September 28th, 2010

Joe Biden to base: stop whining

Joe Biden has asked the base to stop whining.
You might as well ask the sun to stop shining.
It’s not a great way to get them all voting,
But let’s not indulge in premature gloating,
Though right now I’d guess Barack’s looking around
Beneath that huge bus for more space to be found
About the right size for a guy who’s named Joe.
With friends like that, who is in need of a foe?

Well, Joe Biden has really put his foot in it this time. His gaffe may not be a big f**king deal, but it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Just when Obama and the Democrats are trying to rally the troops, Biden insults them by insinuating they are complaining babies with nothing to complain about.

And this from an administration that boasts one of the whiniest presidents ever: Barack Obama. When will they learn that insulting potential voters—be they Republicans, Independents, Tea Partiers, or Democrats—is not a good way to win friends and influence people?

[NOTE: In related news, Obama told a NY fundraiser crowd recently, “Don’t compare us to the Almighty, compare us to the alternative.”

I say live by the sword, die by the sword. If the crowd compares you to the deity, it’s probably because you encouraged them to do so.

And now Obama is reduced to saying, “Well, at least the Democrats and I are better than the Republicans and Bush.” Ah, how the mighty have fallen.]

18 Responses to “Joe Biden to base: stop whining”

  1. Mike Mc. Says:

    Obama is unbelievable, unreal, unprecedented, unheard of, outrageous, remarkable, dumbfounding and stupefying.

    In 230 years, no one even imagined that there could be a President who hates our country and most of its people.

    The only people he likes are the people who also hate America (ALL Dems basically, sorry Neo).

    He doesn’t even make the slightest effort or attempt or even try to fake being the president for everyone. That sort of thing is not even in the realm of the possible for him. It is unthinkable and un-doable by him.

    Every day it is more clear that we are in a civil war for America. We win, or they win. There can be no compromise,. There will be no compromise. You cannot compromise with a mortal enemy. That makes no sense.

    The one good thing about the Obama, Pelosi, Reid ascendancy is that it has brought everything out into the open. All masks are off now, and we know who and what we are dealing with. We know what our neighbors truly are now, sad as that is.

    This must have been the way many people thought just before and after the last civil war. let’s hope it does not come to that variety, but even that would not surprise me if these people continue.

    If we lose in November, it’s over I think. This is our last chance, and even at that it’s a long shot.

  2. texexec Says:

    “Obama is reduced to saying, “Well, at least the Democrats and I are better than the Republicans and Bush.”

    Huh? Say what?

  3. Adrian Day Says:


    You’re quite right. After the election in a pretense of being a reasonable guy and a unifier was cast aside. Nonpartisan became a code word for “go along with my every policy”.

    Now as you said he readily dismisses any point of view but his own or and only acknowledges those who share it as reasonable. Meanwhile the mistaken economic policies of the last few years (not all the blame of the GOP) suddenly are argued as justification for abandoning a free enterprise system that worked fine for more than 200 years. I guess in November we will find out just how many people are stupid enough to buy that find of rationale.

  4. LisaM Says:

    Insulting those you rely on is widespread among liberals. I never cease to be amazed at the liberal singers, actors, directors and writers who blatantly insult conservatives, who make up approximately half of their paying customers.

  5. neo-neocon Says:

    LisaM: see one of my earliest posts.

  6. Wm Lawrence Says:

    Yeah Joe! Zip it. Some people can’t handle the truth you know…

  7. Tom Says:

    Even if the 2010 goes as we hope, pray, and work for, and we win big, it won’t be over for a full generation. The enemy is well dug in all over our social and political terrain. We are going to have to root them out, critter by critter. In DOD, in DOJ, in DOS, in local and state governments, terminating whole agencies and depts. It needs to be a combo of pacification a la ‘Nam, and Sherman’s march to the sea.

    The present is just the opening salvo.

    We have been taken by stealth, by Homeric Sirens, by sappers crawling through the night. We must snatch every chance for every victory, however small, however remote. We must never forget where we have been, and who put us there, as we advance, inch by blessed inch.

  8. kaba Says:

    Obama, Biden, and Biggs are the best campaign commercials the Republicans have available now. Every time one of them appear before the media they swing a few thousand votes to the Republican candidates.

    If they were smart they would all three go to the Oval Office; lock themselves in; and avoid cameras and microphones completely until 11/3. It is to the country’s good fortune that not one of them is that smart though.

  9. SteveH Says:

    Joe Biden has to be the most likable dem to me for some reason. Even though he’s 180 degrees wrong on every single issue, I don’t get the impression he has a sinister heart. Maybe his sheer stupidity triggers empathy or something.

  10. Mike Mc. Says:


    Joe Biden absolutely has a sinister heart.

    Ask Robert Bork. Calculated double cross.

    He’s no good as a human being. He’s just not. He is a vicious adder. You haven’t been paying attention.

  11. LisaM Says:

    Neo – I’ve read your past post and it captured my feelings exactly. I was reading a book and the author threw in a gratuitous insult of Republicans. I thought to myself that it felt like being slapped across the face. I also never bought another of his books.

  12. Nolanimrod Says:

    Ogden Kaufman?

  13. betsybounds Says:

    I agree, Tom, even if we win, the battle won’t be over for a generation. And that might be optimistic, even if we win. I’d like to think that my kids might see better times, but I wouldn’t bet anything I couldn’t afford to lose on it. And that about breaks my heart–first, because they are my kids, and second, because both of them are good, honest, decent, and hard-working people who love their family and their country.

    I look at Obama sometimes, on TV (with the mute on–I, like a lot of others both here and elsewhere, can’t stand the sound of his voice), and I wonder to myself, “Who IS this guy?” Not in the sense that he’s an enigma (although he is), but in the sense that he’s a total stranger, I don’t even recognize him, he doesn’t even strike me as being a person. That may seem a bit thick, but nevertheless. And I have an accompanying sense sometimes that here we are in this awful mess, and holy cow the presidency of the United States of America is VACANT. I tell you what, it’s shudder-inducing.

    I read a piece in the NYT this evening which reported Obama talking about his Christian faith and how he came to it:

    I suppose, first of all, that he’s talking about it to blunt the notion so many seem to have that he’s a Muslim. His remarks were in response to a question, but we’ve learned, have we not, to suspect that these questions may be planted. The question was, “Why are you a Christian?”, put to him at a back-yard home meeting with some people in Albuquerque. His answer was arresting to me, because I know something about Christianity, being a Christian myself, and having studied the canon of my faith (none of which things makes me any different from a lot of other people, of course). He said, first, that he is a Christian by choice. Well, everyone who is a true Christian, is a Christian by choice. The entire fundamental point of the New Testament teachings is that people must choose Jesus. That’s what the Sacrament of Baptism is, the outward sign of the inward choice. That’s what the altar call is about: No one is coerced into the statement of faith. You step forward and you make your stand. In the presence of witnesses, but by yourself. Alone.

    He then said that he’d been persuaded of Jesus’ precepts that he should be his brother and sister’s keeper. But this is not what the Christian faith is about, and the only time those words appear in the entire Bible is in Cain’s scornful denial to God that he knew anything about where his brother Abel, whom he had murdered out of jealousy, was: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”, Cain said. The words were not an affirmation of anything at all; they were a denial. They denied brotherhood. They denied responsibility for murder. They denied care, concern, or even curiosity.

    It’s also important to notice the implicit arrogance in Obama, himself, thinking he is either charged with, or capable of, taking care of his metaphorical brother and sister.

    He then mentioned “treating others as they would treat me,” which seemed to be a sort of fractured reference to the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But it’s not right, and if you read it as he spoke it, grammatically, you have to think he’s talking about vengeance. Think about it: “Treating others as they would treat me.” Some have advanced the possibility that he’s actually motivated by an attempt to avenge European colonialism in Africa. I do not know, but either he doesn’t know how to make himself clear or he made himself perfectly clear. It’s a puzzle, but in any case he did not say what he appears to have wanted people to think he meant.

    He did, either by accident or design, get it right about Jesus having died for our sins. After everything else he said, though, I’m not sure what that bit is supposed to persuade us of.

    It was, all-in-all, a strange little exchange. It’s easy to read too much into these things, but anyway one wonders what kind of con this guy might be trying to pull.

  14. betsybounds Says:

    Lisa M, and neo too: I agree. Garrison Keillor lost me over just this kind of thing. Too bad, too, because I’d admired him over years. But, I figured, why should I bother paying attention to someone who regularly insulted me?

  15. SteveH Says:

    I recall visiting a renaissance fair just before the 08 election. I will never forget a certain entertainer bashing conservatism and GWB while the crowd cheered. That was the first time i felt that insignificant asses like myself were actually the mature ones that would have to be in charge or America might vanish.

  16. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    The Democrats are all trying to infer that the Bush tax cuts were what caused our present deep recession. Makes a nice slogan, but doesn’t hold up in reality. Anyone who has looked closely knows that the recession was the result of three converging forces. High oil prices, instability in the banking system, and the bursting of the housing market bubble all converged to cause the recession. None of those causes were related to low tax rates. It was the Federal Reserve that kept interest rates low for too long that created the housing bubble. High oil prices were the result of demand from China and India coupled with oil speculators who stored oil in offshore depots to hold oil off the market. It was Democratic legislators who, through the Community Reinvestment Act, pushed for sub-prime loans. Those loans were then bundled by the Wall Street banks that led to too much risk in, and the destabilization of, the banking system.

    Patty Murray, Rick Larsen, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama all believe that the government can solve our economic problems simply by spending trillions of government dollars, much of it borrowed money, and then legislating to redistribute income in the name of fairness. In spite of evidence from such countries as Cuba under Castro, Chile under Salvador Allende, Zimbabwe under Mugabe, and others, they believe that state directed economic solutions actually work. Such solutions don’t and won’t unless someone figures out a way to perfect human nature. With so much evidence against state directed economic solutions, isn’t it time we gave up on those tired, failed policies?

    The economy is not suffering from too little government spending or too little government interference. It is suffering from a lack of confidence caused by the higher taxes and bigger spending proposed by the Democrats.

    It is a faith in government solutions that is their religion. Just as we must defeat aggressive Islam, we must also defeat this faith in statism. It is, as betsy bounds states, going to be a long road to travel. But it can be done. Chile did it. Hopefully, we won’t have top resort to a militay coups.

    Five weeks to the election. Can.Not.Wait.

  17. Artfldgr Says:

    perfect neo modern T-Shirt comes to mind..

    the FU*K ups says BUCK UP!

  18. Ilíon Says:

    In related news, Obama told a NY fundraiser crowd recently, “Don’t compare us to the Almighty, compare us to the alternative.”

    I initially read that as “… compare us to the alternative … to the Almighty

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