February 27th, 2011

More from Saif Qaddafi and his brother Al-Saadi

I wrote at some length the other day about Qaddifi’s formerly good-guy-reformer son Saif. Here he is, still on the dark side (the Amanpour interview also features his much-less-political brother Al-Saadi):

Amanpour points out that although she’s in Libya, she’s seen no evidence of the strafing and bombing of Libyans by the Gaddafi government, although she’s seen gunshot victims in the hospitals. That’s interesting; knowing Amanpour, she’s be eager to confirm the bombing if she could.

When Saif says, “we didn’t use force,” it does seem rather ludicrous, however. But when he says, “For myself, I believe I am doing the right thing,” one can only imagine that he thinks it’s true, and that he sees no other way out for himself. Clearly, from the interview, he is continuing to try to position himself as the most logical successor to his father, a reformer who will implement what the people actually want.

Although I do not trust this man at all, I also do not trust the media. So I think that we actually have very little idea of what is really happening right now in Libya.

As for Al-Saadi, of all the Qaddafi male offspring, he’s kept himself most apart from power struggles and politics in general. His interview here is fairly non-political, too. He describes the movements as an earthquake that cannot be stopped. When Al-Saadi says “I want to live normal,” I tend to believe him, although I’m sure he’d like to “live normal” with a more-than-normal amount of money.

6 Responses to “More from Saif Qaddafi and his brother Al-Saadi”

  1. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    You don’t trust the Ghadaffies I don’t trust Iranian-born Amanpour–who from what I can see of her “reporting” and commentary and its slant is a Left wing shill for Islam–one little bit.

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    Wolla Dalbo: I figured it went without saying that I don’t trust Amanpour.

    But I do believe that if she says there’s no evidence of the bombings, it means there really might have been no evidence of the bombings, because she would not be trying to cover up for Qaddafi, as far as I can tell.

  3. Tom Says:

    Saif generalizing about the difference between media reports and reality! Amen to that. We should all of us be very careful about the “news”.
    None of this is to say that Muammar is not a nutjob.

  4. Parker Says:

    Amanpour is definitely left-wing, but I’m sure she sees Qaddafi for the kooky monster that he is. If she says she has not YET seen evidence of bombing in Tripoli I am willing to accept she is being truthful. Qaddafi is one of those rare exceptions in the world as no one sees him as a hero/martyr. He’s beyond the pale, think Idi Amin Dada.

    Idi Amin Dada says, “In my country there must be people who have to die. They are sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law and order.”

  5. Sergey Says:

    There is a rather grim analysis of Arab revolutions by Niall Ferguson:
    The bottom line:
    “Yes, Americans love revolutions. They should better stick to loving their own.”

  6. Richard Aubrey Says:

    When Reagan had bombers go after daffy in 82 as reprisal for the disco bombing in Berlin, he dropped more than bombs. He dropped the ball.
    You don’t mess with Americans and get away with it. Until the last election, I mean. You’re not supposed to, anyway.
    daffy lived and the message is if you mess with Americans you lose some equipment and some snuffies you can afford to replace.
    Had Reagan gone all medieval on daffy, his presidential palace(s), his version of the Pentagon and the intel headquarters plus various economic targets, it would have been learned among the heathen host not to mess with Americans. That would be a good thing for people to know.
    And the alternative, what would have come in daffy’s place, could hardly have been worse, could it?

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