August 4th, 2010

Robert Gibbs and Obama—they feel your pain…


Asked what it means that voters in Missouri would vote against the federal mandate, Gibbs said: “Nothing.”

As I wrote last Saturday:

…[Obama] ignores the wishes of the American people, something neither FDR nor Clinton would ever do…Obama sees the public as his enemy, a stumbling block that he needs to get around if he is ever to reach his goals. For Obama, the public is an entity to deceive and manipulate if possible, and he regards it contemptuously rather than respectfully. He no longer needs to inspire people. He just needs to exercise power over them.

And the despicable Gibbs is the perfect mouthpiece for that sentiment.

33 Responses to “Robert Gibbs and Obama—they feel your pain…”

  1. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Never forget his bitter clingers comment. He and his ilk have nothing but contempt for the will of the people. Just more reason why we must elect people to Congress who will oppose him. 87 days to go!!

  2. gs Says:

    Asked what it means that voters in Missouri would vote against the federal mandate, Gibbs said: “Nothing.” “False consciousness.”

    Fixed it for ya, Bob.

  3. rickl Says:

    There must be an awful lot of racists in Missouri.

  4. ghost707 Says:

    “There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!”

    Gibbs outdoes Baghdad Bob.

    I didn’t think it was possible, but there you are.

  5. 7HEAVENS Says:

    Dear Neo-Neocon,
    You hit the nail on the head when you said that Sportin’ Life sees the public as a stumbling block to be overcome. Love your site!

    PS Will you marry me? I’ve asked Ann Coulter, Linda Hamm, Nice Deb and Kate, but for some reason they haven’t replied.

    BTW – You look exactly like my Little Liberal Girlfriend, but then she is a Sunni gymnast and a dog trainer! Lonely in Ryhiad
    (Sura 2:29)

  6. Bob from Virginia Says:

    Beautiful writing Neo, but I got the impression that you felt his contempt for the American people is unjustified. The mere fact that he got away with so much for so long argues that his contempt is at least partially justified. Also I hear he won in Kansas City and St. Louis.

    I wish there was a way of escaping this, but in 2008 we appear to have had a micro-version of what happened in other societies who found sexy saviors, like Peron, Hitler and Mussolini.

    Curious thing about Obama, does anyone recall whether this guy ever said anything positive about the US or its people?

  7. Lee Merrick Says:

    Bulls-eye, Neo!

  8. neo-neocon Says:

    7HEAVENS: your girlfriend has a green apple in front of her face???

  9. F Says:


    Funny you should mention that green apple. I have hesitated to write about it all this time, but I know a very good plastic surgeon. . .

    (Just thinking about your safety — what would happen if you stumbled upon a modern day William Tell?)

  10. Granny Jan Says:

    Yet he still feeds off of his adoring crowds touching and hugging everyone he can reach with his absurd, over-the-top smile. I’m sure they stage these events so he can get the adoration he thrives on for his mental well-being.

    Yet it never suffices. Like some kind of addict he needs more and more.
    Look at the insane fuss made over his birthday. No other living president celebrated like this and without his family. hmmm

    I’ve made 100s of videos on BHO so I’m somewhat of a student of his beginning 2 1/2 years ago. I’m very slowly figuring him out. My videos aren’t serious just entertaining but some of them have a wealth of material in them that no one else has discovered about him or if they have their keeping quiet.

  11. Gringo Says:

    Granny Jan:

    Look at the insane fuss made over his birthday. No other living president celebrated like this and without his family. hmmm

    While you may be accurate about living presidents, recall that Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK at Madison Square Garden on his 45th birthday.

    I am looking forward to your subsequent comments about your video collection of the POTUS.

  12. turfmann Says:

    @F Says:
    August 5th, 2010 at 12:40 am…

    Yes, indeed. This exceeding rare surgical procedure is known in the literature as a pomecotomy. It is the only surgery that combines the talents of two diverse specialists, the plastic surgeon and the tree surgeon.

  13. br549 Says:

    Gibbs is sadly mistaken.

  14. Roman Says:

    Perhaps this is why I am conflicted; Fool or Knave. It seems to me that a person can be both.

  15. Granny Jan Says:

    Girgio, Obama had Oprah at his birthday bash in Chicago last night.

    I was talking about the politicizing of his birthday…Michelle sending out a birthday card for millions to sign…parties by his supporters being held all over the country.

    I saw at least 50 You Tube videos on his birthday so I made one, too. If you click on my name you can see it. It’s pretty funny.

  16. gs Says:

    7HEAVENS Says:

    PS Will you marry me? I’ve asked Ann Coulter, Linda Hamm, Nice Deb and Kate, but for some reason they haven’t replied.

    If they all suddenly say ‘Yes’, there’s a federal judge in California you can contact if reactionaries object.

  17. Trimegistus Says:

    It is entirely possible for him to be both a Fool and a Knave. In fact, that would explain a lot. Because a Fool would at least occasionally do the right thing by accident, and a Knave wouldn’t be so incompetent.

  18. Baklava Says:


    Neo is the most brilliant in your list.

  19. Artfldgr Says:

    And they said it cant happen here…

    when a ruler doesn’t listen to the people and the people have to comply with the ruler, and there is no area that cant be looked into, you have a dictator.

    how nice they act or how soft they act is not a function of whether you have one, that’s a function of the draw of the dictator and the current situation…

    Mussolini was actually one of the softer ones…
    and early on, before their skin hardens and they are safer, they tend to be softer and more cautious.

    but at some point, we are going to understand what he means by using James Cones collective redemption, even if we don’t know what he means.

  20. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Artfldgr: yes, indeed!

    If he waddles like a dictator and quacks like a dictator, he’s a dictator.

    (Or should that be “ducktator”?)

    I’m not sure what you mean about how soft President Obama is acting. It’s true that he remains thin-skinned, though… something that he may well overcome as he’s in office longer. Ridicule him while you still can!!

    Daniel in Brookline

  21. Artfldgr Says:

    The mere fact that he got away with so much for so long argues that his contempt is at least partially justified. Also I hear he won in Kansas City and St. Louis.

    hey! anyone read about Kansas City and Moses Harmon and why Obama would recognize the source of his ideological variation?

    Kansas Historical Quarterly
    The Moses Harman Story
    REFORM MOVEMENTS, successful and unsuccessful, have occupied an important place in Kansas history. During the late 19th century such questions as prohibition and woman’s suffrage attracted much attention, as did other movements which were spectacular at the time but are less well known today.
    One of these was lead by a controversial free-thought journalist named Moses Harman who not only denounced all forms of government and religion, but added a new dimension in reform by advocating that women be freed from sexual slavery by abolishing the institution of marriage.

    could it be that when Obama says stuff, we miss it as we don’t know the reference, and those who are ‘in’ on things DO know the references? So they know who to support as the only person who is in a position of X and not opposing X’s ideas while working certain phrases into their talks, is a person calling on them to help him.

    everyone else misses it…

    different terms and phrases for different eras once people catch on… of course those not in the know deny it is even happening… never realizing that we as humans always wear and say things to let others know things…

  22. Adrian Day Says:

    “Look at the insane fuss made over his birthday”.

    I don’t know, it seemed rather lowkey to me. I expected a big bash at the Roman Collseium, with a big band lots of food and feeding a couple hundred Christians to the lions.

  23. Occam's Beard Says:

    I don’t know, it seemed rather lowkey to me.

    Yeah, they canceled the human sacrifices. Besides, no active volcanoes.

  24. Artfldgr Says:

    i worked real hard to shorten this, and have the type right. sigh

    I’m not sure what you mean about how soft President Obama is acting.

    It’s just acknowledging the fact that a dictator has a choice between the bare iron hand, or the velvet glove. That many focus on trivialities as their deterministic point. In this way, they never see what it is. By definition that would be now not to grok something.

    He can seize power, and if he is soft, as in Aldous Huxley in brave new world, we might not realize he is a dictator. We will just think he is a bureaucrat or an administrator who is just doing their organizational job.

    Hollywood never transmits actual functional knowledge and tends to start all stories at a point that hides the real how. Others just bury it all in hard facts and leave out all abstractions.

    Of course this is what I am battling against. And ignorant is ignorant; there is no polite way to put it. However those that are ignorant should realize that if I felt I was really superior to their ability, I would say stupid not ignorant.

    Stupid is a condition that one can’t cure. The slight difference means a very big thing, even if the people offended don’t get it!

    To call one stupid is to say they don’t even have the capacity to learn even if presented with the information, and to actually stand above them in taunt. To call one ignorant is to say you haven’t learned, and it assumes the capacity to learn what is being said. It only suggests a lack of experience, something that can easily be cured. ESPECIALLY if the person pointing it out gives you a reference to it and expects you to climb up and join them as an equal in knowledge.

    One can’t belay another from below
    [I am referring to where the anchor is, not the person]

    Like taking penicillin, you can either accept you have syphilis and take it, or pretend you don’t have it, get pissed off at the person suggesting you have it and storm out.

    The only one that suffers the outcome is you.

    To really realize that they carefully selected the information that most know without questioning it. Is to realize that your knowledge may have big holes in it.

    If you go ask the man on the street about jack boots and dictators and you will most likely never get someone to tell you the real deal. They ALSO will not tell you they don’t know, they will just make up something.

    It takes a certain amount of moral honor and real understanding to admit not knowing, taking the lesser position, and then allowing one to be lifted to a state of equal knowing and standing (rather than spit on them)

    And guess what? To know as much as I do, you have to do that an awful lot.
    People are vain and you can pick their brains easily from the lower place

    If you cant accept the truth, then your going to have to live with this form of mental syphilis which causes craters just like the real one, and causes mental dysfunction (in terms of your life and your goals, not theirs).

    I will let you in on a big secret…

    Totalitarian despots are not military men; they are not warriors or even anywhere near them. They may know the knowledge of such, but they are not such. They are not emotional passionate people, except to whom they perform for by spooning their information into mouths made accustomed by the ease of such (which forces them to turn away from the harder truth).

    What they are is cold clinical administrators….

    Philip Dru Administrator : a Story of Tomorrow 1920 – 1935 by House

    Philip Dru tell the story of a military and political genius who took over a wealthy disordered quarrelsome nation and led it into an era of superhuman contentment by persuading the people to make him their supreme autocrat. This vision was not very different from Woodrow Wilson’s view of how things worked best politically.

    They applied Dru’s methods to the problem of reaching their goals.

    And the tools do not define who is using them (other than some tools are only used by certain kinds not certain specifics)… this is important since when you describe a famous thing from history that used that tool, people associate that as part of it as a defining quality. And so the false argument is that they argue over whether a screwdriver (nationalization) is an indicator.

    They alighted on and focused on their goals, from being friends and close associates of certain people whose free thinking and other ideas gave them licentious license and so, tempted them to make the world that way. It also brought them the great success that they think they have, but great temporary success is not really what they wanted.

    In the year 2010, the student and the statesman saw many indications
    that the social, financial and industrial troubles that had vexed the
    United States of America for so long a time were about to culminate in
    civil war.

    Wealth had grown so strong, that the few were about to strangle the
    many, and among the great masses of the people, there was sullen and
    rebellious discontent.

    The laborer in the cities, the producer on the farm, the merchant, the
    professional man and all save organized capital and its satellites, saw
    a gloomy and hopeless future.

    Why not the people and something else? because if you read these older texts you find that later on they experimented and tried things, and so… the young impressionable student molded by the statesman’s control of education are the ones in line together creating a feedback loop.

    To quote some other post.
    Wilson lacked the STRUCTURE to enforce his desires. Totalitarian plans without STRUCTURE (without effective administrative control – subverting if not destroying all alternative centres of power) are just day dreams in the end.
    It has taken the Progressives (non-Marxist, such as Wilson, and Marxist) more than a century to build the structure they need.

    They have been plotting global socialism and executing it for centuries…
    And if you don’t think that’s possible, let me clue you in on another project that has been going on for millennia.
    Starting with the Death of Muhammad (A.D. 632)
    633, they acquired Mesopotamia
    635 Damascus
    638 they take Jerusalem from the Jews
    645 they take Alexandria
    649 they take cypress
    673 they attack Constantinople
    693 Whole of Christian North Africa conquered
    711 they invade Spain
    721 Saragossa falls
    732 then Poitiers
    734 then Avignon
    743 then Lyons
    813 then they sacked the Port of Rome
    826 they war with Crete till 961
    837 Naples was then sacked
    838 then Marseilles
    842-859 its Sicily
    846 Rome was sacked again.
    870 the island of Malta
    Just 223 more year till the first response to all this…
    878 Syracuse falls taking almost a year and committing genocide (word not invented yet)
    889 then Toulon (North Italy)
    902 they sacked and destroyed Thessaly, in Central Greece
    935 Genoa was attacked
    976 Fresh expeditions into Italy
    1010 Cosenza (Southern Italy) fell
    1015 Sardinia
    In 1017, Mujahid bin ‘Abd Allah (Muslim ruler in Sardinia) sent the Pope a message saying he would attack in the Spring. Rather than waiting, the Pope took the battle to him and when Benedict arrived in Sardinia he found Mujahid crucifying Christians. Mujahid fled.
    From this point on, the continuous altercations had the term crusade
    First Crusade 1095-1099
    Siege of Jerusalem in 1099
    Crusade of 1101
    Norwegian Crusade 1107-1110
    Second Crusade 1147–1149
    Third Crusade 1187–1192
    Fourth Crusade 1202–1204
    Albigensian Crusade
    Children’s Crusade
    Fifth Crusade 1217–1221
    Sixth Crusade 1228–1229
    Seventh Crusade 1248–1254
    Eighth Crusade 1270
    Ninth Crusade 1271–1272
    Northern Crusades
    Swedish Crusades
    Wendish Crusade
    Stedinger Crusade
    Aragonese Crusade
    Alexandrian Crusade
    Mahdian Crusade
    Crusades in the Balkans
    Crusade against the Tatars
    Hussite Crusade

    The whole thing, we are taught ended, with the siege on Vienna
    That is in 1683 they bypassed the very strong French, and went after Vienna
    [The French let them. the poles pushed them out, and France grabbed lands!]

    The date? September 11, 1683

    The latest Crusade attack? September 11, 2001

    Yes, some struggles have been going on for a long long time
    What makes anyone think that if they have been doing it since 632, and its 2010, the game is no longer valid?

    Even worse, what makes people think that the people who beat them back, also have not been playing similar long term games to take control of the new country America.

    To think that they have ONLY been working for 200 years and that’s irrelevant
    Is to ignore that Islam has been working since 632, and have not stopped either

  25. Artfldgr Says:

    “Progress” and “progressive” has a long history and is based on the idea that humankind will inevitably move forward towards a cleaner faster brighter world. these ideas have so far given us both fascism as well as communism. Charles Darwin unwittingly gave them a “scientific” basis in which “progress” was seen as an inevitable result of “evolution” and anything which had evolved from its previous state was bound to be positive and hence “good”. Most modern day articles in scientific journals still play this marked card despite Popper’s warnings re scientific method. Markets can, of course, go both up as well as down and so can societies, nations, governments etc…It’s mostly up to us how we want things to develop but “progressives” don’t want us to realise that as they pretend to be the arbiters of the appropriate choices.

  26. rickl Says:

    Excellent listing of the depredations of Islam over the years. And–dare I say–concise, too.

  27. Bob from Virginia Says:

    Artfldgr, your knowledge of history leaves a tad to be desired.

    Rather than get too detailed I would like to mention one particular item. In 638 the Moslems did not take Jerusalem from the Jews but from the Byzantines.

    The last Jewish controlled state before Israel was in Yemen in the 500s. It was destroyed by the Ethiopians acting with Byzantine support well before the rise of Islam.

    Guess which Neo Neoconski is into obscure Jewish history?

  28. gs Says:

    Artfldgr Says:
    Hussite Crusade

    The Hussites were Protestants. A few of them are still around.

  29. Peter Says:

    Obama would like to be a dictator but he doesn’t have the muscle to back up his desires. At least half the cops are more loyal to the constitution than the Democrats. The military, fully 75-85% are more loyal to the Constitution than Obama. Those punkass New Black Panthers would have the foo kicked out of them by the time they got to the outer ring of suburbs and the Journalists couldn’t get out of DC and Manhattan.

    Sorry, the only way Obama will ever be a dictator will be the day he stuffs the front of his jockey shorts with mashed potatoes. Hell, almost two years into his Presidency Firefox is still giving that red mis-spelled word squiggly underline to his name.

  30. Artfldgr Says:

    thanks Bob from Virginia
    the list i references was a fast one, and i had conflated who was living there throughout, and who was running the place.. sorry.


    never claimed to have perfect knowledge..
    and i do appreciate correction when valid

    For others

    638 was the END of byzantine Christians
    and the start of the first Muslim period.

    Sorry, the only way Obama will ever be a dictator will be the day he stuffs the front of his jockey shorts with mashed potatoes. Hell, almost two years into his Presidency Firefox is still giving that red mis-spelled word squiggly underline to his name.M

    well, amoral people are not generally competent. being amoral makes up for it…

    one has to understand collective leadership pretending to mimic and appear as something else.

    for instance, every main candidate in the last election was a progressive and a CFR member.

    this is collective leadership. they are all friends, and they just let you decide which of the friends in the group will run things.

    not much different than the African tribe that selects strangers to judge their altercations and such. in this way, the stranger isnt even swayed by understanding any issues or such. somehwhere out there is a documentary in which this happned during filming and he was to select after a story theater of things, who gets the goat.

    they dont care which of the 10 of them takes the drivers seat this turn… they all share in the spoils regardless.

  31. Artfldgr Says:

    Obama would like to be a dictator but he doesn’t have the muscle to back up his desires.

    despots are a product of the modern state, they are administrators, not warriors.

    he has exactly what it is to be a dictator.
    including a large cadre of administrators and functionaries to make his court work his way over the rules they were hired for.

    hitler took power when?
    how long before Gleichschaltung

    war comes next, which is why the other states are guearing up. to them, we are going to be a hitler with the military of the US… so even on the outside chance he succeeds what comes next?

    and do remember, you need to borrow to pay for war, and we are broke. no money, no bullets, no country.

    the progressives plans were started in an era were we were isolated by a large ocean and lack of technology.

    now, that isnt so,and their plans and things have not changed. NONE of them say anything about maintaining a miltary to hold off outsiders while the state collapses and you reform it.

    they think that these others are just going to sit there and let it all happen.

  32. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    i worked real hard to shorten this, and have the type right. sigh

    Thank you! Your formatting, and use of paragraph breaks, really does make a huge difference.

    Daniel in Brookline

  33. MO Says “NO!”, BO Says “SO?” « Common Sense Political Thought Says:

    […] survive because either the Courts will find it unconstitutional or the People will throw it out. “Baghdad Bob” Gibbs, speaking for BHO, upon being asked the meaning of MO’s resounding “NO!” to the […]

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