April 30th, 2010

Will the Republican Charlie Browns…

…ever catch on to the Democrats’ Lucy and the football?

12 Responses to “Will the Republican Charlie Browns…”

  1. Curtis Says:

    The elements of fraud: (paraphrased for shortness)

    1. a false representation
    2. made with knowledge of its falsity
    3. with intent to induce action
    4. someone acts due to misrepresentation

  2. Curtis Says:

    ….oops, hit the wrong button.

    elements of fraud, continued:

    5. to their damage.

    I would say Senator Dodd is guilty of fraud. (Hey that’s a swell rhyme!)

  3. Curtis Says:

    Another snarky observation:

    Lincoln said of his wife’s last name, Todd: God only felt it necessary to have one “d.”

  4. Mike Mc. Says:

    It was my opinion at the time, and as far as I’m concerned events have since confirmed, that after Scott Brown no Republican in either chamber should have been within a mile of any Democrat, let alone Obama.

    His Q&A with House Repubs began the resuscitation from the dead for Obamacare. The Summit with the self-important Repub elite sealed the deal. He had everything he needed after that.

    The Repubs thought they were being smart, and real, and tough. They were being egoists is all. Period.

    Their egos killed us. They were not big enough men to say No…Hell No…You’re Done….We’ve nothing to talk about. You dissed us for a year and now you want our help in this horriblke thing? Get lost. See you in November and let the voters decide between us.”

    The only “men” at all were Palin and Bachman.

    The rest were sissy boys.

    We don’t need them anymore.

    We need Rubios, Palins, Bacmans, Christies.

    Period. End of story. It’s a war. We need soldiers and fighters not mamby pamby McCain Media stars.

  5. That’s Not the Legislation that I Knew Says:

    […] was fond of mus­ing about the many pos­si­ble def­i­n­i­tions of the words is and alone and not be so sur­prised when there turn out to be many inter­pre­ta­tions of the words this won’t be in the […]

  6. neo-neocon Says:

    Mike Mc: I don’t think the summit changed a thing. I even think it served to make some people realize that there are some smart articulate Republicans with good ideas (such as Paul Ryan). With or without the summit, Obama was going ahead with the bill and the result was going to be the same. Republican votes for the bill and/or cooperation on the bill were not needed, nor were they received. The bill was going to be passed without them.

  7. Mike Mc. Says:

    Neo: We have to disagree then. After Brown, Obama was lost and practically beaten. He was thrashing around for a life preserver and the House Republicans threw him one. He got to stand there and sound reasonable and bipartisan. That effectively refuted everything that had gone before.

    At the Summit, things only got worse. The country wanted nothing to do with Government health care – not from R’s or D’s. If some R’s showed that they had theor own ideas that no one wanted?

    In a war, you don’t play games. You fight. Everyone said how great Ryan and Boehner were in the last hours. They were not great in any hour. You aren’t great for a speech or a plan. Where were their voices for the whole year? They can shout from the rooftops any day of the week if they want. They were hiding out all year. Cowards. We don’t need them.

    Palin fough for a year. She was the first, remember, to name the ‘death panels’. She was the first (and only) to call the whole thing out. Bachman called for a march on Washington almost. She told people to go through the halls, She sounded the alarm and rang the bells for help.

    The elite R’s let the country down. They let the party down. Too little too late is not good enough.

    McCain is in his own class of ego-driven craven ineptitude. God willing Hayworth will retire him. He has never done one good thing for this great nation of ours – relative to what he could have done with his standing – since Hanoi. He just hasn’t. He didn’t even really run for President. Not to win. My theory on McCain is that his entire career was an effort to please his father, His run for President was him saying, ‘Se Dad, I’m going all the way here’. It is documented that he did not even practice for the deabtes! Can you imagine!!!! He just ‘winged it’! Stunning in the normal world, but not if my theory is correct. He stands for all feckless and worthless R’s for all time.

    I’d rather lose in a real fight with real fighters than be chuckled to death by that most unserious and vain man.

  8. rickl Says:

    I agree, Mike Mc. The Republicans need to stop giving any legitimacy whatsoever to the Democrats, and in fact should start publicly calling them out as Communists and traitors, which is what they are.

  9. neo-neocon Says:

    Mike Mc: I’m not saying I would have advised the Republicans to be part of the summit. I didn’t think it was a good idea. But I don’t think it actually mattered in any real way. Obama may have looked down before it, but he was coming up again no matter what, and the plan to pass the HCR bill was already in place (just a few details needed ironing out). As Pelosi said, they were going to helicopter in if they needed to. If the Republicans had refused to be part of the summit, Obama et al would have used that effectively against the Republicans, as well. Either way, HCR was passing.

  10. Mike Mc. Says:

    Neo – You are probably right that they would have gone to any length to pass it. That is exactly what they did. In retrospect, we can see now what kind of people they really are, and what they will do to get their way. Now at least the country can have no illusions about Democrats – pols or voters. We know what the true believer Democrat is – a Marxist Thug with incredible arrogance, cynicism, and disdain for any rule, or truth, or good. They want power and they want to rule.

    My beef is with the Republican pols. They came up so small through this it still galls me. They waited an entire year to stand up and make the “big speech”; to take the “big stand”. Cowards. Craven cowards. Unprincipled. Lacking faith. Lacking heart. Lacking conviction. Lacking the nerve to stand up and even make a bad speech! I’d have taken a clumsy, ‘No!’. I’d have taken a thousand clumsy ‘No’s!’. They are the only thing that will defeat Obama’s slick talk and smooth deliveries and soothing lies.

    The Tea Party People showed the only guts on display in America for years now. The only ones! Palin and Bachman. Perry. Christie. Now the Arizona Governor. A few brave voices here and there.

    We need to get our Churchills up and fight these people. We need to fight them hard. We need to be loud, and consistent, and determined. We need to shout the truth until people start to hear it.

  11. neo-neocon Says:

    Mike Mc: I agree wholeheartedly that the Republicans are not what you’d call Churchillian, or profiles in courage.

  12. Mike Mc. Says:

    Neo: We need to start making such people again. It begins with good history maybe. Reading books. Working hard. Working on virtue. Doing good. The strongest leader now is the one who would stand and do “nothing” – in terms of passing new legislation to solve so-called “problems”. The striongest leader now is the one who is strong enough to not need to take any credit and to let Americans do what we do when let alone.

    They won’t let us alone. They won’t let us free. That shows you right there what they think of us. They think we are children.

    They really do. As long as we act like it by accepting their dictates, they will be right.

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