and like some bizarre children of the corn.. when the mental escapee from the mind prison thinks outside the walls, they all scream.. and call attention… like alarms.

  44. Artfldgr Says:

    They didn’t qualify what group of illegals, that would be…

    Illegals Threaten To Murder Americans With Axes and Shovels

  45. Occam's Beard Says:

    Here is the duplicity of the Left for all to see. San Franny is having a Margret Dumont moment over AZ’s immigration policy and yet the Enviroweenies from the same town got the EPA to shut the water off to the Central Valley Farms putting an estimated 300,000 Migrant Workers (from Mexico mostly) out of work. Oh Well.

    Le Trebuchet, for some reason leftists are peculiarly prone to utterly meaningless symbolic gestures to show their liberal bona fides, while at the same time gutting their supposed beneficiaries in reality.

    Sheryl Crow provided a classic of the genre: fly around the country in a private jet advocating use of a single sheet of toilet paper to conserve resources. Priceless.

  46. Artfldgr Says:

    Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law

  47. Baklava Says:

    I read that post Art ! 🙂

  48. Occam's Beard Says:

    I bet Arizona is shaking in its shoes huaraches at this.

  49. IgotBupkis Says:


    I guess Arizona will have to depend on offering people the OTHER ‘gay’ sort of holiday…


  50. will Says:

    And I thought I needed to get out of the house…:-)

  51. IgotBupkis Says:

    > The laws of nature will not allow the Left to be this stupid and survive.

    I hope you are correct — but I would point out that one of the more dysfunctional aspects of civilization is its protection of the stupid and incompetent from their failures. By removal of the tiger, those with genes for making poor choices manage to survive and even prosper into subsequent generations.

    Foolishness thrives.

    We need more tigers.


    More Tigers
    Less Tiger Food


  52. E.M.H. Says:

    “San Francisco imposes sanctions on Arizona”


    Sanctions on Cuba: Worked great! (*rolls eyes*)
    Sanctions in Sadda-era Iraq: Worked terrific!! (*shakes head*)
    Sanctions on Syria: Yeah, that stopped them cold from messing around in Lebanon… oh, wait!…
    Sanctions on Burma: Man, that’s really making them think twice about what they’re doing… oh, wait again!…


    Sanctions are what starry-eyed non-realists resort to when they want to pat themselves on the back for doing something. That the “Something” is hollow and ineffective seems to not matter; it’s the narcisstic belief that they’re doing “something” that’s important to them, it seems like.

  53. Artfldgr Says:

    sorry baklava… i wish i could just refer to common history… but once this mass game is played, we diverge along various revisions.

    i wanted to show that the truth is much more interestign than their stories. that women never needed a bunch of freaks to dictate to them, and take their fire and credit for what they did!!! its VERY frustrating. its like watching some kid in a german film clip run a race, win and in his speech give credit to hitler for all that made it possible

    but from the time his parents met, did the wild thang, and he grew up to that point, such a person was nto the reason for much of anything. even if it inspired him, it was he that decided taht, or not.

    women are great just as men are great.

    we both don’t need cultists telling us that only those that follow them are great and everyone else is to be erased… (like no more family tree one way or another)

    progressivism formalized the communal movement of the early 1800s.. the people who came later like marx, formalized it further… they forgot harmon.. as he was out in the open, and they had learned that most christians (and jews) would not follow an ideaology whose basis was teh freedom lucifer implied.

    but the the line is all there. from just before harmon, to him and others. which then become the eugencs movemetn. which is why the progressives work sohard to shift memory from them to the oponents.

    until wilson a progressive got into office, we saw these groups for what they were, freaky fringe sects which we in freedom said had to be there.

    we are learning why societies all through never granted these freaks their full market of ideas on equal footing. they dont play fair, they are cultists who see or think that cult practices can mold peopel who will follow them to any inane way of life. (see moonies, nazis, soviets, krishas,etc)

    they all follwo the same idea.. some pretending to be more establishment than others… but all seeking to replace the thouhts of followers with their own thoughts and have them march like an army to their ideas.

    but their ideas from the start were delusional…
    all we did today was over complicated them so that we cant clearly assert they are delusional.

    and that shows it for what it is…

    so i am so sorry for the length
    i hope i make up for it with being interesting and unique, two things cults hate.

  54. Baklava Says:

    You have to appeal to the people who need to be convinced though…

  55. Artfldgr Says:

    Ft. Knox post security is placed on high alert because, “these groups are armed, have combative training and some are former Military Snipers. Some may have explosives training / experience,” and “a rally at their compound / training area is scheduled.”


    the “rally at the Militia compound occurred,” and “Viable threats … have been made.” The intel on the rally notes, “Many members were extremely agitated at what they referred to as Government intervention and over taxation in their lives. Alcohol use ‘fanned the flames.’ Many military grade firearms were openly carried. An ad hoc ‘shoot the government agent’ event was held with prizes (alcohol) given for the best shot placement.”

    The report states further, “Components of bomb making are reported to have been on the site. Some members have criminal records relating to explosive and weapons violations.”


    In response to the “immediate threat,” the exercise stipulates, “local detention centers are being made ready for mass arrests.” Both the “QRF I and QRF II” are placed on two hour recall, and the “5-15 CAV” was ordered to “draw weapons from holder and store in most available arms room,” and “coordinate with MASA for immediate ammunition draw; have equipment readied for immediate use, i.e. vehicles staged and loaded IAW 5-15 CAV SOP; LMR’s charged.”


    The 26 April order gives specific instructions for the 5-15 CAV (a 16th Cavalry battalion) to have weapons, ammo, vehicles and communications at ready, and it places the other 2,200 members of the units on two-hour recall. In other words, these orders are to gear up for defending Ft. Knox against Tea Party folks and their co-conspirators who oppose nationalization of our health care sector.

    lets see… immigrants yell that they are going to kill whites with farm and landscaping tools… nada

    tea parties… they are worried they will storm the empty fort knox?

    a dumb ass politician has put in to make that arizona law national (not knowing that there IS a national law, but our rulers choose which laws they will or will not enforce)

    and to Baklava…

    your right… but i am not social.

    i just give out the ammo belts and the information of truth, there is an army of others who can and will remember (if they are not too lazy) and can refute refute refute.

    i am not Cicero (haven’t you noticed? 🙂 )

    what i am is a walking synoptic encyclopedia

    i can see the beauty in math like paul dirac
    i cant commiserate for the same reason.

    to talk about what i am interested in and all that makes peoples eyes glaze.

    history is NOT my strongest point

    hows that for surprising…

  56. Artfldgr Says:

    ack… i forgot to put in the point that its an exercise.. but that its making military guys upset.

    One officer insisted, “The American people should require greater accountability of their commissioned officers, that they abide by their oath and never allow politically motivated propaganda like this exercise on any post or base again.”

    so no… i am not sure that all our military will follow their oaths.

  57. Artfldgr Says:

    soldier comment

    “Whether this is complacency by officers who do not see such orders as a problem, or worse, officers who recognize the problem but do not insist the orders are changed, this is a serious problem. We are discussing the training of American citizen soldiers in the use of potentially deadly force against a specific group of political dissenters. There is never a time in an officer’s career in which he does not have a duty to apply critical thought to the orders he is given and asked to give. It is my opinion that any officer that has allowed these orders to persist, to reach the level of junior officers and soldiers, has demonstrated a lack of judgment or apathy towards what his duty requires of him. Either way, we should demand more of the commissioned officers, who we as a nation empower to lead our sons and daughters into battle.”

  58. Bob from Virginia Says:

    Oh no, now what will Arizona do?!!!!!!??

  59. gs Says:

    Jed Skillman Says: April 28th, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    San Francisco’s dimwitted threat is an example of why I believe that the days of the Left are numbered. The laws of nature will not allow the Left to be this stupid and survive.

    Agreed, but the danger is that they’ll take the rest of us with them. In fact, they insist on “comprehensive solutions” that would take the rest of us with them.

    The multiculti Left is not big on live and let live.

  60. Artfldgr Says:

    obama cried at heights funeral… did he cry at the funeral of the woman that raised him?

  61. RPL Says:

    I’m not sure that the citizens of San Francisco knew they were voting for this sort of suthority when they went to the polls. If this pre-sages a return to the old Greek city states, I’m going to think about getting out of NYC If you want to take this to an extreme, any individual state, say Texas, for example, could declare war on North Korea.

    Oh, and for all those people who want to boycott Arizona Iced Tea, it’s actually made in New York.

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