November 5th, 2010

Isn’t it funny…

…how Republicans keep losing the squeakers?

Glenn Reynolds wonders, as do I.

Not that it’s necessarily a case of a Minnesota/Franken type of fix being in, although that’s certainly possible. It’s probably just a case of blue states being really hard to flip, plus the strength of the Democrats being especially strong in cities, which also tend to have an entrenched party machine that knows how to get out the vote.

[ADDENDUM: This one smells very fishy.]

10 Responses to “Isn’t it funny…”

  1. Libby Says:

    I think you’re being too charitable to the Dems.

    Part of their excellent GOTV efforts are handled by ACORN and other labor union organizations, known (and successfully prosecuted) for voter registration fraud. Do we really believe that none of these fictitious registrations are used to vote, especiall when ID is only spradically checked? Or hand delivering ballots to prisoners in Chicago while – oopsie! – mailing soldiers their ballots late. Or, bummer, the Missouri voter verification systems goes down so that they can’t process election day registrations.

    And how often are there “found” ballots that end up determining the winner in close elections? In CT yesterday, in Washington State for the Gregoire/Rossi race a few years ago, etc.

    Whenever I hear that a race is close I know that it will go to the Dem. With the exception of Bush in 2000, it always goes to the Dems.

  2. Bill West Says:

    Hugh Hewitt wrote a book titled, “If It’s Not Close They Can’t Cheat” on this very subject. It’s a great read. I suggest you click on the convenient Amazon link on this site and buy one or two as holiday gifts. He explains it very neatly.

    So does John Fund in “Stealing Elections”, also available from your good friends at Amazon.

  3. Steve Ducharme Says:

    In the words of Bill Murry from Groundhog Day “Gosh you’re an upbeat lady”!

    Come on. They cheat their asses off. They freaking cheat in Texas fer cryin out loud! Are you seriously suggesting that if the vote is close enough in a strong solidly blue district that they don’t manufacturer / disqualify just enough votes in favor of their guy? I love ya Neo but a little healthy cynicism is more than warranted here

  4. Soviet of Washington Says:

    (Writing from the belly of the beast) No Neo, I don’t think this was a case of significant fraud (of course there was some, but low thousands unless there’s a recount which can then be gamed by King County). Just a case of it’s really tough to flip a coastal Demo seat. It’s hard for OOS people to understand, but (for whatever reason) Patty has an extra level of goodwill above and beyond our other statewide female politicians. Combination of cultural issue and IMHO the fact that she doesn’t look like a politician. Dino gave her the closest race in her career, but it was just a bridge a bit too far.

  5. Soviet of Washington Says:

    I should add that most of the state votes by mail and per state law ballots only have to be postmarked by election day. Since KingCo has ~30% of state population, it looks bad…but probably isn’t.
    Our SoS (GoGo Republican) has tried to get this changed to received by election day, but hasn’t succeeded. My guess is the Dem’s know current law is favorable for them.

  6. neo-neocon Says:

    Steve Ducharme: note that I write “although that’s certainly possible.” I know about Democratic voter fraud. I just think it didn’t account for most of the squeakers in 2010, especially in Washington. Wasn’t needed; I really do think the blue states are very hard to flip.

    But I do try to be an upbeat lady :-). And of course, I love that movie.

  7. neo-neocon Says:

    Bill West: I’m way ahead of ya. Bought the Hewitt book after the 2004 election.

  8. Mike Mc. Says:

    I am convinced Dems steal several elections a cycle. Franken is the proof. And the big cities are nothing but corruption and vote fraud machines.

    I’ve been wondering if there is any cure. I think only whistle-blowers and aggressive prosecution.

  9. Susan in Seattle Says:

    My thoughts are similar to “Soviet’s” above. It is “tough to flip a coastal Demo seat.”
    I believe we saw outright fraud in the Rossi/Gregoire race for governor in ’04 but this Senate race doesn’t compare. While I am saddened that Murray won, she won by enough not to smell of fraud or cheating.
    As commenters on other threads have stated, the continued reelection of people like Murray, Boxer, Brown, Frank, and others is mystifying (to say the least!).

  10. ThinkAsTheyDoOrElse Says:

    The Ann Marie Buerkle race in western NY is a true squeaker.

    A local talk show host estimated the results for write ins would give a margin of six votes for the Republican Buerkle.

    They have until about the 24th to put the fix in.

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