October 29th, 2010

One smart fellow…

he felt smart.

Two smart fellows, they felt smart.

Three smart fellows…well, you know how it goes.

[ADDENDUM: More smarts.]

17 Responses to “One smart fellow…”

  1. Curtis Says:


    Kerry unleashed a broadside.

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    Curtis: I can’t say this was my classiest post, either.

    But I couldn’t resist.

  3. CV Says:

    I think if I am subjected to much more of this oppressive intellect, my small brain just might explode.

    I hope I can make it until Tuesday.

    In the meantime, it’s back to bitter clinging!

  4. Gringo Says:

    I get the impression that John F Kerryman is unable to open his mouth without making a fool of himself.

    Good ol’ John Francois was simply being a prophet. If he thinks the Pubs have been obstructionist when the Dhimmis had 60 seat majorities in the House, and an 18-20 seat majority in the Senate, which meant that the Dhimmis could pretty much pass anything they wanted, just wait until the results of the Tuesday elections. THEN good ol’ John Francois can talk about obstruction!

    I also notice that good ol’ John Francois talked about “science” being on the side of the Dhimmis. I doubt good ol’ John Francois took as many as two math or science courses in college. Prove me wrong, John.

  5. Curtis Says:

    ANSWER: Bitter clinging

    QUESTION: What happens to Democrats when the public doesn’t buy their narratives anymore.

  6. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Well put, Gringo. I’m never sure whether to laugh or wince when Democrats complain about “obstructionist Republicans”. They can pass anything they really want to; in early 2009, they bragged about that. (“I won”, remember? Translation: I don’t have to listen to Republicans unless I feel like it.)

    Heck, they were even able to pass a tremendously unpopular bill that is likely to mean electoral suicide for many of the Congresscritters who voted for it.

    And now John Kerry is whining about having to deal with a filibuster? In the words of one of this year’s prominent candidates — man up, Mr. Kerry. A man with three Purple Hearts ought to be able to withstand a filibuster.

    (And need I point out?… that’s what filibusters are for, to prevent the majority from imposing its will on an unwilling minority. Were it Republicans who had 59 seats, Kerry would be championing the filibuster as the protector of our liberties. And he’d be right. Filibusters are one of the few tools the minority party has, to keep the majority party from going completely off the rails.)

    Daniel in Brookline

  7. expat Says:

    I loved Taranto’s last paragraph before the Keep Hope Alive head. It sums up my feelings about Obama.

  8. Adrian Day Says:

    The following post from the comment section for one of your links speaks volumes about what is lacking and short-sighted in the “smarts” and policies of this president:

    While the article was foreign policy, it touched on one of my hot buttons. Ethanol.
    Obama endorsing ethanol is typical feel good politics, without knowledge. Ethanol is a scam of a few global agribusiness conglomerates. Obama and the others need to do their research. The 20% use of corn in ethanol has tripled corn prices. You can not see the impact of ethanol at the pump, but you can certainly see the impact of biofuels in your local grocery store. Worse yet, we are now starving the poor in developing countries to drive cars. Ethanol is an idea poorly conceived and executed worse – a typical government program.
    Ethanol also destroys the environment. Developing nations are destroying protected lands to plant crops for fuel. More polluted waters, more marginal lands used, more fertilizer, more energy consumed to farm………
    Food stuffs are being held back in South East Asia, so they can sell the food oil to the rich nations for fuel, instead of feeding people. Numerous reports noted this consequence years ago, but they were ignored by the US media.

    Then again the environmental movement was long ago co opted by Malthusians, instead of people who really care about mother nature. This group knew biofuels would starve the poor, just like removing DDT killed millions in developing countries every year. So they achieve their objective.

  9. Bob from Virginia Says:

    Taranto’s article just summed up the Obama administration as government by trite left-wing cliche.

    Congratulations Mr. T, you’ve done it! You have simply and adequately explained Obama. Well now we have a reliable model on which to make predictions about dear leader’s behavior (sorry Dinesh D’Souza, et al, but your efforts at rational explanation of O’s behavior were far greater than the subject warranted, A for effort though). This jibes perfectly with the suspicion that there is really nothing inside Obama but pretense.

    Next we need a laundry list of trite left-wing cliches. It need not be elaborate, something simple and uncomplicated, in short something appropriate to its planned use. A checklist would be more than adequate.

  10. texexec Says:

    John Kerry lives in a different universe than the rest of us…one where simple common sense doesn’t exist, America is an evil empire, and he is intelligent.

    I am always slack jawed at who people in MA elect for national office…with the exception of Scott Brown. Maybe there is SOME hope for them.

  11. Curtis Says:

    Trite cliches:

    Electing Obama was a fart that turned into a squirt.

    Obama lied. America died.

    Fee Fi Fo Fum. I smell the blood of a Kenyan.

    Speak truth to diversity.

    Is America ready for the party of NO.

    Experts are liars.

    Harvard lied. The economy died.

    Tax yourself.

    Looking for a hippie to lay a club on.

    Level the field with a machine gun.

    Social justice for Iran.

    C’mon in, the capitalism’s fine.

    We’re defined by the National Guard at our border.

    When Harry met Sharron.

    Where’s the dude?

    We’re just gettin started.

    Next country to be de-socialized: Cuba!

    Por favor this.

  12. rickl Says:

    Adrian Day:
    Your points are all completely valid, and I’d add that I’ve also read that it takes vast amounts of water to produce ethanol.

    Not the best use of resources, to say the least. Hmm, so the free market actually allocates limited resources better than government edicts and subsidies? Imagine that.

  13. rickl Says:

    I also have to point out that ethanol is a bipartisan scam. Plenty of Republicans in farming states have also been pushing it.

  14. gpc31 Says:

    slate.com came up with an amusingly pseudo-scientific formula for the most egotistical senators and Kerry topped the list. His office is a shrine to himself.

  15. Wm Lawrence Says:

    So James Kloppenberg thinks Barry is a philosopher…

    “Some ideas are so ludicrous that only an academic could believe them.”

    Orwell (I think.)

  16. Gary Rosen Says:

    Isn’t the real joke with ethanol that it is not even energy-positive, i. e. you use as much or nearly as much energy to grow and produce it as you get out of it?

  17. br549 Says:

    By the time it reaches the pump, more btu’s have been expended to create a gallon of ethanol than are contained within a gallon of ethanol. The price of a gallon of ethanol is subsidized. It can’t stand on its on two feet.
    Although many ethanol plants are still being built, many are sitting idle that were built before.

    Ther are less btu’s in a gallon of ethanol than a gallon of gasoline. Your “gas mileage” is less. There are problems with the transport of ethanol via traditional pipeline. That translates into higher costs to move it around. 10% ethanol was at first introduced during cold weather. More oxygen or something. Now, and as it has been for a while, 10% ethanol stickers are a permanent fixture on gas pumps.

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