August 31st, 2010

Another longhair bites the dust

Anne Hathaway joins the gamine brigade—not very successfully, IMHO:hathawaygamine.jpg

[NOTE: See my previous post on the subject of the super-short haircut for women.]

26 Responses to “Another longhair bites the dust”

  1. Mark in Spokane Says:

    Regarding your post on what type of women can pull this off, her nose is too big.

  2. kaba Says:

    I normally like short hair styles on women. Hers looks as though it may have been done by a “Beauty School Dropout” however.

  3. NJartist49 Says:

    Last week I saw a young woman with husband and baby girl; her hair was a buzz cut: she look more masculine than her husband and twice as mean.

  4. Michael Says:

    So, who is Anne Hathaway?

  5. SteveH Says:

    Something about this haircut on a hollywood type conjures up thoughts of shoplifters.

  6. LAG Says:

    Based on long experience with my spouse, I find that this style comes around periodically when there’s a desire to take a break from all the hair-related maintenance. Beyond that, I have nothing to say on female hair styles. Well, except for neo’s, which I find very attractive.

  7. Nolanimrod Says:

    What would Will say?

  8. Nolanimrod Says:

    With that look and that first name she’d better watch out for Ellen DeGeneres.

  9. gs Says:

    Michael Says:

    So, who is Anne Hathaway?

    Berkshire Hathaway’s daughter? No, that can’t be correct.

    So on to Wikipedia:

    …at the age of 15, she decided not to become a nun after learning that her brother Michael was gay.[7] Despite her Catholic upbringing, she felt she could not be part of a religion that condemned her brother’s sexual orientation. In 2009, she stated that she was a non-denominational Christian because she had not “found the religion” for her and later stated her religious beliefs as “a work in progress”.

    That right there is enough to convince me I have no current interest in Anne Hathaway. (I’m an agnostic/atheist, but hopefully I respect my former religion enough not to spew BS like hers. What about when you were 27?, asks the cold voice in my head.)

  10. CV Says:

    Very few women can pull this off (such as Audrey Hepburn, Carey Mulligan).

    Sadly, Anne Hathaway is not one of them.

  11. rickl Says:

    I’m old enough to remember Jane Hathaway.

  12. Mike Mc. Says:

    She has beautiful lips. A beautiful face. The hair is still great, in that it is thick and shiny. Grows back on its own.

  13. Tatyana Says:

    Ah, she is so cute! And those gloves to die for! And the 40’s skirt!

  14. betsybounds Says:

    OMG! Well I agree that her nose is too big. If it were smaller, cuter, she could pass for my daughter. My daughter got a similar hair cut a while back, and I told her I think it looks “kicky.”

    As for the name–well, wasn’t she once married to William Shakespeare?

  15. Steve Says:

    I read that Hathaway’s new hairdo is actually a wig. She is filming a new romantic comedy called One Day.

  16. Tom Says:

    The head could be gamin despite the proboscis.
    But not the body below the waist; quite hippy. Gamin implies filly, not brood mare.

  17. Foxfier Says:

    I think she looks cute!

    And that’s not an incredibly short haircut– my hair was shorter than that for most of my school years! (After the first few tearful attempts to control ultra-fine hair, mom started giving us “pageboy” haircuts, and we all eventually got even shorter hair. Never a buzz, but usually shorter than this lady’s.)

  18. RantTherapy Says:

    While it’s not a flattering picture, I think she looks supa-fine here with short hair.

  19. IgotBupkis Says:

    She looks better with long hair, it frames her features better.

    She does have the requisite long, slender neck but in her case it does weaken/detract from the other features.

  20. Artfldgr Says:

    unisex lives….

  21. Scottie Says:

    I kind of think she still looks cute. Definitely prefer the long hair look, but she’s certainly far from ugly.

    And hair grows back.

  22. Bill West Says:

    Some women would be beautiful even if they had been coifed by a blind guy using a hedge trimmer. She’s one of them. She got dealt a good hand at birth.

  23. Artfldgr Says:

    a “genetic celebrity” turned into a real one

  24. Francesca Says:

    If you could see her eyes, the haircut would look better, IMO.
    The sunglasses cover up arguably one of her best features and emphasize her nose.

  25. jfm Says:

    George Bush said that she would look good with short hair.

  26. IgotBupkis Says:

    She’d look “good” even if Obama friggin’ said it…

    Even a broken analog clock is right twice a day…

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