March 30th, 2011

Walmart and the women and the law

The Supreme Court has been hearing arguments on whether a class action suit on behalf of women employed by Walmart can go forward. Here’s a fairly good summary of the issues involved at this stage, which boil down to whether a class action suit is the proper remedy or whether the women involved should sue the company on an individual basis.

Unfortunately, questions of law such as this sound very boring and picayune. In fact, they are pretty boring and picayune. But they are nonetheless important. If this is allowed to go forward as a class action, it sets a ludicrously broad standard for huge lawsuits of this type, which threaten to financially destroy companies that don’t have a strict quota system for promotion on representative racial and/or gender lines.

There is really no evidence of a discriminatory policy on the part of Walmart, either. In fact, Walmart’s official policy is explicitly non-discriminatory, but promotion decisions are de-centralized and made through individual discretion. The plaintiffs contend that, through some sort of oozing osmosis, these individual decisions become saturated with gender discrimination that flows down from above and is therefore Walmart management’s responsibility.

How did it come to this? How did we get to the point of ignoring actual policy and looking only at equality of outcome as the indicator of what a policy might be? This is the way the “argument” goes [emphasis mine]:

A plaintiff can prove a “pattern and practice” of employment discrimination by showing an unexplained statistical disparity between the composition of the employer’s workforce and the composition of the qualified labor pool from which the employer draws its workforce. A nondiscriminating employer would wind up with a workforce that reflects the demographics of the relevant labor market, absent some unusual circumstances. Of course, that’s just where the analysis starts: If fewer women are qualified for or interested in the jobs in question, the imbalance wouldn’t suggest discrimination. Sophisticated statistical methods can take account of the other factors that might contribute to disparities, like differences in qualifications, interest, or availability.

Once such legitimate factors have been taken into account, it’s reasonable to conclude that any remaining disparity is the result of discrimination.

I’m not so sure how reasonable it is. There are intangibles that are part of promotion decisions that are not gender-based. What’s more, even if is “reasonable” to conclude that the remaining disparity is the result of discrimination, is that conclusion reasonable enough and certain enough to support a legal decision that affects millions of people and could bankrupt a company, as well as leading other companies to promote a number of women beyond their competence level (and in the process discriminate against men) in a frantic effort to avoid a similar fate for themselves?

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  1. Sergey Says:

    The whole issue of discrimination is bogus. Discrimination of every kind is what people always do, so exercising their free will and discretion. Only institutionalized discrimination on grounds having nothing to do with fitness for the job should be banned. And this should be applied only to government employers. Everybody else should be free to discriminate as they wish without threat of legal persecution. Law is too blunt instrument to sort out these intangible matters.

  2. Jamie Says:

    I would be SO HAPPY if women with children who are the primary contact in the family for schools and daycares (of whom I am one) would just acknowledge that the ability to take a half day off when the kids have a half day off, to stay home when a kid is sick, to work only during school hours, preferentially to take time off during school vacations – all the requirements and limitations they put on their work come with a cost to their productivity and advancement, and hence to their compensation. You really cannot have it all – not all at the same time, in any event.

    I don’t know whether any of the Wal-Mart women did take advantage of the innate systemic flexibility of the big-box retail business (many open hours, even 24-hour stores, short shifts available) to make their lives as mothers easier. Perhaps I’m being utterly unfair to them – but my complaint is about the strident voices of Women In the Workplace who go around declaring that they’re being discriminated against rather than just saying, “Yes, I took three years off while my children were babies, and that makes me less current in my field than someone, male or female, who was in the workforce all that time. Yes, I need a certain amount of flexibility in my schedule because I’m the designated picker-upper-from-sports-practice in my family, and that means I’m not as available for work as someone without that responsibility. Yes, I did take the Mommy Track for a while – and I perceived that the benefits to me outweighed the detriments at the time, so I’m not going to try to pretend, now that I’m back in full-time work, that my employer didn’t give me special treatment at my own request back then.”

  3. SteveBrooklineMA Says:

    It seems they are claiming discrimination based on the percentage of workers who make manager. But the number of managers is a small fraction of the whole work force. If men have even a small advantage on average, say due to strength or other factors, it’s not surprising that they would dominate at the tail of the distribution, i.e. at the various levels of management.

  4. expat Says:

    Here in Germany, they are pushing for more women in top corporate jobs. Right now there is pressure to bring the number up to 33%, and if it doesn’t occur within a reasonable time, quotas are threatened. I hate this stuff.

  5. Occam's Beard Says:

    I want to file a class-action suit against the NBA. I’m over six feet, and I’m athletic, but no NBA slot for me.

    Discrimination comin’ and goin’, just ’cause I’m white. No justice, no peace!

  6. Occam's Beard Says:

    Seriously, is there any doubt – any doubt whatsoever – that Wal-Mart has been targeted for this by the Reds because of its anti-union stance?

  7. Occam's Beard Says:

    Oh, and if you want to raise taxes, include raising taxes on the poor. Everyone – everyone – needs to pay something. No free-riders – none – and no parasites. And the amount needs to scale with the overall tax rate.

  8. Occam's Beard Says:

    Sorry, wrong thread!

  9. Beverly Says:

    What Occam said.

    I’m a woman, without children to look after, and I always considered myself a feminist (though I wouldn’t like to swap phone numbers with some gals who claim that appellation). But I always considered that the fair thing is that everyone gets to try out for the team.

    Whether you get picked depends on how good you are, and whether you will show up for all the games. That seems fair to me.

    I was appalled by the practice, among others, of watering down the physical requirements of the fire department tests just to shoehorn some women onto the force who wouldn’t qualify for the job itself. And Still Don’t. So, people are going to die because of this, but who cares? we’re being gender-sensitive, folks.

    Humans are largely idiots.

  10. renminbi Says:

    An employer should be free to hire anyone he pleases for whatever reason ( except my father in law’s firm which hired a legal secretary whose talent extended into other services). Different groups have different abilities and strengths. There are no Mexicans in the NBA; is that wrong?
    Some time back my wife needed surgery and got a recommendation. When she checked she saw that he belonged to a group “advantaged” by affirmative action. We promply found someone else for the job. It wasn’t our racism but that of Med Schools racist admission policies that we feared. We know that they do admit less competent people from some groups. They know this is wrong,but they don’t care.

  11. Beverly Says:

    Oh, and can we talk about all these Leftist laws based on the idea that you can Read Minds? can divine that it’s “gender/race discrimination” rather than business requirements that form the hiring managers’ thinking?


  12. Artfldgr Says:

    white males have to die one way or another…
    since ovens are out, then i guess its another…

  13. Artfldgr Says:

    How did it come to this? How did we get to the point of ignoring actual policy and looking only at equality of outcome as the indicator of what a policy might be?


    ie.. using the same argument that the Nazi’s used to get everyone to hate Jews, but now to hate white men, a set containing Jews… throw the bath water out, get the baby..

    ALL one has to do is read them and not take them as seriously as mein kampf!

    from the enlightenment to today, they have undone it all, and its coming down, as rome did..

    will there be a Charlemagne this time?

    perhaps not abandoning them when we found out sanger was a eugenicist who published ernst rom might have been a good start… or perhaps when they said they would destroy the family to set women free.

    how can you prove discrimination without actually having to prove discrimination, and then foment the change to law that we have to be unequal before the law to be equal in outcomes?

    so now us neojews have to go through a neoshoa

    we have been going through the set up for it for 40 years and been belittled and put down, and such for saying anything about it.

    NOW 40 years later on the cusp of collapse SOME people are getting it?

    wheeee!!! what a rip..

    they win, and NOW we take them seriously…
    why did we let them get so far?

    because we loved the enemy that hated us because some women promised them EVERYTHING.

    my life has been destroyed by all this…

  14. kolnai Says:

    I’m kind of mystified by the legality here. Maybe Patterico or Volokh or Ed Whelen or someone will explain it.

    I’ve done some research work in affirmative action, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of the Supreme Court cases dealing with it, at least until the Michigan cases.

    But the statute books – I’m not sure about that. I’d thought that SCOTUS precedent was that lack of proportional representation was not a valid basis for a claim of discrimination. Maybe I’m wrong in that assessment.

    But SCOTUS hasn’t granted cert yet, right? In any case, you only need four justices to get it, and you know Ginsburg and Sotomayor are automatic “yes” votes. Kagan, probably. Breyer, hard to say.

  15. Artfldgr Says:

    it worked for hitler to get total control, have the jewish shopkeepers lose their businesses, and lose ability to go to school.

    ever notice there are no more jewish owned delis, and grocery stores? the city USED to be full of them. where did they go? the SBA 8A program… the jewish shop keepers could not stay in business..

    and how about schools? with obama and them nationalized it. and the first scholarsip (400) for white males in 40 years was created in texas!!!

    they basically cut out the best and brightest to fix the game to come up cherries and pretend that the men at the top dont exist.

    this is WHY over 40 years we are not tops in schools, tops in engineering, tops in science… etc…

    the competitors don’t suffer the ideology they gave us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and there was absolutely NOTHING the men could do to stop it and avoid proving that they were oppressors. only women coudl have done that, but they were having way too much fun hating men and abusing men, and getting free advantage over them to even think about what their daughters would have – you go girls…

  16. Artfldgr Says:

    Harrison Bergeron

    here is a situation that kind of describes my work now

    THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

    Some things about living still weren’t quite right, though. April for instance, still drove people crazy by not being springtime.

    And it was in that clammy month that the H-G men took George and Hazel Bergeron’s fourteen-year-old son, Harrison, away.

    It was tragic, all right, but George and Hazel couldn’t think about it very hard. Hazel had a perfectly average intelligence, which meant she couldn’t think about anything except in short bursts.

    And George, while his intelligence was way above normal, had a little mental handicap radio in his ear. He was required by law to wear it at all times. It was tuned to a government transmitter. Every twenty seconds or so, the transmitter would send out some sharp noise to keep people like George from taking unfair advantage of their brains.

    George and Hazel were watching television. There were tears on Hazel’s cheeks, but she’d forgotten for the moment what they were about.

    and look how the problem of ballerinas is solveed
    “Yup,” said George. He tried to think a little about the ballerinas. They weren’t really very good-no better than anybody else would have been, anyway. They were burdened with sashweights and bags of birdshot, and their faces were masked, so that no one, seeing a free and graceful gesture or a pretty face, would feel like something the cat drug in. George was toying with the vague notion that maybe dancers shouldn’t be handicapped. But he didn’t get very far with it before another noise in his ear radio scattered his thoughts.

    George winced. So did two out of the eight ballerinas.
    Hazel saw him wince. Having no mental handicap herself, she had to ask George what the latest sound had been.

    “Sounded like somebody hitting a milk bottle with a ball peen hammer,” said George.

    welcome to feminist utopia….

    you girls won, go collect your prizes…

  17. Artfldgr Says:

    I always considered that the fair thing is that everyone gets to try out for the team.

    that was never feminism..

    we had a meritocracy..
    if not, then how did Ramanujan get anywhere?

    the women had to break a meritocracy in favor of the superiority of pudendas and perma tan skin…

    they didnt want equal opportunity, they wanted soviet EQUALITY of OUTCOME..

    wait… you should see all the new offices..

    like the one at the NIH offering 90k to turn down competent white men, and jewish men, and instead put a pudenda or a perma tan to get the research bounty..

    and funny…
    but they get upset at MY terms, when its the state that is using those things to decide. and lots of militant termites doing their best to abuse the new oppressor scape goats (same as the old ones in germany!)

    it was never about equality

    as under such things some are always more equal than others and THATS what they wanted.

    but they were listening to eugenicists, communists, euthanasia and social engineering people.

    do you think if they told you the truth you would have remained a feminist? the truth is revealed when its too late and you cant go back, like now

  18. Oldflyer Says:

    One line in Neo’s post jumped out at me: “Sophisticated statistical methods can take account of other factors…”

    Once we let “Sophisticated Statisticians” take over our society, we may as well kiss individual freedom good bye.

    If I were the Walton family, I would simply announce that I was shutting down. Proclaim that they refuse to let the courts and other government apparatchik their company.

    The howls would be deafening. The WM haters would naturally try to prevent it from happening. Probably declare that they were a public necessity or some other completely ironic, and hypocritical, designation.

    Personally, I would miss them. We hated it when Walmart announced they were coming to our pristine, little town. They built next to a beautiful piece of property on the edge of town, and mostly hid from sight with grassy berms. Now, we compare prices elsewhere to Walmart; and get most of our basics there.

  19. kolnai Says:

    Off topic but related to law:

    David Kopel and Rob Natelson have a breakthrough article on the case against Obamacare:

    If the facts are really as clear as they say, this could be a very promising course once the case gets to the Supremes.

    How sweet it would be to overturn Black in favor of Marshall.

    And they say I’m a dreamer…

  20. Artfldgr Says:

    “Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” – Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

    “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller Gearhart, The Future – If There Is One – Is Female

    “[W]omen, like men, should not have to bear children…. The destruction of the biological family, never envisioned by Freud, will allow the emergence of new women and men, different from any people who have previously existed.” — Alison Jaggar, Political Philosophies of Women’s Liberation: Feminism and Philosophy, (Totowa, NJ: Littlefield, Adams & Co. 1977)

    “The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness…can be trained to do most things.” — Jilly Cooper, SCUM (Society For Cutting Up Men, started by Valerie Solanas)

    “If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males.” — Mary Daly, former Professor at Boston College, 2001

    “For one of the implicit, if unadmitted, tenets of feminism has been a fundamental disrespect for men.” — Wendy Dennis

    giving such people a pass because they coordinate everything and you ignore them, means you gave them the car keys and didn’t care where they drove you!

    women now had a purpose: to be turned into taxable means of production for a socialist state (slaves)

    the socialist leaders, ie slave owners, looked to the family and saw that there was a place where they could not take control of the children without getting rid of mom. they could not turn moms labor, untaxable and for HER progeny not THEIR progeny, to benefit them.

    As long as women chose men carefully, we would see a constant swarm of able people who were smart appear out of nowhere, and upset the apple carts of the people on the tops children.

    funny thing if you look at the history, and know it, you would notice that it was Franz Boas who gave us multiculturalims.. and he lied… (revealed in venona transcripts). he made margarete meade, who was one of his chosen. who also lied as to womens and youth sexuality. but you also have kinsey, whose idea of normal was to use prostitutes and people in prison (not to mention sexually abusing babies to get his results).

    THESE are the people who set it all up. care to see how they are related to naomi goldstein, and how a payola kind of thing can get these crank docs accepted… like global warming experts… by other means…

    so. now women are out of the home, they no longer directly work for their families tax free. they now split their work value with the state.

    and there is no time to maintain their families as healthy, or even review what the kids are taught, or be able to all show up day after day to the school to fix it. and thats IF she has kids.

    if not, then what you have is a woman who has put off mating in favor of shacking up with what? half her labor goes to paying for other less able welfare women to stay home and have children indiscriminately. this lowers her fertility and if she is a college girl, that lowers the demographic outcome of what? IQ? but IQ is not real, so does it matter? we are equal, so does it matter if her genes dont have a place in the future?

    now here comes the fun part…

    if you look at the demographics, the fear of labor not wanting a lawsuit that it cant defend from… has them laying men off and mistreating men like crazy…

    a mancession…

    well if this keeps going, we are going to have a broken role reversal.

    think of it.. extrapolate and project out…

    the men will not be working

    the women will all have to work and support the men and the places where their children go to be raised.

    the mates that the hyper-gamous women will have to select from, they wont want, as they are not earning, able to earn, or even like very much.

    but as the demographic switches, the politics will switch… the people who created and gave the world the enlightenment and upset the aristocracies apple carts, will go away…

    after all, this feminist effect is not EQUAL to all groups… is it?

    after all, this social justice hate the white guys (jewish guys) and using the same nazi technique, is having the same demographic outcome in the long run as ovens. not only that, but it targets the Ashkenazim disproportionately too.

    like taking another road to china and not believing it will end up at the same condition.

    the jews were a small percentage of the population of Germans but they owned stores and other things disproportionate to the size of their class… and THATS how they got people to not care..

    its 40 years on with the SAME technique
    with the SAME big lie with a value that never changes (the fact its a crock value to start with and it never changes never piqued the curiousity of most women), and has had the historical mates of the targets not care what happens to the target men scapegoats.

    JUST as the german people didnt care what happened to the cheaters either once they knew that it was a mathematical scientific certainty that they were cheating. there was no need to find the crime…

    it justified all kinds of laws that favored the favored volk. in germany it was native germans. in the US the volk the true volk was women, lesbians, gay men, communists, etc.. in germany the scape goat was the capitalist jews, and christians, and those who would maintain the ideas of the enlightenment. in the US the target is jews, christians, and those who would maintain in their families, the ideas of the enlightenment.

    the idea that the state derives its power from the governed, and not the idea that the people get their rights from the state!!!!

    once the native women lost their protectors by driving them out of the house, and now have lost their posterity…

    what is left to do?

    fundementally change the state…
    who are they paying off as they did in germany… the Volk… the women who are so acclimatized to this future, that they will accept their 30 pieces of silver from the state, put on their slave collars, and then realize that without their men, they have no means of escaping this slave society where they work, and they support others.

    the elite males will still be around, and like in college now, have the time of their lives in this huge self supporting harem of endless babes screwing the few lions…

    notice that the poor white males are not there… their competition… odd how that all works out.. LOTS more works out too, but the women are too busy having their consciousness raised and working harder and harder the worse it gets

    and if any male tries to tell them where they are going, he just “needs to get laid”, “hates women”, “just doesn’t know what they learned in womens studies”, “an oppressor”, “a chauvanist” and more..

    but one thing left to say…

    what he isnt is an equal to debate with rather than marginalize without hearing, is he?

    (now the feminists are chasing the women that have no mates to Islam. I wonder why?)

  21. Tom Says:

    My heart goes out to Artfldgr. He’s out of the frying pan, out into what turned out to be the fire. Smoldering, but durable, progressive fire.

    Man, some of us have been gnashing our teeth since the ’60s. No one listened for the longest time.

    My 1st wife violated our marital “contract”, in which she chose, yes chose, to be a stay-at-home mom, and I brought home the bacon. It worked just fine; everyone was content, she kids secure. But then came early feminism, she kicked like O’Leary’s cow, set herself up for a shallow and disappointing life, which she achieved, and yet still worships at the progressive altar and bounces between docs like a shuttlecock.

    “Discriminating” used to be a positive attribute! Madison Avenue men’s clothiers ran ads in the NYT: “For discriminating gentlemen.” Now Brooks Bros runs ads with black, shaved-head models.

    We must stop, just simply stop, letting the Left make the rules by which the game is played.

  22. Curtis Says:

    Class certification is not a ruling on the merits of the case. The court does not ask whether the action is legally or factually meritorious.

    Class certification is a statement by the court that there is enough evidence that the policies and practices of Wal-Mart were common as to the class, thus liability can generally be established and individual damages computed on a case by case basis.

    Rule 23 of the Federal Code:

    One or more members of a class may sue or be sued as representative parties on behalf of all members only if:

    (1) the class is so numerous that joinder of all members is impracticable,

    (2) there are questions of law or fact common to the class,

    (3) the claims or defenses of the representative parties are typical of the claims or defenses of the class; and

    (4) the representative parties will fairly and adequately protect the interests of the class.

    and probably the most important determination is:

    the court finds that the questions of law or fact common to class members predominate over any questions affecting only individual members.

    This case does represent an attempt to create a class which stretches credibility. The court will look at “pattern and practice” evidence, statistical evidence, sampling evidence, expert testimony, and other indicators of a defendant’s centralized practices in order to evaluate whether common behavior towards “similarly situated plaintiffs” make class certification appropriate. If the motion for certification relies only on statistics, they had better be pretty damned good statistics. The first line of attack will be for Wal-Mart to hire experts who will conduct their own statistics showing greatly varying results from state to state or between east and west, etc.

    Given the current make up of the Supreme Court, this certification motion won’t pass.

  23. Artfldgr Says:

    Women can sing to more than one tune.

    What good were the Perihermeneias, the Elenchi, divided into several branches, the Prior and Posterior Analytics, logic, or the mathematical sciences to Aristotle?

    For a woman surmounted all of these in mounting him and conquered the master of logic.

    She placed a bit and headstall on his head and he was dragged into solecism, barbastoma, and barbarism.

    The hussy used him as a horse and spurred him on like a female ass. She lifted her crotch far too high when she rode the male.

    The governor was governed and the roles of the sexes reversed, for she was active and he passive, willing to neigh under her. . . .

    In my opinion, he had the status of a horse, and yet he was well acquainted with the power of nature, reason, and justice.

    Yet why did they not gallop to his aid, bringing succor to their greatest proponent and master?

    I don’t know how this could be.

    What will the logicians say about the ancient art of sophistry if their celebrated teacher and master was thrown into greater confusion than any madman with a shaven head?

    He could not have been more confounded.

    Alas, what will philosophy say, given that the great master was tricked by the figure of amphiboly?

    Never had such a thing been seen before: the woman was the mounted knight and the man, with a halter under his hoary beard, was the horse that carried the burden.

    Because of this unnatural act, practitioners of the liberal arts are in constant and perpetual confusion. May they be eaten by evil wolves, if they have not yet taken revenge for this act.

    This book shows in what way, in what circumstances, and by what means I have reached this sorry pass.

    There is no one who can offer me a cure for it, for my wife’s evil charms are too potent.

    She is always armed with arguments which torture me terribly. I sigh, weep, and lament, and suffer more than if I had chronic fever.

    How am I going to write this work?

    I can hardly begin to compose it without bursting into tears and lamenting.

    Liber lamentationum Matheoluli 1295 by Mathieu of Boulogne

    (via a recent translation from Le Fèvre’s by Karen Pratt, in Woman Defamed and Woman Defended: An Anthology of Medieval Texts, Oxford University Press, 1992

    so one way or another, we will get over it…

    but not those living now…

  24. Curtis Says:

    One thing I find interesting: Roe v. Wade used sociology and that case is bad law. Any case that has to rely on sociology should have to rely on more than statistics. Roe v. Wade should be overturned. It is bad law.

    Same thing would happen here with Dukes v. Wal-Mart. Progressives have long had it in for Wal-Mart. The cause of the statistics cannot be credibly determined. But to a knee jerk progressive who already believes in discrimination as a settled matter, the cause of the statistic is without question.

    If we’re going to assume that a statistic such as difference in level of employment proves discrimination, were sunk. In the legal field, in many areas, despite huge affirmative action laws and cases, there are less women lawyers and less minority lawyers.

  25. Artfldgr Says:

    Todays paper…

    The folly of feminism: For all too many women, the joys of motherhood are gone

  26. Richard B Says:

    Martin Gilbert wrote a book a few years ago titled “Men and Marriage” in which he pointed out an interesting fact: There is very rarely a case of legitimate discrimination between the sexes, and that it can be proven by looking at equal statistics. When you compare non-married, childless individuals with equivalent levels of education, women earn exactly the same amount as men. It is only when they become married that income disparities appear as women take time off to raise children, removing themselves from the labor pool long enough to require additional training (formal and/or informal) to catch up in knowledge; however, even this isn’t enough since it does not account for missing work experience and, hopefully, the wisdom which comes from it. If, on the other hand, men and women are compared based on levels of work experience and years on the job, rather than age, marital status, or children, the numbers begin to level out again.

  27. Occam's Beard Says:

    One line in Neo’s post jumped out at me: “Sophisticated statistical methods can take account of other factors…”

    And we feel superior to the Romans, whose priests looked to sheep entrails for guidance.

    Would any of those “sophisticated statistical methods” involve tree rings, by any chance? Just checking …

  28. neo-neocon Says:

    Richard B: however, that quote I put in there indicated that they have supposedly controlled for such factors (the words “interests” and “availability,” for example). I have my doubts.

  29. LAG Says:

    Artfldgr, I would have sworn that was Heinlein, not Vonnegut. Great story thought that gets to the meat of the issue.

    neo, when you say “through some sort of oozing osmosis” do you mean like a ‘climate of male oppression?” Being a male myself, I know I owe everyone everywhere an apology.

  30. SteveH Says:

    Why is the inequality among trees in a forest seen by liberals as beautiful bio diversity, yet the same feature in the human realm just can’t have anything to do with nature?

  31. kolnai Says:

    Curtis – thanks for clarifying the issue.

    But what happens if the class certification goes through? Is that the same thing as granting cert? I just don’t have a grip on where we are with this case.

    And you are very right about relying on sociology. That is the cancer of contemporary jurisprudence. I would add Brown v. Board (a bad decision for a decent result). Lets recall too just for sh#ts and giggles the original sociologically determined cases: Muller v. Oregon and Buck v. Bell.

    They were based on “sophisticated” methods, totally state of the art.

  32. holmes Says:

    I was watching a UFC fight, and both the spectators and participants were overwhelmingly male, leading me to conclude that it is clearly discriminatory.

    Disparate Impact law was created to fight some pernicious practices- like Duke Energy requiring HS degrees at a time when Blacks did not have education, thus arbitrarily keeping them back.

    But this case is absurd.

  33. Parker Says:

    How about this… Let’s pick a date and declare a month long strike by white heterosexual males ages 18 through 70. From Wall Street Bankers to factory workers to grunts out on the battlefield; we all simply drop out and refuse to turn on the TV. Let Obama, the fish with a bicycle crowd, congress critters, the illegal border crashers, and the MSM find out what happens when the producers abandon the scene and let all the whiners pick up the burden.

    Personally, I’m tried of me, my sons, and my nephews being demonized for putting our shoulders to the tough work of turning the wheel when all I hear is how terrible we are for being conservative, white, heterosexual males clinging to our guns.

    “I ain’t as good as I once was but I’m as good once as I ever was.”

    FYVM progressives!

  34. ninjafetus Says:

    If owners and high level management, none of whom are responsible for any specific instance of discrimination, can be held accountable for some nebulous “culture of discrimination”, can the same logic apply to society as a whole? Can every US female join a class-action suit against the entire US for a culture of discrimination?

    Seriously, though… if the law doesn’t stop with individuals responsible for their specific, personal actions, where do you draw the line? What value system, which ethical principles motivate the placement of that line?

  35. AcidPoP Says:

    I have updated (“About Me”) my YouTube channel:

    At the end, it says:
    For the newcomer, two clues:
    It all started here (the last time around):
    is my final destination, since I went mute myself, for the most part. My part is done. Now it’s show time. I’ll be watching too.

    To what I’ll add, don’t forget the follow-up to the first link; or the true starting point about the second:
    and so,

    … I just went to Amsterdam, so I am in the mood for a manly conversation. I got high very nicely and had the best time with all my new friends in mind + my own recent accomplishments. Then a last reviewing of all I know, like the incredible difficult rules that no matter how much you know you are safe, you still need to take in consideration a real act of betrayal with real high-tech pros. On both sides. So I shall solve that question myself here. I would say something like this to the spy wife:

    I shall fear you only if you are a true marxist believer. Although even the Dalai Lama seems to say that he is still a marxist or something. I believe he must be bluffing and testing his own Hollywood supporters. Hollywood’s ultra-Harriers. The Followers of Harry. From ‘The Boomer Bible’.

    As to Obama, if there is a real Marxist in the WH. That’s big time bad news. So Mr Obama should come clean and prove it by following the advices of the best men in America (not radical leftists). All conservatives. Check out Mr Dunn’s articles for starters.

    There is a longer version of ‘My little Chat with dignitaries and no dignitaries’. When I’m done I’ll post it in one of my three favorites blogs. NEO, I suppose. And if it’s really good, maybe the Punks, Artists!, will use it as a full post. It will get there at some point. An open conversation about people fully in the know and fully connected to the same story. Right now, I’m writing my part, considering each road/scenario TO Victory. Even the less likely ones. While forced to taste them all spiritually/abstractly. SOLVING RIDDLES to avoid their traps while advancing a most precious and worthy cause. The CONSERVATIVE POINT OF VIEW and WAYS.


  36. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Many years ago, I got a letter from the Special Master overseeing the settlement of the Dissed-at-Denny’s discrimination class action suit.
    Upon inquiry, I discovered that there had been a mistake. I was not a claimant. I was a witness. Further inquiry disclosed that I had been three years old at the time I witnessed this foul act of discrimination–they thought they had my date of birth–and that it happened in Flagstaff. At the time, I had never been in Arizona. I got the names of four other witnesses and contacted three of them. They were all from the Flint, MI area and none had ever heard of the whole thing.
    I was also involved, without having to lift a finger, or, indeed, knowing anything about it, when a class-action suit insisted that a promotion by a credit card company for Accidental Death Insurance might have been misread by the applicants as life insurance. So I was to sign a paper telling the folks that I was stupid and illiterate and they’d send me some money.
    I understand a judge once remarked that, regarding asbestos, a person who’s never been sick can sue a company which has never had anything to do with asbestos.
    Don’t care much for class action suits.

  37. Sergey Says:

    Incessant pursuit of equality and justice can bring about only tyranny and make life miserable for everybody. Personal liberty is more important and usually produces some inequality and injustice. I believe that this price of liberty is affordable for society. The alternative is worse.

  38. SteveH Says:

    “”if the law doesn’t stop with individuals responsible for their specific, personal actions, where do you draw the line?”"

    I suspect it’s drawn depending on how deep the pockets of the fabricated oppressor happens to have.

  39. njartist49 Says:

    Guess from where:
    10. The GOYIM have lost the habit of thinking unless prompted by the suggestions of our specialists. Therefore they do not see the urgent necessity of what we, when our kingdom comes, shall adopt at once, namely this, that IT IS ESSENTIAL TO TEACH IN NATIONAL SCHOOLS ONE SIMPLE, TRUE PIECE OF KNOWLEDGE, THE BASIS OF ALL KNOWLEDGE – THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE STRUCTURE OF HUMAN LIFE, OF SOCIAL EXISTENCE, WHICH REQUIRES DIVISION OF LABOR, AND, CONSEQUENTLY, THE DIVISION OF MEN INTO CLASSES AND CONDITIONS. It is essential for all to know that OWING TO DIFFERENCE IN THE OBJECTS OF HUMAN ACTIVITY THERE CANNOT BE ANY EQUALITY, that he, who by any act of his compromises a whole class, cannot be equally responsible before the law with him who affects no one but only his own honor. The true knowledge of the structure of society, into the secrets of which we do not admit the GOYIM, would demonstrate to all men that the positions and work must be kept within a certain circle, that they may not become a source of human suffering, arising from an education which does not correspond with the work which individuals are called upon to do. After a thorough study of this knowledge, the peoples will voluntarily submit to authority and accept such position as is appointed them in the State. In the present state of knowledge and the direction we have given to its development of the people, blindly believing things in print – cherishes – thanks to promptings intended to mislead and to its own ignorance – a blind hatred towards all conditions which it considers above itself, for it has no understanding of the meaning of class and condition.

    They are almost done.

  40. AcidPoP Says:

    When it was still hot, this is what I was going to write (it started with just five words):
    Just went to Amsterdam and back! Time for a little chat. Some manly conversation. Nothing personal.
    Just me considering all the possibilities; worst cases included. Only today I’m fully detached. No sweat.

    Since nobody truly introduced me to L.A., I can’t be fully sure. So angel or Goddess, whatever reality, I made my case full circle and I WON. The JACKPOT – my own Divine Right in the first place.

    I need to know coming from a public statement from you: Lover or dominatrix? Since Lou is a Master-faker himself. He may have gone a long way to save precious lives and precious souls. And lied to you too. About his true love. Me. He can’t escape his fate neither. Nobody. There is plenty of information about it already, ready to be published in a book, as a novel, worst case. Nice story though. I have already found a fantastic writer for the quality of its writings and telling stories. And his mind. How about my beautiful paintings? And their beautiful meanings. I hope they ended up in good hands. Especially my American Flag Painting. And Persian one.

    Surely, this (your possible treachery) has never been my experience until that famous last time but only because God is capable of betraying his own rules and duping me, testing me, challenging me. So here I am and anyway, too many people believe I am some kind of a nut to say and believe everything I say. So as for Trump vs Obama, it is time for all the masks to drop. Show the BC and free us all. Express your Love and where you stand. After all, even the Dalai Lama says he is still a Marxist or something. Which I find very cute and funny. Being the D L, he must be fooling his adoring Hollywood fans. That’s my explanation.

    There is nothing leftist about Spirituality, nor God. It’s the antidote to Leftist policies.
    There is nothing generous, nor wise, about George Soros. The man is a total moron where it comes to ideology and morality. Leave him alone.

    To Obama, I’ll say this: Are you the Manchurian Candidate so many people see in you, or are you ready to give your life for America and the American people and its beautiful spirit. You are The president after all and you are asked to represent her interests and history and greatness, not just the gang people you were accustomed to since childhood. Terrorists, all. Not just in words and ideas and fan base.

    I only fear true Marxist believers – same with Fundamentalist Muslims. Including Marxism used only as a tool to analyze the world, not as remedy. The remedy is hell and it shows already. But We can avoid WW3! With some clarity of thought and expertise.

    In other word, will you have the guts to tell us that you understand that Jesus is far superior to Mohammed?

    We don’t need no dropping of the masks of all the mad mullahs, OBL, Mo Bros, Hezbollah, Hamas, … They have switched God with Devil and they have the gall to call us Godless, small and big satans. If you are so bright, and peaceful, please, tell us what your position is about Sufism. Would you recognize a Sufi Master if you saw one? Sufism has been the olive branch to Mohammed and his cohorts to turn from animals to civilized loving souls. Will you bow to the great Poets of the past and present instead of the thousands of charlatan thuggish clerics and smug leftist intellectuals that populate the airs? Will you accept to learn instead of teaching and preaching deviancy and psychopathy and murder? And be a repressed one too? Now walking free. Legitimized even. Approved (bribed) by the UN because NYC is soooo expensive.

    Someone has declared war. All we need is a good military who know how to distinguish friends from foes on the ground. Among the rebels. The forces of good are welcome. Spiritual support matters a lot. The entire operation would be a quick victory if only people knew what they are fighting for, and who’s name to name and then Bomb only all killers. Bush couldn’t reform the corrupt UN. Obama could. With a 180° switch. SERVING AMERICA AND THE FREE WORLD AND (pas crony) CAPITALISM. The issue is not Israel, it’s Palestine. Choose Palestine for the whole thing but it’s the old Israeli Land and Country and Gods that run the day – Little New York. And it wont be a stalinist NYC. Sorry. With friendly old school Palestinian Palestinians as neighbors and friends, poets included. Looking for prosperity and happiness. Without guns. Who will free the Palestinian people from ignorance? Or Are they all bombing material, you say?

    It’s time for all true Muslim freedom fighters (bourgeois included please) to come out of the closet and ask for America’s protection here and in their own ME. Save yourself, so that we can Save you. But make business with TEA PARTY senators. And their supporters in the conservative movement.

    They are allowed by the American People to have clean hands at every step. The truth and the well-being of all parties involved with no buying your votes (with money we take from taxing those we conspire against, night and day). First class deals. The POWER OF GOING WITH MERITS instead of truncated quotas. This idea that Muslims are our new scapegoats. They are YOUR sacrificial wolves and few lambs. So don’t put the blame on the civilized West, especially conservatives. You can insult progressives all day long. They are rotten souls. Even when they think they do good. And they need to repent for having been such asses, publicly. And privately.

  41. Curtis Says:

    Just like almost everything, the class action device can be good or bad. However, since our legal system has been so corrupted both through ideology and greedy large law firms who generate cases designed not for the pursuit of justice but for fees, the class action device serves the bad guys more than the good guys. But, society has a way of identifying and correcting abuses and here in California a law known as Prop 64 was passed. The California Supreme Court took a lot of the teeth out of Prop 64. Here is a good look at it from people who profit from class action.

    Notice that two of the attorneys are from San Francisco.

    The big deal about getting a case certified (after, of course, the obvious fact that potential liability is increased from a couple of plaintiffs to however big the class size is) is discovery. After certification, all the “putative” class members become plaintiffs and an attorney/client relationship and privilege is established but more importantly the plaintiffs will now ask for all relevant documents: personnel records, time records, full disclosure of all communications pertaining to the issues, etc. A full barrage of questions (special interrogatories) will be sent to the defendant. The defendant will have to employ experts who are very expensive. Most charge from $500 to $1,000 per hour! Depositions will be conducted. And in many types of cases (for instance, for nonpayment of minimum or overtime wages) there is a fee shifting statute which requires the losing party to pay the prevailing party’s attorneys’ fees.

    Now, even if there is no case, like in Dukes v Wal-Mart, the defendant can’t rely on getting a good judgment. Especially in federal cases where super progressive judges have been planted like ticks and worms into the system. Recent events in Wisconsin show how effective one judge can be in throwing a monkey wrench in the whole system. And so, rather than take a chance that long expensive litigation might result in a bad judgment, appeal, and a further bad judgment, some defendants make a rational business decision and settle.

  42. AcidPoP Says:

    On a practical and personal note, who can claim he can live with his (two) lovers inside her mind, 24/7/night and day, the same way we know God is present in all our thoughts, only stronger now – and not lose it? Well, it just happened to me. It was only harder for me because I didn’t had much intimacy with mine yet. Just freshly madly in Love, FULL Love, more LOVE; IN full knowledge of one another.

    And if it was harder for me, it’s only because of my natural shyness. I haven’t overcome all aspects of this small ordeal yet. Otherwise, it’s very natural this way. And now, I also never feel alone anymore. Even while I still am after all and it is never enough.

    Also, getting high for me take me to the best neighborhoods. On the SUPER PLUS SIDE!!!!!!!! It’s my highway to PARTY TIME. ALL BY MYSELF and with all my toys around me. Like FOX. But unsustainable. I just had an 18 months break myself. Which I just broke because I felt so good and needed airing my head as my reward.

    Did you watch the two part interview with Donald Trump on O’Reilly? That was his best. Trump is a quick learner!! His is the voice of the TEA PARTY on foreign affairs. THE REAL DIPLOMACY. With facts and good judgments. Added the luxury of recent experience. On both domestic and foreign fronts! And (past) abuses. Anyway, all the people who didn’t like Palin because she was too much like the mom they never had. Well, we have just unveiled her male equivalent!! And the usual bullies are no match for him.

    I love HERMAN CAIN for the same reasons. So many choices to us. Presidential material all and all colors!! EXCITING TIMES!!! Can we say WE WON??? (WTF)

    By the way, in our case, I’m sure LA is Lou’s best friend. You can’t fake love. And ugly hearts have ugly appearances. It shows right thru. You even get panic attacks around them. But the pattern exists and I described some people’s reality. And it doesn’t get lower than this. POLITICS AND POWER AND SERVITUDE. And it starts because liberal men are scared of their women. Or obsessed anyway. While Muslim hardcore males scare theirs. Or hide. In any case, they invented priesthood for a reason. Nobody should be forced to have sex with anyone when one isn’t ready for it. Build a character first, become the best to get the best. Or whatever it is you want. And open up to this vast world. If just all the politicians would get out of the way for a while so that we citizens could live our lives and build our dreams. The real war is we against our new same-old/same slave-masters of past. LIBERALS OF ALL STRIPE AND DENOMINATION AND CALIBER. TIME OUT. THE PARTY IS OVER FOR YOU FOR A CHANGE. You partied non-stop, for 4 years, already. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE AND YOU BLEW IT. YOU’RE FIRED. BIG TIME. YOU AIN’T AMERICA. AMERICA IS HIGHER THAN YOU. GO LEARN YOUR LESSON OF CIVILITY AND MANNERS BETWEEN FREE PEOPLE.

    Are you saying me than in 10 lives OBL with have the manners of Obama or the big and small shot people at NPR? Actually that was always my understanding. Only very bad people never get another chance. Much less with 72 virgins. What absurdity. For a culture that has invented shame, you don’t show any!! Maybe you don’t belong to the Arab culture at all. Yes, you are the typical far-right Kook in every nation, who practice hardcore leftism by the way, but it looks conservative to asses only. But far-right fits perfectly to you anyway. There is only one place for you: JAILTIME. OUT of our sight, you stink and you suck. You are a disease and there is no cure. You Have raped my country Iran. After, she generously inspired you thanks to her own rich history and essence. Zoroastrianism became Sufism and went underground – well, the first or originals. And remained there. Even in the open people don’t get it. It has no church and no hierarchy. It’s in every man’s heart, the choice of having ‘good words, good thoughts, good deeds’ indeed, and so bring Joy, beauty and life around you. just as Zoroaster would do. Institution-free and a truly avant-garde concept too. That’s MODERN ART, for you. Now you say Sufism and our Koran are but one. No, one is not the other. You have to decide which it is, so that we can know what to make of you. We know. You are fired too. If a religion brainwashes its poorest populations and let them remain as superstitious and cruel as they are, what good it does to have one? So stop bragging about your Allah. God is more than your word. And He doesn’t approve of beheading in the first place. We were sure you would know that. God doesn’t harm children. Doesn’t send children to war. Doesn’t treat them like dogs. LOVE DOGS. Doesn’t offer them to old dirty men to play with. And then brag about it. SATAN DOES. Without feeling of guilt nor abuse. In fact sex is an act of aggression. There are no other way to you. We forgot, your God is Your Devil and this devil of yours doesn’t know nothing about Love and manners, style or manhood. You are supposed to become Knights, a king of sort, capiche? If you can’t, it wont be BOLSHEVISM OR DEATH TO US!!! We are fed up with all your shit and tantrum throwing and super sensitive ears that can’t hear the truth, YOUR TRUTH/ISSUE. It sounds harsh because you are so many boring bullies to us. Get a life and leave us alone. We don’t want to be near you, you still stink. Can’t you wash, daily, your entire body, not just the feet? Please? And you call us pigs? That’s superstition! Not very fair, not very divine. Old News to us. Time to adapt or go. So GO. THANKS. The (black) Chador is embarrassing to us fair-minded Persians. Aesthetic matters. And your traditions, well suck. And will get you nowhere in life. You certainly can’t export your look. You wouldn’t dare. So why not start the emancipation act right at home, in Beautiful Iran? You have been society’s slaves for centuries. Under a pure evil case of male conspiracy, dirty old men. With Lucifer as their guide. The Rad Fems should end their crusades by fighting against YOUR male aggressors, tooth and nails, instead. Time to wake up and smell the TEA!!!!!!! EVERYBODY! Radical Feminists must have been your men’s wives in their own past lives. OR, they were those same Muslim males in those lives. Always on the aggression side. SOUNDS AS FAIR.

    But there are new rules in town. People have seen the light and the news is spreading, nicely….. right in time!!

    It’s those bribes, stupid!!!! … “And those Journalists,….!!!!”

  43. AcidPoP Says:

    The real symbol is that the world is divided in two groups only, Conservatives (at heart) and the far-right (drones) – à droite. But they are spread around wildly/3D. Yin and Yang. With one part meant to maintaining order and defining the colors and rules. To save the day and live longer. After all Black is Beautiful!!!! And the title of my very first American Flag painting (and Persian too by the way) came afterwards, from who else but a Lou Reed tune? called “I Wanna Be Black” since strangely even the images on both fit the title and theme. That’s the story of all my paintings. I even discovered “ELEPHANT FROM FRONT” as the full bold shape of another. Cartoon-like all. Only abstract and Art gallery quality. To visit. And get high in front.

    The King of Cool, God, is conservative and a crazy sense of humor, a super funny story too. The true story of what happened to us, poor dears, is quite funny. Once you get past the horror of the moment. That’s why Artists are big sufferers. And make damn good artists. If their art touch most people’s heart and so give you hope that life is worth fighting for and exploring – possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unless they are charlatans. And suffering comes with the territory. Too bad. For the rest of us. Or thanx, I guess. Are you violent at home? Have you been violated? Just to let know. Not anymore thankfully. Well earned good life makes miracles on most. That’s why Capitalism is good. Ask any real American to explain free trade to you. REAL FREEDOM too.

    That’s why the drones have banned both America (and Israel, and once Iran) because of its original kindness and good manners. Iranians that have lost their souls know where it started, or don’t know actually. But enough do at all times, only some times, call for action is needed and we are in such exciting times because it can be solved with just the right words in a casual conversation. No sweat. Make it a conquest. Who is able to write the best happy ending for today’s turmOILS? That includes OIL!!!! And the presidency of Obama. What should Obama do? Anyway, please let’s publish all ideas. Especially important dignitaries. And then we’ll judge them with the best minds and thinkers of our time. YOUR so-called experts, only our hearts are pure and we will never be anyone’s political hack. WE serve the rules that we call universal, not any parochial/stalinist American University of late!! OLD NEWS ALREADY.

    Democracy should be abolished for that reason only. LOUDMOUTH NOBODIES turned somebody are granted super power and microphones , entire news networks!! Pulitzer prices! The most loved ones!!!! It’s so easy to hate by simply being too dumb or only playing ignorant. It’s a full time job to stay vigilant and not let any abuse happen at any instance. Especially in public life. Leftism creates intentionally hellish situations everywhere. Dreadlocks. See, they are cowards and they don’t want you to fly high. They project their own selfish mind onto you and think that if you get higher, they will feel lower. JEALOUS. HATEFUL. CLUELESS. Which is against logic. It will empower them too!!! Don’t ask me how, it will. Anyway, why don’t you start living your own dreams instead of focusing on what your neighbor do or don’t do. Why don’t you get yourself more educated so that no charlatan will enslave your mind in the future. And also this will save you too. First thing first, get rid of the Koran. Get rid of Marx. That’s about it. From now on, you’ll depend on God. He is to find inside you. The good half of it anyway.

    Go with your heart. Purify (learn) first. Say a quick goodbye to all the junk you’ve been fed. Ignore the past at this point. You have one last chance to prove that you can start from Zero. thanks, again!! And Do it. Even Qaddafi has potential. Crazy enough. Total surrender to the Victors. With wonders for him in return. A new era can start again and after few adjustments. A new Commander-in-Chief, so to speak. GOD is honored again. The one and only. No more facade. No more pompous asses who believe they know better and we enjoy their conversation about anything. It’s time you shut up and we talk and you listen. Just switch websites. Trust your old enemies. They have the answers. All the answers already exist. You too must surrender to your betters. (I’m talking to the democratic strategists on Fox here; their talking points or personal views)

    In short and back to the main subject, I am not an online character created by Laurie Anderson neither. Ask my Friends. I have many. REAL BEST FRIENDS, to attest that yes, I exist and my paintings were truly wonderful. I have appeared in a book already by the American writer whom I met in Tehran. Got back with a Message from me. Thru him I got Lou’s office address. And by accident, I even found out where Lou lives because my Persian friend’s cousin’s boy-friend walked his dog with Lou in the morning. I almost wanted to ask the boy to give Lou a new copy of my first introduction letters but I passed because I had thought he didn’t missed the package sent to him to his offices. Plus too many middle men already and no control at all of the message this time. Not necessary. Suppose now that instead, Lou missed them all. Our typical bad Luck in life. The bad timing. Then, I have still not reached my man. Surely now and here in the open with these real details, I can see I have broke the talisman. Not a witch myself but by nature I find myself freeing people from their demons if only they would listen. Just with few sentences, from long years of suffering and loneliness and observation only, being around bad pupils. Events of life.

    …. (paintings.) there are many pictures already spread everywhere. Plus my new ones. Just trying to give form to the unofficial story and former/late accusations. It just came to me and I have to express and share everything to save Lou and myself and truly LOU. God, if He wanted to protect me and make me live both situations at the same time. Which what my entire experience has been. Forced to live and imagine both scenarios. So God went with the soft one as the main course for me. At the time LA was the last of my problems. I was dying of our forced separation. God controlled the visions and the exact degrees, quality, intensity, percentage of everything about it. And he made me starve a lot. But I digress. In short, I was so mad and angry about my own punishment that I had little times for salamalek. So I talk strongly. I’m not afraid to tell an abuser that he is a phony and he must grow up and learn, he doesn’t impress any of us. Can you believe Ahmadinejad’s empty smugness? His Pomposity!

    So the hellish scenario that I never conceived of could have happened after all, that, a) Lou is just being the same old Lou with secret garden and lots of love to give. But alone and knows it. Or/two he believe that LA and AcidPoP are one and the same. Well, I am not L.A. That’s the true fact of me. But she is freely venturing in my email since few years while I believe it is Lou. And sometimes when I think Lou made a move it is still her. Like with my private exchange with InstaPunk, as another example of that.

    The same way, If by my personal contact with InstaPunk (if IP is really Lou Reed as I believe), we were both affected by the same bad luck, then it would make perfect sense that Lou is still ignoring me and/or hiding/pretending he still believes her. That my thoughts are her thoughts. That each time he talks to AcidPoP, they both know that it’s LA online playing his Juliet, out of her ass that is. So why he would still be so in love with her. Just informing, not bragging. Anyway, I am happy he had the best time. Maybe since he suspects something, it’s less funny and panic attacks. Whatever, there are too many informations in my mind and i have no time to sort them out all, maybe because the story took another turn from the one I lived and always presented, I can’t remember this one very well. I may master it soon though. But just in case, I say it here. To SAVE A TIRED LOU from the grips of a liar and thin poser. Now I have a phone number (two, one is a blackberry). But I never tried none of them. Should I?

    And lastly, During the Meet and Greet of last spring, I was the only girl from a group of 5 giants white males as they are called. You didn’t watched in my direction, so I stayed away and didn’t crossed your eyes either. Only, at the end while you were gone and we were waiting in the corridor, you turned back and watch in my direction for few instances but not very close anyway. Then we left. It sure felt as if you had no clue who I was. Not that you looked at me. And I was not making a fool of myself and say I am your Juliet, remember? Or break God’s trust in us and change the story. My story was that Lou was asked as his challenge by God to not respond to my official call, publicly, while being intimately with me spiritually and by the grace of God who managed the whole show and what a show!!!!! Until short notice. All the reasons being very clear for me (us) if we were shown the same informations right after exploring the other world. As many do. And service/talents abound.
    I see style and content of Lou Reed in the three different persons/BRIGHT STARS!!! that I have found on line. If I am wrong, it’s fine too, you know, but I can’t see how that works then. BEST FRIENDS!!!!! ARTISTS, right. FIRST RATE MINDS. These crops anyway.

    Anyway and if a picture of me would save Lou, then I have just one for you. There are other faces too. Maybe it’s a good thing. And if my life is really in danger because of (any of) this, then it’s time to give me the protection I asked the American Government and military to offer. Worst case scenarios all in one, of course. The request of a paranoid mind. That can’t count on God alone to be saved. Muscles too.
    But, of Course!!!
    I feel great anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. AcidPoP Says:

    Mer 6 avril 2011, 22h 07min 47s
    De :
    fariba nikzad
    Voir le contact
    À :

    Let’s say Gaddafi accepts the terms of the deal. Inspired, diciamo. Then it is him that must read in Arabic, before the whole world and his own people, what the whole idea is – and show some true balls : The Plan is to bring oxygen and water to the Arab world (Stop stealing your Land’s resources because you have no clue how to spend so much money. Run a whorehouse!! ). At the UN itself. Why not. Only it will be a very modern message and the whole idea is that you must use your totalitarian tendencies to impose the American the Beautiful type of Democracy. We want to make sure you follow the Orders, orderly. We don’t wanna miss it. And we are tired of this BLOODY HELL. Capitalism is the engine, only please say no to your progressives – barbarians with high-tech looks. Keep your Arab-African traditions, in Art, buildings and nomadic roots. Not this new/old nouveau-riche style that Arabs have exported, including one Hotel near the Carlton/Cannes. The smell of corruption and bad taste. Maybe they demolished it. No clue. Anyway, it’s embarrassing to the cultured man, the true patriot. A crime frankly.

    Go with your bests for inspiration. And search of identity. What’s been lost-in-translations (bloody – bad, revisited,…). What has been lost (treasure) can be found again and brought back to life. Easily. Obstructionists have invaded all levels of governments and they must be ousted at each election. And more.

    Anyway, please be our guest, create the same old magical environment of Sinbad (both terrien and marin), citizen of Basra- AND Friends. What’s wrong with this image? That’s the best the Arab culture has to offer. The travelling merchants who is also spiritual/romantic about true love and Life’s Challenge: personal quest. So it will be the sufi, modern, adventurous, magical and dignified way (fairy tale with your own demons to conquer). Classy and non-violent. Put down all your mosques if you want to continue your circus there. Prayers and all. Use them the way Catholics and Jews use theirs. Not that I have any clue. Oh yea, marry there, or instead, play music for the flock. Add a bar and a café too and invite high minds to come give lectures on their knowledge. And teach both the crowds and your new darvishes to travel across the boroughs and offer guidance and joy to the searchers. That’s the modern abstract original way. When people needed guidance, especially the self-proclaimed (dry and reactionary!) preachers themselves! Last time we suggested we want no temple, no authority, we lost our Rights/Identity to Islam. The Jewish people kept their God. They were decent people, abroad, and harmless. So it saved them that way and they payed more in other ways for the insult. Maybe the true insults were made by their own brothers to their new homeland. I know it’s sounds anti-semitic and all but as for me even the sacred is un-sacred for God, for a while. For the try. Just to prove how a curse works in real hell. Whoever is a jew-killer or just hate them is surely plain ignorant or satanical. On the (not so soft at all after all) soft side from the same equation, Jews are cursed by their own crazies – their Michael MOORES. The old story. Half of the Arabs are your friends. And it will become more. Your hardcore activists, not sure. Typical Hollywood movies characters of a certain era. Anyway, like with the Mafia brutality, in real life you and your actions are not funny, only on TV, and you’ve been idealized. We don’t find your Life dedication funny. Laws that favor criminals. We understand the logic, it’s self-defence for your next perjury. Or past ones. Let’s the wise decides who gets a pass and who doesn’t. You repent and subdue, you walk free. Just saying. Refocus and restart from zero, it’s a great feeling.
    And to Gaddafi’s countrymen: You wont be alone anymore, the whole world is watching you. We took care of the UN. Now, your fellow globe-trotters are protecting you at every step. By demanding REDRESS!! OUr leaders suck. The smallest businessmen are running their private businesses at the top of the machine because we were sleeping . But now we have brought the Big Guns. No weapon can stop it. We are getting rid of all your community agitators. Small town crooks and thugs who are creating their own gangs of mercernaries. Soros is one leading figure. Maybe he is not truly leading, just playing the markets to get rich thanks to his many owned favors and connections.

    Did I tell you that I LOVE AMERICA AND I LOVE AMERICANS and American. Always did, from childhood. But when we were small we had Iran and so we already had America very close in our homes. That dream went South too soon. In fact our personal lives have been in decline since your second damn revolution. Despite the glorious early 80s. The 80s didn’t last neither. All the giants left town. Three that I know of. And the world turned pink again. Pink, red, green and black.

    … (Love Americans) From films, songs, writings… and each time I met one traveling. Gracious is the word. Especially the men. I mean American men haven’t lost it all yet. I will also always like Barbara Streisand despite everything she said. It’s her attitude in real life that sucks. But she gets my vote I guess. Michael Moore? No way. He will have to show a lot of humility to me watching him in the face. Just stop being such arrogant ass. Get rid of what has lacked in your childhood. Love. Capitalism had no purifying effect on you, for one thing. Sean Penn and the small crew, id. Actually big crew. Scary. They work for all the tyrants while partying. Millions of Bond villains tons of money has created. Only because we have forgotten to apply the Law of the Land. FBI. CIA. Go after the big fish. It will help collapse bad dictatorships. Political career is for doing lucrative deals now, not preservation. The ULTIMATE GODFATHER lives in the WH today. Only because he is lazy, stiff and socialist. With plotting tendencies. Courtiers and Courtesans. SAME OLD. PLANTATIONS AND HIGH LIFE IN SOUTH AMERICA in those days. SCREWING THEIR OWN RACE.

    Anyway since Gaddafi gave this fantastic speech and America is backing him and the UN is impressed too or shamed then rewarded: all left-over terrorists and vacationing murderers must depose arms. Give them back to the kingdom until needed again. Whoever refuses is certainly dangerous and deserve GITMO. Actually YOUR own GITMO PARADISE. No need to maltreat anyone. You’ll just die there if you wish. You can request heroin. You produce it already. So you wont get bored. And wont bother us. I think.

    GITMO is not your typical jail, it’s WAR ZONE. Who wants such place in his neighborhood? I say all terrorists around the globe to Gitmo as it stands. Actually GITMO will exist as long as you have doubts about your enemy. I say they all look the same. It’s easy to recognize who they are. Until you give all the bad apples an entire island or country with little modernity, Rousseau-like, there is just not enough room at GITMO. So some killing is forced. They are still minting them in drones. In GAZA and Co. FULL SPEED.

    It’s the Language, stupid!!!!!!!!!!
    Learn Languages. ENGLISH. AMERICAN being the more modern, POP and easy language around, compared to french for example. “Look, man, we really can’t stay any longer. Gotta go!!”

    BY the way, I remember that I already showed zero sympathy for your ugly Jews. They all work in America, for what I know. Minus their beautiful ones, with a heart. American Jews should reclaim what was theirs. The Good look. Good deed. Good Life. What is this new crop of humorists and everything in between? Where are the cute Jews??? You scared them to death. They cannot share their gifts openly. I see one on Glenn Beck though. A Brit, I believe. And it seems that the actor Richard Dreyfuss is a passionate Tea Partier after all. Good. Because we deserved better than everybody’s insults. We are the real selective ones. It’s us making the favor, not the other way around!! We only hang out to save the few that are your prisoners for life. At your mercy. Soul and Body. You killed their souls in drones already. YOU”LL PAY. THE TIME IS NOW. WE ARE FREEING YOUR POOREST MARTYRS’s children. THOSE YOU SACRIFICED FOR YOUR SELFISH INTEREST: OBSESSIVE LUST AND LAZINESS.

    The UN is, dès lors, not anymore the place were corrupt CEOs do business and buy favors. Out with the POMP. It’s reformation for you too. You shall ask little big people to be your eyes and your ears around the globe to make sure that no country turns into a dictatorship again. Remember we are experimenting Liberal (the Original) democracy in the entire M.E, the orders are right, just need to apply them. And OLYMPE is back on earth, for some time, depending may be forever if people do nothing exceptionally hard. But try to get to GET IT!!!! PLUS, The UN works in direct contact with the US Military and with all the free world’s militaries. No Samantha Powers and suzan Rice as policy makers. Are you mad. I don’t know I have a good feeling about Libya. People must clearly destroy all kinds of MOBros/ALQaeda/HEZBOLLAH freedom hijackers. Look we want to visit and there is no way I will put my feet in any of those hellholes of yours. I need some family friendly brands around. HILTONS etc. By the way Qom is one of those places. The outskirts are hellish, that much I know. If that place is truly aesthetically dark and backwards, I’ll say that Mecca/Hajj is the most tacky event I shan’t witness. If you like that outfit, there are turkish baths across ISLAM. Go there and purify once a week. But it’s for men only and you can have a cigar. And enjoy music.
    What I hate most? The last mass ritual about throwing stones at Satan supposedly. Even I don’t throw stones at satan. Plus yours sound innocent. And you are definitively not pure enough or knowledgeable. Whatever it isn’t. This is an act of direct aggression. Then it’s also a curse you have put on the path of entire populations. The less fortunates. YOUR CHILDREN. YOUR OWN SONS AND DAUGHTERS. They’ll never get out of their misery thank to you. Because of your ignorant bully ways. Anyway, a culture that torture its children is not called culture but the black plague, sucking blood and losing some. YOUR DEAD ALREADY. But you wont take the world with you. Your problem is that you are too materialistic. You think your children are your personal possessions. Or slaves. They are not. You love them until they are strong enough to go after their own dreams and aspirations. You give them love, you’ll get their love back. But it’s the love of a true Friend. Never judgmental, never fearful. Wisdom wins over your taboos and paranoia (your lack of education and then lots of brainwashing by scare-mongers and hijackers). You need to see a shrink, not a cleric. A talkative shrink. Don’t take the cleric with you. He’ll go mad. Or we’ll go.

    There is the red square, then there is the black box, and now I remember there is Le Triangle des Bermudes. GITMO? or Cuba or both. YOU’ll die in Gitmo or you’ll live in Cuba under the Castri brothers. Only he wont have anymore foreign allies to sell him arms or technology. The are working on their own issues right now. Anyway There is also Qom, let’s call it a circle. Black Fume and Trucks. The black spot!! And then a RED star. A Bond movie already. Pity the play-boy son wasn’t coached during his stay in the West. Now it’s communism everywhere. Shouldn’t Sting say something about that??? Have people forgotten the 80s? The Spirit of Liberty??? And why it was that way? All I remember is that times were too good and suddenly Saddam had to invade and America intervene and sacrifice again. All that from Europe, on CNN which I hated already. DEPRESSING LOOKS. Quite depressing if one wants to think about America and remember her best images. Not those day. Now thank God there is FOX to take care of that aspect. The aesthetic of the thing; which is enough to get all the answers one needs. Plus they do talk. The only weapon of the stalinists is to define FOX as Fake and provocateurs. What they are truly. These inquisitors should be sent to jail for spreading such an enormous case of disinformation and treachery.

    I should forward here a comment I posted at AT, a James Lewis’s blog, almost certain it wont go public. But just for the laugh, then and now, I should post it here. Plus I meant it. It was written some time after the Iranian Demonstrations started, the lack of interest (betrayal) from Obama, and the massacres behind close doors two summers ago and the beginning of a brand new era nevertheless. If Mr Obama were as bold two years ago as he is today about ME demonstrators and thirst for FREEDOM, it would have been lucky times for us, but the administration is clueless about even his diplomatic battle plan. He surrendered of his own will to all the big bullies. Showed toughness where it was easy, his friends. Good Leaders back their military to the point of being their protectors, make the journey as quick and comfortable as possible. Reduce their sacrifice. It’s modern time, and it should be solved mainly from air strike. Just as a matter of principle. After all the true patriots are already on the ground and they should play their part: the explaining and talking and inspiring. We will help them with our best words and brand new life challenge/offer – that’s include the entire UN bureaucrats or World Community. Time to learn to become a man. Not a whiner, not a victim. And get yourself truly educated. Avoid your schools. Go on LINE where you know it’s safe.

    Anyway, we will at least free all your children from your grabs. OUR new Slaves. Not new. Now, that’s paganism, for you!! plain and simple. So now who is superior to whom? You shall definitely submit. Especially when you are alone. No more double life. The child wives that you married and raped before age of consent, how do you thing this count.? The 72 virgins are a red herring. It’s just your masters’ plan (the bestial clerical crew) to sanction their darker fantasies. They know full well there is no paradise. Then this absurd practice of “Cire” closed the deal. Temporary marriages, one day or more. The higher your religious rank, the more practiced. Just because your parents abandoned you, got maybe paid, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t sold your child to a weirdo. Shame on you. It’s our moral imperative not be intimidated by your threads – you don’t really exist, you are an illusion, a wrong idea. And come to the rescue of all the little girls, sent to marry old men. How many true cases of love do you think you’ll find? What a sad story too. Anyway, you have exhibited yourself quite openly and the world knows by now how you operate and what you do privately to the pure. STEAL THE CHILDREN and STEAL THEIR CHILDHOOD AND ALL THEIR DREAMS. PORN ARTISTS, you are, like the UNION THUGS and KILLERS of LIFE (teachers?). THAT’S WHAT YOU DO. NOTHING RELIGIOUS, NOR PIOUS. You think we don’t know our adversaries? If they had better taste, they wouldn’t opt for PORN. But they killed all their betters and don’t know where to look for guidance anymore. So the dumbing down and daily crimes continue. Only even you need a break to air your head. A good old fashion big war. You think. To distract and destroy us more and again. You wont have the big bang, but we will just focus on the strategic empty surface just mentioned, as a way to give your ego a morale boost instead. And some peace of mind for us. TIME FOR REAL WORK!!!!!!!!! All immigrants should apply to go back to their own countries and build their dreams. Governments will liberalize the strict statist rules of the past and help in the transition. YOUR BEST PEOPLE or ours build the place, you’ll start workers on the construction sites of your ancient/future city in the making. And if Europeans wish to travel with you, all the better. Aesthetic as a matter of rule is the first rule. So ask real connaisseurs for your big and small endeavors. Otherwise you have no place where you stand now. The victims ain’t you. Let’s talk about the real victims of the Koran. Since inception. SOMETIMES BREAKS. Then FALL FOREVER. EMPOWERED AGAIN. THE LORD OF THE RING is the best analogy. Only we are advancing fast now. With us: the Answers and the Solutions.

    Persians were your Greeks. ONLY conquered and abused and made slaves to your Allah’s will. We made our own adjustments but we lost anyway. Slowly dying. Allah Who was never there in the first place. Half of our people are dead alive thanks to you. Slavery didn’t stop us from creating and singing. From no rights to free speech, the language was in code (the way God talks to us), to fool our new masters. And Artistic. Poetry, Music and dance and The PRECIOUS WINE. The third and middle Way. The Way of the Artists. The wise, the adventurer and true Lover. With a sense of Sacrifice for what’s right. The price of taking charge of our own destiny. Martyrs and Mullahs and Co. are our new banned words. Certainly as lucrative activities, they must go. Obsolete. Your are already dinosaurs to us. Nobody needs you. Become martyrs if you wish, without killing the innocents. And as your last chance of dodging true Hell (here and there). And go into oblivion forever.

    We need our Kings back and their entourage. Best in town. Well our best kings. By the way, our best and brightest will figure out America’s energy policy. The engine of Life, like drinking and eating and sleeping. And it shall stay cheap. like water, bread and oil and the basic food of the poor. On the other hand, less hand-outs. It degrades. crony Largesses too. You can nationalize oil if the money serve society’s concern for its poor. So All. Without taxing us on our work ethics. Tax the goods of the ultra-rich (Kerry). We’ll see how far it will get us. We start as zero expenses, nor dues. We’ll explain….

    Then there is another very long piece I wrote , I thought we’ve been there alreay. But no, it was around the same time, my first introduction to AT, I believe. They kept it on for few hours, then was taken away. Which I appreciated at the time. Now after two additional actual years at being bullied by our leaders, and the ice having been broken long time ago!, I may repost it here. For many more good laughs and some tragic truths. Nothing we can’t undo. Just by being who we are. And know and let know that we are the good guys. Everyone needs us badly. Especially these days. So quit bluffing. It ain’t working. Don’t lose our time. On n’a pas toute la nuit!!! We want to go back to our normal lives. And fully live again. Instead of playing your personal wardens. You want attention. You are exhibitionists and porn artists. You want it easy too without much effort. The effort is 100% from The successful and happy. We wont be our maids’ maids no more. Are you nuts? Pretenders.

    As to the code language, it’s easy. God is higher than Devil. And he’ll have the last laugh. Devil doesn’t interest him. By the way, the entire universe is white. Right now the other half is taken prisoner by no other than Devil. Pretending to be the true God of the kingdom. What we need is all living souls to found their original God and save Him, Themselves, from Devil’s grip. Or Hell will never freeze and Global warming will become reality.

    Who has a thought of compassion for all the children, victims of communism around the globe? Slavery is slavery. This one is worse than what was practiced in the US. Lynchings were terrorist acts by far-right inquisitors. With poor taste. They also lynched whites, as long as they were Republicans, Blacks or White. That was the crime, not the color. The color too. See they are not suppose to top us.

    Lynching turned to a lucrative business with ‘willing’ participants: Acorn and Co. Pay back time for the corrupt mind. Logic according to Lucifer. And the mafia. That’s the price for your ignorance and everyone’s fear. They are trying to make us amnesiac. I say the cure is TO FREE Marijuana!! It will save our best before this too is turned profane by the obsessed/possessed. Oh it is already. WELL NO MORE AND NOT AT MY HOUSE OR MUSEUM OR CAFE AND POETRY. Not without a permit, the absolute protection of the US Government and FEDERAL POLICE!! No Punks allowed. We’ll Define PUNK. Our punks are higher than yours. You wont fool us. Never did. Never will. YOU ARE TOAST. WE HAVE DECIDED TO CHALLENGE YOU ON EVERY ISSUE. TRANSPARENCY ABOUT WHAT IT IS THAT YOU READ OR PREACH. HOW MANY DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE KORAN EXIST ALREADY? THAT ONE DO THE MUSLIM SCHOLARS IN THE KNOW EVEN KNOW IF SUCH HAS ALWAYS HAPPENED. THEN WE4LL HAVE OPEN SESSION LIKE THAT LADY DID WERE YOU READ THE WORDS TO THE TNTIRE WORLD FOR THEM TO DECIDE IF IT’S SOUNDS LIKE AN ALINSKY KIND OF BOOK. WERE WE THAT STUPID? THEN AND NOW? WORDS OF GOD, they say. LOST IN TRANSLATION OR ENHANCED. WHY ARE YOU INSISTING ON DUMBING DOWN THE ENTIRE WORLD TO YOUR STUPID, CHILDISH DEMANDS? BUT JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE IGNORANT DOESN’T MEAN WE MUST LOWER OUR STANDARDS AND LOSE OUR SANITY.

    We are just protecting the Children (our future generations) and talking to ADULTS ONLY. The others get out of the way. And read some books we mentioned. Or just stay home and watch FOX when high. Knowing that whatever you were told about FOX, it is not run by nazis. At all. America is a DREAM leftists are trying to destroy tooth and nail because that’s what they do, it’s unconscious, the easiest choice of the still too ignorant to understand that his version of the universal laws of nature and economics doesn’t favor His plan for us. DREAM-KILLER. But he persevere in his knee-jerk assault. Professional beggars for you. Trained to bark at the sound of free goodies. Tyrants and little guy at the same time. DRY and STUPID and DUMB. GULLIBLE TURNED BARKING DOGS. LIED TO. DEPRAVED. THE CHANGE HAPPEN SOFTLY. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR REALLY. WE HAVE WORSE THAN YOU BUT WE DON’T BRAG ABOUT IT. WE LOOK RICHER MAYBE. SO WHAT? FORGET MONEY. FORGET HOWARD DEAN. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? PROUD TO BE SO UGLY AND SLIMEY AND BULLY? A doctor?? A bouncer. AMERICA HAS BEEN FRAMED BY THE MAFIA KNOWN AS UNIONS/DEMOCRAT PARTY PLOT. ALLIANCE. WHO DID BET ITS HEAD TO THE DEVIL? THE DEVIL ITS HEAD.

  45. AcidPoP Says:

    FROM 2OO9:
    Posted by: AcidPoP
    Aug 15, 03:38 AM
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    Sorry for the length, I myself was at my desk for about 9 hours yesterday and I’m not done yet. (I have added new parts TODAY and I shall not read myself again!)

    I thought the article yesterday was great. Did you read its last minute? As uplifting as a Mark Levin’s tirade and still right on target. A conservative with a vision. All the conservatives who poopooed McCain, before and after Palin, made the same mistake. They (then with Palin) were the right answer at the right time: time to burn down the house and clean up congress with their twisted ideas made Law of the land and money scams: that helped create that Worlwide crisis and now people have decided that the problem was Capitalism instead of master parasites rigging the system (willingly or carelessly) – Democrats are innocent of course, they should reduce their role in governments until someone find some true better ideas in helping Americans improve their lives now and forever and help those who need help the friendly and fun way. Now they are doing it again. Let’s move more to the left! Right, great timing! From supposedly high minds from Harvard!! (& Let’s steal more from those capitalist pigs/common man and enrich the coffers of Union mobsters and other parasites of societies (middlemen with bad ideas), the bigger screwers of the little guy, strangely more of their true victims are sadly Blacks (acorn); I would love if they could hear that the conservatives love them more and care more for them. Like for Michael Jackson who couldn’t communicate with his family and his father because some mob of another type were in control of his so-called safety, your masters/pimps are between us, they need to use you for their personal selfish greed. We’ll save you one day. And I’m confident the union members at large (unless they are corrupt) don’t benefit from their deal neither; we’ll save you too, union could assist, all decide to brainwash. Even factory people have access to capitalism and a chance at change, why not teach that instead? In any case, stop victimize the working class. They don’t have it harder than the military people in my book. Nor the president of the United States for that matter. Or anybody else. So stop the fuss and the narcissism. Show some love. It’s your turn now. But as long as they Know they are imposing policies that anger the people, and rig the system, they wont be able to love us, until then, it is a lost cause, I’m afraid. Unless conservatives find quickly the exact free market humane answer to treat the problems. In any case see how kindly Bob Beckel is treated by Fox people despite his hardcore views? That’s the classy way of real Americans and it’s not fake. Detachment is key. I get mad when even conservatives bash FOX. Balance should be your main thing. You want your idea of perfect.

    … So McCain, unfortunately didn’t support the Bush Tax cut at the beginning, after he changed his mind. When the crisis occurred, he had lost credibility and Obama exploited it well. McCain didn’t think it would be wise to answer back with a clip where he would say: as you know I changed position on the matter because it was the right strategy, the same Reagan would support, but I was angry at Bush and now I am paying the price because Obama is ruthless in his attacks and slanders apparently. McCain was too fair – but I heard a lot of wisdom coming out of his mouth. Anyway, America needed two “stingy” conservative now, plus two sheriffs who were ready to fight corruption and give Americans their money back, and now we have Al Capone in the white House and as usual their allies are religiously leftists like themselves writing Laws while brainwashing the masses (Their own brothers) because they are on the wrong side of History and need to constantly prove their lies with a new one, usually it’s gossiping what they do. Even their ideology is one big stupid gossip and slander. Poors are deserving and we (you!) should all work for them, not them for you. Not us, the new monarchs in congress and some states, or all. Krauthammer poopooed the tea parties a bit too (and I really like the man, but he always gets it at some point.). Of course, anybody with a brain and a heart was secretly hoping that somehow the Obamas would govern like neoconservatives, since that’s the only path accessible to them anyway, in their necessary road to recovery one day. Now America will not fail but this administration is taking everybody for a ride and putting everyone to task. And a velvet American revolution has already started in case nobody noticed. To be followed with first class solutions and alternatives.

    Back to the article, I never felt the writer thought the case/argument is lost – he understood the President has lost on the moral issue. He (The child king) acted like a brat. He felt insulted and he wants to teach stupid Americans that that’s not the way to treat a King! He felt like Saddam felt. Humiliated. He wants to claim he knows best. But anyway, that news story will never be lost again. It’s 10 Points for America, Democracy and Liberty. Laws? They are so misinterpreted – thanx to shyster lawyers in congress and elsewhere, not the CIA (minus the Plames) – that at this point the only choice left to Patriot citizens is to speak up, ie. act “lawlessly”, according to the Media and now politicians!!’s own assessments; divinely according to ourselves, and for God, the same unique God who has Blessed America for good reasons. It’s a gift anybody could have access to if they chose to. Even secretly Michael Moore is benefitting from Her greatness. And Madonna and many more who are nevertheless not very generous in exchange. But she represents on the positive side the true generosity and tolerance of America. Even the French wouldn’t have the audacity to create a French version of Madonna!! So yes America is on top of everyone in term of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I don’t remember BushHitler persecuting Madonna (who thanked Chirac at her Paris concert) right after Chirac had just acted like an ass for all to see. Stabbing Colin Powel in the back last minute (thru de Villepin). Covering for Saddam against America. If the French were able to see their constant contradictions in all matters of life and death, the world would be a better place. Because France, not unlike Russians and co., is not necessarily by some divine law at war with America. We can all be together in the concept of spreading true democracy and capitalism all around the globe. And clean first our own house. For America, It’s time to educate the political class (especially on the left). They are a disgrace to the founding fathers. Mafiosi politics has infested the US government and bought too many bad votes. It’s worse than a curse. But it should be undone, slowly but surely, for one thing we’ll have to inspire and be smarter in all matter of governing and empowering the less fortunates.

    If Barack Obama was a proud American and not just a street leftist thug – don’t get offended anyone, I put the Amanpours in the same category- (some would say, his appeal and sexiness, and theirs too), he wouldn’t need to choose his blackness above his whiteness – that’s how Marxists think and it’s called otherwise Black or White or Arab Supremacists; Wright/Gates …, KKK, or “Truth” (that was a Syrian troll at neo-neocon’s blog). Did Condi Rice ever publicized her race to gain power to then implement her personal taste, instead of Universal Values and Rights? the same that guide America, not Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Putin, supported by the dummies at the NYT and CNN?– I doubt. Colin Powell was above that also. Unlike Kofi Annan and Hans Blix and Galloway… (now it’s becoming creepy). I can only handle American bad apples.

    This is what passes for truth in all the corners of the world. Truth and reason have been hijacked for decades by fake intellectuals/revolutionaries and few true gangsters (when they are lucky, artists and architects with talent but no clue or no guts will advance badly their cause.) It needs guts to be publicly pro-America and Israel these days. Definitively the common language of all dictators around the world (from Islam to their West European pushers, forget about Russia) is one: Israel and USA are the culprits and all the halfwits and the corrupts (and jihadists) are your protectors. Inside America, the party who rules against Israel and America and freedom’s interests (democrats, actors and journalists) never miss a chance to call conservatives tyrants. Worse, we belong to the side of Hitler, they are happy already with Lenin and Polpot and Stalin etc. Sorry people, Hitler and Ahmadinejad belong to your side too. They all favor the presence of wide (plague) ignorant masses against the concept of fair-minded, tolerant, free, god/(wine)-drinking, loving individuals, like America and Israel promote and protect. Now I think Iran should reclaim her status, beside her two natural friends. Persia and Zoroastrianism was important enough to be mentioned few times in the Old and New Testaments. Only in terms of her greatness and fairness. But we have to catch up fast. These last 30 years were the last nails in the coffin, in term of submission and slavery. But at least we have tasted the horror of Radical Islam first hand. Sadly we needed a reminder, we were all asleep and the world was already a dangerous place full of traitors who shouldn’t be in politics when they have no clue what life means. When will Liberals understand that the future of politics is conservatism (made in USA). The better people get educated about 101 economics, the more they will be attracted to conservatism. Where liberty and small governments with low taxes are what will guarantee the success of any civilization, where everybody wins. i.e. poors with work ethic will reach higher places; I say simply by being kind and humble, they will succeed. How simple is that?

    The error leftists make and want people to believe is that the right is racist by essence. The invasion of Iraq was an affront to the entire Muslim world in their minds, Arab nationalists thought the same way. Also with thousands of Rev. Wrights in the muslim world, there is no chance of mercy). … So No, dummies, it is a gift to the Arab world and the Iraqis in particular. We understand that Saddam and his own Barbarians in power doesn’t represent the soul of Iraq. We understand your true spirit has been hijacked by nazis. And Nazis are not people, they are killers. George Bush also understood that the silent majority is staying silent because most of them are not yet in a safe place. He had a vision and he stuck to it and his action was right, the world didn’t make it easy but the world is run by a bunch of clueless snobs, jesters and true crazies (on the soft side); all defined as “usual idiots”. America fight socialism and nationalism in all its forms. Corruption and lies should be strongly next on their list. Because she values man and joy and life and freedom. Power to the people, not the government. Where market and money and free trade and free enterprise are agents of growth and prosperity, not exploitation. That’s what Marxists want you to believe. That’s when some of Clinton’s speeches become tedious.

    Power to the people not their government! That’s novelty! I say that’s truly “avant-guarde” in my book!! Conservatives work for the people, Liberals work for their own government, above and against the people. It has become a club. A boring movie, really.

    … so, slaves and scapegoats, no more!! we are teaching them reality the hard way now (hard on us) because we are surrounded by ignorance, hard and soft indoctrination and hustlers, and instead of two good kind wise republicans with principles, we only needed Barack Obama to become President and make all the wrong policies from day one (only his lucky star thanx to America’s own lucky star has saved him and us), for example, I think what the world needed right now was a very selfish America who doesn’t give a damn about them (including their oppressed) because he is at heart on their side anyway, so it’s easy, even right, that’s his logic but it’s the right strategy right now for a while (after 9/11, people challenged America that they don’t want interference, now they have a chance to prove it unless they were bluffing, some were, but the true heroes of the revolution who came to the streets needs the full backing of America and the UN; So no, America and especially Obama has to turn into a Reagan figure if he can but he can’t. So 4 years is enough. On the other hand the Persian people has been awaken, together with her brothers in arms and soul, the American people, both sides are on their own but I believe maybe the next things people at the townhall meetings should do is inspire congress to take the Iranian matter seriously because if there is a chance of a velvet revolution in Iran today it is now. Only life loving young people can make a peaceful revolution that wont be hijacked by marxists. It’s happening now in Iran. That’s a rare gift. Only each day that passes is one more day of crimes, abuse, humiliation and fear of the worst kind, behind close doors. I pray not, but I can’t fool myself.

    Meanwhile, Americans are re-discovering themselves, and the excitement is high. Obama who has been kindly invited by the people to lead their country has failed them and he doesn’t even believe that. If Maureen Dowd is happy, he is safe I guess.

    By today’s standards, I understand, I would qualify as right-wing extremist. I believe, for a rightwing nut, i have a damn good taste. Plus I’m a very gifted painter born in Belgium (circa very early sixties) but from Persian origins. Never tried to brag about the Muslim faith since she knew the damage it had done in term of illiteracy and regression to her own country, was always in love with America like all true Iranians at heart are. Not these bolsheviks who run the show now. Hated the idea of mosques popping up everywhere in Europe. Even in my beloved Italy. That’s lack of respect for your hosts. I am sure you would be welcome into churches if you were happy/ready to change looks and become modern and free and in charge of your own destiny. Remember, Muslim, unlike Jews, have not been forced to spread around the world. It was their own will. The miracle was how welcome they have been. Now they became pushy. Brought politics and religion where it never belonged. A Marxist tactic again. Painting the North-African culture with one same ugly brush (bolsheviks/nationalist/devotees). And kill the true spirit of the Arab street. Where everybody is friendly and know everybody.

    Islam has made pedophilia okay in half of the world. If the prophet thought it’s okay, why not us? Spouses are slaves and like in socialism, all men are lazy, hypocrites and cheaters (taxes) and women would never improve to inspire them neither. Children are treated like dogs are already treated in Muslim countries. Love is novelty. So ignorance can never be defeated. Leftist say who cares? They have as much hope as Satan does. nada. So the next step is how can one make money (or gain influence and spread the disease) out of people’s ignorance? They needed useful idiots to make their bidding, they knew it would be thru fake concepts and philosophies and if the philosophy was right, you can just twist it to your own taste anyway. Who knows what at this point anyway? So now Maureen Dowd and Michael Moore and Juan Cole are our masters. The brightest and the coolest share the same views (see Madonna). J-P Sartre before her. Anyway they added glamour to the mix to appeal to the young and the sophisticated and now each time someone mention homosexuality for example, you can’t escape but think it’s a liberal concern and issue, a true monopoly. These blood-suckers have spoiled and stolen everything and everybody’s soul for cash and own insecurity. In their own twisted logic, the gay conservatives fall into enemy list, or Camille Paglia for that matter each time she’s too fair; and reality becomes bitter. They are the ones who constantly live in fears. It’s called cowardice. It leads to arrogance. They think we can’t read their mind. Or nobody is watching them.

    … the simple fear of having to face themselves in the mirror and have to admit they are not perfect and were wrong actually quite often in the past, even have destroyed a lot of dreams. Ultimately it’s laziness too.
    I know lots of spiritually lazy people. My beloved mother was one of them. She has improved a little bit; could make my life miserable despite all her love and attention. But she is my mother and I love her and she deserves my love. She just can be a pain in the ass when she is tired for example. Needs attention. On the other hand she is a doer and she delivers. I know what would heal her faster forever. Seeing me finally reach the man I love.

    The point is: you shouldn’t place them in a position of power. They make good company during parties only. In fact you have to constantly remember them that life is about being light under pressure. If you can’t handel that, try to be quiet and learn true humbleness. That’s what buddhism teach. I don’t know why so many people bash buddhism. And I’m not talking about transcendental meditation. That’s for pros, not my thing neither. It’s like marijuana, it’s not for everyone, my thing – understandably; a short cut to the sacred when you are a slacker like myself and a truth-seeker and lots of time at my disposal, lately, a luxury and a curse. So, back to the Knowledge contained in Buddhism, the truth and help would come from the written words. Anyway, one more real contribution in terms of the understanding of God’s world and purpose of life. Plus the reality of the human mind. Some keys to life and self awareness. Buddhism’s philosophy was my starting point for my abstract paintings. Then it quickly turned into abstract pop art. Acid, because I paint structures, not figures, the figures appear on their own and they fit the narrative — so even if I never know where I go, I’m confident I am doing everything according to plan. The answer is on the canevas, you just need to convince yourself that it is what it is. Thank God there is a name for ‘witches’ like us: Artists. Of course my paintings are taboos in Iran, it is too much pro-West. It comes with a message and the message basically is my love and respect for America. And Her well deserved spiritual superiority over all other nations, not thanx to Michael Moore, clearly. I have become a silent but strong Voice for America and Freedom, by accident and by right/design/taste. In defense of Capitalism and Liberty. But I am a painter first. I like my freedom and my peace of mind. So I may need to go back into hiding again.

    The difference between the Right and the Left – by America’s standards, the originals – is mainly that conservatives are tolerant of the asses in the entertainment industry who spew lies. Liberals (which is contained in conservatism by definition) want to rule alone and anyway govern like Inquisitors and never miss a chance to call their brothers and protectors: exploiters. Our sins is to call them by their true names, they hate it. So they hate us.

    I am in love with America and no amount of Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthew, Bill Maher (what an ass), Jimmy Carter, Reid etc could push me to say one negative thing about her.

    I have my art to prove my points. And lots of allies to bring a true taste of glamour to a story that started high right from the start. I am not hiding, so you’ll see me one day.

    I wanted to say that these were two fantastic articles. The two points are correct. It’s like why can’t people understand that intelligent design and science are not opposite forces. They are part of the answers to how the world works. According to God’s point of view first, then ours.

    Cranky conservatives should practice detachment sometimes. Not act like prima donnas. That’s a disease, it affects my mother too sometimes. It’s never cool. Like Mr Marshall the other day (towards Robin).

    Square is square. Then it’s what I call: too white! Let the wise latina woman inside you surface. Only please, don’t act like a “wise latina woman”, whatever it was supposed to mean. In these cases, it would mean control your ego. Know your limits. And trust life. Apparently only a war could liberate Iraq, unfortunately; now America needed This President and this congress after that crisis. The level of corruption in both cases is what cause these wars. Spiritual and material. I think it’s time for Americans to prove they understand who they are and what governing means. And teach the whole world what civil disobedience means. How well educated and well informed citizens can enlighten the world and fight fake utopianism. Slow Slavery, killer of life, cause of more corruption and cynicism. With the power of their arguments. The truth is on our side, free patriots and real Lovers.

    If the liberal elites started to appreciate FOX news as a start, instead of ridiculing it, the world would be a better place already, Money Back guaranteed!!

    If we get our facts wrong, how can anybody judge who is right and who is wrong? We’ll be the judge, thank you very much! But we can’t get to any truth with platitudes.

    I’ll finish with some good Live music! It happened last night (two nights ago now) in Anvers! not in my town. I was too lazy to go. Very hard when you are alone.

    TODAY (NOW). I think Ferdowsi is definitely Iran’s God’s Bible and author. And the Shahnameh can be named the real Qoran. (The Ultimate Master Sufi plan, under duress and threats from the oppressor: Muslim tyrants) The Greeks’ Zeus (our Harry now that I think of it?). Not fully sure. Of course we don’t like your Coran. It’s actual porn and low and bestial. As art piece it has not much value at all. You don’t ask self-destructive Fashion Designers to rule the world neither. If your story ends badly, we don’t wanna hear it. See a shrink about your acts of aggressions. Then get rid of them. And if you can’t, you gotta go. Where I don’t go. We say goodbye to you. Wont meet again. We have treasures to dig now. All across the globe. Enough of communists and Islamists and socialists. And globalists and environmentalists… We’ll go with Dr King and nieces and FRIENDS and send the rest back home to pack. To sit and truly meditate. Follow, go after your dream and go back become a hippy where you belong and leave politics and adults alone. Hippy in india or whatever. Goat works too. For Buddhists which I subscribe to. First class thinkers and philosophers and psychoanalysts. Top rate. Check your past lives were you were hurt and get rid of the trauma that way. Or just teach about ego heart and mind at young age and everybody will understand humility and kindness and manners. Non monks especially;

    And biggest secret: teach all mothers not to think their children are their possessions. God created them thru you. Love us without the leach. Well they’ll never learn, so it’s up to us to get the information very quick by decree that your children are not your private slaves neither. They need to be treated from their very young ages as if they were God Himself/princes/ses. Your home is your temple. The only sacred place that matters really when nobody watches you, supposedly, plus where life begins and should stay. You should never fear abandonment. You’ll get what you gave them. Much more.

    Don’t become a parent if you live in fear. All you need is face yourself in the mirror and fight your own demons. It’s private. But it doesn’t need months. They lost their minds because they were fed lies. You tell people the truth, it will make miracles on their psyche. With full details and shades of gray and nuances. Even easier. We don’t want to know what happened to you unless it’s really funny. We wanna make sure you understand your challenge. It’s private for you but we’ll judge based on your tone how strongly changed you have been and it will be maintained forever this time. It’s not a fad. A change of mood because of the pressure of the moment or whatever bad thoughts you have suddenly. We are not your garbage bag. Don’t dump your junk on us. We need friends, not lecturers. But mainly leave us alone. Be a man in front of God. If you can satisfy Him, you’ll satisfy us. You’ll start becoming funny and light and confident and young and beautiful ……

  46. AcidPoP Says:


    IP’s last e-mail to me and my own last response (although two followed that needed to follow – the first came right after the e-mail below and was the same e-mail I sent NEO when I introduced myself personally to her. With pictures of my paintings and my friends around in Tehran. And myself. IP got just few shots of the American Flag paintings):

    “We can have a grand conversation if you can assure me you mean no harm to Laurie Anderson or won’t turn against Lou Reed if he continues to ignore you.

    I can’t replace your belief in Lou. However, I will answer you, as long as your questions and answers make sense to me. I think you know I’ve thought about everything and have some idea about how it all fits together. If this isn’t enough for you, please let me know.

    So far, you’re NOT making much sense. to me. The Truth. But I’m still here.

    I have dreamed the entire networked history of man and flooded its capillaries with real blood. And you want to identify me with a rock star who has never responded to your overtures.

    Okay. I have no qualifications for unhorsing your preference but these:

    Oh. And this too:

    I’m St .Nuke. And Johnny Dodge, And the Shuteye Train. And I’m still here, listening.


    My response:

    “Dear IP,
    Nothing more liberating than a FuckYou note. I’m waiting to receive one from Lou. I’ll quit when he sends me one.

    You know it better than I do: it is you who doesn’t make much sense in these exchanges. Why would I harm L.A.? Or turn against Lou? Frankly I am tired of playing games. I know you are higher than these shallows concerns. I have been transparent in my thinking, beliefs, actions, goals. I have nothing to prove to anyone anymore. You don’t neither. I trust and respect you already. You don’t need to remind me what you stand for. I still believe you are Lou. But if not and since now you have decided that you want to act like a prima donna to test me once more, I say thanx but no thanx, I’m tired of talking to walls.

    I’m dying to be rejected for the right reason. Nobody offered me that yet. But if I lose respect in someone because I’m not valued, it is me who leaves first. (NYCMAN)

    I know you are not master of some cult. Don’t act like one. They all scare me.

    I wanted to introduce myself to you. Before I find Lou. I have accomplished that. Nothing is lost. Also he is planning to come to Europe next April. I wont go see him. I didn’t last time he came to Brussels. So nobody can call me pushy or hysterical. I understand manners…
    Thanx again for all you are doing, I’ll be fine. Never worry for me.”

  47. AcidPoP Says:


  48. AcidPoP Says:


  49. AcidPoP Says:


  50. AcidPoP Says:

    (About Me:)

    “Now. Where were we?”



    NOT BAD.




    No MORE TAXES and NO DEBT CEILING. JUST ACCOUNTABILITY… No CROOKS, NO DEBTS. Actually we have a plan and the solutions to all problems with it. It involves Beauty. AS FINAL JUDGE. SAFE AND SOUND. Worse case, it become a worst case.
    Frank Rich is an idiot. Like Maureen Dowd. Better/worse case of Useful idiotism at work, you can’t find. The thickness of the bubble of the small man/woman/drag. STUCK at the nose. GET OVER IT. NOBODY IS WATCHING.

    Anyway, I feel great. And hope everybody do to. And that part ain’t going anywhere. We are connected and we know who is and who isn’t, that’s for sure. We know who we are and we know what we want. Because there is no alternative. Heaven is the answer. And it must happen here before it happens anywhere else for you. Just as the deal. Not that it’s fair neither. But life is a challenge worthy of kings. It’s up to us to accept it but we don’t discriminate and we like the fact that anyone can participate. All true Historical Kings have earned their medals. Not the pirates and the gangsters. Not much anymore since marxists controlled the PR machine of the West. Well they are on alert constantly because Americans are a creative bunch; they still dream they are free and make daily miracles; and new waves can happen at any moment here and there…

  51. AcidPoP Says:

    DON’T BE AFRAID, WE ARE TAKING CARE OF YOUR MASTERS. They ain’t. BUT THEY CAN BE RUTHLESS. WE KNOW. ANYWAY, you were a coward and you caved. And now, none of us has freedom of speech anymore. You sure like to muddle the waters with your nuances and empty argumentations. In other words, we really don’t care about you. But we must answer every offense or take the chance at clarifying a crucial point. Go to the supreme court or fire Frank Rich. He is not worth anybody’s time. We knew that too. We can’t ignore these bullies forever. LIBELS. FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!! (small town crooks turned critic or journalist of sort). Some must find him sexy too. For few hours. Anyway, he is paid to be a bully and a slanderer. That’s the limit of his contract thru life. Anyway, now I say the man has lost his mind. If I read correctly. A new low. Frank Rich is a betrayer. He would sell his own mother for cash. A crook. He isn’t funny and he isn’t a role model. Leave us alone. We don’t wanna know what you think about whom or what. Frankly.


    MR Dunn’s BOOK is a must read. The KEY to FREEING America of its parasites. Thru knowledge of the full stories and full facts; thru democracy; awareness and because of our “inalienable rights…” Plus why should crooks ever be tolerated. We can at least recognize them, identify them, before We Challenge Them to prove us wrong. In public. In the public space. On Line and on FOX.

    Now we know how the KKK looked like. Or their useful idiot wives. REID, Schumer, Wiener, Waxman, Sheila Jackson, Frank Rich,…

  52. AcidPoP Says:

    OUR LAST WORD,… I GUESS (When Panic Attack!! Not now!! Not anymore hopefully):


    It re-started here (one hour ago)…

    “In case I wasn’t clear enough, and, as promised, this is the original link and then my post (LAST CALL):

    “If I was President Obama, the Master Deal broker, I would say this to Ahmadinejad at the UN:

    Your corrupt world has broken our backs: If we have any proof of child rapes and torture inside your jails, the American People have okayed me on my new version of D-Day short but long term strategy:

    1st choice: we consider MECCA
    If you don’t surrender, we obliterate the Gaza Strip.
    If that doesn’t work neither, we bombard the Red Square (where it’s empty)
    If there is no response, we will finally bomb the whole damn United Nations, wherever it pops up again, SUISSE. Or Austria.

    At home I just need to triple the budget of the FBI. My party’s lobbies and special interest groups have killed the soul of my beloved America and I know it first hand and now the FOX nation (i.e. America) saw it too. And nobody this time can pretend it did not happened. Anymore.

    From now on, America will be run by its Kings. Even if it’s for two years in congress. I think the Bush family has no traitors, or bad apple in her midst!! Past and Future. That’s quite a blessing. As to the Kennedys, … I am sure John-John was destined to do great things. The Democrat party didn’t deserve him, nor his father. But they surely do exploit both without never being able to emulate them. To the Democrat Party, I say FUCK YOU ALL, TO AL GORE, a Big FUCK YOU note also. Well I have a fun list ready.

    We Love the Chinese and we trust her population is well aware of her own History. So no need to overreact.

    Transparency is key in any debate. I had promised I would change the way Washington operate.

    One last thing, all high ranking prisoners will be moved to Guantanamo Bay where they will be taught how to fish (sharks) and dress during hurricane season. Other than that, they are grown-up men who can take care of themselves. We wont for them.

    Plus I want to make sure the people of South America understand that even in America, they can Out- Zelaya me. They have to if We Believe in Change With No War necessary. Nice alternative. Very easy when it’s your last choice and times have gotten scary for All The Mother Fuckers United.”"

    Something like that…

  53. AcidPoP Says:

    TO THE PARASITES: WE ALL NEED FRIENDS, BUT TRY TO BE A GIVER IN THAT RELATIONSHIP (like me). EVEN IF IT’S just YOUR maid. We always have to take the first step at every step until everybody is preconditioned and it comes naturally to smile and be respectful and friendly with everybody at any time. With strangers in trains. Or buses. Like you see, in America. New York anyway. Not sure about the subway. Something is wrong if it’s too crowded. Or not enough.

    One thing for sure, at my beloved FOX, with their big bold modern giant TV screen and best taste, they must enjoy my YOU Tube Channel front door, window, in studio already. Now already you can enjoy huge chunk of my American Flag painting at home. With extra bonuses. With music and poetry and news you can use. Plus it’s live and it’s my toy, lifeboat and everything in between. Job interview. Did I pass the test? Where are my paintings? They aren’t finished for the most part and I haven’t decided a name yet.

    I thought, worst case: “Lou Reed jr”. But I need a permission for that, and worst case, I can always get him directly if I make that last move. Knowing our paths don’t cross. Stupid story that makes no sense and where I don’t belong. I’m after nobody’s ass or husband. I need friends only. REAL POWERFUL FRIENDS. GUTSY. DOERS. PROTECTORS. GIVERS WITH CASH AND TALENT, OBVIOUSLY. AND KINDNESS. JOINT SMOKER, not Whisky drinkers. Although my best friends are whisky drinkers. When joint was the answer. I believe. I’m sure if you know what you are looking for. And master it.

    See the silence coming my way makes me doubt the ultra presence of all the wonderful persons. that could even be interested in my rambling. No don’t change your way. Follow your own flow, that’s all that count. In short, even while I know what I know, I can’t say I feel it. I’m not in love anymore. Like dying of the separation. Although deep in me, I’m not the same person. I’m in a waiting room and it’s luxurious for the kind of treatment they imposed upon me. Not complaining. Golden Jail. All my life. Now intensely. That’s where I got my supposed wisdom and certainty. Just to look at my paintings and understand what has just happen would prove you that not only God exist, but every inch of our moves are directed by him. So predestination exist absolutely and free will too, meaning that it’s a pain in the ass how much struggle there is for us to get where we were meant to get. Half of our time. In other words, discover what kind of path God had in store for you, good ones only etc., then follow the signs before any judgment. God is guiding you along the way. And some times he may fool you but that’s because you were taking a wrong direction or anyway there is much more learning we need, plus kill the time, etc etc. And live. Enjoy every instant of your life, activities, even if it’s dry-cleaning. By the way, cleaning your home when you are depressed makes miracles on the psyche. Like taking a shower. That’s why it’s so hard sometimes. That’s why Marijuana brings the energy you lack sometimes. Unless it becomes too much the other way, that’s when it’s easy to quit. So you quit again and it’s a morale boost. Purification. Higher ranks. One more medal for you for your service and pain. (Price of knowledge. Unless it’s remembered again.) Depending on your interests in life. Or the circumstances. We are at war right now, it’s different. The enemy is engaged, we better believe it and avoid a bad dream. Now we have no reason to be afraid. Let’s put the UN at good use for once and make sure they know that I am addressing my rambling mostly at them. That’s the ultimate goal. Only they are preparing their answer now while educating themselves about many things at once. Quickly. All the heads of states should read my words and know what has been asked from all at every level. Especially high officials + their staffs. We have challenged the entire world community leaders to drop their mask and take a stand. It’s OUT. I’m here. It’s what we do. War or not war, TV newscasters and Journolists or not…, it’s time we show the true face of the TEA PARTIERS. It could become the Roaring Twenties in a minute if only people would let go of their angst and sense of distress. THERE IS STILL LOTS OF SANITY IN THE WORLD. TRUST THE PRO-AMERICAN/Israel FRENCH THINKER ON TV. THEY HAVE GOOD INFLUENCE. ANYWAY, WHEN AMERICA SINKS, I TRUST THE FRENCH WILL COME TO HER RESCUE. IF LISTENING. I DON’T GET THE CABLE ANYMORE. I HAVE A SATELLITE DISH (SKY) FOR MY FOX. BECAUSE FOX DOESN’T EXIST HERE. CNN AL JAZEERA I believe, but not FOX. THE NAZI THING. OR IT’s JUST TOO COOL. BAD BUSINESS DECISION ANYWAY. NOW MAYBE AFTER MY INTRODUCTION OR BACKING, FOX WILL FINALLY BE APPRECIATED. FOX IS GREAT FOR THE MIDDLE EAST. THE WIND OF LIBERTY AND SANITY AT EVERY INSTANCE OF LIFE. ABOUT ANY WORLD EVENT. PLUS YOUR LIFEBOAT WHEN IN DISTRESS. TRUSTWORTHY. KNIGHTS WITH HEARTS.

    Sooner or later all my letters will be published and anybody who wrote to me. Or whatever. Maybe I’ll just continue my diary in the open. Meaning all my comments, even private thoughts should be out. There are already few people to whom I gave my password, so it’s not that they are so private. If I stop talking maybe people will start reading/FULLY AWARE AND NO ESCAPING. Plus it’s not that I can control myself. I don’t plan anything, just follow my own flow, that follows the general flow. It’s called life. And it’s quite slow. Sometimes I forget how fast it goes. Because I’m all alone. FLOATING AROUND INNOCENTLY. And hope to keep it that way.




  54. AcidPoP Says:

    ‘M U S T’:

  55. AcidPoP Says:


  56. AcidPoP Says:

    By the way, if you believe me (us) now, for now, you will enjoy the stay and then you’ll make us have a happy one also. All I’m asking Life during hard times! Please people around me: be nice and funny and intelligent and smart and humble. Don’t act like prima donnas, it’s not cute, it’s not funny. Do dump your JUNK/weiner/BJ on/at us neither!!!!!

    Plus, on the plus side, TRUST FRIENDS ONLY. KNOW A FRIEND FROM A FOE FIRST. SOME READING WILL HELP (YOU) MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. But I digress… again. I can talk forever but there is almost nothing I haven’t expressed and solved with a plan at hand and a speech ready for use, somewhere, already. Just to go public and publish my correspondences will do.

    So I’m sure there is a clear plan and I am waiting for those in charge to show their hand when they have mastered the plan.

    Maybe now GOD is fully in charge with some help from us aware resolved determined smart Citizen Artists. There is no room in their socialist dream for ARTISTS. True artists have no rivals to be jealous of, no race preference, no petty cause that need government intervention etc, etc.

    And by the way ARTISTS don’t belong to any categorie, bracket, race, color, creed, sex, size, etc etc neither. You can be a ‘bourgeois’ and an artist at the same time. Otherwise it’s a difficult combination. On the other side, artists don’t beg, don’t whine, don’t screw you, they will always free you with their words, their actions, their thoughts, their LAWS/CONSTITUTION/BIBLES. They are certainly not followers, no bureaucrats, not sleazes and liars and hypocrites etc etc.

    They don’t need to be painter to be called Artist, in short!!!!!!!!! They just need to have the seed in them and enjoy nourishing it because life’s so great and people are a wonderful thing when they are at their best too, at every instant of life, in a party mood. With the brain and the work ethic and determination and perseverance, etc etc……….;;;;;

  57. AcidPoP Says:

    To be more clear (see above), BJ is OFF, anyway, in my book. Just so that it’s clear and I didn’t offend no one nor started a debate about how judgmental I am to say that or discriminatory. Hey, I’m a (not very) active participant myself. Can I be my own advocate without being deemed racist or sexist and French-phobe or Islamophobe or not whorish enough, very selfish, hateful, even jealous they think, rich, privileged, fortunate, lucky, and its opposites, at some point in my life, always wrong…..?

    It took me years to be me and become master of my own life because I have reached judgment and wisdom and clarity and mainly big losses myself. I thought my life has always been safe (thank God) but not enough excitement neither and still my jail. Then it came from my own doing when I traveled the world to meet my Romeo wherever he was before I would find my path (as cash-maker) too. None happened for me in due time, so I went to Iran to hopefully end up in USA/NYC. I found all I was looking for but the environment was exactly what we know it is. So it’s quite epic without the shine. Being Iranians ourselves and in our own land with families and names and prestige and past, life is friendly with the people. Not the soviet bureau. Run by Militia women/RAVENS. But everything is sad and very tacky in general. Unless you go shopping in Italy and elsewhere. Although I am happy Grohe (fawcet) and Braun (silk-epil) and Lavazza expresso are product one could find in Iran. I still do some of my shopping there by proxy. The new Braun thing is the last; and the GROHE too. And not because it’s cheaper, it’s not.

    Other than that Iran’s vegetation is very beautiful and romantic. The birds are more precious (zarif): exactly as it is represented in the silk rugs. The leaves in the tree and the beautiful sky (without pollution) have their own self and it’s really different and magical. If only it wasn’t destroyed left and right thru wars and time and conquest. And Table Rase.

    These thugs are a temporary thing but like in Russia, the plague may stay forever. Only worst. Or not.

    We must save America first to save the world, and not sinking it, without causing a war for sure. Time is ticking and actions must be taken to redress the ship regarding China and the interest thing. Daniel Annan this morning on Fox & Friends with Brian Kilmeade was one of those magical moment where the truth is articulated nicely and you know it was from the heart/and brain. The answer to a current problem solved. Times demand it, that’s all.

    The only reason we may lose the republic and some cities is if we continue let their spins hide the truth and they continue BSting the American People as they have been doing it thru the entertainment industry for quite some time now.

    You were wandering why some of American shows are really for dummies. And so was considered US TV in the past. That’s because the Marxists wanted it that way (the dating game and the price is right for example). Then. And it has just got more “sophisticated” now. Vilifying all Americans day in day out. Falsely, stupidly, like little monkeys. Even in newsrooms. Of course in newsrooms!!!!

    By the way I hope Woody Allen is part of this vast right-wing conspiracy too, for some times now, joined the club and had his own lies to say. Until the day when all the revelations will kick-start and we tell you exactly what happened and how it happened…….

  58. AcidPoP Says:

    Obama and everything he represents (demagogue politicians looking to buy your devotion/servitude with your own money and at your own expense/peril) is the one and only Snake of the Garden Story/Tale. The real FALL from Grace/Truth. Socialism and Islam and Affirmative Action are very tempting security blankets for crooks and lazies and tyrants and deviants and their pimp counselors etc etc. Who wouldn’t want so much power without having to make any effort in life? Nobody ever challenge the Arab world (intellectuals) of their in-your-face male chauvinism, alias Sharia Law. I wonder why. Are people too afraid, too ignorant or just plain stupid? Leftism, like Islamism, is Science by Ignorants, of Ignorants, for Ignorants. AN OPEN CONSPIRACY.

    I think more than half have not one clue. They are just monkeying around in newsroom and TV stations and Colombia University. We are talking NYC. What a shame. When did NY fell to the Marxist Stalinists?

    Known as Liberals (or Useful Idiots; on the receiving end)… What? Andy Warhol’s Factory was just a Break?? You tell me, I don’t know anymore. Surely I don’t see ‘Paris Hilton’ or “Sex and the City” [not that I watched] when I think NY. Too girly and too pink. Smarmy. Liberal women playing ‘conservative’ (i.e. in the know)… By kind of trying to lecturing us about how exciting they are. YAWN. Just make US laugh, that’s so much funnier, and real.

    The longer the world’s leaders including America’s head of state continue ignoring us (me, this story, my existence) in public, and pretend they don’t read and follow me/us from close; the longer, I suppose, Lou and I will stay apart. So sooner or later, someone will have to corner our so-called “elite” and get a clear answer, inviting and challenging them to give us his and their response to all the questions. (that’s a worst case scenario, or not, of course). Just saying. I have no power, remember. Waiting for the key to be found or simply used to open the door (for us). We don’t need to suffer to inspire, in other words. Personally, I can’t paint if my heart is broken and have zero feedback. That’s why I can’t fully finish any of my paintings since 10 years. The last time I had fun while painting was with my beautiful American Flag (before 9/11). Our personal sacrifice and sadness has zero use if you ask us. We can behave when happy or in full power mode. Not true of many people. They are never fully happy nor satisfied, that’s the trick too. Envious people who don’t want to change themselves but hope everyone else will. Must. Bow to their wills and whims. Ups and downs. Pay. Pay. Pay. Power is an opportunity for revenge. How high/low of them. I KNOW THAT FREUD EXISTS MAINLY TO EXPLAIN THEIR! BEHAVIOR, and that of their Muslim brothers/counterparts. etc. And maybe THEIR! Ancestors were really apes, since they love that idea so much anyway. A divine double-standard which would explain so many things. (Metaphorically, of course, which is the reality of the mind or lack thereof). And many explaining, we surely need.

    Other than that, theorically, on paper, in real life, as a matter of life and death, we are all asked from God/Life the same challenge. That’s how society should judge us in the first place. It’s not political, much less a D or R thing/obligation, privilege/duty/servitude. None of that. The point is to find the courage to detach/separate yourself from the sins/beliefs/flaws/pettiness/whatever of your mothers, fathers, brothers, … known as FAMILY, the one that has been our first and only mirror-image since our birth. While recognizing the goodness and natural bond and familiarity and moral duty….

    Without it being a hurtful experience. It will certainly if you remember all the hurts, betrayals etc. But you don’t need to ‘kill your parents’ to become free. Not even metaphorically. On the other hand, if the fight is real tough, with an adversary who has no clue and may even believe you have lost your mind, or cannot so easily lose power to you, then it will be one more hell to go thru. In my case only God, acting as My Personal Shrink, could help me Free myself from the natural chains of family bonds that were my Jail, me, being me. Never passive, nor aggressive. Plus I cared too much myself, that’s what made it hard for me, but free I had to become from a mind that can hardly let go … What the Arab world (from France to Detroit via Gitmo…) needed to hear YESTERDAY!! and free his young men and women from their servitude to this false God of hate and authority and killing and conquest and beheading. Played first at home in their fathers’ figure. Well, You have all been fooled. It’s not the first time it happened. It is definitively the worst offense in the chapter “Monotheist Religion”!! A CURSE on CIVILIZATION/HUMANITY, nothing less. AND towards the true GOD. Plus on your own individual lives, oppressor or oppressed, everyone is losing big time. While History and the world itself is being destroyed, not so slowly. And now before Obama legitimize each and every hopeful nazi regime of Islam, too quickly, let’s do something about it to actually give the Arab world their beautiful happy years back. Keep Sufism, Throw away the Koran, the clerics, their socialist pimps, West and East, the Tariq Ramadan and other J streets partisan hacks with shameless pornographic/fascistic personal agenda to boot. And zero spirituality in them. Become singer, or belly dancer instead, in drag, or not, truly. We wont find you offensive at all. Show true manhood and courage.

    I heard today senator Schumer(D) talking about congressman Weiner(D). It ended with: he needs medical treatment. Exactly, but you all need medical treatment. And how can you separate the two? If someone needs medical treatment, someone shouldn’t be allowed to be in position of power and law signing, ever. That’s what’s wrong with these lefty activists turned leftist pols. They shouldn’t be doing that at all. WORK IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. NON-UNIONIZED. FREELANCE. TOTALLY. FULLY. NIGHT LIFE. CABARET. EXPOSE YOUR BODY ALL YOU WANT. HAVE FUN DOING IT. THAT’s who you are. You have been repressed by your atheism/fundamentalism/marxism/ELITISM. Whatever. You took the path of cowardice. Free yourself. GO NAKED. SAN FRAN is the place for you. Or Queens, I hear.

    You don’t have the courage to fight your own demons/Family abusive rules, so you decided to fight abstract fights of abstract people that never really hoped/asked for your Mafia-like protection. Now your illusion has a life of her own with more need and more dedication from you “to do the people’s work”. Your protegés now kind of do exist and even do need more help; since they got hooked (ate from the same poisonous apple) to the abstract notion that you are such an angel and the other side, they are so moronic and outdated and selfish. i.e. We The People. What’s ugly is fairy and what’s fairy is made vile. Democracy has failed you/us. The American Dream was a plot by maoists since day one. Like with the Koran thing, so many bought into it, thinking how Capitalism/Allah is wonderful, even though there are many bad results everywhere at all levels, and so overlooking the many flaws in a spirit of fairness and equality for the ‘little people’. Where all those shortcomings are/were results of not being Capitalism/God fully in charge but Big Government in the first case and an empty suit/usurper for the second.

    If they hadn’t overplayed their hand/junk, we wouldn’t know who they were/are. Including 9/11. But Obama hasn’t woken up yet from his 1000 year slumber. Maybe his spiritual counselor is Oprah and he doesn’t need any other stinking spiritual counseling.

    And I have been deemed a Fraud! How original. If I’m a fraud, then they have no taste or just can’t read. Are sloppy and very very narcissistic. To the point of blindness/contempt towards anything too alien. Or not submissive (to their EGOTISTIC Master Plan). See they still know better and are trying to “Game the System”. Or I really talk gibberish to the scientific mind of drones turned Masters of Good Taste and Good Habits. Change is constant and happens to all and everything whether we planned it or not. That’s the real Law. The other kind of transformation can be undone in a minute. No stress. Think it’s a show. Costly. A flop. Although people are not all that sure yet. But it is showing now. Everybody knows the truth (this reality) and nobody dare to say it loud. COWARDS. I’m telling you. It’s almost fun to watch.

    I’m so overwhelmed lately that I don’t watch Glenn Beck anymore and I really love him and all of his shows. But I can’t take the bad news anymore, all their treachery. So openly. It’s mind-boggling. And my little heart has heard enough of it. I want victories, big, great victories, daily, at this point.

    Finally, I feel we are to go for another year like this. That’s why I have/had breathing difficulties again lately. That’s how God communicates with me each time I expect my freedom soon, logically, and God is preparing me for another ‘refusal’. At least I’m not lost in the limbo anymore. What stopped it definitively and brought me back to earth was the loureedshirt contest and my live performance that followed since. Even though there was no follow-up and times were still hard on me. But that’s another long story. Not my job to tell you. Not that I could.

    By the way, you can whine/act out all you want, just do it to the shrink you pay, not your loved ones. And friends and confidants. It’s not a gift to us. Learn to be happy with what you have at any moment. Nice to others that is.

    It’s the itchiness, stupid!!!!

    When friends start behaving like nagging family members, that’s when I’m forced to pack… Call me picky. Unfortunately, yes. Slave to (my) fate. That’s all.

  59. AcidPoP Says:

    LAST TANGO (PART 3 and LAST, I swear):
    - Yesterday -

    Now YOU (Liberals/’Clergymen’-our-Asses) tell me: Who Is The True Moderate/Knowledgeable/Tolerant/Just, between us?

    Rick Perry sounded great! with Alyson Camerota as sheriff (no, that one is played by O’Reilly). As Interviewer! with her two guests. ‘That was interesting’. We are the ‘seven dwarfs’, according to the Democrat. ‘Same old, same old’. Ask TEA PARTIERS, even inside our own Republican Party, a true conservative is originally considered the true moderate. And not The extremist! (it is, we are, I am, if you listen to Diane Sawyer and Christiane Amanpour and Joe and co., who work wittingly or, more likely unwittingly, for the Pravda Mafia. The Soros/Chavez/Putin axis of something.

    Call it the work of Evil (like in the books you read and the movies you saw). Now is the time, drop the mask and declare your intentions/god: Will you follow, to a sure death, the Work of EVIL, or choose to fight and be peacefully saved by the One and Only GOD? Speak up. No more PC police, nor knife threats. You are dead already, anyway. So don’t be scared. Ask for Protection and we will send it. Anyway we have made it easy so that you wont be afraid to express yourself freely and openly, what’s in your heart, and not being afraid of violence against you or your loved ones anymore. All you, Minorities/(Majorities). We know the relationship between you and your masters/protectors are that of a whore and a pimp. Only it’s political, and sexual, and intellectual, and criminal, and mortal………….. And happening now, and in real life. It spreads like cancer too.

    Seeing Perry right now, it came to my attention quite strongly, suddenly that if we don’t elect only full house conservatives at the next election, as opposed to RINOS and Co; and the next, sooner or later, in America, there will be an (Anarchist) Revolution – Thank you, Madam Pelosi, you were the only visible scared politician of this Monster-baby base you and your Party have created, not that you denounced it -; thanks also to bigger crooks at the helm and bottom, today, the time is ripe, backed by additional criminals in the streets, and in power [but we know all the players and their past and present deeds; there is still an active, dedicated, principled FBI and a National Guard - and we must thank GOD/AMERICA/ and BUSH and Co. too for all of it!!!!!!!]

    … (The Coming Revolution)… so they will try to paint it as pure and surely American but it wont work. We are the true educated ones in both matters of Spirituality and War, and economics, and sex, and psychology, and military…. and beauty, and generosity………….. Powerful and Well-Connected, truly clearly. Should I utter another word? Plus we have already James Caan and John Malkovich on our side, we can die happy tomorrow, if you ask us!!!!!!!!

    (In short, all the free-loaders that pretend to be “victims of the System/Man/FF” and are the cannon-fodders of their Masters in congress, and I’ll add online publications such as; plus in their respective neighborhoods and districts (Chicago-like, now that’s truly sad, and we will save you all, all our BLACK BROTHERS; from the grips of your black/white/hispanic and bully and selfish brothers. WE LOVE YOU!). And if you are part of this scheme even after we have told you what this is all about, then you are no victim but just a common crook in close illicit business with same politicians you put in office. The Acorn/SEIU/Trumka… way of life and way of voting. Chapter ‘screwed little people’. Highly uneducated. Like those pols in congress that allow such vicious game being played. Not so educated neither. You have no right to preach us frankly. Nobody cares because everybody has a secure place somewhere. We the People (Patriots), the ones that hate the concept of working for the government as bureaucrat, or worse, in a government union, or become one more parrot on TV; we have no security, take all the risks, get zero pension, much less this cushy, and are the true victims of your laws of inflation and taxation. Punished because we don’t believe in Marxism (Have our own ideas). Nor corruption as a way to do business. Plus understand the purpose of life and what freedom truly means. With its ups and downs. As long as we are free to move in and move out as soon as things get fishy and we find ourselves surrounded by friendly crooks and exploiters, for one thing. Because we can’t compromise fairness and beauty. And we need lots of oxygen around us and you should to. It’s good for your brain.

    …. OUT with the mexican gangs and cartels too. Are you crazy. Gary Johnson said it best: you legalize marihuana, 80% of the drug cartel and violence at the border and immigration and thousands other consequences, small and big, are gone. And Mexico would make it too.

    All the other things I mentioned before will do the rest. At least on paper, and if my language is too sophisticated for the Haut-fonctionnaires that are paid federal printed money for their low performances, then we will fire you all. You are not sophisticated enough actually. You lack true grace, you lack real value. If the UN tolerate the continuing corruption of the UN; Then the UN needs to disappear from the face of the earth. It’s a concept after all, nothing more and it has failed the world, miserably, poor and rich. SHAME ON YOU. I think Polanski is ‘cleaner’ than this last scandal at a NY hotel with a maid. I don’t follow France and the French TV/news anymore, nor Europe, so forgive me if I don’t know the names so well. Strauss-Kahn, right. But my imagination brought me to even think/consider it should be a conspiracy/Act. And S-K and the maid are just actors, trying to make a point. She working for him. Part of the plot. For the good of humanity. True Investigative Journalism, and see for yourself how the American Justice system treats its perps, small and big, Foreign or local and then report to the French and break down all myths, or not… Since there has been so many stories and lies about America’s goodness, and these things matter a lot and we need to know the truth, all truths, for the sake of humanity. And allow the Truth her fair share. And if there is perjury, there needs to be repair. One can dream anyway… Plus make a point. I have no time to follow all the important stories from close, so I can’t be always precise about lots of things. But I can create scenarios to make my points and convey a VIEW. While educating our leaders about Governance and responsibility and greatness…. Plus the ball is in their camp and it’s up to them to prove us wrong. And accept our challenge.

    (…back to our French actors and directors) Libertinage has some rules, I presume. And raping a maid is not ‘free sex’. Even if the first was very misguided. But in context, could be at least explained for what it was in context of the time and place. It’s a french thing too. Or Hollywood. It’s another planet (and actors are truly our freest ones). So don’t get involved, you’ll loose each time. Unless you belong to strong conservative families, that would back you and guide you at every step, and/or unless you are the man for it. You know, a Madonna or Sharon Stone type who could take it. A special type of feminist.

    (actors)… A bit too much. But those are not even their worst offense. It’s the leftist BSting and activism that is one of the biggest cause of war and propaganda that deserve real spanking. If Hollywood TURNED RED, i.e. THE REAL BLUE, and Conservative again, in a minute the world would change too, and anyway AMERICA’S PROJECTED IMAGE. PLUS HER poor and HER slaves WOULD be finally set FREE. Your slaves. So next time you meet one of us, stop lecturing us about your high intentions. You are either very evil or very stupid, but it’s time to choose a side. Because there is a bigger war growing and we like to avoid it at all cost. We have all the answers and it is all peacefully negotiable. You just need to let go of you damn ego, if you authorize us to make it so obviously quite clear: as to what an ego can do to you if you become its slave. The more ignorant you are the biggest your ego will become or stay. Plus your fears will grow, anxieties, greed, dependence etc etc. Unless you were already slave and dependent and addicted by nature. (Sado)-Maso. Too much modesty is not a sign of humbleness. Too fair is unfair… Anyway, those are basic BUDDHISM teaching.

    Narcissists are not safe. So Beware we are watching you. (politicians) It’s just about saving face for you at this point. We can help you with that to. Please contact us. Our MEN please. A WIN WIN WIN SITUATION.

    So FREE YOURSELF FROM YOUR DAMN EGO IF THAT WAS WHAT HAS BLOCKED YOU. (AND US NOW). It’s not worth WW3 or 4 and all the misery that will fall upon all. If anything, we may be saved, not you, in that next war, so it’s up to you to choose if you want the suffering, or your last chance for happiness now. By abandoning your way and listening to OUR experts/lawyers/police officers………generals/teachers/humorists/journalists/unionists……………. instead; and from now on. And educate yours to think, operate and live like WE THE PEOPLE, and not WE The IGNORANT DEAF CAPRICIOUS Victims; or We The SMART-ASS Crooks.

    By the way, money is not the issue, it’s how it is spend or spread. On what. and WHOM. And few formulas that need adjustments too. That’s where all the problems lie. Frankly if the government was truly made of non-crooks politicians/servants, I would trust it even this big. After all, we never complained truly about the great american experiment. That’s because we trusted our fellow leaders. And their brain trustees. Until we read few more books and traveled few more countries and added few more tears, then we got it. It’s time you get it to. If not, then your next stop is logically jail. You are a thief. We are not. Never was, never will be. And we are certainly not Disciples of Marxism. or Manson or Ayers or Jones nor GORE. Much less SOROS. Nor does your Petro-dollars impress us. Only you stole them. It’s ours. Anyway, it is fascism you have created and fascism is far-right in case you didn’t notice. Just saying. Corporations forced to mix with POLITICS and government. Everything controlled and regulated by progressive/regressive government. Read the books. And YOUR CONSTITUTION AND BIBLES TOO ON YOUR WAY.

    So Thieves; or you simply suffer from PARANOIA (you should!) and then the logical cure is Medical Treatment, whatever that means. But mainly, it means that your continuous name-calling, libels of everything that’s good in life and government and politics and science and education etc etc; is crippling society and the truth; and people should recognize that fact quickly. We already know who is using you without curing you. People who have created many enemies around the world since everywhere they go they screw the people big time. The miracle is why nobody would stop them. They are too big to fail? or follow the money trail…… ? It’s covered by the word Humanitarian. Now Marxism/Environmentalism/Muslim Sisterhood-ism are their new fronts; TO EVEN BE TAX-EXEMPT. So we will spread the caliphate just because we needed an easy cover and this last fad, for personal profit. That’s the SOP of the Obamas of the world it would seem. That’s why most gangsters vote socialist and Russians are the other biggest offenders on that chapter too. Street fighters all.

    I guess we should thanks all the Ayatollahs and other Saudi Ambitious/slaves too; and money etc etc. for their continuous treachery, because at least since 9/11 and from 1979, until now under Obama and Co.; without these barbarians at the gate, we wouldn’t find ourselves in such a situation of POWER. As an act of natural self defense and healthy self preservation. It’s OUR WAY NOW OR THE END OF THE EARTH QUITE SOON, a true 4OO YEARS DECLINE. (They are not the only ones with an acute perception of doom and gloom. The American people is well aware and fully in charge of her own destiny. We are just waiting for the next election, and the next and the next…..)

    … So we all do agree on that possible end game, it’s the players and culprits we have a disagreement or two about. See, very sharply, as in a clear cut: Our White is your ‘Black’ and your ‘White’ is our BLACK. Got that? So we are as totalitarian and judgmental, and racist and haughty and naughty, or not, as you are. Only whatever we do comes from a place of love and goodness and sacredness. Unlike you who enjoy the twists in the words and any concept. Sign of a lack of understanding of any and all concepts and words. Not a sign of sophistication or genius or creative spirit. You thought you can outsmart God in anything? He is the creator, we are the lucky participants. We could enjoy all his blessings if we know His Rules and learn how to play His game. We can even explain them to you so that you could play too and enjoy your life. Will you listen to us and trust us for once? Trust me, we will make it easy for you. No tricks involved unless they exist to save you from yourself. But I’m getting too abstract already… And it shouldn’t look that way. It’s simple, now. Deconstructed. For YOU. TOO. The Lucky dudes and backbenchers… You are forgiven.

    Tomorrow? life will tell. Each day is a new day. A start from scratch, you’ll have to prove us that you kept your word and is still doing right and good… What is your wish, we’ll give you all the counseling you need to achieve it. Start thinking about it now.

    Think Aladdin’s Lamp, only it wont be that kind of quick fix. But as good. A lifetime quest it involves. and a new found man woman you’ll have to become first. At peace with yourself. In order to be at peace with the world. A truly magical quest. The conquest of the SELF and the submission of the ego to the heart. As in let go NOW. Where is the love?

  60. AcidPoP Says:




  61. AcidPoP Says:

    Forget Obama. Our fate is sealed. I died already once, 10 years ago. I was hoping for a better deal/end since after all I have accomplished my mission and there is not much I am capable of doing anymore. I have reached my limits. Now I am just trying to survive. Not producing anything. there is no energy left in me.

    Endless supply of cash would keep me going the only way I am able to function lately. i.e. in seclusion.

    Nobody should feel responsible for that. God is the one writing the Play and deciding our respective fate.

    The challenge (one of the challenges) in our case was to have my Lover treat/beat me as my executioner.

    So in real life we are quite fucked and even if we know how much we need and love each other, we had to kill one other to survive the separation and focus on the mission of saving ourselves from this well-orchestrated Madness. While teaching ourselves and others. And for posterity.

    Personally I talk now so that I wont have to talk anymore in the future (I am shy and reserved and not a talker). Lou has much work to do still. He may still need my never-ending support and love to accomplish his deeds but at this moment, I wonder how long this game could continue. I don’t enjoy painting so much anymore. I have started three. But can’t finish none. The price of living in seclusion and get zero feedback from those that matter to me.

    I don’t have anywhere to go so I’ll be around forever but I don’t think we are meant to be together in this life. It will continue the way it is happening now. With Lou visiting me in my arms and in my bed when God let us be together. Only it could become more intensely. Courtesy Of God.

    And if I have a bleak view of my future today it may just be because I am getting the message that it will take another decade before we will meet, dead or alive, at that point. I am already dating one ghost and I’m fine with it, only it is very mild experience since my and God’s focus right now is Lou, not Jean Michel.

    We may be Lovers but we are first and foremost Best of Friends. I don’t think sex is even necessary to us. Now it is to me because that is the only way I can feel Lou alive and close. That’s God’s decision too and anyway. But I know that my real yearning is for me and my forever lovers/soulmates to be together and forever. I know I’ll have that in the afterlife whatever that is and in eternity.

    Even that is a dream I was willing to let go. I mean if the price of paradise – and I have been offered paradise and tasted it and know how wonderful it is/will be for us after so much sacrifice on our part especially -, but if the price of paradise is this daily horror show the world over is being experiencing; more than once and still today so close to the end in my case, I continuously say to God: Thanks but no thanks. Give me forever death instead. It will be more sweet and much fairer. The experiment called universe is not worth it.

    Even the told story of the sacrifice imposed upon Jesus is not worth its Happy Ending. We are not Animals and no human being with a real heart and a real soul could handle that level of cruelty. Physical, psychological. Same with beheadings. So there must be something wrong in the equation. I have my personal theory about lots of things. I have written all already. So you’ll know about them.

    I was born alien and unadapted to the rules of this world. It hasn’t changed thru time. It has just gotten much worse since I met God. Only now, I am not really lost. Actually I have been found but then abandoned again to gain more knowledge and help other gain same. By reading me only. But who is really interested?

    I stay humble and grateful because I am always ready for things to get worse. So I don’t complain more than I am. I don’t have yet the endless supply of cash but something will come up last minute. I’m sure. Only that last minute can take some time from now to then.

    Sorry to be such a downer. Maybe I lifted you up instead. Who knows?

    I have a very long list of unanswered questions. Who could survive that? I’m fine. Marijuana could keep me alive just fine but it’s not truly free yet and it comes with hassle and at a high cost when you make no cash. I am powerless. All my potential friends and benefactors other than Lou would need to talk my language. Do they? Those that do are powerless like myself. In more need than I am.

    GoodBye for now.

    PS. Another unfinished business of mine:
    Bisexuality can be considered a choice. Homosexuality isn’t. None is anybody’s business.

    On the other hand, to those gay activists who are pushing for Gay Marriage and then another right and another, like the right to adopt children, I’ll say, I would hate to be adopted by one of those couples I saw on TV (bald and bearded male spouses or fat and moustached ladies). Just saying.

    Let’s be clear about the basics. And have an open conversation. It’s not like the child who has a mother and a father that just turned gay. It’s one baby stuck between two strangers playing father and mother. Not so cute nor nice. Style and substance they say. Work on the style too at least. Plus whatever it is homosexuality rhyme with Privacy. It’s the private lifestyle of adults. Children are precious beings and deserve better than become victims of anyone’s personal fantasy or wishful thinking. Control yourself and your greed. Accept your true path. Enjoy what you have been given. Know your limits too.

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  63. AcidPoP Says:

    (About Obama’s open war on FOX and my reaction to such pettiness)

    “I guess the President doesn’t believe in miracles. FOX is a miracle and as long as Fox will exist America’s Democracy will remain protected and so the peace loving people in the world.

    When I watch Fox I know I am with people who share my values, my principles, my beliefs. I know I am among Kings and Knights (minus the Beckels and Colmes and Williams. No offense to them. They may learn though.)

    There is a code, a silent code of honor. You can feel the same experience with American Thinker. That’s why when it’s good (i.e. when the news makes you smile!!), it’s really good and when people recognize their equals, life become joyful and easy. What unite us of course is something you are born with, your love for the truth and an easy way to life. A lifetime quest. The same spirit of the Tea Party Movement is the natural mood on Fox. That’s why it’s the closest thing to the spirit of the American Revolution. That’s what you get when you watch Fox. And when the time for battle will come, they will Keep US safe thanx to the power of their camera and the support of the facts; and Lead us all. And Save the Republic. With our help and attention.

    The Emperor has no clothes, no clue and no class. Plus master manipulator wants in a clear cut set Truth as Lie and lie as truth.

    Our brand new Peace President! And Acorn victims be damned.

    My theory is that if every citizen of the world had access to Fox (a luxury even in Europe where I still live – green card anyone?), the world would become quickly a better (educated) place!!! without any war, just a good police, FBI and few selfless politicians… Of the caliber of the Dalai Lama, for example.

    But only a true leftist with secrets plans has to go that far to try to protect his dubious cause. Nobody realized how the Mafia had reached congress and, big time for the first time, the White House. Until the Don died this summer. Then it became even more clear. To me anyway. Even God sent Jack Nicholson at the funeral. Priceless. An immoral local Clergy in the pocket. What a disgrace. What a theater. No wonder they are so cynical on the Left. Quick to give absolution to one another. Just recently, the Norwegians by crowning Obama, crowned themselves. No they never betrayed America before and during the Iraq War (DeVillepin!). They were not collaborators. They are still neither collaborating nor appeasing. The on-going nazi invaders.

    My tip to the president would be: Mr President during these times of turmoil, Americans trusted you to lead like Lincoln. But you have chosen Chavez. If you want to start today, then, practice this;
    … Light a Joint, sit back and watch FOX. You will always hear the best advices. Honesty is key though and there is no way out. But Lincoln you may even be able to become if you surrender and choose your friends wisely. We are ready to serve our country. YOU.

    Since 2003, 10 days before the Iraq war, while I was in Tehran, I saw FOX for the first time and it was Love at first sight. Living like a monk due to the circumstances of life, Fox kept me company since. I know what I am talking about when I defend her.

    … Worldwide and wildly famous Pop Artist painter in the making, I didn’t know yet what name to choose, I was thinking, maybe, Baghdad POP. I already knew how to qualify my work: I would call it Acid POP Art. With acid, for divine, abstract and wild. POP Art because my taste and my unconditional love made me a voice for America and a natural Heiress of Andy Warhol. Both on Substance and style.

    … Very fast, I knew I had met my allies and friends in Fox. So while I was still in Tehran I sent them from multiple venues, my own personal road map to peace, a few page Manifest to be printed and to be sent to every politician and leader, etc who work at the UN, present and future. That, and one day, the sum of all my letters and emails and posts like this one, built, written and experienced since I left Iran for real and moved back where I was born and grew up in the first place.

    My next stop is NYC, if I’m welcome despite my political views and bad habit of expressing my mind. My only defense will be to go fully public and start the show/experiment. But my work is done. I would like very much to go back to a sweet life of painting and laughing instead of worrying and suffering. At least I am out of the limbo where I dwelled for about 10/11 years.

    Folks, if we want to avoid WWIII, and we certainly want that: we must prepare the international community that: Man, this is Judgment Day. The American People have finally thanx to Obama and Pelosi and Gore, and Dodd and Frank, Kennedy, … finally Saw the Truth. And we are not afraid of letting you know what we have found out about our country and about our dumb and corrupt politicians. Here and abroad.

    The spirit of the american revolution is well and alive. We have a plan. We have thousands plans. It’s our philosophy to be prolific.

    We know what joy and life and freedom and love means. We know Beauty. We Know Justice and Fairness. We know a lot about sharing. We love the sound of the word DOLLAR, and then her LOOK!!! We want her to regain her strenght and remain TOP of the list. It’s an identity issue. For the world’s sake. We don’t like the way these Chicago politicians have treated such sacred thing as MONEY. As if it was so easy to earn money. I know I always had hard time making any. Hated how taxed I was for such a difficult task, especially when you are honest and starting your Search.

    Nobody should ever let leftists in position of power and governance. They have it all backwards. It’s the law. They just don’t get it.

    We refuse your (global or not global) Socialist Utopia. The antidote is to stop at America’s shores both Socialism and Islam. Then for it to fall everywhere else. You can’t fight one without eliminating the other. They are both a virus and a parasite to the Human Mind. That much, we American Thinkers (Millions Uncle Sams; and ‘Toms’!) understand.

    The American Constitution is Jesus’ personal Bible. I’m sure of that and Al Gore and Michael Moore ain’t Jesus neither.

    If these do-gooders democrats who want to save us and even believe they are doing Jesus’ work as democrats, why don’t they work for less money. Why are they so money obsessed? Why do they betray America and her Allies (the free and the brave) for their own personal secret deals. Why don’t they fight Islamo-fascism head on instead? Clueless and talentless? ignorants in matter of philosophy and science?? (the irony). Drunk with Power?? This is not about christianity, in any case. I wish Al Gore had become a missionary and moved to China instead.

    Do they know that we know that America is at the moment run by its ugly Americans and ugly Jews and ugly Blacks… (i;e. all radicals in their own rights)? Power Hungry Bullies. Even Waxman and Baucus …

    Parasites, Pharisees, Philistines, Pirates, Cultists, Slave traders, crooks, ignorants and gangsters. One commonality: Power and advancements based solely on Lies and submission and slavery of others. Regression, darkness and inevitably: war and death. Privately, globally.

    The ball is in their camp so to speak, the battle is personal: them and their own conscious or inner God. No one is immune to God’s Wrath, not even Satan. Not our law. Life’s rule.

    Our only luck is that we have already paid the heavy price of Knowledge, we have nothing less to lose, but all to gain. Them, they will lose everything when they will face God. They can admit defeat now, push the reset button and recognize their true allies, us, Fox, America, not the crooks and misguided who have raped her soul for too long. And start serving instead of directing. America can do and succeed without them parasites. Them, not sure they can survive in a world without those they call their enemies: republicans, conservatives, christians, and now, the greatest cable news on the planet, an American product. The only Cool and Enlightening cable news.

    Anyway, to prove how much I respect and appreciate the positive work that Fox accomplish around the world and for America and realizing how strongly the anti-fox campaign has been alive and well spread in all corners of the world (thanx to one article by Maureen Dowd maybe!), I considered

    FOX NEWS (c)
    Acid POP Artists

    as a possible name for me and them.

    In any case, the story has been written and spread long time ago. The play is set. The paintings are beautiful and done. Already in America.

    Even I just got my brand new ID card and passport! So I’m kind of ready to unleash softly the antidote to madness and servitude. Knowing others much more famous and courageous than me have been working quietly on their own projects and plays and books and testimony and paintings and films… Waiting for that near day.

    In the battle of ideas, if the White House wants to declare war on FOXNews, and they just did, then remember than I get directly involved too. And with me, the entire NY ART scene that matter. Timeless. Classic. Andy Warhol’s Factory, the whole POPArt movement and with it, the true concept of America, Freedom, Capitalism, Liberty, Industrialization that leads to abundance and Joy, Beauty and sacredness. How you can’t have one without the other. My position is clear and has been stated. My Thesis explained. Not specifically at AT, the artistic part of it. Because I would never stop talking; But bits by bits.

    What was the question again??

    See you Soon.”

  64. AcidPoP Says:

    Posted by: AcidPoP
    Date: 11/07/2009 02:37AM

    “Never empower Islam (i.e. Wear the Ring), because you should know that it will destroy everything it touches… It’s almost too late but it’s also now our last chance to fight back and win the battle once and forever. Destroy the Ring.

    The Liberal elite in America is so snob and so out of touch (sell-outs) that at the moment we should focus our attention only on them and not the WH itself as the main culprits. They have the superpower of the media (images and messages). They decide right and wrong today in America. But their never ending stupidity during such dangerous times (almost in the midst of WWIII) has brought America to the brink of destruction. Because The Barbarians are at the Gates.

    Nevertheless they are such an easier target when you think about it.

    Who is more scary? Bin Laden? Michelle O? or Maureen Dowd? – exactly.

    So let’s go back to work and remember that anything that comes out of this WH is the best clue as to how strategize back. They started the war on FOX when they didn’t had to. Actually the more they (especially the king himself) appear on FOX, the best chance they have to score some sympathy but that’s not what they want, they want to kill the beast, us, once and for all because they believe this is their moment and we are too weak, too confused, too scared, too outnumbered to dare anything.

    Think about it, the whole world (socialist Europe and islamized Westerners) is behind Barack and against Capitalism and conservatism. For now. It seems.

    So the WH feels empowered because they have a legion of secret armies behind them + endless free cash. What they don’t understand (thank God their arrogance blinds them) is that the forces of Good are much more stronger, powerful and tranquil. The Truth when it’s reached has one more ally: God itself. Call it mother nature. Yea Al Gore, this one is for you.

    That’s the icing on the cake. We had a little taste of it with hurricane Bill, but signs always abound if you can catch them.

    So, whatever needs to be done, I say, focus your energy on those shallow fake journalists that God (thru satan) blessed with a tongue and an immense love/hate for their own image – ego; and ridicule or inspire them (depending how shallow they are) but never stop your efforts and understand that there is always an easy solution to every problem, almost free of charge, blood and even time. Find them, practice them and spread them. Have fun with them too. After all we are not the warmongers, much less the real bastards or the real backwards.

    Remember humbleness is our weapon. Them they can’t stand exposure and ridicule. They may choose Submission (Liberation) instead. Right now the President is in that very comfortable position to still end up becoming a hero himself. Using his own current situation of power to be a voice and the advocate for that fight. Apostate-in-chief, he will become my welcome-in-chief.

    Abandoning officially both progressivism and Islam. And inspire his own people (“Example??”… nation of islam) and followers to do the same.

    I would love to see that happening. But if it doesn’t, then we will.

    All we need, is for people to stay focused, wise, smart, confident. Stay light and fair and always kind. Know a friend from a foe. Inspire your families.”

  65. AcidPoP Says:


    Posted by: AcidPoP :
    “Great advice and great article.

    … and Lloyd Marcus’ art and way is the best example of what we are going to accomplish on steroid in the near future.

    LOVE is the Gift/Secret of the true Artist. Without Love, there is no Truth; and no true Art.

    See how bland is the artwork (logo) of our rival.

    It tells you everything you needed to know. It’s a one note composition: O/zero. You see, the subject matter was a mystery, or a lie.

    … So it turned out as something like a blander version of Fascist propaganda. We didn’t miss it and it was never funny.

    And stolen, on top of it.

    When it comes to ART, nobody will beat US.

    Wait until I show you the beautiful “American Flag” I painted (2000). It will be known as the new “Guernica”, only this time we know who the true fascists are and which America is the object of Our LOVE. Something even the French will understand. Finally.

    Can’t wait for that day to arrive when the french finally gets it. Maybe then the American left will feel embarrassed and inspired too. One can always dream. Not that I care but I know that if I can inspire the French and I will, half of the battle is won. In our two front battle.

    All we will need is the US military (God Bless Them!) for protection and that too is already guaranteed. Thank God.

    So See you.
    And More LOVE for YOU!!”

  66. AcidPoP Says:

    Posted by: AcidPoP:
    “Speaking of Smith, aren’t “Mr and Mrs Smith” currently sharing the Lincoln bedroom or something?

    I know nothing makes sense but at least we can still laugh at the absurdity of it all. Diane Sawyer has only her look to her credit.”

  67. AcidPoP Says:

    Posted by: AcidPoP
    Dec 24, 11:32 AM

    “Let’s make sure everybody understand that their only win until next november and after is only some looting of the public funds. Direct bribes and then more cash (bribes) to build new, sometimes imaginary, offices and future fake public servants to control the insurance companies or hospitals or whatever that they have concocted. Their new laws will have a short life, so they shouldn’t scare no one.

    The real positive side is that once again, these new crops of creeps have shown their own ignorance, greed and stupidity for all to see. More evidence on record for journalists to investigate and patriot constitutional lawyers to help build their cases – treason, impeachments whatever they are planning to do for Family, God and Country. And Liberty.

    It can’t get worse anyway than what was already in place. The Shadow Government as explained and researched by David Horowitz and now his many fans wasn’t something new. It has been exposed to the American People thanx to providence (Obama’s election and the satanic/clownish trio, quartet? orchestra!! of Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Rahm, Axelrod, Dodd,……………., Schumer, Ayers, Sharpton and the rest of them.)

    Their temporary power gives them assurance. But they are still con-artists and bad players. All Bluff. Their bad breath, bad taste and bad faith is showing thru their smiles. Show me one good looking person amongst them.

    It’s these crowds that have given the Old Testament a bad name and have for centuries cursed the Jewish People. I bet it was another George Soros, Rahm Emanuel or Al Sharpton & Gore who wrote the chapter Leviticus (check please!) of the OT and pretended it was divine revelation. The same who supposedly sent Jesus Christ to his death. I hope He was smart enough to escape his fate. God wouldn’t want to create a situation that gives ammunition to the world to blame the death of Jesus on the Jews.

    We should thank them all because two years ago, nobody would dare express his/her heretic thoughts so freely. So that’s quite a gift. The truth will set us free. We don’t need fire arms, not in modern, blessed America. Although I love the concept of citizens authorized to bear arms to protect themselves from their own government when their government has lost his mind and betrayed the American way and Dream – since when is it a maoist dream? But didn’t Andy Warhol predict the sham?

    … And what a gift. Thanx to the founders! Real men and real visionaries.

    I even wouldn’t give a damn about all their looting as long as we free citizens don’t pay taxes anymore. Or a small 10% on goods only for the military and police and roads …

    Americans are generous and philanthropists by nature, they don’t need middle men, shyster lawyers/congressmen, godfathers and mobsters to assure society fairness and justice.

    How about we send all leftists activists in jail. For treason and malice? That and their Muslim (cair) counterparts too.

    This morning this stupid vote by this stupid class spoiled the magic of Christmas for me. And I’m sure many others. We wont forgive them for it.

    I tried to serve as antidote with my little tirade, reminder.

    L O V E to ALL!!!

    AcidPoPArtist & POP ART painter.”

  68. AcidPoP Says:

    Here is my testimony in the form of an email I sent to my friend after that famous ‘Meet and Greet’ of two years ago. I’m getting impatient lately and want OUT. You know like Robert De Niro in the movie “Analyze This”. So I’m officially begging for all participants to drop their masks and declare themselves. Or at least for someone to get me and lou a joint session with former President George W Bush, as mediator, admirer and backer in chief. That would make sense to me!

    Anyway for now here it is:

    “Reza janam,
    After a good night sleep, another nice sunny day, and the maid around, cleaning the already cleaned (by me) house, let me add this to you.

    I was always a little afraid to meet Lou in real life. My knowledge of him being visions and TV images, DVD or You Tube. Plus adding the aging factor, craziness of our situation, his not acknowledging me in his public persona (which makes him behave like a stranger) etc., it was always a ‘dreadful’ point I would have to confront one day. Not unlike the experience of possibly seeing one day JMBasquiat the way CH. would see him (I never felt I am ready for that thing!!) – and considering that Lou and I are already ghosts of ourselves. For now…

    So in term of the big picture, we can say that the Landing has been slow but meaningful and constant. each time I got a little closer than the one before.

    I had the opportunity to finally see Lou from real close, even if for “half a second”. The way he looks today (knowing full well that he wasn’t in his most best performance nor spirit). Neither was I. Now I finally know Lou physically. That truth had to sink in too. I’m there now. I should be thankful to God instead for knowing us better than ourselves. That’s why I trust whatever happen to me in life.

    … My own instinct was right when I said and wrote at his YouTube video page that it didn’t make sense to me to come without a true personal invitation.

    But this time I could prove and show for a first and last time hopefully that I could handle myself even in this situation. At least his entourage have seen me now. For what it’s worth.

    If that was our lowest point, next time it can only go upward.

    I am getting plenty of feedback from him from few different sources by now. And that nobody can take away from us. All the things I was expecting Lou to do and say and write about are being said beautifully. How many people in America can be that talented, dedicated and that identical to him? The Jesus and punk factor combined. Mirroring everything he and I have experienced since two decades (him) and one (me)? After I read “The Boomer Bible”, I became really sure it was written by Lou. Only someone of his calibre and talent could produce such masterpiece. (Not mentioning the context and the story that goes with it – the icing on the cake).
    … Such inspiration surely needed some divine intervention. The dates coincide perfectly with his first encounter with God and visions. And in a open post I first sent to the site I was talking to you about on the phone, I said: TBB is the literary response to my “American Flag” painting. So as you see, I didn’t feel I was betraying Lou by saying that. It doesn’t even matter if it comes out that the writer isn’t Lou. The written words trump everything else. I just don’t believe that’s the case. But as always, I am not afraid to hear the truth. I’ll accept whatever it is. And nobody has dropped their mask yet. You see, every time I use one arrow to reach few targets at the same time. And demonstrate my point. I just never get an official response but plenty of nice, subtle loving clues here and there that give me comfort and get me going. Thru Instapunk. Whether pure synchronicity or divine plot, I can never know for sure but the divine plot makes more sense because when the signs are so overwhelming, it’s beyond synchronicity. It’s full conscious cooperation. It’s almost daily.

    So I guess, I am disappointed but I should feel happier. One more time, God has shown us that it is not for me to tell Him/life that I don’t want another slap in the face. It will stop when God decides it will stop.

    Muslims pride themselves about the supposedly superiority of their religion (peaceful too!) and the notion of complete Submission to God (more like Muslim males, clerics and State of course). Especially those that seek power but offer only hell, tyranny and destruction (privately/globally) – no need to name them. Lou and I are demonstrating the world (ie. them and their western apologists) the full meaning of Surrender. It’s an act of love, humbleness and personal sacrifice, and real faith/reason. The Sufi way, which is 180° antagonistic to the Koranic way.

    Just to name few of the impact our shared performance is meant to accomplish, is accomplishing. Not mentioning the protecting our own lives aspect – since I made my revelations open lately and my criticisms have been very bold.
    … for as long as there is more to talk/write about. Not from me anymore. I have written my last official words two months ago.

    There is so many positive things that has happened since last summer. And there is no end to it. Lou is revealing (to me) his hand slowly but surely. More books to come, it is happening. At least that part of the equation. The things that I was promising would happen. Under whatever name it comes out first, they will be there and it’s for soon. I’ll try to get a copy for you for sure if timing works for us (from amazon).

    Reza janam, thanks again for your call. I called my mother this morning. So that has been taken care of too. All is fine. Nothing has changed really for me. I am happy that beside some minor ‘headaches’ I am perfectly well and my sanity is intact. The only real thing that matters to me.

    My situation has been improving with a divine pace and trend. God didn’t cheat on that rule.

    So Good Bye for now. Lots of LOVE. I Hope to see you again!! LOVE you!!

    Lucky you, I don’t bombard you anymore with words and emails like this one!!”

  69. AcidPoP Says:


    “By George, I think she got it!” (So do I.)
    Following-up on my yesterday night’s post, because I was being serious, I also know by now that my requests never so easily will make the rules – people/potentates can easily continue dismissing me – and finally because we have our best chance now at testing our own leaders and make our voices heard in a meaningful, quiet, positive way; I suggest all Lovers/Patriots in America but also from across the globe (minus all dictatorships where access to YouTube is generally blocked and even the post is government-controlled) who are aware of this endless true story/tale send a letter of support (of me and depending on his stance, George Bush too) to GWBush (Crawford/Texas) – no need to fill it with poetry, a simple ref. to my You Tube address would do but of course personal creativity is welcome – making clear that WE WANT THE TRUTH OUT. Better, make two more copies of the original, one to send to The WH and the Obama administration, and the second to the UN secretary general. Making clear to all leaders involved that avoiding us would be a testament of their own corruption or blindness or cowardice. This global conspiracy of sort of the elite class (right and left with Russia and China) against us the Hoi Polloi (right and left!! i.e. libertarians and free citizens with morals and principles!!). Then we will know that America is no better that the UN. The right no better that its socialist counterpart. All member of this progressive coup or whatever name it deserves. NWO. Fascism and Thievery for starters. We never thought it a race issue. It’s no more Jewish than Arab or blacks. It’s the Ruling Class against the rest, free thinkers and poets and artists and workers and businessmen with talent and ethics…

    If you remember all my writings since almost a full year by now, accessible thru one simple click, you would recall that I have indeed challenged all the leaders (religious and secular) on the planet to show his/her face and face their Judgment Day – nobody, me included, can escape in the long run, anyway.

    Like in the movie “Miracle on 39th street”, We The People could overwhelm these citadels thru simple mail correspondence. Tea Party Patriots, American or otherwise, mainly Lovers of the American Founding Documents and tired of being bullied by Stalinists, opportunists and morons in Monarch’s garb. While freeing Romeo who could finally reunite with his Juliet. Me start some truly good paintings; and together rebuild our future, all that’s been soiled and broken and abused thru the years and especially since 9/11. Our soul, heart and lives. Send as many letters as many times it is indeed needed until the numbers add up and more people become aware of this open secret. Spread the words thru your own connections, especially our so-called pundits (in the press, radio, TV, Hollywood…). You get the idea.

    Let’s roll this Velvet Revolution that is more a sound of disgust and contempt for these true Slave Masters (not even pretending anymore that they are Servants) who would have a last chance at redeeming themselves. But one thing for sure they wont be able to hide no more. All the lights are on them. Interviewers and interviewees.

    ‘Halleluiah! dean mo-ri-ar-ty!!!!
    AcidPoPArtists (c)

  70. AcidPoP Says:

    Now that I can start my retreat, while YOU have much work to do, plus buy STAMP sheets, I think it is a good time to share my email exchange with RFL of exactly two years ago. For shy people, I/we have no privacy, I’m telling you.

    Also a word of CAUTION. If anything, even the slightest, happens to me but especially to any member of my family in Tehran or elsewhere, now that I have completely open up, I have absolutely zero doubt that the entire ME will blow up in pieces in a matter of minutes with no apologies from the American people – at least all the sensitive points I spotted on the map. Glad to oblige and free the good people of these tyrannies for one thing. Remember I HAVE George WBush at my side already, otherwise he wouldn’t have accepted to play the game and watch, quietly. Although I am the BEST thing that could ever happen to anyone – friends and enemies alike. The question is CAN DOGMATIC PEOPLE REALLY READ AND UNDERSTAND THE SIMPLE LANGUAGE OF THE TRUE BELIEVER? Anyway translators and translations exist. NOW IS THE TIME FOR EVERYONE TO OPEN THEIR HEART and let go of their FEARS. The future could be bright even to the worst among us if the judge is GOD, not man. Just accept your responsibility, past arrogance, even cruelty. Accept you have been acting like an ass all your life and you should give up POWER to those that are better and higher, on all matters, small and big, than you could ever dream of becoming, what you have shown ’till now you are anyway. Enjoy the music and go into retreat and contemplation. well SEE ALL MY POSTS ABOVE FOR A FULL UNDERSTANDING.

    Now ENJOY:

    Hope I’m not a bore already but since I thought my last email address was maybe too obvious and I’m not sure exactly what I’m hiding from, I made this second one today after a failed attempt yesterday (lack of imagination) because I didn’t like the look of it. The good news is that I can use each now (so twice!) and get my free trials at sirius – it’s been a while. It may take another while until I try again by the way. That’s not where the action is for me.

    Thanx a lot for all the good things you do/write/say. If I can never be really 100% sure, no way others could either – although that should be the aim. So, just a game? or the real deal? I know what my heart and logic say. But I also know that nothing is sure or real until it happens in real life. Another chapter or the end of the book? That is the question. At least now I am happy finally. Hope it can stay that way. Logically it will. Our fate is linked to the fate of the civilized world this time and there is no more room for any losses. As MJ said: This Is It.

    Can’t wait for the Big Splash!!! from the entire Art community.
    Much more LOVE
    THANX a Million!!!”

    “No, you’re not a bore. But you are confusing me. You always start in the middle and work outward in all directions. I think you can see I don’t do it that way.

    Not to be prosaic, but who ARE you? Where do you come from? How have you arrived at the place where you are now? I’m not demanding a resume, just a narrative, however general, I can use to start thinking of you as someone in particular.

    I have to tell you right away that I can’t meet in Amsterdam or anywhere else. I don’t go anywhere ever anymore. Proust and I share the same birthday, though he’s older of course. In figurative terms, I too have taken to my bed, which is the countryside where I live. And worse, I am InstaPunk. And CountryPunk. And LocoPunk. And TruePunk. I am ALL the punks of InstaPunk.

    Sorry to disappoint. But I am keen to hear more about who YOU are. At the moment I have absolutely no idea about that.


    “Thank you, IP, for answering the phone. I never know what the next rules (of engagement) are going to be for me, so I have to test the waters first. If you treat me as a stranger, then I’ll do what a true stranger must do. And I will; but there is so much to tell that it will take me some time (and I will go to all directions but for another reason this time).

    … I received the punk treatment from God since 11 years now, so I can handle some more – if it doesn’t go too far and yesterday after I read your post, I felt dizzy in my head, a light vertigo, something God imposed on me at full 9/11 volume when he forced me to experience Hell for about 5 or 10 minutes each time – undeserved hell – 9 years ago last time. Took me 7 years to recover fully from it. And rediscover life again. As horrible as it may taste and there is no way I can translate it (for example I think it is definitively worse than rape), but because of my nature, I would still choose that against any actual rape if I am given the choice. Not mentioning beheadings… I can’t handle horror of any kind, especially physical. Not to me, not on anybody, not even my worst enemy. That’s the only time I say fuck you God if you really do that to us. (which brings me to another theory of mine and I pray I am right about it…). But I usually know how to avoid troubles. My only resistance is for spiritual pains (also they kill me too). Call that my bad luck. So that became our understood deal, after I was visited by God and accepted the challenge (to ‘travel’ with Him and be shown the Beauty and the Darkness of the world); and part of how I got where I got. And became tougher about a lot of issues. i.e. much less over-compassionate, in my case. Balanced. A spiritual warrior. God knew I wouldn’t jump with him on my own, so He first introduced me to my forever Lovers. First He connected me with JM Basquiat and some time later, Lou came in the picture too. I felt miserable for few instants because I thought I have to choose between the two and betray one of them, then I was relieved to know that we were all designed from the same seed, split in three where two men were destined for one woman. Only right now I have none. Only in my dreams/visions and in my heart, and my belly (where a cartoonish JM lives with me and never leaves me) – and it is/was so strong and so real that I was never shy about sharing my story for those few that have crossed my way. (I already digressed few times I believe). I could give you the password to my other email address and it would make everything easier. You wouldn’t be the first to have the right to visit freely there. Only I can’t promise perfect continuity there neither because the email came few years later… Lou could help of course. My paintings are also in his hands since Feb 2006. Worth a visit.

    Today is another day, the sun is back and I am very grateful that, from now on and for as long as life requires it, I can talk to someone trustworthy and even get his first hand feedback. You sounded too much like Lou to me and it is hard for me to fake my emotions. But I am ready to go with the flow and follow your rules or just the actual reality. I am anyway always equally happy to meet his equal(s) (you). I have been looking for them too in my quest. At some point, I didn’t believe anymore you and Lou were one and the same. I always respected you. Proof of that: my first post at IP was a true goodie. And I was not yet so sure who I was talking to. But I knew for some times, actually day one, that sooner or later I will have to introduce myself to you, share my story and ask for your friendship, ask you to become a new ally in the present fight and our common fate. And make sure that Lou and you meet. And this part could only happen thru me possibly since I am the only person who openly claim that his public persona of late is an act and that his political views are exactly the opposite of what he want people to think they are.

    I read you since three years exactly. Right away went back and read almost all the previous posts too.

    I was born in Brussels Jan4 196O; I’m looking for Lou Reed since summer 1998 – 6 months after, he entered my visions in full speed and never left me again ,i.e. in Dec 98, together with JM Basquiat, under the guidance of God. I had just switched from Architecture to Painting in Jan 98. After I had found God the year before.

    Lived and worked few years in Milano, Italy in the early 80′s (an eternity ago). I moved to Tehran from Brussels in Sept 92 – at age 32. Left finally Iran for good in Feb 2005. Dumped, around 2002, I believe, all my newly acquired Persian friends minus two or three (with only one that is truly acting like a brother and ally even if he doesn’t fully share all my political stances yet). We all live in different countries today. I went into solitude after my then friends showed me in their treatment of me that they didn’t really believe my version of the facts of what I had just experienced and shared with them (jealousy was involved too I guess or lack of true conviction); so I stopped playing the fool for them after few years. I needed also to fully dedicate myself to more learning (of America this time) so my time was precious anyway. And I wasn’t in a position of nagging on every issue (especially political) with anyone. And there would be lots of nagging after 9/11 and the Iraq war especially. I stopped being funny to them anyway. I hoped they could stay light, but they were the true cranky ones.

    So back in 1997, I had decided to look for God in books – the only reliable source for knowledge. I wanted to find proof of His existence. It didn’t take me very long to find Him. My heart was ready at the time also (too many losses) and I needed to understand what was my damn destiny because I was born alien and stayed that way all my life. More an observer than a real participant. Which is okay unless I fall in love, then I’m dumped very quickly after(three weeks max), until the next time which would happen three years after. Over and over. More or less. Thank God those days are over. That and also disappointed by my friends and I have to leave too. Not mentioning not having yet found my real path on how to make money and have fun too. Until I switched to Painting surely. Without the making money part yet but definitively the hitting the jackpot: I had found my passport to NYC and freedom, the easy way (I know Art when I see it.)

    In Tehran, involved at first were my two exquisite girl friends. Both married with children. Both had come back to Tehran after years abroad. One from America (SF), the other was English and medium. CH. Funny too. Iranian husbands. N. was a gifted painter already. Painted goddesses. She was one herself. Both actually. Christina was more of the humble kind. I still love them both despite the break-up. We had lots of fun too. God was our main subject of conversation. That summer 98, after my break in Brussels (family home) and my rediscovering of Lou thru the “Rock’n'Roll Heart” documentary I saw on TV, I got quickly hooked and had found my next painting subject + I had set my new mission: contact him, find him and ask him to accept my friendship and my artwork I had planned to dedicate to him. I have to ‘fall in love’ with my friends too so that was not difficult for me to conceive. I had found my soul brother. I already knew that the only people that could understand and even enjoy my kind (‘crazy’ with principles) would be the American people (Believers), of the artist variety especially, New Yorkers in particular.

    Artistically it was by watching the movie “Basquiat” by Schnabel the year before that I found the courage to start painting. It was an old dream of mine but I had no technique and no practice. Which fits with the Basquiat approach, and even more mine. I was already in love with him (early 1995). His whole being was also very familiar to me. He was already gone and I had missed him when he was still alive. A lost dream already.

    I will stop for now. I am sorry if it’s hard to read or follow. Let me know.

    I will also be fully sure of your identity once I will see you in person. I already did get used to the fact that you are who you say you are. But after reading The Boomer Bible, coincidences became too many. But who knows? I’m fine with both. I know from Lou’s songs that he had God’s visit around 1991, maybe 90. So that would have been his first masterpiece after that encounter.

    I painted my wonderful American Flag painting after my own encounter. Followed by a one day work, smaller Persian one. After they were done, I found the title that could unify both: “I Wanna Be Black” (a Lou Reed song). And many more images involved.

    You see I could talk for hours and hours. If we are meant to live like this for another few years, there is no rush anyway.

    So I should let go now.
    I thank you again! if you are really IP (and by the way all the punks sounded the same to me so I was not wrong completely) and not Lou Reed, nothing would change. It’s the uncertainty that makes it frustrating or scary at time. But these are minor scares compared to how bad things could get. I understood 11 years ago what was at stake. That Lou’s silence would protect both him and me and anybody involved once we would start using our freedom of speech against the powerful. Only the real danger is now on America’s side also. I’m happy so many things have been accomplished already. And your contribution is already immense and first quality. I am expecting many famous artist friends of Lou having worked in the dark on their own revelations/masterpieces/testimony.

    Today I can say with almost full certainty that both J.R.Dunn from AT and Artfldgr at neo-neocon are also Lou.

    Finally, I am happy Instapunk has ‘softened’ up (or whatever, maybe I am just stronger or the world got creepier) lately and now I can finally interact with you also, just more closely and more often. THANX for a GREAT website. And for you.
    (not George Sand) – although I LOVED her book “Consuelo” (followed by “La Comtesse de Rudolstadt” – two tomes – 1500 pages). And never did read Proust. Those were our school years and nobody had the time to read. I tried one sentence once then gave up. Never read Rousseau neither.

    I would come to America in a minute – I am not the one who can decide it. Lou must invite me first and maybe someone has to help me get to him. And then that someone can only be you.

    I have been kept under pressure for so many years only so that I could talk the way I do “without fear” – or kind of protected. I have tried to solve every problem in advance, including negotiations and military ones. Some are posts that I have sent To AT that they kept unpublished. Also the more I talk now, the less I will have to in the future. So that’s the price for my freedom too – freedom from further responsibilities, I am sure.

    Because I am shy in front of a camera and a slacker. And a woman. And I love to stay and work freely from home. And have my best friends around me.

    Forgive me if I don’t read myself a last time again.

    “Correction, kind of, I know:

    “My only strength is with spiritual pains (although they kill me too)”

    - still not good at all. forget it. forgive me. I’m not a writer, never said I was. I just think right. my only strength.

  71. AcidPoP Says:

    MORE TOMORROW if you are still around…

  72. AcidPoP Says:

    … HELLO! I think I should change my plans. Let’s make a deal: I don’t post any more letters (past or present) until Lou and I are set FREE. SAVED BY THE MULTITUDE.

    I Think it sounds just right.


  73. AcidPoP Says:

    … anyway, it doesn’t cost me anything to try posting the rest of my correspondence with RL. The truth is that my last tries failed. So I deduced I shouldn’t continue. Meanwhile few more crucial steps I took and so I’m ready for another try. If you don’t hear from me, you’ll know that God wants me to be more firm towards my Silent Allies at this point. I also think that for each individual to know that they are not alone in their future endeavors (“Mailing their Grievance/Approval”, signed or not), all the BLOGS/WEBSITES that follow me, trust me and like my story, or at least wish we were true, should start publicizing my You Tube Channel with no comment added. Give it her own special place on their sidebar. And one day people could use their personal creative skills to start AcidPoPArtists blogs. Making the entire reading easier or something. I wont myself without assistance… one day maybe. Better, send them to Lou Reed first for approval; or Instapunk, or both. They have many email addresses. But there is no rush. I just want you to know how I envisioned this cooperation (in the making) of ours, and the expression of our common goals and shared values. Or just don’t do anything but watch and enjoy the play unfold.

  74. AcidPoP Says:

    Let’s see what happens if I just post the remaining IP’s letters only. Without the few from me in between (my initial idea actually)

    “I’m NOT Lou Reed. But I’m listening. I might even be able to help you through this spiritual gauntlet. But before I can do this, you have to let go of your various knots of anger. There IS a path. If you will be calm, I will share parts of the punk writings that are meant only for the initiated. And I will explain what they mean.

    Fair enough?


    “Good. Very good, my friend. Good to see you walk yourself back from a dangerous precipice.

    You haven’t told me your name. I will not tell you my name until you do.

    We’re still at arm’s length, you see.

    What I can tell you now, without fear of being wrong. Laurie Anderson is not the enemy. She doesn’t have the weight for that. I looked at her various performance artist pieces on YouTube. She’s a thin poseur.

    You need to be patient. Quiet is God’s invitation. I have been listening myself since adolescence. I had an obsession about who Judas was. I came to think of him not as the antichrist but the counter-christ, the one without whom the story could not have been told. When I was quiet, I got answers. When I was loud, active, and determined, I got nothing.

    Which is where the punk dream entered my mind. To make the passive act of listening an active, aggressive act. The violence of the punk story is all metaphorical. They are not killers. They are the open ears and eyes and minds of a young generation that yearns for meaning, not vengeance, retribution, or apocalypse.

    Do me a favor. Try to hear the quiet. Still yourself. Slow your heartbeats and your reactions. This is how the Shuteye Train turned back the invasion at South Street. They were already The Dead. As we are. They used the advantages of The Dead. They allowed the rot in other people’s lives to do them in. Their apparent attack was only a flourish. Because mayhem and murder never work. They only perpetuate and amplify the rhythms that already exist.

    You will notice at InstaPunk that ALL my violence is metaphorical. I never call for anyone’s death. I don’t even celebrate death when it occurs. (Nothing today, for example, about John Murtha’s departure from this vale of tears.)

    One more favor. Can you tell me, one orderly sentence at a time, what you believe in and why? If you want to be a South Street punk — and I think you do — that’s what you have to be able to do. Most of life is about waiting. For that one TRUE chance to make a difference. Which is never about death. It’s always about standing up for the lives of ordinary people. That’s who champions here.

    The punks are about being champions. Assassins perpetuate murder, and champions perpetuate life. Are you with us?

    R ”

    “We can have a grand conversation if you can assure me you mean no harm to Laurie Anderson or won’t turn against Lou Reed if he continues to ignore you.

    I can’t replace your belief in Lou. However, I will answer you, as long as your questions and answers make sense to me. I think you know I’ve thought about everything and have some idea about how it all fits together. If this isn’t enough for you, please let me know.

    So far, you’re NOT making much sense. to me. The Truth. But I’m still here.

    I have dreamed the entire networked history of man and flooded its capillaries with real blood. And you want to identify me with a rock star who has never responded to your overtures.

    Okay. I have no qualifications for unhorsing your preference but these: html

    Oh. And this too: archives/InstaPunkArchiveV2. php3?a=1823

    I’m St .Nuke. And Johnny Dodge, And the Shuteye Train. And I’m still here, listening.


  75. AcidPoP Says:

    So that was February 2009, then around April 22 would follow the “Meet & Greet” in Brussels which had me send two short comments to Lou Reed video page, expressing my frustration in advance (+ reporting my live testimony). I was right. But anyway between that event and my opening up to IP and his sending me back lots of clues that did empowered and slowly saved me, I then in JULY wrote two or three more short comments: one to YouTube (as usual) and the second and third to (LETTER BOMB. Follow Link below; and The QUEEN OF PUNK CITY) ….
    I’ll make it easy for you, here is the sequel:
    “In one month and a half I shall be free. No more torture for me. Whatever the outcome. I have already reached the point where I don’t give a damn about the world’s future. I have offered all I could. There is nothing left that I feel the need to express. Which is my reward.
    So I can’t play this game anymore. I couldn’t take another slap in the face and I’m fed up with everything. In a cool detached way. I just don’t give a damn. Just want my peace back… (Part1)
    AcidPoPArtist il y a 1 an”

    “… A clear quick answer is all I asked!! (I checked your site today!). It’s getting ridiculous. I’m not even sure I could go to your concert without a true personal invitation. It still makes no sense to me like this. anyway. At least, I’m not alone anymore. I got my answers. I can live like this. As to my paintings. I’ll make new ones.
    I’ll be okay. My part is done. Just playing safe and knowing when is the time to let go. Once you know you made it. I have.
    AcidPoPArtist il y a 1 an”

    “As a huge fan and avid reader of Instapunk (a man and a blog). Also author of another masterpiece: The Boomer Bible. I made a last revelation (bet) the other day. I sent my comment to a great piece written one year ago (check the archives) as part of the punk writing. An extension of TBB. More clues added to the punk testament. Some mystery revealed. Beautifully. By him.
    Letter Bomb: July O9
    Every good story needs a happy ending. This is mine. Not fully free yet but quite close. thanks.
    AcidPoPArtist il y a 1 an” (LETTER BOMB:)

    AcidPOP 2010-05-31 05:39:
    “W O N D E R F U L !!!!!!!
    … the much expected sequel to the TBB. The Best true story: The (Punk) Bible given to us. Almost for free.
    … by a true king. Punk kings and queens of America streets. Against every living thug. Well-dressed and well-protected, but nevertheless thugs; shallow and rotten; courtiers and courtesans.
    Fantastic prose!! Thanx to a heart made of gold.
    May31 2010
    (everybody has left, so I wont embarrass anyone with My prose and praise!!)
    PS. Personally, I believe I am the Alice Hate of the punk story. I don’t believe; I know. So consider me dead. Although I’m still alive. Very much back to life actually. But still a prisoner. So who knows…” (THE QUEEN OF PUNK CITY):

    AcidPOP 2010-06-16 08:40
    “In case anyone noticed me but lost track anyway, here an update for my (possibly) three and a half (mute/initiate) fans. Or many more, I wouldn’t know. I can’t hear you. I’m not sure I want to know:
    PS. I am happy I could fulfill my new year resolution after all (2010). I really didn’t feel it coming. But it happened, and now I can rest. Again – my way. With my art. Flags are my specialty. The American one in particular. Always followed by a smaller, faster, sketchier Persian one. Blowing the Mind as a given. My Luck. And yours too.
    Thanx. Love. See you Somewhere. To think logically. or ultimately.
    I’m no BSer. I made a lot of claims so I want to make sure people hear I’m still around and will never change tune. Just accept the outcome. An open question. My work is done, for the most part, that’s the good news. From now on, I can indulge Happiness. My only weapon to produce my Art. POP Art. A light heart. I’m getting all the feedback I needed so much. I now know where the Gold is/was. And we didn’t steal it neither, we made it. Us. Already. Done. It’s there. Acknowledged. by me. finally. Recognized. shared. Between us.
    Another chapter will start. Maybe it has been written already. Just not shared yet. I’ll know it if I read it.
    In any case, Good Luck to all!! God Bless the US military and the Tea Party.”

    Then last year (JAN 2010) out of the blue I see this comment appear in an old post of IP from IP to ME (first time he ever talked to me in the comments section):

    “RFL 2010-01-26 06:27:00
    ” … I finished, two days ago now, the Boomer Bible. Your Masterpiece. It started quite high, it ended even higher. Every word you wrote make sense to me – Crystal Clear.
    I am so happy you wrote it and I am so happy I finally read it, possess it and can cherish it. ”
    Thank you. Very much.
    Tell me again. Where are your American flag paintings? I’d like to return the favor by looking at your work too.”

    AcidPoP 2010-11-10 05:28:00
    “Dear RFL,
    I didn’t realize until today that there was a reply from you. It’s a shock. How did I miss it? So, thanks!
    But I wrote to you elsewhere; then stopped.
    My situation is crazy. I am used to it now and don’t remember any other way anymore. I’m in tune with the hopeless, the forgotten and the cripples of society. Without being myself any of that. It’s almost 12 years now. Practicing Empathy. Not some abstract compassion.
    I sent all my paintings to NY – to Lou Reed, no less. Like you, he is wearing a mask and I’m suppose to make sense of everything on my own, put it into words and soldier on in my task, as witness and God’s apprentice. I should feel honored. I am.
    I wish I was thru. I wish the world was thru and free again. There is a war; we are in a war; hopefully it wont get any worse, nor bloody. But we can’t fool ourselves.
    This story once revealed should shake the world in a good way. I have no doubt.
    That’s why I was never shy about sharing my findings/experience with everyone I trusted. You being my last savior and confidant.
    All my last statements/revelations are on the same Lou Reed You Tube page I always link to. Sometimes you get to see some shots of my American Flag painting on my own You Tube channel (acidpopartist). That, and some others too. From my days in Tehran.
    If I was/am only half right (/wrong) in my beliefs, in that case I would be honored if you would accept to become friend, ally and messenger; ask Lou to grant us a meeting; and then, at last, take my hand and bring me to Lou; to finally hear from him, in person, how right it all was. I always needed a Best Man for that task. It took me a long while to find one. It could only be You.
    Not something I could build overnight. Are you suggesting that our time has come?? Nothing would please me more. I was always ready for that part. So please: CALL ME. Because I can’t call myself. That’s why things are so slow in my life. Not being pushy, bit shy and very humble; I also know the rules of engagement. And the challenges at hand. It requires patience which I have in abundance. The curse of the slacker. Everything has its own heavy price. We just accept our own easiest mode of payment.
    So no more games? or am I still going too
    fast for everybody’s taste??
    HAPPY and SPEECHLESS! 10 months later;
    NOV 1O 2O1O”

  76. AcidPoP Says:

    EN VRAC (as in “thé en vrac; also the exact opposite of tea bag):

    “Sorry this was how it looks like to have a bad trip day.
    I take back my theory. Thank GOD
    [That was the morning right after my bad trip all thru the night and my coming back to my senses when I woke up. I switched channel there - from Lou Reed to NewYorkShuffle; so look around if you want to try to decipher my angst and see me absolutely panicked and powerless. I usually like to avoid those posts myself.]

    “Saved [in my mind] by Michael Jackson and “THE MACHO RESPONSE aka The Crack Emcee”! [You know something around the 'Mafia' and CULT culture on the WEST coast mainly]
    [On that day and news, I considered myself doubly saved, secure in my understanding of all the news unfolding, specifically surrounding MJ's death. Remembering the "never let a crisis go to waste" thing for starters]

    Then there was this short response of mine to the obnoxious and callous Bill Maher:
    “For those without a clue, AT stands for American Thinker.
    Which mirrors the brightest and the bravest of the best America has to offer: Her Own People, known as Tea Partiers, and not Tea Baggers – these are leftist. Or Asses.
    Like Bill Maher. Whose devoted audience is … “stupid”, thank you very much, not the other way around.
    But I digress.
    Thinkers are artists, not intellectuals. That’s why nobody can copy them. Only slander them. Not anymore.
    AMERICA is awake and thank God, it’s FOREVER.

  77. AcidPoP Says: Split. And Why It Matters.)

    …AND BY EXTENSION (one of my favorite thread with a multitude of great contribution from many great minds – read all)

    98. AcidPoP
    Maybe Mr Moran is testing us. Last time he did a hit piece, it was when he downplayed the Glenn Beck phenomenon. And the reaction was the same. We truly love Glenn and we truly love and respect Sarah Palin. They both have heart, clarity and character.
    I smell a vast right-wing conspiracy. Where few pundits are creating a phony atmosphere of division and anger in our ranks to fool the imbeciles on the left and test at the same time Our own resolve and beliefs.
    I don’t know how far it went back. Who knows, maybe it was a clever choice to support BO to become president; knowing that only a true marxist and Muslim in the WH could lead to the complete elimination of both Islam and Progressivism from America’s shores once and for all.
    Patriotic pundits and thinkers had this vision and they knew what would trigger the awakening of the sleeping giant: the American People. It worked perfectly well. First we got the Tea Party (what a treat!), then the Town-Hall protests (fantastic) and now nothing will stop We The People to overthrow 100 years of Liberalism and expansion of criminal enterprises such as the DNC, the MSM, the congress, the IRS etc etc. They all deserve to move to Guantanamo in my book.
    I love Mark Levin, Glenn Beck equally. They serve the same cause, do it with the same talent. Mark shouldn’t ridicule Beck. It makes no sense at all. I believe they are in cahoots. Waiting for the big day; to unveil their hands: we conservatives are good at bluffing with full aces in our hand.
    Unlike our rivals who always need to bluff with one stupid pair.
    LOVE to All!!!
    I can’t stand cranky conservatives. Fear and hopelessness shouldn’t guide you. Please be fair and stop bashing FOX please. Boycott completely all other cable news and shows. Leftists go crazy when you ignore them.
    We have learn few things lately: that the democrats in congress are the lowest of the lowest. Philistines and jackasses. Slave-traders and traitors, out of stupidity, pathology or pure evil, the result is always the same: destruction and corruption; enslavement and death.
    All we need to win is unity of thought, clarity and action. And the US constitution to back us. As someone said the other week on the Glenn Beck show: Am I gonna care more if I offend Catie Couric or Thomas Jefferson?
    Exactly!! Let’s have fun while launching the second velvet American Revolution please. It’s Modern Times. And still AMERICA!! not Venezuela.
    THANX a trillion;
    Baghdad POP
    November 20, 2009 – 8:31 am

    104. George S.
    98. AcidPoP:
    I think the author is a RINO elitist …that is why he does these subtle or not so subtle put downs.
    November 20, 2009 – 8:51 am

    112. AcidPoP
    George S:
    … then it would just qualify as Divine Conspiracy. Not a planned one, and it wouldn’t matter a bit. God always sets the Play anyway.
    The future of America depends on “We the People”. We will have to speak up the truth loud and clear at every turn. Flood the streets of America fearlessly, endlessly until their bubble burst.
    I don’t know Mr Moran well enough to judge his actions. But I am definitively hoping Mark Levin and Beck are pals. In fact I am sure half of my predictions are accurate. These people are too bright (real patriots!) to act stupidly. Wise to know that our common enemy is ruthless and many voices need protection.
    Good Luck to all! Until we meet again.
    November 20, 2009 – 9:23 am

    118. baal
    112. baal:
    Oh yeah, and your Messiah? Got his start turning tricks for a slumlord…. I’m not a Palin fan but she simply doesn’t have any disqualifiers like that.
    So far you’re sounding like more of an idiot that usual….did you double up on the stupid pills this morning?
    November 20, 2009 – 9:33 am

    122. AcidPoP
    if you had a brain, you would ignore me. Instead of making an ass out of yourself.
    Last time I checked, freedom of speech is not a crime in America, yet. Maybe you are married to a politician. Big deal.
    November 20, 2009 – 10:06 am

    130. baal
    122. AcidPoP:
    Freedom of speech? Please explain, idiot. I don’t think you’re capable.
    November 20, 2009 – 11:21 am

    145. AcidPoP
    Baal, I can’t help people like you.
    You are too lazy. And dishonest too.
    I wont hide forever. But what about you? Can you stand the light of day?
    My only weapon is my mind, my heart – and my ART. I am also a painter.
    I have an answer to every problem and not afraid to share my views with all. In fact I have started my work 11 years ago to be exact and I have ready a personal message to every politician and powerful who are using their (lack of)skill/bulliness to screw the world, us, here and abroad – all the free and the brave.
    Politicians, journalists, actors, … Whoever was/is partly responsible for the world’s mayhem and hatred. Betraying daily the best America has to offer, his military. And then many civilians too. Their idiocy has no limits.
    They should at least hear clear and loud what some think about them. That will be my little contribution to the world since I am too shy to really expose myself. Actually I like my privacy, my freedom, and peace of mind above anything. But if I can’t find inspiration and energy from the world surrounding (anger and lies, right and left), then I need to speak up the truth as I see it fast and furious to keep it up.
    For my own survival.
    Now certainly I will sound too abstract for you. What do you expect from a painter?
    Other than that, I have no other interest in debating people. Not my thing.
    I’m happy I already have put all my thoughts into words. I can stay mute from now on and forever. My work is on paper, my art well advanced. So I’m free from duty and that’s my well-earned reward.
    Now please ignore me as I will surely ignoring you.
    November 20, 2009 – 1:10 pm

  78. AcidPoP Says:

    Hope it continues to work miracles, while making life easier for everyone (the truth will set us free): :

    AcidPoP Says: December 7th, 2008 at 11:06 am
    “Thank God, not all conservatives think poorly of Andy Warhol’s Art and Legacy. Brit Hume (one of My heroes!) is one of them.

    Now Damien Hirst is another story! The anti-Warhol, so to speak. One – The King of (American) Pop Art; the original – praises Life, Joy and America with all her flaws and all her goodness. The other – pure British creepiness at work – resemble more the case of an obsessed sick scientist, experimenting in his laboratory; no Art. I find his work repulsive. A direct gift from Hell. Art is a representation of Life and Universal Truths. When it becomes the projection of a pathological mind, it loses all his magic and all his Beauty. From breathing timeless material it morphs into dead objects.

    Nothing spiritual to discover in this kind of art. Quite the opposite. Vulgarity never works.

    This is the first time I post a comment, Neo, probably the last time also. Not good with words. I’m not American although I was always in love with America. I’m still waiting to reach your shores from Europe where I was born. I’m not European neither but French is my first language nevertheless. No I don’t live in France. I’m a painter on her way to worldwide fame. AcidPopArt, that’s how I define my work. I’m a true follower of Andy Warhol and Pop Art. Thank to my genuine love of America, I guess, it was natural and easy for me to paint like a true American Pop Artist. But since I paint Abstract, I added Acid before Pop. The surprise was to see that painting structures led to images . All out of my control, but all out of my subconscious. And the paintings are fabulous also.

    One day you’ll hear from me. I’ll be in NYC that day. Hopefully soon.

    Did I mention I also love Fox? I’m never offended by any of them. Yea, maybe Alan Colmes. But he serves a purpose. So does O’Reilly. One thing sure about Fox is that it’s not run by pompous asses. And that’s good enough for me. They love America too and that’s all I need to know to feel at home… And the truth always comes out when you watch Fox. No subject is taboo.

    First time I saw Fox on TV, 10 days before the Iraq war, it was a revelation for me. Never saw that on TV. But Fox has a very bad reputation around the globe, courtesy of the envious clueless Left. So one idea for me was to sign my painting FoxNews, since we have the same initials…
    … A Short cut to clarity.

    See you!! and Thanx for your great site. I hope you wont quit.

    Alex Bensky Says:
    December 7th, 2008 at 12:19 pm
    “By all means, AcidPop, keep posting. Your English is fine.
    In my case, I speak good English, fair Hebrew…and Great Britain.”

    AcidPoP Says:
    December 8th, 2008 at 12:19 pm
    “Thank you Alex for your kind words and the invitation!! But I must try to control myself. Otherwise I would talk forever. I have too much to talk about. When I’ll go public, I’ll share everything. And Anyone who will share my views, will know how to find me. Then, the real Party can start.
    Thanx again!!”

    AcidPoP Says:
    April 6th, 2009 at 2:29 pm
    “As for Mapplethorpe: It was okay for the Greeks to represent male nudity, call them gods; for their athletes to practice sport naked (or was it only on potteries); then for the Modern Western world to claim Ancient Greece as her heritage; but finally, when a contemporary artist in 20th century America represent the same concept in photographs, doing that artfully and beautifully, it’s seen by some as unethical, perversion and shocking. Why is it that one is considered a model, but the other a perversion?

    One sure thing the Greeks got right, and everyone agrees, was their own ‘Mythology’, not as substitute to religion or the divine (too much ego involved) but as hint into man’s psychology (… No, I wasn’t attracted to My dad) and as a good source or material into the discovery of man’s origins and archetypes. I believe Homosexuality (”no I’m not gay”), opposite to what people consider corruption of the senses, is one form of the concept of humans as fallen angels. In that case, fallen (greek) gods who happen to fall in love with their own “mirror” in a very sacred way, by transcending societies’ rules, laws and restrictions, able to commune with a soul mate, made out of the same mold. Experiencing the nightmare of ‘gods’ when ruled by lesser ones. Where they are the ones who understood sacredness, while their current masters accuse them of profanity. Not unlike the rest of us, free people.

    Now those fallen gods are not immune to misery and all the other afflictions that all men experience in the absence of their true love. Their Romeos and their Juliets. So that’s another part of the tragedy. Just to bring more confusion into the general picture. And to make their fall even greater. And ultimately their heart bigger. If their mind is in the right place.

    One other big lie comes from sick oppressed clerics, and fascists of all stripes, i.e. secular or religious – i.e. the demagogues, not even demigods – equating pedophilia (their own tendency) with homosexuality (their own too), spreading the notion than both actions are criminal. (Not mentioning rape and sex slavery). Even insidiously finding a way into a whole chapter of an otherwise very holy book (the old testament) and curse forever a whole race, the Jewish People – not unlike humanity’s fate. But everyone’s scapegoat for sure. And curse homosexuality forever. Worse, pervert the concept. What a waste. Maybe we human didn’t deserve better at the time.

    As a side note, if Homosexuals thought of themselves as gods and goddesses (meaning certainly not lesser humans than heteros), they would know better and stop asking to live the ‘petit-bourgeois dream’ of getting married and start a family – or become Illiberal liberal priests! That I think nature didn’t offer them. Civil union for practical reasons is okay, even necessary, but Marriage doesn’t ring true to my ears (”so gay!”). My two cents. Following my own logic anyway. But that’s jut me. Gays have their own bullies, or ‘activists’ and their own internal wars to address.

    For women it’s different. They are mothers, I can see how they may end up with their own child and raise them. There could be lots of exceptions to that, as always and both ways. That’s a rule too.

    Now myself I’m more on the side of discretion (discreet). Especially when it comes to nudity. More mine. But real democracies are exactly that: the liberty to be who you are: not to be pushed by bullies to behave wilder than you are. And not to be forced by other bullies to go into hiding by fear of lynching because the truth happens to favor freedom and freedom happens to outcast/unmask THEM (Fascist governments and thoughts). Followers were not suppose to become our leaders.

    Food for thoughts. I don’t mean to start an argument. Especially on line where people tend too often to act angry or outraged. This site, thanks to neo, is too decent & precious to be spoiled. (The sanity squad is very special too. You are already a brand, no doubt, the four of you, together and separately. You can’t let that disappear. I’ll print the t-shirt one day and you’ll get (the cash and) and the publicity – for the fun of it and the greater good.)

    … I believe Jesus had it all right. Even after him, the truth could not be said. But he paid a high price for talking it. It’s up to us to look for all the unsaid words, I believe.
    One would hope that, today, in America at least, the truth can be told. First it must be reached of course. One sure rule: the fairest and highest news will hit the jackpot. The just news! No room for hypocrites & demagogues, nor space for syrupy. Much less hate and tyranny. Soft or not. Actually an antidote to it.

    We can’t compete with god’s mind, nor imagination but we can get close to it. At least not missing it when we see/hear it. That’s one purpose of ART. Art and God are one with the Truth. What’s real and what’s not? That’s an art also: to be a true art critic! How many can paint? (we know, not many) but how many can judge a painting? The question becomes could they learn to see?

    I learned a lot about God by watching my own paintings. I’ll share that knowledge one day. The good news is that while I can write hours about it, one could just simply sit and trip endlessly in front of them. Especially if I had struggled a lot to achieve them. They speak for themselves. It didn’t come easy: I started as architect, changed planet few times, was cursed with bad luck, but finally I became the luckiest person on the planet (being who I am, i.e. abstract and wild, humble, idealist & very patient). I’m still waiting for the door to paradise (Manhattan) to open for me but it’s getting closer and closer, I know. Thank God, the Iraq war has seen a positive turn. It surely helps my cause. No I’m not Iraqi. But I was pro-liberating Iraq from thugs and terror. So I had to share the sacrifice real soldiers and good Iraqis were making. I could never live their ordeal. My bad luck doesn’t bring me that far, thank God; Mine is mainly spiritual. The only pain I can handle.

    I should go now, my mother and my aunt are flying to town today from Tehran. Right, Persian neocon.

    My hope is to one day create my own café-Museum, big, bright and beautiful, with the best people around, music, laughters and friends, only. With one goal: to celebrate all that’s good about America: her beauty, her liberty, her freedom and her flag (my main theme). And then take it from there.

    … I got distracted by my visitors.
    So, I’m sending this post for posterity – i.e. four months after it was written. Time flies. I have personally abolished Time in my life. Doesn’t mean I don’t know boredom. But that’s because I’m not free yet.”
    AcidPoP Says:
    December 9th, 2008 at 6:26 pm
    “Mitsu will never be inspired by you, neo, unfortunately. He is hopeless.

    By the way art is not just technique. Too much technique kills art. In Hirst’s case, it was already dead from the start. And no amount of lipstick could ever glamorize his subjects i.e. bring them to life. Why do you think he wants to anyway?

    Actually I am happy he is paid so generously for the profanity he creates. That’s a way the universe (the appeasers) must deal with bullies. They pretend they are good people.

    Art turns into kitsch when it’s not art anymore. Besides the folklore aspect. Ironically, Hirst produces a kind of high-tech kitsch. When it’s not purely and plainly just that! He can try to convince us with his carefully chosen titles, it wont work on people who understand art. Ask Julian Schnabel what he thinks of him. I’ll be interested to hear his view. But I can guess.

    Now I don’t know Hirst in person. I’m happy he has a successful life. Other than that, I’m not ‘dying’ to become his friend.

    When God has no place in someone’s heart or conversation, consciously or unconsciously, I feel lost.

    In my case, I let God paint for me, the result is so much better. Bold, round, POP and crazy, like His own taste. But that’s another story. At this point, I am ready to share some pictures of my work. At least privately with you, neo. You have my email, I believe, if you wish, I’ll be happy to introduce my work to you.

    Thanx for another great post, neo. Your point has completely been lost on Mitsu but at least, he is gentle and that’s a good quality. Just ask him not to argue with me, I wont have the energy to follow his logic.”

    Mitsu Says:
    December 9th, 2008 at 6:32 pm
    It’s not about logic, AcidPOP: it’s about something that cannot be said in words.
    AcidPoP Says:
    January 10th, 2009 at 9:01 am
    “Great comments everywhere. Maybe the Joetheplumber effect. Plus free people seem fed up with the so-called Palestinian … soap opera. And crooks in general.
    Perfect place for me to go off-topic; or, right on.

    In case I already have a fan club. Three is a good start. I will tell you about my move. Yesterday, I checked Lou Reed’s site and found this message:
    “we are currently taking design submissions for Lou Reed muscle t-shirts and women’s tank tops. To submit a design please email it to Loureedshirt@…”

    So I sent some brand new pictures of my brand new painting and wrote this:

    “You already have my paintings (hopefully). You can choose any detail you wish. This last one is full of punch!! You already have my address. Maybe you’ll send some real photographers. Maybe yourself. We are waiting. Maybe I’ll report to neo-neocon that I sent pictures of my last picture to LouReed site at his own request. It’s public. Depends how inspired I will be.”

    Obviously I need to be my own agent. But what at least I could do (is doing) is making my bidding public. From my design cave. And what better place than here at neo’s? Later I will have to post also the comment I wrote on this site on the topic of Andy Warhol to him. Using Damien Hirst to make my point. A “Démonstration par l’absurde”, if I’m right with my french and my math/philosophy. To make my case.

    At this point, we will all have to simply wait and see, I guess. I confess I needed to get high to do this part. Thanx.”

    LOST THE LINK but essentially it’s after Inauguration day (OBAMA), a song by DocSanity:
    “Thank God for Pat Santy! Even the thought of you should make my day.
    Anyway, nice lyrics too.

    Plus the Sanity Squad is a Brand already. We can’t wait to hear your laughters, from the four of you, again. You don’t need to interview nobody. No calls.

    Or from now on, it will be only the t-shirt!!

    It will depend on how open Americans will be, I should have written left-wing activists. American are the nicest people on the planet, why even here, and now, a great country like this should be constantly, or just recently, hijacked by fascists like Michael Moore and … Michael Moore.

    I’m anything but an activist. I don’t even vote. But I tend to spread oxygen instead of poison and ignorance. My heart is pure. There is not an ounce of jealousy in my heart, especially in front of Beauty; nor in my argumentation. I have done my therapy. I needed to find out who I was and who was who.

    I hope all leaders around the world have already solved their relationships with their fathers and mothers before they decide to govern us.

    Anyway, it’s not even political, it’s psychological. Sexual. As long as the question of homosexuality is not solved, fascists will continue to prosper. And destroy.

    With all its nuances. And I don’t mean pedophilia. Hell right away. Not that Hell makes sense when you believe in God.

    I get offended when people slander or even criticize Fox and I don’t like when the very talented workoholic open-minded rational good Doctor is called “fascist”. It’s synonymous with saying “neocon”, only you were born that way!

    And the neocons are anything but that. Actually they fight them, anywhere they find it!!

    For that you have to think principles first, race and nationality second!!

    I myself am a Persian neocon. More or less, I can’t read farsi. But that’s the topic of another day. I grew up in Europe by the way. At 32 I left for Iran. From soft socialism to pure fascism. My path to Freedom and success passed thru Tehran. But I felt safe in Tehran despite my listening loud to jazz music and having private parties. After 9/11 certainly, I started to become paranoid. Now I was on the side of Bush, FOX (a miracle, at the right time! Imagine following the war on CNN!! Now I simply never watch CNN), the war in iraq; and I had chosen retreat. Total retreat. From friends. It became political. And I had no time, much less energy to try to inspire them. But that’s another story too.

    The point being that I had panic attacks (claustrophobia) even in Brussels recently. It felt like nazi Germany.

    Now thank God, I feel much better. We all know it’s because we understand the West is winning, Iraq will be okay and the strategy is the right one until now. It will only get better also. Not everybody is a dummy! Time is working for the West. Accomplishments! But the other half of the world who think the West was losing, has lost, is lost, is apparently even happier than the rest of us because they love the new muslim US president. And his charisma. So smart people should capitalize on that appeal in international affairs. It would be easier/nicer if President Obama was meant to become, together with Michelle, two true neocons. Perfect start in their case!! So we wouldn’t need to continue spread Lies. Half-truths. Twisted truths. Corrupt truths.

    Thanx a thousand time for all your efforts to educate and entertain us, Doc!
    AcidPoP| 01.22.09 – 8:39 am”
    “Thanx for this and thanx for the free conversation with you.
    I’m not a writer – but a very good art pop painter.
    But I know my words are pure gold. I went to a very good school. I was beaten up by God for about 10 years. They call that “the test of fire”.
    Anyway I’m alive and well. My hair is back after 7 years. I had a real Christmas this time. With my mother and my aunt around me. When they will leave I hope I could live, not just survive.
    I will need your backing. And friendship.
    FEB 13 09

    “Since Sunday, I have vertigo. Even in my sleep. I know I am punch-drunk.
    America has elected his first radical chic Prez. Now he is giving the world all they were begging; and at this speed, we may see the collapse of the entire Western world. And worst case scenario, WW3. 1942 redux.
    Since God wont free me, u and I both know u are the only thing in this world that can bring me back to life. When will come the day where our tale could be told?
    For the sake of all that’s good in this world.

    “My last comment stopped the spinning in my head for few days. I understand the symptoms, and know the remedy by now, having been submitted this past 10 years to God’s constant manipulations on me. Endless cycles between lightness & fire. I thought I had sent my last comment but when the pain came back, I knew I had more to unveil. So here I am but since I have lot to say I’ll send my third comment to neoneocon’s blog. (title: Obaminous -March 30th09)

    AcidPoPArtist ”

    (by some magic trick my post isn’t there anymore. Now it is here:)
    AcidPoP Says:
    March 31st, 2009 at 12:03 pm
    (here an update on my (AcidPoPArtist) open conversation with Lou Reed (NewYorkShuffle) + a follow-up:)

    “Dear Lou, I can’t take it anymore. Never could; but this time it’s like watching America having to start yet another war (Afghanistan?) and lose another soldier for a world unwilling to ever recognize her greatness and her sacrifices (past, present and future). Much less provide spiritual and/or material support of any sort. Big machination (ignorance/corruption) emanating straight from the UN. And unfortunately from inside America also.

    Anyway, I don’t know what will finally break your silence. When will come the day where I can expect you to knock on my door and take me away. I have sent pieces of testimony all over the web since year 2006. including unfriendly sites where I did nevertheless run into few friendly voices (like “The Crack Emcee” who had just made his own conversion from Left to Right). I had well-connected messengers that have helped me find you, contact you and spread the word. Before that, I had messengers that have helped me contact Fox, and thru them, the former President of the United States and my own former Queen – Persia. The response was always the same: Full cooperation, then suddenly: mute – I mean, the messengers. To all, I even gave away my password so that they could freely check my email and read my testimony. As an act of faith on my part and respect of them.

    Knowing what I was dealing with, I never misinterpreted their change of behavior. Like you, once they got involved in this quest, they had to be part of the same divine conspiracy. And accept to play mute. For one purpose only: test my faith, give future authority/credibility to my findings and on the side, give me a chance to write an ongoing testimony and build a case. For the two of us.

    Even though you never did pick up the phone, you have been part of my dreams and my visions since December 1998. All your albums since 1992 (Magic & Loss) and since + two Rock Operas have been telling the same story. I am the “Lonely Woman” you referred to 5 times starting your radio show. Your face appear magically on every one of my abstract paintings. I didn’t believe you when you bashed Bush and I don’t believe you when you praise Obama. You know better. And lastly, I am confident when I claim that your love relationship with Laurie Anderson is an act, your last year 10,-$ wedding a “lark”. To use your own words in your last song “The Power of the Heart” (& dedicated to me). That Laurie, being such special soul and a true friend, has accepted to play along and be our ally in a story that is bigger than ourselves and for a cause that is worth living for. Establishing the truth. Defining what’s right from what’s wrong and ultimately, helping to preserve and protect Freedom and Beauty against barbarity and oppression by first making clear what country and which party/leaders/ideals best defend man’s Rights and Liberty.

    For that you had to make some contradicting statements unworthy of your intelligence, hide from me when you are dying to run to me. Made easier to you because you knew all along that I never doubted you, nor would give up on you, much less stop loving you.

    I couldn’t be in your shoes. Being a woman, not a man, I would have betrayed God’s trust years ago knowing He would forgive me. If I can’t reach you, it is only because I am kept His prisoner, puppet on a string, like we all are even if we thing we are in control. A course in humility. Our own will and actions aren’t enough to assure us safety. God is the ultimate decider. And I thank Him for that. Ultimately, true knowledge comes during harsh times. And I had much to learn about and it never seems to stop. Of course my natural shyness didn’t help me neither.

    I got the whole world involved in my quest if they had ears to hear or eyes to see. I am still desperately looking for a well-intentioned and well-connected messenger that could find a way to take my hand and knock on your door if such powerful person does exist. But considering my past experience with few of them, I doubt it could work this time. My best hope is that when you and L.A. are touring Europe this coming summer, together, you’ll come to my home and bring me back where I belong. After all I saw that scene happening in dreams several times.”

    My email of introduction to neo:

    “Hi neo,
    I thought it was time I send you pictures of my work. The one that became my “American Flag” painting. The pictures themselves are not too good. I was in Tehran when I switched from architecture to painting (Jan 98). I moved there in 1992 (at age 32), thru 2005. I knew that in order for me to find my true path and become my own boss I needed to go to Tehran where life was much cheaper and where despite being a very dark place, I would enjoy more freedom on other levels. Freedom from the socialist, big brother government of Western Europe. With no tax, no health care, no security, real sense of freedom. More like the early days of the Wild Wild West. I also had my extended family living there, so lots of support.

    Also in Tehran, I would be much closer to America. Thanks to all the Iranians that have studied and lived there. Lots of them had made my same choice and decided to go to Tehran for a while. I was in a unique case: I was born in Brussels and didn’t study farsi. So my knowledge of the language is limited. Which is fine with me.

    I wont take too much of your time. I don’t ask you to answer me neither. I may nevertheless send you one or two more emails with more pictures of me in my Tehran apt. And some more paintings. I managed to finally send 10 paintings (all!) to Lou (in Feb 2006). There is nothing we can do but wait until my and his time has come and we can be together. By the way, when I was in Tehran, thru a friend, I met an American writer who grew up in Tehran (his father worked for the oil industry). He came back after all these years with his mother and two brothers to Tehran to find his former gardener (year 2000). And he found him. He also met me who was at the time looking for Lou Reed. My story inspired him. He lived in NY. Was friend with a reporter at the NYdailyNews, George Rush. So he promised he would find Lou’s address and send it to me. That’s how it started. Then he asked if he could have me mentioned in his coming book. I said definitively yes! The book came out: “Searching for Hassan”, by Terence Ward. Around 2002.

    The only thing I can promise you is that if you write to Lou and I have both his office address and his private address, he will answer you. Wont lie to you. The only thing that may happen is that he will ask you to become one more ally and not telling me what you have heard. But at least you would know that I didn’t lie, didn’t manipulate and have not lost my mind. If I wasn’t so sure about what was happening to me I wouldn’t dare to share my story with so many people. Including two heads of State. Nothing scares me. Misbelievers and believers can challenge me. I am not hiding from the truth. All I needed is someone who would confront Lou and ask him if any of my claims are true or not, then let me know. The few who have done so have never come back to me to tell me what they heard.

    So I can not be free. Nor Lou for that matter. We have both been visited by God. We have both met each others and be shown our truth thru visions (cartoon -like, POP!! Like my own paintings actually). Very intense experience, stronger than life. And much more. In his case, it started around 7 years before me. Based on the lyrics of his first album on the subject. Then it went on.

    Thru our visions, we both learned that Lou, Jean Michel Basquiat and me are one same soul that was split in three. Where two men were designed for one woman. Which is so much more right than if it was two women destined to one man. For me anyway. I am stuck with my truth. There is no coming back for me. Because of that love, Lou and I have both passed thru the same fire, experienced the same horror and were shown the same truth.

    I understood the rules of this scary game. I had never any doubts as to what it was. The only question mark since the beginning was when will Lou answer me and fly to me? How many years it will take, what possible event? etc.

    It was very difficult to stay away from him. Now I am stronger and stronger. But not safe. I can still get panic attacks any time there is danger.

    After 10 years of harsh treatment, I have become officially claustrophobic. I wouldn’t dare to take a plane. Unless I know it’s because Lou has finally answered the phone. Although when he does, he would come and pick me up himself.

    Dear neo, I can promise you one thing, if your interest is real and your heart pure (which I believe) — I am not flattering you, thanx to your being, you have attracted the best crop of commenters also. Not an easy task — I hope you will write to Lou. You wouldn’t have to introduce yourself extensively, much less me. All you will have to do is to show that you have been touched by my story, that it have made enough sense to you and now would want to meet the man and ask him if it is true since I asked you to become friend and messenger and I have already involved you, using your blog to make several public statements. Even on YouTube. . As I always say to those who cross my way: you are free to make that choice, if you like to meet us, connect to our story, you can choose to be part of it. I wont force nobody. You must take the step for yourself. All I do is to offer you my friendship. In response, all you have to do is to accept the invitation and challenge. Nothing hard on your part. But it must be an act of love and based on reason.

    I hope I wasn’t too abstract. Nor too pushy. I don’t think so. I’m used to people’s silence. I wont take yours for a no. I only hope you will accept my offer, meet Lou and share our joy because who wouldn’t want to have Lou Reed as friend? And how many deserve his friendship?

    Anyway, good luck to you. By the way I sent another comment the other day to that link. For posterity.

    Brussels, April9O9″

  79. AcidPoP Says:

    (… )

    Speaking of “TheCrackEmcee”, what a talented musician!! He has released one album only: “Rap’s Creation”. Like me, his passion for his own art has seen a stop after his heart was broken. At this point, I imagine only You could bring real hope and lightness into his life. Not that he wont survive on its own, but because he definitely deserves your backing and your friendship. Bright gutsy fair fellow.
    I met him on line. In the letters section of Salon, of all places; three years ago.

    AcidPoPArtist APRIL2409″

    “Dear Lou,
    I’ll quit the whining & stop the stalking the day you send me an Official “FUCK YOU” note – see my comments on video1.
    Since everyone around me minus few still think I am nuts, I chose seclusion and silence. Became addicted to the News and learnt few things. On the other hand, I sacrificed my Art. When will this scary game stop is the only mystery. Me, you can print your answer on the front page of the NYT, I’ll welcome it. The truth is my only ally. Truth and Freedom.
    AcidPoPArtist APRIL3009″

    43. AcidPoP
    “If Iran one bright day regains her past glory, it wont be thanks to cowards like Laleh. America is continuously doing the heavy lifting (not thanx to the Dems). The least people like Laleh could do is to support America’s efforts when an opportunity comes and side with her real Friends: i.e. Israel. Instead, she has chosen Palestine and her own new rulers. Islam has destroyed the memory of Iran’s past. So much that, to the world, History has started with the Greeks, not the Persians, while in fact they contributed to the success and concept of America. As one nation under God. And freedom of religion. Thanks to 1400 years of Arab ruling, none of it is recognized nor remembered.

    When you choose to live in a country run by fascists and barbarians where torture and rape is common practice inside its prisons, if you have a minimum sense of dignity and fairness, you must know that nothing can ever protect you because destruction will come sooner or later. If America doesn’t intervene, it will eventually start from your own government. WW3.

    I lived 12 years in Tehran myself. Until 4 years ago. I’m Persian, female and understand right from wrong. I’ll do my part to inspire more people inside the country to side with their true friends. Not like the world did when Saddam was to be removed.

    Persians should know better. Stop getting your news from CNN and the NYT.”

    May 2, 2009 – 9:18 am

    47. Laleh
    “AcidPoP, you want me to support the people who want to bomb my country? The same people who have turned Iraq into a ragin inferno? Afghanistan too?

    What a great traitor you are to your fellow hamvatans. I guess you dont have relatives who were chemical bombed in Khuzestan. you have not felts ad experiences up close the horrors of war. I dont blame you just know this that you are a traitor to your country. Heck, even the Americans must laught at you.

    you are being idaelistic… like the neonconservatives who ponder they can turn the middle-east in to a heaven over night with their bomb droppings. no matter what you like it or not, the majority of iran (no not the tehranis, the ones in the rural areas) are conservative religious people like the ones in america but muslim. you cant force them to change over night.. it has to be a gradual change… I’m in the minority who wants a secular democratic iran but knows that it wont be achieved by the barel of a gun or bomb. I have family members over seas… they ask me why im not out of iran, but I chose to stay here unlike certain people who chickend out. I want to fix my iran myself without the need of foriegn invaders. We have had enough of that over ht years. if you people over seas supported our movements instead of constantly bashing the mullahs and placing collective sanctions on our asses, basically doing nothing useful we would be better off. your LA TVs are destructive force…

    I found this site through google news page. I thought sensible people lived here.. looks like i am wrong. i might go else where.

    peace! even to the ones who want to dehumanize me and then drop bombs on me.

    long live mossadeq!”

    May 2, 2009 – 11:02 am

    48. AcidPoP
    “Good luck trying to topple the savages that control Iran. I know I never would have the courage myself. I’m not crazy. I couldn’t face my fate. And I wouldn’t want you or any other young fellow iranians to do it for me neither. I know what happens to anyone who confront the mullahs: horror.

    Our only chance is America and Israel, since we cannot count on the UN and the so-called international community to declare the mullah outlaws and criminals and bring them to justice. The bureaucrats that govern the globe need a good spanking. They are the reason so many thieves and thugs are in power.

    Be sure I’ll try my best to bring the change the world needs thru the power of words, not guns. I am well armed and my testimony has already been written and spread. All we need at this point is to make it public. And I don’t control that part. Besides, I’m too shy to expose myself anyway. But the work is done.

    God Bless Us! as Mark Levin would say.
    (Not that he knows me)

    And no I don’t watch LA TVs. I don’t live in LA and I don’t watch their TV.”

    May 2, 2009 - :
    AcidPoP Says:
    June 20th, 2009 at 4:19 am
    “The definitive blow was Obama refusing to give an interview to the great Neil Cavuto and anyway, make sure the message is spread that Fox News is bad and a propaganda machine for the right. Where in fact the opposite is true. They are the only news channel that spread the truth , plus gives best advices to Kings everywhere. By stars for stars.

    Me and the president are in opposite camps. The question remains: will he shine thru? Will Joe, Nancy, Bill and Hillary oppose him?

    Interesting times. Everybody is indirectly challenged by Obama’s cluelessness or radical agenda. The American people must choose a side. The Persian people also. Everybody is on his/her own now – and yet the connexion is also very strong. It will be Life or destruction? A Persian revolution at this juncture can only turn out to become the return of life, nothing short of that.

    Obama is supposed to bring freedom thanks to his words. It’s now that he must choose which president he wants to emulate? Reagan or Carter? The iranian people are more than ready.

    Iran must find her own bunch of enlightened founding fathers. Her constitution ready. We will submit it to the iranian people, thank you internet. They can vote on line and then we’ll send the cops arrest the thugs in religious garb and bolshevik ideology.

    We want a velvet revolution this time (ref. to “Velvet Underground”) against the possibility of one inspired by the ideology of the Weather Underground. Che, Chavez, castro, Michel Moores like.

    Iran has been hijacked by pagan thugs 1400 years ago and no amount of sufism has been able to give Islam a better reputation or its followers a better education and a lighter heart.

    The president must solve his own war: What will solve and save the world from darkness and hate? The Jesus way or the Mohammed route? Christianity or Islam?

    More, every single Arab has to ask himself if HE will follow the same old path of the Jewish people and follow/challenge those who worship a cult or those who know God?

    The God described in the Koran is a fraud. He had the audacity to take His throne and bring hate, lies and horror each time power has been given to him.

    Every single individual must answer the call, accept the challenge and choose Freedom or Hell for all. Are we as God’s apprentice, ready to prove we are worthy of Him and worthy of paradise in Paradise?

    We want a peaceful revolution and a peaceful world, free from mafiosi politicians. If Russians build good reactors, when Iran will become worthy of her heritage and be run by a West and Jew loving government, Russians can continue provide the technology. We believe in nuclear power as source of sustainable green energy.

    I have so many ideas and tips. Sorry if I don’t make too much effort in my writing [now I corrected a bit]. I have one advice for the president: Ask Lou Reed what he would do to make the best of it.
    The West should promise one thing to the Mullahs and gangsters who control the world. You can step down peacefully. We promise, we wont cut your head. We will isolate you in some paradise in the Caribbean. Guantanamo was not such a bad idea after all. Without the waterboarding and the guards. But nobody need to waterboard these people. We have the truth already.”

  80. AcidPoP Says:

    (….. ) Part3 of this series. And don’t just read my posts by the way:
    1O. Baghdad POP:
    “So, if I understand right, the message from this post is “We Are All The Hidden Imam” – otherwise and less dramatically, we are all Imam the 13th. If we can. Let’s challenge now the current President. His choices will be included to ours (i.e. all accounts). I wonder if the chapter Leviticus [or something] of the old Testament (check, please) was added by the likes of Rahm Emmanuel and Georges Soros, on the Jewish side…
    We are all on a good path nevertheless,
    Baghdad POP
    Aug 20, 2009″

    13. Baghdad POP
    “A last word to all, while you are debating which color to choose, I know I want to look like Zoroaster. The One before all other o/One(s).
    Where are the French when you need them?
    Real French Artists are nevertheless of the best sort.
    Baghdad BO, oops, POP August 20, 2009″ :

    Posted by: AcidPoP
    Sep 15
    “When self proclaimed conservatives lack manners – even if it’s just on line – I get nervous. What gives anyone the right to be so arrogantly tyrannical in their comments? Last time I checked Mr Dunn is one of the thinkers who design this site. He definitively sets its tone. And a special tone, there is. That’s why it’s such a special place.
    You insult him, you have insulted American Thinker, not just once but twice, … As a rule, I would say that when it comes to Mr Dunn at least, if you have nothing nice or positive to add, keep quiet. How much more nuance you want him to bring in each of his posts?
    Plus all your concerns have been acknowledge by him already. And answered.

    What I got from this post was that as long as the American people flood peacefully the streets of America with witty signs and get all their news only from Fox in TV land (this part my theory!), even the mafia and the killers are powerless. Without Americans making their voice clear and loud, and they did and there is no going back, there would be reason to have fears. America has demonstrated how forever young and calm and bold and wise she can be and it happened on 9/12, thank God for Glenn Beck and so many patriots who are being fully creative and acting for the Soul of Americans. That’s what this battle is all about. It is not just in America. To win this battle, it has to be echoed by free people around the globe.
    The problems America is facing are not new. It has just reached the tipping point where enough is enough, the Democrat party (i.e. capitalism when run by communist gangsters/Putin and Company) has been caught its hands in the cookie jar. America has elected for the first time a true leftist believer. All the lights are on them. There is nowhere they can hide anymore. And it’s all true. On tape, on line. Time only adds to the list of their mischiefs.
    People want to know who is the anti-christ. If you must choose one thing, what would it be? I say: The Unions. It’s gangsterism in the name of Justice. They have another name: Bullies.
    The American revolution is the fight against Bullies of all stripes. Passive-aggressives included. And TAXES.
    Be generous with your own damn money!
    Who said a neoconservative is a leftist who is pro-Israel?
    Neocons are conservatives. Who love Israel. And Liberty and America. And want Peace.
    Sorry for my ranting. Don’t publish that if you think I am a whiner myself.
    Baghdad POP”

    69. AcidPoP
    “Dear Mr Ledeen,
    yesterday evening I was thinking about you, your efforts, your lightness, your dedication to a noble cause, and I thought I should send you a note of support and love and then, miraculously I see you on Fox&Friends the morning after!! (plus, after so many years).

    I was delighted and I smiled at God.
    THANX to all real Patriots across the globe!!!
    October 15, 2009 ”

    Michael Ledeen
    “thanks, much appreciated.
    October 15, 2009″
    (no comment)

    In my last comment to American Thinker (Acid POP, sometimes Baghdad POP), I posited one more time that I was Andy Warhol’s natural Heiress.
    Style and substance. Plus like him, I’m shy (more!), and anyway I need a voice and it’s you. who else?
    For the time being I am in the unique position to be able to be a Voice for America against a tyrannical government.
    And Save the Planet, in a peaceful manner: Thanx to the power of knowledge and Self-Knowledge. No time for blames. It’s judgment day.
    AcidPoPArtist OCT 24 09″
    AcidPoP Says:
    November 4th, 2009 at 5:56 am
    “(Hello. not completely Off-Topic, here my last “Open Letter to My Beloved”:)

    “Dear Lou,
    I hope you are on your way to join me or having me joining you somewhere.

    I finished yesterday my marijuana stash but didn’t went to Amsterdam for a refill. Maybe I’ll go, maybe I’ll wait.

    Today I was depressed. I’m bored to death. Still a little sick.

    I don’t have to tell anything, I’m sure. You know everything already.

    But still I haven’t feel this way in months, I had to share my shitty mood with all. Most people have it worst than me, so I never really like to complain but it doesn’t mean I feel blessed myself anyway. That is the undeniable fact.

    Maybe I’ll switch back to my days of only Lou Reed’s music and no hard news TV for a while.

    Frankly, I am beginning to get really scared by the US government. I understand why it’s such a comfortable place when you can put all the blames on the right, the rich, anything but the real damn fuckers.

    I could handle the change and the war and the American second revolution much better if I was not cut out from the world. My loved ones.

    I am alone, powerless, hopeless, having to also bear their anxieties, pain, difficulties etc.

    Not only have the economy crashed and people lost money. Now this crazy WH and crazy Democrats want to impose more loss to the Americans. By printing money, then burning that money. And building a bigger fortress for themselves and their cronies + all the thugs of the universe who can walk free.

    Who has the authority to send these thieves to jail?

    Watergate should move his offices to Guantanamo Bay since they are planning to empty its rooms.

    I can’t wait for your coming book(s).

    I can’t order your last CD on line.

    See You Soon. please.
    love”" [a repeat]
    Posted by: AcidPoP
    Nov 08
    “Speaking of Smith, aren’t “Mr and Mrs Smith” currently sharing the Lincoln bedroom or something?
    I know nothing makes sense but at least we can still laugh at the absurdity of it all. Diane Sawyer has only her look to her credit.” :
    Posted by: AcidPoP
    Nov 09, 01:19 PM
    “Great advice and great article.

    … and Lloyd Marcus’ art and way is the best example of what we are going to accomplish on steroid in the near future.

    LOVE!! is the gift/secret of the true Artist. Without Love, there is no Truth; and no true Art.
    See how bland is the artwork (logo) of our rival.
    It tells you everything you needed to know. It’s a one note composition: O/zero. You see, the subject matter was a mystery, or a lie.

    … So it turned out as something like a blander version of Fascist propaganda. We didn’t miss it and it was never funny.
    And stolen, on top of it.

    When it comes to ART, nobody will beat US.

    Wait until I show you the beautiful “American Flag” I painted (2000). It will be known as the new “Guernica”, only this time we know who the true fascists are and which America is the object of Our LOVE. Something even the French will understand. Finally.

    Can’t wait for that day to arrive when the french finally gets it. Maybe then the American left will feel embarrassed and inspired too. One can always dream. Not that I care but I know that if I can inspire the French and I will, half of the battle is won. In our two front battle.

    All we will need is the US military (God Bless Them!) for protection and that too is already guaranteed. Thank God.

    So See you.
    And More LOVE for YOU!!”


  81. AcidPoP Says:

    The Queen of Punk City :
    The Cream King Trove :
    Shammadamma :
    Letter Bomb

  82. AcidPoP Says:

    (SUITE) :
    The Beginning (One Version Anyway) :
    Johnny Dodge & the 440s. :
    Gypsy Jackknife :
    Why You Have Never Heard of Punk Writing

  83. AcidPoP Says: :
    Gypsy 1999 :
    Late Gypsy :
    The Boomer Bible Begins…
    The Frelinger Factor

  84. AcidPoP Says:

    (Part3) :
    Gypsy 1999 :
    Late Gypsy :
    The Boomer Bible Begins…
    The Frelinger Factor

  85. AcidPoP Says:

    (PART4) :
    “I’m going to be at my post.” :
    Loco :
    St. Nuke :
    The Gatz File

  86. AcidPoP Says:

    (PART5) :
    Rumors of the Metalkort :
    Reality Check :
    The Death of St. Nuke :
    Change of Plans

  87. AcidPoP Says:

    (PART6) :
    I like this guy :
    Fire :
    Konfessions of St. Nuke the King :
    Ka a.k.a. The First Tutorial of Jonathan Pus

  88. AcidPoP Says:

    My START @ Instapunk, with A TRUE GOODIE:
    ( (Got the picture yet…?) Dec 10 09:

    AcidPoP 2009-12-11
    “Hello everyone!!
    What America needs today is the American Revolution part II. Peaceful but complete. One Party, the Tea Party, to replace the old and obsolete two-party system.

    After all, Providence shaped America like a tea pot (Aladdin’s Lamp?). Magically, She also looks like a perfect Disney drawing of a baby elephant. What higher stamp of approval one needs?

    … I say, the Democrats are toast. They can all declare they are atheists. That would be an improvement too. But not enough to convince us. Nobody will miss these tyrants.
    Good LUCK and happy Christmas to ALL!!!”

    AcidPoP 2009-12-14 01:37
    “As a Lover of America and Liberty, I know I’m not alone in this fight. God will Lead America to Victory. All truly grateful Punks know that.


    ( (Now. Where were we?):

    AcidPoP 2009-12-27 04:32
    “Beautiful post.

    I have such similar wolf (True Punk pic with teeth and all) on my abstract American Flag painting (2000). The one I claimed would be known as the new “Guernica”- only it wont end up at the UN, that’s for sure.

    You just have to rotate the painting on its left side to see the huge portrait.

    And so much more… all out of my control but out of my subconsciousness.

    As to the colors, they are bright, light, bold & beautiful!

    Thanks for the treat!! It’s beyond synchronicity at this point; it’s a conspiracy. I’m fine with both but after a while I look for the (still divinely designed) plot. It means the end (beginning) is near.

    GoodBye, and more thanks.


  89. AcidPoP Says:

    ( (Obama’s Three Letters):
    AcidPoP 2010-01-01 04:33:00
    “Dear IP,

    I just had an opportunity to illustrate your point – The Chicago Way -, so I did (my way):

    It seems it never ends. I thought I had already expressed my last words. There is already an update on the YouTube page.

    I wish I could shut up now (my new year resolution, if I had any voice on the matter) – obviously, I don’t. (FINE!!)”

    ( – 2010 Caption Contest:)
    AcidPoP 2010-01-07 04:12
    “Joe: Boss, Rome is burning and I’m not up to the task, I want to resign – the money is safe [smile]

    O: I accept your resignation but I will need to throw you under the bus first – you know, for the cause.

    Joe: Oh? all right , boss, you know best.

    …. or, somebody (like Michelle) told the president that he looks sexy when he looks mean, so he took the pose when he saw the photographer coming. Only he went one step too far: showing pure hate.

    We already knew Al Capone was in the WH, they want to make us believe it was James Bond, now? Sorry, we know our classics and we know the history of the Democrat party.

    Not funny, not hip. More like white trash. Now I burnt all my chances at becoming US citizen, I guess. Time for the American Revolution again. THEY have started the war, let’s not forget that important fact. It’s that or enslavement and then the collapse of the entire western civilization with another WW. The barbarians being at the gates.

    Time for all true patriots to shout out loudly and boldly! America deserves better and will reclaim her status as spiritual leader of the world community. It’s the USA against the Union Bosses. The cause of the dumbing down of America’s IQ thanx to the democratic party and her nefarious backers in the nazi far-left. Green, red, purple and brown. And white! for (pseudo) pacifists. (comedians included).

    If we don’t shout back, they will destroy us. Our only luck is that they forgot they live in America, not Russia or Venezuela. They wont make it happen the way they wish. We wont need guns neither. Just guts and knowledge. Humbleness and true vision.

    If they think they are the real cool crazy, they haven’t met us yet.


    (Forgive me God!)”

  90. AcidPoP Says: – Pumpkinhead speaks…:
    AcidPoP 2010-01-09 03:47:00
    “This is how socialism looks like: peasants with PhD (or not!) pretending to have reached the wisdom and greatness of Jesus (or true kings for that matter). Only they are true bore and real asses. When not corrupt participants.

    No wonder they can watch Ahmadinejad and his 40,000 thieves or so in the eyes and not be troubled a bit.

    They prefer losers, would sacrifice every Lover.

    Unfortunately hell exists only on planet earth and right now they have created their own paradise. Not forever! They don’t deserve so much power. They are screwing up the world and they ask us to thank them.

    Well I’m here to let them know how much I loathe them and my ART is there to support me. I’ll make sure Iran wont miss her revolution. After all, she just went thru 30 years of Islamic and Marxist/fascist dictatorship (the invaders from the North and those from the South). Her forever fate. Not anymore.

    America, Israel and Iran are fighting the same fight against the same enemy (foreign and domestic). Europe is still asleep and quite lost (BBC’s Imperialism!). Only We the People (made in USA) can educate the political class, and vote en masse… and then, let the news spread everywhere.

    It’s snowing today. It’s cold. Tea is ready.

    L O V E you!! Thank GOD for free speech and clarity! It always gets hilarious when we allow ourselves to describe devil’s actions before it can start (see your post below!)” – “At war with al Qaeda”:

    AcidPoP 2010-01-11 08:35:00
    “LOVE it!! Gallows humor indeed.
    On the bright side, I just received by mail my copy of “THE BOOMER BIBLE”. Perfect birthday gift!! So thanx a lot.

    And thanx to all that’s good in life (real fun). That will be our revenge. Its pay back day. I agree with you, Big Journalism has the perfect tone. Lightness. Strength. Clarity. Beauty.
    … My kind of Army! LOVE YOU!!
    I’ve been slaying dragons myself for a while. I would like very much to go back mind my own business. But right now, all the crazies are in control (including in America) and so every patriot across the globe has taken steps to stop the madness. Not crazy. Which is a very good news. And I feel very good about it. I’m full of hope.
    L O v e…”

  91. AcidPoP Says: – Top U.S. Foreign War Correspondent Arrested
    AcidPoP 2010-01-13
    “You just explained what Helen Thomas can’t possibly figure out on her own but so pompously expects the bureaucrats in Washington could tell her. Although what she really wanted to hear was: Oil, exploitation, Israel, Capitalism; the usual liberals platitudes to satisfy their even phonier liberal outrage.

    Anything but watch themselves in the mirror and start fighting their own war.

    Just finished § [/BOOK OF] BRITS!!!!” – Just for Fun, (seriously):
    AcidPoP 2010-01-22 03:33:00
    “Maddow is carnal, and so, she is gross, while Huffington is just off – she also believes She invented democracy. Thank God for them, they believe they are so sexy. But that’s because they are not timid. Madly in love with their own image. Born with a lucky star, that’s all. Their own illusions. Greek Goddesses indeed.

    Madeleine Albright plays the same game – no shame at all?? This is why they have chosen leftism after all. They all suffer from the Madonna syndrome. They sell politics like they sell sex. And they get both things wrong since each should be kept separate from the other.

    There is no continuity in their thoughts. Only contradictions. One day puritan (victim), one day whorish (bullies). Always beside the point, tyrannical and excessive. They are fun five minutes, after that you wanna throw up.

    If I had 5% of their hubris/blindness, I would own the world too.

    PS. I love Vertigo. I like Ben Shapiro’s humor. I hope he continues the way he writes with his fun pieces. Movie directors (on the left) take themselves too seriously for my taste. And QT is definitively mentally deranged but is making the best use of his own depravity. I can watch and enjoy Kill Bill, but I will never watch Inglorious Bastards. No matter what. Hate David Lynch’s universe. Missed most of his movies. Two was enough.

    LOVE TBB. and the punks. The real America. The only America. The Rest IS illusion.

    Even Boston joined the Tea Party and that’s the best news. Became what she was meant to be and reclaimed her own past. Time to celebrate. What had to happen and is happening is the awakening of the American people. And there is no going back. It will only get stronger and bigger and happier.
    L O V E!”

    AcidPoP 2010-01-24
    “… I finished, two days ago now, the Boomer Bible. Your Masterpiece. It started quite high, it ended even higher. Every word you wrote make sense to me – Crystal Clear.

    I am so happy you wrote it and I am so happy I finally read it, possess it and can cherish it.

    Nothing has been left aside. Every topic has been covered and yet I want more. Of the Punk way.

    TBB should be required reading in every school of America. It will save future generations from their inevitable doom – will free the slaves too. It’s also the exact literary response to My (American Flag) paintings.

    So when all my cash will dry up, I will come back to you and ask for a bail out, an invitation, and the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration.

    LOVE YOU!!!
    punkette, still rich.”

    RFL 2010-01-26
    ” … I finished, two days ago now, the Boomer Bible. Your Masterpiece. It started quite high, it ended even higher. Every word you wrote make sense to me – Crystal Clear.

    I am so happy you wrote it and I am so happy I finally read it, possess it and can cherish it. ”

    Thank you. Very much.
    Tell me again. Where are your American flag paintings? I’d like to return the favor by looking at your work too.”

    AcidPoP 2010-11-10
    “Dear RFL,
    I didn’t realize until today that there was a reply from you. It’s a shock. How did I miss it? So, thanks!
    But I wrote to you elsewhere; then stopped… ” [a repeat] – Politically correct, political incorrectness:

    AcidPoP 2010-01-27
    “Great post, as they all are.

    … what is missing and what Jesus knew and said, what sufism is all about and what is absolutely absent in the close world of feminists (who ever needed them anyway?) is the concept of Love: the sacred union between a man and a woman. God (Passion) lived and seen in the eyes of the Beloved. Even if only reduced to dreams/visions. The same concept, mystical quest of the Holy Grail. The Romeo and Juliet syndrome. The knowledge that for each man, woman, there is a Juliet, Romeo (and maybe in some cases vice versa too, what do I know!) waiting to be met if you take the time, perfect yourself until you are able to recognize her/him when the day comes. A lifetime quest for sure, if we are lucky. Or not so lucky.

    The answer against the tyranny of forced marriage; and the antidote to the other nightmare known as and brought to us by: the marxist feminists’ socialist utopia (more like women and society’s own jail) – thanx!! That and then more and more taxes.

    If love comes with conditions, then it is not love. Including the love of mothers, fathers, friends… Then stop pretending, manipulating, enslaving/&Don’t be a willing participant. No reaching the light without facing the self. Without Knowledge and self-knowledge, we are all slaves to our fears. That’s why Buddhism is such a powerful and empowering tool. And Jesus the eternal modern man. Love should transform us into spiritual warriors. And that notion scares all small and big despots. That’s why their focus is the family. Too much restrictions (religious bigots) or its destruction (marxist zealots).”

  92. AcidPoP Says: The REAL value of Intellect, Freedom from accountability:
    AcidPoP 2010-01-27
    “Well, thanks to the Punks, it’s judgment day, every single day.

    It requires talent (which you have in abundance) and much more dedication (which never comes free). so thousands THANX!!

    And it keeps us alive, educated and light! in good and bad times.” Worth a Second Look:
    AcidPOP 2010-01-29
    “Once you start following the news (real balanced news, i.e. Fox), it is not very hard to follow your own instinct and determine right from wrong, right from left. That’s why Fox is such a threat to leftist propaganda – including from inside this WH: Axelrod, his crew, and the addition of 40+ czars.

    The first time I saw Fox – David Asman, I believe – (10 days before the Iraq war while I was still in Tehran), it was love at first sight. I had already seen the light few years before and after 9/11, I did, like many, finally get the complete picture – the hard way -, although there is no end to our awakening because the world is so vast, all events being interdependent, and there is no ending to history, new players popping up from nowhere and many lies to undo too.

    I had tons of time at my disposal, matters of life and death at stake, so my initiation began/continued. It paid off.

    Anyway, 5 years ago, back in Europe, and fully connected to the web, I had the democrat party all figured out. I also forced myself to dwell exclusively for about 8 months in the letters section of Salon, to balance Fox, then I quit forever. I quickly gave up on the articles themselves. I couldn’t take them anymore.

    In one post, I made the assessment that the KKK was the origin/essence of the left. That America didn’t need feminists to become more fair or more democratic. That they were much more needed in Saudi Arabia. I used an image: I wrote maybe American feminists were muslim women in past lives. They criticized my writing ability too. I was warming up.

    On the question of Hitler and nazism and far-right ideologies in general, I had this to say: The more you turn Right, the closer you get to the Left. Like Buddhism states: ‘stick’ to the Middle Road. Only the middle of the road is never exactly in the middle (where you get nothing but platitudes, fear and corruption), but on a parallel line, right of center. That’s where the original Republican party belongs, but thru years of compromising with the Left, had lost her way and betrayed America and her constitution too. First it was only politicians who became corrupt. Then they bribed and corrupted the citizenry too. And the other night, the big O went on a new spending/bribery spree. Not that I personally listened to the speech. I watched Glenn and he had another very good show last night.

    I haven’t watched French news and French movie/TV since 2004. Out of my world completely. No more CNN neither. Call me snob. Enough of the torture already. I had my dose. Sky News is not Fox neither. Not free enough.

    It wasn’t hard to leave socialist Europe for fascist Iran. I even knew that Iran would bring me closer to America. More direct connections. And that paid off also. The rest is history and that story will be told eventually when the time will come. Not by me. I can’t even tell a joke properly.

    In the meantime, I’m left alone, doing my part. Talking loud so that I can shut up in the future and even go into hiding again, if I’m lucky.

    In my case, the hardship is behind me. I don’t believe I could experience a setback again. So it’s good news for all of us since my hardship was simultaneously shared by America (free world) too, including her military. You can never be sure with God. But that’s my humble bet. My sickness would come back in a minute if danger were ahead. These days I feel light although the battle is far from over but it’s a war of ideas this time, not guns (at least ours). And the people have spoken. Some are dying for their revolution but America and Iran are two different places. Although the goal is the same.

    I don’t know how many times I said, this time I’m done, and then discovering that I was not. But our patience has paid off nicely. Now we are allowed to laugh while breaking down the house. My idea of a benevolent God. Finally there is a Justice!!!!! if one takes the time, is forced to.

    Thanks again to Punkhood (/made in USA!!!!!) to set the tone and lead the show.

    L O V E”

  93. AcidPoP Says: Turn the Sound Off :

    AcidPOP 2010-02-01 08:47:00
    “Yesterday I sent a quick message at AT – for Hollywood’s Ultra-Harriers – & I wouldn’t mind say/hear it again:

    When I think about the recent past, I remember Matt Damon, how he belittled Sarah Palin for her alleged ignorance [something about a bad Disney movie]; while all, so proudly, identifying themselves with the superior intellect of Barack Obama.

    For 4 years and while the US military was fighting and dying for Life and Freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan, democrats in the government, the MSM, and many asses in Hollywood have been singing the same lousy tune. With few anti-American/anti-war movies too.

    Sooner or later, somebody will have to send Matt Damon, George Clooney, Arianna and Co. a big FY note on behalf of the American People – for the future of civilization and the US of A.

    … I think I just did.

    [ N I C E!! ]”

    PS. The [...] were originals this time around. “Minority Report” Redux:
    AcidPOP 2010-02-02 12:02:00
    “The Punks at IP have spoiled us and I miss you already. Not to put more pressure on anyone. Just the truth.

    And I’m not sure I could bear another two or three years (based on my cash flow) until I would have no other choice than ask for that famous bail-out I mentioned the other day; and finally join the only party in town.

    So before we all get too old, or the world gets really crazy suddenly, can’t we manage to meet somewhere ‘half-way’, for like a beer summit or something, in some joint in Amsterdam, for example (a five days break for the punks) – and without the beer for me?

    Just saying. Okay take that just as a compliment. I’m used to it anyway. I can’t complain lately but I still have to make plans for the future well in advance. Send my wishes to the universe.

    Okay, forgive me…

    By the way the mouse parable was heartbreaking, adorable too and very comforting. Thanks for the Positive Coaching & a Nice Flow.
    GoodBye!!!” (The Most Depressing Music on Earth, Ever:)
    AcidPOP 2010-02-04
    “Nothing like America in matters of Art, Architecture, Music, …

    It’s every civilization’s differences (with their pain and struggle) mixed together in a capitalistic sauce (and a NY accent), that has given each final product that forever Modern/Ancient look or sound. If America wasn’t so free at the core (her only true and open Secret), she couldn’t reach such heights in such a short period of time, and then beat and inspire everybody else.

    From the J. Derbyshire link, I went back to some past controversies still very hot: national security and the way of small and big men. After Bush deposed Saddam I remember a Qaddafi that had the potential to turn into a new modern man. Then I recall his crazy talk at the UN this summer and my worst nightmare scenario for the future and many other Americans for sure. Glenn Beck was one of them.

    If President O doesn’t change his tune and attitude, big losses are ahead. Imagine what it means if A’jad has decided that the new US President IS the hidden imam of his own imagination. A gift from heaven.

    Let’s assume that the man is really canny and kind of smart. I read the other day A’jad bashing out of the blue Marxism and Liberalism. Then why he has chosen to hang out with marxist and communist dictators all over the place only? Why is he dressed like one? And why does he hate America and Israel? Not good. My bet is that he is hopefully bluffing about his nuclear capabilities – for now. But he definitively hope the West will start a war with him. Thank God the Iranian people have read his mind and are dying to oppose his crazy talk and stop the next WW3. That was in nobody’s plan.

    My two cents. At home Obama isn’t helping America on money policy and spending at all. But people have already spoken too. That’s why we have the Tea Party now. Even if they are there only to play America’s political muse forever, I say, what a win already!!!!
    Somebody please send my free advice to the President.”

    END OF MY POSTING TO and DEBUT of my 11 or so days private correspondence with the man himself till FEB14.
    BUT there is more from the archives and IP: FEB13- FEB6

  94. AcidPoP Says:

    For a while the Republican race was fun. Cain was the most promising candidate. Still is in my mind. Love him. A Black Reagan. But he got spiritually/sexually lynched by professional male and female whores. I hope it’s not too late for him to jump back into the race for the sake of America. I beg Mrs Cain to become stronger. She has our backing. We don’t even care if her man has success and is a flirt. We just didn’t believe the allegations. Even the liberal journalists liked him and respected him. The honest ones that is. Now I don’t watch the news anymore. Boring. And the pundits even more so. Everywhere PJM included. Too many hit pieces. I still hope they are bluffing like I predicted before.
    Meanwhile here is the last slew of posts of mine since I made my final visit this past Christmas to Here is how it went: : The Most Violent Movie EVER
    AcidPOP 2011-12-04
    “My reality, exactly!! I saw Cain and his announcement. Took me few instances to become a Paulista after that. Man of the Time. And then late at night, I watched ‘Machete’ on TV and enjoyed it despite how idiotic and violent and ridiculous it was. Detachment was key. Not that I laughed.
    I believe if we had/have such hard time choosing a candidate and seem united, it’s only because we had too many good choices. I like Bachmann very much also. But Paul is the real deal maybe this time around. After all, he and his son include God in the equation and as a way to guide each and everyone thru life. So it’s a nice combination. The true original American way. Before the PROGS took over the country and launched their fascist state. WORLD. While dumbing down the weakest among us. Disgraceful.
    Hope Cain would endorse Paul or Bachmann. Or CAIN.
    Hope Americans have been mugged by reality this time for sure after the way Cain was treated by the good old Opposition Party.”

    ACID POP 2011-12-05
    “After 4 years of Robot Obama, to elect another ROBOT, a Romney, could be called a waste of precious time and opportunity. The Tea Party Revolution was supposed to be non-violent and lawful, to give up now would be the biggest act of cowardice and unintelligence to witness and really I doubt it will end up that way.

    Four years ago McCain-Palin were giving us more promises than a Romney-whoever today. But the country was on fire and was ready to start a bloody revolution. Instead they elected their own red guards and the fight has been postponed. The damage has become bigger. Or not. After all the changes are abstract changes. The battle is Ideological. To send progressive Republican politicians to inspire Americans about Liberty and Life and Freedom from government – the only argument against the Leftwing Democrat party’s dog and pony show – will fall flat to many ears, unless it comes from the heart and it’s a real change/revelation that mugged the messenger/presidential candidate.

    Unless it’s all a show. And nothing matters and it’s business as usual and people will continue cheating to get their way. Praying it wont get worse. And stop making babies. Or make many more as a way to game the system. Whatever the consequences on those children. And the system.

    By the way if taxes were not so ridiculously high and the burden on companies (and private citizens) equally destructive (unions/mafias/Dems…), America wouldn’t need to import the illegals.

    So if dignity is the main argument, the democrats have some explaining to do. Their union bosses in and outside government are sucking all the blood and energy of America and Americans. While the same bosses are sipping wine and fomenting revolutions and hatred and anger all over the continents. Disgusting. Yet easily provable.” :Now Now Now
    Acid POP 2011-12-13
    “I had a small “Euréka!!” again this morning in my bed. Where else? Anyway. The main argument for wanting a Ron Paul at the helm of the US government (especially after Four years of absolute theft and tyranny, and worse, with Obama and the democrat thugs and thieves in congress) is because he would by his absolute respect of the US Constitution act as the Chief Sheriff first and foremost, cleaning House and Senate and WH, teach them all how to follow the Constitution with the limited rights bestowed upon them. He would lead as the anti-tyrant. Heal the government and so heal the country. The world over will be clued to their TV to watch this humble principled president teach few original American lessons to his own troops.

    Also it is nice to think that in the middle of this complete mess, one leader would talk to the younger generations as a man talking to other young men and women, not children nor whiners. I think they will be happy to hear that and accept the challenge. Forget about the Unions. They have been coddled and nursed and dumbed down for decades. They have been taught to keep their bully ignorant ways. Even if they keep all their privileges today, they still constitute half of America’s challenges. It’s to the future free somewhat educated middle class creators and entrepreneurs that the next prez and leaders need to focus all their energy. And Ron Paul or someone like him other than the usual good old “rightwing” ideologue (i.e. a principled Libertarian; a.k.a. anyone close to America’s FF’s spirit) will do just that. The essence of the Tea Party.

    Ron Paul may even be able to enact nothing because the votes wouldn’t be there or the separation of powers could do that to his plans, but he would have achieve much better: put everyone in government to work, guided by the right principles which are the well-being and health of America. Energy independant, truly respected abroad. Even loved for the right reasons if they are bright enough. Etc Etc.

    And I would think Glenn Beck could see this in Ron Paul and that’s why his support is so strong. I agree. Plus Ron Paul has been part of the government for a very long time. His record is solid I would assume. Hard to beat him. Now if the rest of the conservative movement would stop beating their own, it would be easier to win. But the conservative/rinos have always been part of the problems America face and could never get over possibly. There is no unity, nor clear vision on this side neither. Too much egos and fear and cowardice too.

    People voted for Obama mainly because he promised to put an end to all the “Bush wars”. He instead botched the one(s) we were involved in and then started few others in his usual sloppy way. Ron Paul can’t be worse than Obama. Only his message is clearer and I have no doubt that as CIC he will act in the interest of America and beside her true allies at any moment.

    Sooner or later, we will need to test our Tea Party convictions, why not start with A strict constitutionalist grounded in the 21st century on the brink of WW3?Hopefully his presence will avoid it. As to Iran and its pursuit of nukes, no prez ever could stop those nazi bullies. See NK, USSR/RUSSIA etc etc. America needs to inspire her natural allies and also the forces of freedom inside those tyrannies by example. Obama has essentially made official/okay America as the world’s First Godfather/Superman. Too drunk and blind to envision her sure fall. They always fall and fail. And Wars are the results and some even use them as remedies. That’s how we get WW actually. Too many bad governments and decisions and financial deadlocks and unemployment and zombies/orcs with or without an education.

    And so, Ron Paul could be the man for it. And maybe he is cranky because nobody seems to get it, or respect him for his principles and love of the US constitution.

    Money doesn’t build one’s character. This applies to everybody. That includes members of congress. In fact, it is crucial that high ranking members of congress etc. take a very low salary. That way they wont stay in government forever. And share the same concerns and hardship we ordinary people do. Empathy is key. They have become out of touch and they are out of their mind. What does Nancy Pelosi or Barney frank understand about anything? Halfwit demagogues, full of contradictions and themselves, and much worse. They also love to live and lead like Roman Emperors. That’s what they do/did in fact. America deserved so much better.”

  95. AcidPoP Says:

    “AcidPoP Says:
    December 2nd, 2009
    I can never listen to this president, nor watch him talk/lecture us with his ever-present pomposity and ignorance. Each time, he appears on TV, I must leave the room.
    I don’t know how others deal with their own ‘repulsion’. I remember how our good friend Fred Hunt couldn’t watch nor listen to the man either.
    What’s all that jazz about convincing the so-called liberal base about anything? What is the sacrifice they have to endure in this war? Are they the one facing the barbarians? If anything they are being protected from further terrorist acts and much worse the slow and complete invasion of every modern and free society around the planet. Otherwise known as Islamo-fascism.
    Money? The cost of a just war (i.e. any war against barbarians/nazis) is a case where debt could be erased in one quick stroke. Who sets those formulas anyway?
    Money spent to enrich and empower the corrupt is causing unbalance and inflation, but certainly not when the money is dedicated to such a precious cause. Plus on a global scale, the amount become even more minimal.
    There is only a lack of will and understanding. Or worse. Plus these politicians famous for their complete lack of idea and originality must always constantly invent problems, issues, obstacles that never existed, to justify their own presence/phoniness and greed. And now, the world has reached another dead-lock.
    And so the time has arrived to get rid of the political class and reduce them to the minimum necessary. What the world needs today is a global American Revolution. Mainly one that was based on sound ideas and concepts, not bloodshed. The American Constitution has already been written. We just need to go back to its basic tenets and illustrate her maybe with an additional “Instruction for Use” (mode d’emploi), for the dimwits and corrupts who can’t read very well.
    In other words, let’s fight corruption and all the crooks in position of power. It’s not for a lack of knowledge. We have identified most of the culprits. We just need to gather the intelligence, prepare a plan and then make it public. I have no doubt the idea will attract the majority of We The People around the globe once our voice is heard. And if we have the numbers and we’ll have them, then nothing should stop us, nor scare us. We will even start enjoying the peaceful revolution while it unfolds.
    And while we are at it, let’s get rid of socialism and it’s corollary fascism too. Green, purple, or red. Let’s replace all with the color blue, the true color of Freedom and Justice.
    I’m confident Our Day is near. For one thing, the work is practically done. Practically because…
    each day that passes brings one more of their numerous mischiefs into light. Times are delicious. Despite the appearances. Who needs asses such as Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann anyway? Seems obvious but apparently not. Speaking of living in a bubble.
    Hamid Karzai should order the carpet-bombing of all the puppet fields as a start.
    Then remind muslims that if they want to be respected and accepted by the world community, they should start reading about Sufism if they can, instead of their phony scripture. Let the world know that from now on only sufi Muslim have a right of entry into America.
    There is no room in free societies for domestic dictators. It’s not healthy, it’s not fair to their direct victims/family members. Then their American neighbors. They can also convert to Christianity. Which like Sufism is the ‘Religion of Love’, and Tolerance and (Self-)Knowledge; not Oppression, Aggression, Deviance and Sexual Abuse.
    What is proudly branded by the ‘illuminati’ at the UN and elsewhere as the Arab Mind or Culture is the same disease that afflicts the same corrupt bureaucrats that dwell at the UN: A Divine Right that exempt them from watching themselves in the mirror and start confronting their own demons. It’s called Therapy. It’s what differentiate the modern Man from the Savage (while an ideal cover-up for the corrupt).
    If the work is still too complicate, please at least authorize us, civilized people, to “Analyze” your “Holy Book”. And break down all your illusions about your so called superior culture or God. We never made the same mistake of conflating Arab culture with Islam anyway. Each time Islamic society did flourish it was thanx to a benevolent king inspired by the philosophy of Sufi Poets and Masters, not ignorant imams and their illiterate co-gangsters and followers.
    We know the motives of your present Masters. After 8 years of hearing the whole world bash and betray the last President of the US, then see the same people ridicule and slander the two Republican candidates and then Capitalism itself; after a crisis that was caused by nefarious players on the Left side, we wont let you win your next war again and watch you destroy our cherished world. It is time for us to SPEAK UP loud, we were quiet and hidden for all that time, not anymore.
    We were building our case. America and Freedom’s case. And nothing can stop us anymore. We are mad as Hell. In a very light mood also. Which is us in our best attribute. And favorite mode.
    So for now, GoodBye!! And enjoy your freedom while you can.”
    Wolla Dalbo Says:
    December 2nd, 2009 at 11:00 am
    “AcidPop—Sorry to rain on your parade with regard to the Sufis but–as pertains to their approach to unbelievers–they are just as harsh and bloodthirsty, if not more so, than the more orthodox Muslims.
    Over the years I have read several books on Sufism which focused on their history, mystical approach to Islam and their disagreements with more fundamentalist Muslims which lead to their persecution. However, when you look at the issue of how Sufi’s might view Infidels and how they would treat them, as the quotes below from well-known, prominent Sufis show, they are on the same page as the fundamentalists.
    These excerpts are taken from a much longer and well documented article written by Andrew G. Bostom titled, “Sufism without Camouflage (Beyond Stephen Schwartz),” posted on for February 6, 2005.
    I. Al-Ghazali
    The eminent Islamic scholar W.M. Watt stresses Al-Ghazali’s Muslim orthodoxy. He says that Al-Ghazali was “acclaimed in both the East and West as the greatest Muslim after Muhammad, and he is by no means unworthy of that dignity…He brought orthodoxy and mysticism into closer contact…the theologians became more ready to accept the mystics as respectable, while the mystics were more careful to remain within the bounds of orthodoxy.”[1]
    Here is Al-Ghazali, evidently with no intention of departing either from Sufism or Muslim orthodoxy, writing about jihad war and the treatment of the vanquished non-Muslim dhimmi peoples:
    [O]ne must go on jihad (i.e., warlike razzias or raids) at least once a year…one may use a catapult against them [non-Muslims] when they are in a fortress, even if among them are women and children. One may set fire to them and/or drown them…If a person of the Ahl al-Kitab [People of The Book – primarily Jews and Christians] is enslaved, his marriage is [automatically] revoked…One may cut down their trees…One must destroy their useless books. Jihadists may take as booty whatever they decide…they may steal as much food as they need…
    [T]he dhimmi is obliged not to mention Allah or His Apostle…Jews, Christians, and Majians must pay the jizya [poll tax on non-Muslims]…on offering up the jizya, the dhimmi must hang his head while the official takes hold of his beard and hits [the dhimmi] on the protruberant bone beneath his ear [i.e., the mandible]…
    They are not permitted to ostentatiously display their wine or church bells…their houses may not be higher than the Muslim’s, no matter how low that is. The dhimmi may not ride an elegant horse or mule; he may ride a donkey only if the saddle[-work] is of wood. He may not walk on the good part of the road. They [the dhimmis] have to wear [an identifying] patch [on their clothing], even women, and even in the [public] baths…[dhimmis] must hold their tongue…. [2] (From the Wagjiz, written in 1101 A.D. Emphasis added.)
    (This last provision about Jews having to wear an identifying patch was the inspiration for the Nazi requirement that Jews had to wear an visible, identifying Star of David emblem.)
    III. Sirhindi (d. 1624)
    Shariat can be fostered through the sword.
    Kufr and Islam are opposed to each other. The progress of one is possible only at the expense of the other and co-existence between these two contradictory faiths is unthinkable.
    The honor of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs. One who respects kafirs, dishonors the Muslims. To respect them does not merely mean honoring them and assigning them a seat of honor in any assembly, but it also implies keeping company with them or showing considerations to them. They should be kept at an arm’s length like dogs….If some worldly business cannot be performed without them, in that case only a minimum of contact should be established with them but without taking them into confidence. The highest Islamic sentiment asserts that it is better to forego that worldly business and that no relationship should be established with the kafirs.
    The real purpose in levying jizya on them (the non-Muslims) is to humiliate them to such an extent that, on account of fear of jizya , they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain terrified and trembling. It in intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honor and might of Islam.
    Cow-sacrifice in India is the noblest of Islamic practices. The kafirs may probably agree to pay jizya but they shall never concede to cow-sacrifice.
    The execution of the accursed kafir of Gobindwal [a Sikh who lead an uprising against the oppressive Muslim rule of his community] is an important achievement and is the cause of great defeat of the accursed Hindus…Whatever might have been the motive behind the execution, the dishonor of the kafirs is an act of highest grace for the Muslims. Before the execution of the kafirs I had seen in a vision that the Emperor had destroyed the crown of the head of Shirk. Verily he was the chief of the Mushriks and the leader of the kafirs.
    Whenever a Jew is killed, it is for the benefit of Islam. [11]
    1. Watt, W.M. [Translator]. The Faith and Practice of Al-Ghazali, Oxford, England, 1953, p. 13.
    2. Al-Ghazali (d. 1111). Kitab al-Wagiz fi fiqh madhab al-imam al-Safi’i, Beirut, 1979, pp. 186, 190-91; 199-200; 202-203. [English translation by Dr. Michael Schub.]
    11. Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi, Muslim revivalist movements in northern India in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Agra, Lucknow: Agra University, Balkrishna Book Co, 1965, pp. 247-50; Yohanan Friedmann, Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi: an outline of his thought and a study of his image in the eyes of posterity. Montreal, McGill University, Institute of Islamic Studies, 1971, p.74.
    For contemporary examples of the Sufi approach to the Jihad and unbelievers see also (
    The fact of the matter is that there are no real liberal /reformist schools–no alternative schools of thought within Islam on the subject of Jihad, on the subject of the Allah commanded and blessed eternal fight between the House of Islam and the House of War, or about the centrality and absolutely imperative nature of Allah’s, the Qur’an’s and Muhammad’s command to convert, enslave or kill all unbelievers until Islam rules all the world and its peoples and “all is for Allah.”
    In view of the overwhelming evidence of Islam’s ever present and prosecuted, ferocious and bloody Jihad against all unbelievers down through 1,400 hundred years of history and up until this very day, to believe otherwise, and pin your hopes on Islam being liberalized, modernized, tamed and de-fanged by some hoped for but fictitious “moderate school” within Islam is a fatal delusion.”

  96. AcidPoP Says:

    AcidPoP Says:
    December 2nd, 2009 at 11:30 am
    “Poppies, not puppets. Maybe puppets too.
    As for Sufism. And Sufis, I always look for the fake ones myself. Not uncommon.
    On the other hand, texts can be manipulated and rewritten too.
    Identities stolen.
    Do you think I consider Richard Gere a true Buddhist?
    Dan Says:
    December 2nd, 2009 at 12:34 pm
    “The popping sound you hear are liberal heads exploding, although I’m not quite sure why they are upset. The speech did not contain a single use of the word “win.””
    Wolla Dalbo Says:
    December 2nd, 2009 at 12:52 pm
    “AcidPop–P.S.—I can’t know for sure, but I believe that the idea that the vast majority of Muslims are “peace loving moderates” is wishful thinking and incorrect, and that the idea that there is, today, a major war within the Muslim world between “moderates” and “fundamentalists,” fighting “for the soul of Islam” is also incorrect, if the thought is that they are fighting over how they should view and treat us “unbelievers.” There is certainly, and has always been, violent conflict within the Muslim world between various factions and power centers, but these conflicts are over who gets the power, influence, wealth and control, not over how to view and treat unbelievers, or over whether or not to observe the command of Allah and the Qur’an to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.”
    I believe such particular ways of viewing Islam and Muslims are all Muslim propaganda—part of the “disinformation” side of the Jihad–designed to confuse and disarm us unbelievers, to make us believe that the mortal threat all unbelievers face from Islam and its Jihad is much less lethal, is not accelerating and spreading, is not as subversive, fundamental, strong, substantial, enduring, and existential as it really is.
    I would say, rather, that the majority of Muslims are very well aware of the imperatives of Islam and of Allah’s, the Qur’an’s and Muhammad’s command to pursue Jihad, of the division of the world into two eternally warring camps—the House of Islam and the House of War (that would be us “unbelievers,” those who yet remain unconquered by Islam) and Islam’s imperative to conquer the House of War, but are sitting on the fence, observing; that the majority of Muslims cannot “go on Jihad,” because of age, circumstance and/or temperament, but that even individual Muslims who are young and healthy and so inclined, are not yet quite ready to actively, physically jump into the fray in great numbers; for now, they let the small number of extremely radical, young hotheads take point. But the imperative commands of Allah, Muhammad, the Qur’an, Islam and the Jihad remain, and when the time is right, the rest will pile on.
    Some unknown percentage of Muslims, I am sure, may have the inclination to just observe the small religious core of the military-political ideology that is Islam—the “Five Pillars,” and/or never join the fray, but Islam has a very efficient 1,400 years old policing mechanism, and it works—from social pressure, to ostracism, and on up through torture and including death at the hands of fundamentalist enforcers—to discourage dissent or leaving Islam, so that, except in the case of a handful of exceptionally brave or foolhardy individual Muslims out of 1.3 billion or so Muslims, Muslims do not and will not voice any dissent.
    Islamic law allows for various categories of Muslims unable to pursue physical Jihad—the old, the infirm, the insane, the very young (although these exemptions are very often ignored in practice, as we have seen in recent years) to, instead, support it financially, and I am sure they do, as does all the Umma. The Muslim community (the Umma) also provides major support for Jihad by their silence, their blame deflecting tactics, and their lack of condemnation of Muslim terrorist attacks. But, most importantly, they also support the Jihad by their constant “peaceful” pressure on unbeliever societies they settle in (as Saudi textbooks tell them, Muslims in the House of War should regard themselves as “scouts behind enemy lines”)—financial, political and legal–for “accommodations” to Islamic practice and law, so that—for the present in America—these are their major contributions to the Jihad.
    The types, techniques and stages of Muslim’s Jihad against all unbelievers and their societies and governments—both violent and apparently “peaceful”–are well illustrated by ancient, medieval, and modern history.
    As others have noted (see for instance here, as the percentage of the Muslim population in a country grows, Muslim activities, agitation, demands, and influence become more wide-spread and Muslim actions more openly violent in nature, until they are mostly violent, and the overthrow of the unbeliever society is achieved; we have not yet reached this point, but, arguably, many countries in Europe are fast approaching that critical juncture.
    Given this situation, this history, these facts, it is obvious that an immediate and permanent ban on any further immigration by Muslims into the U.S. is our own first “unbeliever” imperative, the first step of many if we are to avoid the inevitable, massive amount of turmoil, danger and bloodshed that Muslims bring wherever they “settle” i.e. invade, colonize, parasitize, and attempt to overthrow and conquer the unbeliever countries that together constitute the “free-fire zone” that is the “House of War.””
    AcidPoP Says:
    December 2nd, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    “Wolla Dalbo: You really don’t have to convince me about the Lie/Parasite called Islam. My country of origin (Persia) has been amongst its first victims. But our spirit is not dead and one day we will take our identity, country, and culture back. I’m working on it. And I have many allies too. Spiritual warriors all.
    I was also mainly being tongue-in-cheek. Nobody really expects Muslim fundamentalists morph into accomplished thinkers, lovers and philosophers. But that’s not even the point. We must lay out a plan and a strategy that reflects reality. The therapy part and corruption angle included.
    Ultimately there is only one solution: leave or abandon the power struggle inherent to your culture and become truly a Free and Defender of America and her Constitution, instead.
    All existing mosques can be transformed into Turkish Baths or Tea-rooms. Most Imams sent back to Mecca. or Jail.
    Something has to be done, don’t you agree? I believe in the power of ideas and words when the words are right.
    It takes a lifetime to reach the light, and many losses too. Without free, courageous, loving souls, there is no reaching the truth, nor solution to peace, only another war. The second condition for this battle to succeed is to enlighten and awaken as many citizens/patriots as possible. Something our modern technology has provided us. And this too:
    Already, America is not the same anymore. Tea Parties and Townhall protests have changed the equation forever. Politicians and pundits and journalists and actors have been seen in a not such bright light lately. And patriots across the globe are working quietly or not so quietly towards the same goal: we want our freedom back. And money too.
    We should rejoice and understand our new gained power. In any case, let’s stop fighting each others and unite because the real change and the real hope is in the air and coming our way. If we can see it. And I believe all Patriots do. We have no other choice than face the music. And “We The People” have finally the easy spot this time around.
    Love And Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!”
    Artfldgr Says:
    December 2nd, 2009 at 3:10 pm
    “the fact is that if things do not improve in Afghanistan the withdrawal timetable is going to go out the window and everyone ought to realize that.
    Did Obama save himself?
    they dont need strength to beat the attriction game. the alligator just holds the animal underwater and holds its breath. eventually it cant keep it up, it leaves, and weapons pour in and the place changes back.
    all you arm chair generals seem to STINK
    if al queda wanted us out, they only have to stop for three months… call off all actions… voila, we leave faster than a bat out of heck.
    i keep explaining this, but its like talking to students who have been given terrible facts, and they keep presenting them over and over and over.
    they WANT the US in the country.
    they WANT the US to stay indifinitely.
    they control us by controlling conflict initiation
    its as simple as listening to mohamed!
    If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.
    something that you say which means that if someone will not come to you, you have to go to them
    Usage notes: This phrase comes from a story about Mohammed who was asked to show how powerful he was by making a mountain come to him.
    if AQ cant load up military ships, and invade the USA to get access to the people to fight them…
    then they have to get us to come there to be attacked and then lose through attrition.
    and obamas minimalist plays, as in vietnam, are exactly what needs to be done by an enemy in order for attritional losing.
    that is, if you meet force with just enough force, you tie, and if you tie, you have stalemate, and if you have stalemate…
    the more expensive costlier side loses.
    he is PLANNING TO LOSE and its clear to someone that knows REAL tactics and REAL strategies and how people really naturally act.
    its irrelevent if he is being played, or he was taught losing tactics as winning ones.
    the end result is the same.
    but i know if we give it a good label we will think it differently.
    anyone notice that someones been teaching them?
    [and that the reason they are not doing anything here stateside is that its counter to ends. an action here (like mumbai) would solidify out resolve. they didnt want that, they just wanted us to send troops over there that they can kill cheaply while running up our tab. but obama showed them, he ran up the tab much larger for nothing]“

  97. AcidPoP Says:

    On another thread or TWO:

    AcidPoP Says:
    December 18th, 2009 at 11:53 am
    “The night of the election, I went to bed early, hoping for the best, prepared for the worst. It would be a bad day coming whatever the outcome.
    I think McCain/Palin were an attractive choice at a time where congress needed serious cleaning (corruption of ideas and public funds). The gigantic risk being that their win would almost certainly create a revolution in the country. Not just verbal thanx to the frauds in the MSM and from their counterparts from around the globe (the usual suspects), but worse, like many Americans, I expected violence in the streets coming from the ghettos (those that the community organizer-in-chief had worked accordingly his own carrier: acorn, SEIU, black panthers, nation of islam…)
    Shame on the democratic party, DNC,… for choosing a Bill Ayers’ sympathizer for President and not understanding the power at play.
    Anyway, America was facing a catch 22 situation and no alternative would go easy. Ironically, having now offered full power to the democratic side (with their mixture of black muslim and jewish radicals) for a last time, there is at least a chance to bring the true peaceful long overdue American Revolution to fruition. That requires the full cooperation of the entire US citizenry. And it did already. (My cup of tea!!)
    The Democrats in congress are ignorantly destroying everything they touch. Thank God Patriot Americans know better and before it gets too scary, the country will save herself from disaster. Having said that: it’s a real fight. And it’s a full time vigilance and engagement from all sides.
    One thing sure, each time a democrat takes power, despots around the world feel empowered. Leftists are asses. They have no wisdom, no morality. They only care about money. And their own appearance.
    The American Constitution will save America and the world. We just need to understand that simple fact. We DO!! God Bless the Founding Fathers. And the American People. And her Military.
    Merry Christmas to all. Stop the anger please.”

    AcidPoP Says:
    December 18th, 2009 at 5:05 pm
    “Artfldgr is an artist and as such you should stop over-analyzing each and every move of him. You are free to skip his posts or read them depending on your mood or his own.
    He acts like a muse. He never said he has a solution to any problems (unlike me for example) but instead he reports what he has read or experienced. That’s all. He reports, you decide.
    Nobody believes in a real ‘coup’. What we are seeing is a bunch of ignoramuses with PHD caught their hands in the cookie jar while making all the wrong choices for America in a time of war and global financial collapse. Then globally complimenting one another for their brilliance.
    Drunk with power, still stuck in 19th centuries marxist philosophies, they think they are the hippest on planet earth.
    Even Sarkozy in France (pro-America) think politicians are our solution. When I was young, nobody around me thought of politicians as the sexy class. Now for some reasons, they are the new heroes. Thanx to Hollywood again, I can imagine.
    Anyway, they want all the glory real artists and real warriors and real creators accomplish daily. If not the glory, a piece of the pie. Money-grabbers, that’s what they are. They claim it’s for the country’s good. Nobody is being fooled no more.
    They have created a class of bullies, the unions. And nobody questions the wisdom of that choice. This virus has spoiled every government and every society and as long as there is not a true reverse of that trend, the world is doomed. It is only getting worse and nobody wants to attract another world war.
    America has brought many good to the world but lately thanx to her open society, Maoists, teamsters and Union bosses have taken power acting like capitalists, only they are not. They are moochers. Time to let everyone know that
    they are cheaters and as such don’t deserve our compassion nor submission no more.
    We are not afraid by any of them. Mobsters and slave-owners have no room in America. I thought it was clear.
    If the diagnosis is right, then 99% of the problem is solved. I think we have the diagnosis correct finally. Now we must say it LOUD for the world to hear.
    The march has started. Voices are multiplying. From everywhere. Peacefully, loudly, beautifully. Each according to his/her own ability.

    AcidPoP Says:
    December 18th, 2009 at 6:49 pm
    for one thing they wont have the military to help them. Otherwise, they are still counting on “transforming fundamentally America” as we know it. Making the US constitution (i.e. the soul of America) 100% obsolete.
    Right now, the constitution is already a fading document. Just a far away abstract idea. An empty promise.
    The tea party movement wants to restore the power of the constitution and give free citizens their original rights back. Property and money included.
    Thank to Obama and Co., America has seen the light and is ready to take her country back from 100 years of progressivism. We should be thankful for it.
    We should say thanks to The president in fact. The miracle would be for him to wake up too! Then lead the fight against all traitors foreign and domestic.”

    huxley Says:
    December 18th, 2009 at 6:55 pm
    “J.L.: I think AcidPop tuned in late. Those here who speak of a coup, including neo-neocon herself, are speaking of a real coup.
    Like you I don’t see the possibility of a coup during Obama’s presidency — unless something on the order of a nuclear war occurred.”

    Artfldgr Says:
    December 18th, 2009 at 7:05 pm
    “nice comments tim…”

    Artfldgr Says:
    December 18th, 2009 at 7:08 pm
    too many great comments to comment on…
    thanks all for at least turning the objects and entertaining them…”

    AcidPoP Says:
    December 18th, 2009 at 7:26 pm
    “… Also, don’t you see how this WH is trying to make everyone angry – worse, trying to create a race warfare that didn’t exist? It’s working on the black side of the equation. But that’s an old trick from the democrat party. Now on steroid and directly from the WH itself.
    That’s how vicious ( drunk/addicted) they are. That’s the main danger when you send true radicals to the WH.
    Then you have an army of sycophants (dumb liberal elite) defending their new master. The world is upside down. We are just pretending it’s fine because we don’t want to destabilize the world any further.
    But actions must be taken by every patriot in and outside the government to save America and the dollar. Express our view at every turn (thank God for Glenn Beck). Make sure they know that we know what they are up to.
    Which is what has saved us for now. The second factor that will save America is that She was already engaged in a war with Islamo-fascism. And Obama could not pretend otherwise. That will keep them in check too.
    America is walking on a tight-rope and any wrong move could mean death. It’s not paranoia, it’s a fact. I never thought I would be scared by the US government. I do for the first time. I’m also confident there are enough bright and courageous patriots ready to save their beloved republic if times become too dangerous. They are just quiet but everyone is glued to their TV and computer or whatever it is that they must do to save her. Just quietly. I’m sure even GBush is doing his part to empower America and the free and oppressed world.”

    Tim P Says:
    December 18th, 2009
    You’re welcome.”

    AcidPoP Says:
    December 20th, 2009
    Not that it matters but your conversation is a bore. You sound dishonest. Maybe you are a Russian spy, or … Peggy Noonan?
    My two cents.

    Artfldgr Says:
    December 20th, 2009 at 10:04 am
    Huxley is not such. baiting him with such is just bad form. Huxley means as well as everyone else here who talks regularly and gives up time in their lives to consider and post.
    he has an immovable position based on selecting what evidence he will accept as conducive to a conclusion. so he never has to reform his position as his position is always the most reasonable one which results in endless discussion.
    he is the kind that is actually easy to con, as all you really have to do is act outside his reasonable framework.
    outside that framework there is no guard. its where faeries, and magic and amoral actions all sit.
    to beat the reasonable, one only has to grasp and do the unthinkable.”

    AcidPoP Says:
    December 20th, 2009
    “Art, you are absolutely right. I used Huxley as an image to make a general point: One that acts like a prima donna loses the argument. And then the comparisons stand.
    I don’t mind to be lectured but I expect to learn from the lesson. And huxley talks out of fear. And fear has its own shortcomings.
    Thanx by the way.”

  98. AcidPoP Says:

    Artfldgr Says:
    December 22nd, 2009 at 11:11 am
    “Everybody’s jumping on the circus train.
    Some jump high, some jump off again.
    And the razzmatazz is rolling, women folk unveiled.
    All truths to light, all crosses nailed.
    Aiming high where the eagle circles —
    Where he keeps his tail feathers clean.
    And wonders “am I still a free bird?
    Or just a part of the machine.”
    So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
    blue skies from pain.
    Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
    A smile from a veil?
    Do you think you can tell?
    And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cool breeze?
    Cold comfort for Change?
    And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
    How I wish, how I wish you were here.
    We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
    Running over the same old ground.
    What have you found? The same old fears.
    Wish you were here.”

    AcidPoP Says:
    December 23rd, 2009 at 3:49 pm
    On this sacred day (Dec22) for me, let me share my last action with you.
    A copy of my last post will do the trick, I believe:
    (sent to Instapun*** – article: “The future”): :
    “AcidPoP 2009-12-23:
    “I just sent a new post to AT. Hope the added publicity doesn’t bother you too much. Hopefully not. I can’t judge right all the time. All I know is that since my post was published by AT, they approved of the move completely. I am in friendly territory there. Like with neo-neocon of course, and Fox) – It’s just a silent, but strong, approval. For how long it will have to stay this way, I don’t know. Maybe until both America and Persia got rid of their despots. Years?
    … I only talk the way I do in order to reach freedom for me, and for our respective countries. I talk now so that I wont have to talk in the future. Just enjoy life.
    So thanx!! we are too often surrounded by prima donnas, intent to muzzle those of us who don’t really care about them. And I mean people supposedly on our side. Forget the left. I have completely boycotted them.
    Love Steve Crowder and ZO too. Remember the video “Where is My Stimulus Money?”
    Anyway, this is my post and this is the link:
    “Posted by: AcidPoP
    Dec 23
    The name calling (i.e. Tea-baggers) should be the least of our concerns. We welcome it. Just make sure you don’t call yourselves that way. Why would you?
    Actually I have addressed that question quite nicely some time ago, then updated it with more goodies. Please don’t despair.
    We wont need violence to undo the damage but unity, wisdom, lightness and confidence. All the things America by tradition possess:
    Merry Christmas!! We will beat these creeps in congress sooner or later. For the sake of Freedom, Beauty and America!
    Our worst enemy is fear, anger directed towards our own, and despair. Keep your sense of humor at every turn. But never stop the action. Be right and fair in all your judgments and assertions.
    AcidPoPArtist, Punkette and first class Painter! & not alone. Not forever anyway.”
    Good Luck!”

    ONE YEAR AFTER while busy with there:
    ( happened this:

    AcidPoP Says:
    March 2nd, 2011
    “Art, you’re the best!!!!!!! Everything you write make perfect sense to anyone looking for the truth. And your posts are never too long. They flow nicely. I know you are not looking for compliments (nor condiments!!) but since I stopped commenting, only because I don’t want to repeat myself and the ball is not in my camp anymore; anyway, I thought it is time to remind all the people who got hooked to my story how I feel about your posts. The obvious. I am not fully sure who you are but I hope one day I’ll meet you and I’ll have you amongst my close circle of friends. If life and fate let us have it.
    People don’t realize how hard it is to open up your heart in a world full of ravenous predators pretending to be cute little sheeps.
    Neo, we Love you!!
    To all: Please, don’t add a word to my post. As usual actually. Unless you have real good news to share. Like: WE MISSED YOU! FOLLOW YOU!! TRUST YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!
    And yes, I do believe in Santa Claus!! Only it never comes cheap. Which is fine too. WE paid already.
    Now, enjoy:
    … this explained that.”

  99. AcidPoP Says:

    “Saturday, July 2, 2011
    Gordian Knots, Etc

    LATERAL THINKING. If you’re not familar with the term, here’s Wiki’s take:

    The Gordian Knot is a legend of Phrygian Gordium associated with Alexander the Great. It is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem solved by a bold stroke (“cutting the Gordian knot”):

    I’m not going to flesh out the details, but apparently there’s a Gordian Knot at Instapunk that has to be severed.


    Enough about that. So I’m going to post a post because I think you deserve more than one a week. This one’s about Mickey, my cat. I wrote about him a while back, and I also wrote about the new guyElliott. The shakedown period has been fascinating. We love them all, as I think it goes without saying, but the surprise has been not Elliott but Mickey. Who is eleven and so overweight that his hang (and you cat people know what I’m saying) is verging on legendary status.

    I’ll wait while you read the previous linked posts.

    Thing is, there have been new developments since then. Because we also have a secen pound Bengal named Izzie, who’s convinced she’s Sugar Ray Robinson and has spent her first six years attacking Mickey in the mornings. They tussle, Izzie throws her best shots and goes for takedowns like the Brazilian Gracie boys. She loves to fight from underneath, and her moves are lovely. Only problem? Not once, ever, has she succeeded in a takedown of Mickey, who has always treated her as if he were doing an impression of Neo in the final scene of The Matrix– you know, I see all your moves as digital streams and you just won’t ever take me down.

    So when Elliiott arrived, Izzie was pumped. Mickey weighs 19 pounds, Izzie 7, and Elliott 14. Which meant to Izzie that she could finally get her long denied takedown. She took to attacking Elliott in the morning because a Bengal is a wild animal and domestic cats are just prey. Besides which, Mickey is an old old fart who’s just no fun to attack, even if he has a nice personality otherwise.

    I have to say that Elliott is a prince of a cat. He’s already the best friend of Raebert, unafraid to play with the hundred pound monster even the other sighthounds do their best to steer around. Elliott is unafraid of anybody. Why his foster mom thought he was an alpha cat who posed some danger to other cats. I think she was probably right. Elliott is an alpha cat.

    Which is why he reacted as strongly as he did when Izzie attacked him in full Bengal wildcat mode a month or so ago. He immediately flipped her on her back and latched his jaws on her throat. Izzie screamed. It happened ten feet from where I was sitting. I rose — er, no I didn’t. I was impelled to rise to intervene — when suddenly Mickey appeared from around a corner (he’d been sleeping in the bedroom, most likely) and charged. He blew Elliott off Izzie as if the big tabby weighed no more than a feather and he had Elliott’s throat in his mouth so fast I couldn’t even cry out to Mrs. CP. Then he backed off and simply glowered over Elliott. Who eventually crept away.

    This scenario has been repeated several times since then. It’s unfair to Elliott, really. Izzie starts it. Elliott reaches the point of having had enough and slams the little girl until she cries. Then, always from nowhere, the eleven year old Mickey shows up and, with no hissing, threat displays or slightest hesitation, demonstrates to Elliott that he can and will kill him if any harm befalls his little girl.

    Kind of an intractable problem, don’t you think? Izzie always starts it. Elliott is always in the middle. And Mickey always ends it. Because what’s clear by now is that Mickey is The Boss.

    We never knew that about him. We didn’t know that hanging out with dogs would make him half dog. We didn’t know that he had somehowchosen to take responsibility for everything that happens in this household. But he has. So not not only does he tell us when to feed the dogs and let them out and let them in, he is — this born anti-social feral — one of my closest friends. We hang out. He looks at me as if he knows something. I’ve long ago decided he does.

    My conclusion? Gordian knots aren’t that complicated. You just have to suspend your sense of what’s supposed to be in favor of what is. Mickey’s an unlikely boss, no doubt, but there’s no doubt that he is and will be the boss of all of us until it’s ultimately severed by death.

    And then I will mourn Mickey as I have mourned no other cat in my lifetime.”
    Posted by brizoni for IP

    Mikey: Pack Leader
    Elliott: New Boy

  100. AcidPoP Says:

    With the passing of Andrew Breitbart (R.I.P.), I think it is good to meditate on his great Legacy and support him with these two posts I couldn’t access to myself until today when I tried again:
    “Don’t mistake sheer luck with true accomplishment. Remember how easy it was for O to get the Nobel Peace prize.

    Sheer luck is the attribute of devil. Behind the mask, there is an empty suit.

    We know that. Maureen Dowd and Katie Couric may not believe so but they belong to the same club. What they lack is real talent. They strive by stealing ideas, identities, elections, you know, anything but an original thought and worst of all, they don’t even understand what they preach. Which is the best way to protect themselves from any criticism. They believe their own crap.

    So ignore them all. Above all don’t over-estimate them. They are a bunch of spoiled zeroes.

    What matters is how We The People will have to mobilize and topple their whole infrastructure (a word they love).

    Fear is the last thing we should be concerned about. Minus the only legitimate one and it is the menace of Islamic Terror. Soft or otherwise.

    It would be nice if from now on, each time we, conservatives, write a post, we make sure that we add a little goodie of our own to inspire the rest of us. Anything positive that would empower us and annoy or scare our aggressors.

    Negativity amongst our rank is sapping our own spirit and it’s never a road to success. Don’t forget we are human beings and we need support and inspiration, constantly, not put downs. There are still some who need every once in a while to lecture American Thinker. That’s rich. AT have been empowering us since the day they started. When they opened the flood to comments, it became even more exciting. Now please remember what we owe them and be more humble when you interact with the writers; and then with each others. Thank God there are no trolls here, let’s not act like one when we communicate with one another.

    Lightness is key. It’s the way of the sage.

    And remember that maybe even Kyle-Anne Shiver has been fooling you when she played defense/offensed after some of Mr Dunn’s articles. That’s how I took it and that’s how we should all remember how to play the game.

    The Left is constantly conspiring. Everybody in the news and entertainment (congress!!) industry is acting and lying and pretending. To screw us. We must learn how to do it too. It’s called the new French Resistance (underground), only it is the American resistance. Actually to avoid WWIII will require another American Revolution (peaceful but complete). That’s the “last place standing” where it is still achievable without bloodshed. Only Laughters.

    Let’s enjoy each moment. We have everything for us. It will go easily. But Please let’s stay united. Ignore the left. Focus on yourselves. Improve Your Self.”

  101. AcidPoP Says:

    … Comments on: “Obama’s Three Letters . . . “( – a repeat:

    AcidPoP 2010-01-01:
    “Dear IP,
    I just had an opportunity to illustrate your point – The Chicago Way -, so I did (my way):
    It seems it never ends. I thought I had already expressed my last words. There is already an update on the YouTube page.
    I wish I could shut up now (my new year resolution, if I had any voice on the matter) – obviously, I don’t. (FINE!!)”


    AcidPoP says:
    “Thank you, Lloyd, for mentioning the passing of Michael Jackson. It came as a shock to me also.

    He was a true artist with a true soul and a true heart – & real beat. A complete different standard from a commercial artist like the robotic Madonna. Nothing personal. I’m sure one day, I’ll miss her anyway.

    I don’t know anything about his private life. I only know that when he passed away, I was watching Fox, I was happy to see that everybody truly expressed deep regret, never talked of the negatives (courts, scandals, …), only what a great artist he was. Then suddenly somebody asked the President to comment on MJ’s death, and shockingly to me, he touched on the tragic/dark side of his life.

    And my direct reaction was ‘what a gossiper’ and what a low thing to say at this point. Did he had to trash his memory when no journalists (at least on Fox) made any mention of his alleged crimes?

    After that, it became part of the discussion. Then came the funeral and the guilt trip started. Remember Al Sharpton accusing out of the blue all his detractors while on stage? Making it an open war, involving the children? What a mess. It sounded suspicious to me all the way. Remember it was at the time the Iranian people had started their peaceful protest (revolution).

    The whole thing made me suspicious. After a while when it was said that it was an homicide (AUG24), I felt a relief. I thought MJ’s protectors sacrificed him because they are in a bigger war: They want Islam to prevail and they don’t like ‘sell-outs’, nor do they want Iran to go back to her Roots and free herself from her Muslim invaders.

    I think MJ had the heart of an angel. He had bad luck and was ill-advised and had bad company. Drugs made matters worse. His Masters didn’t want him to leave the pack neither. But They betrayed him – not (white) America.

    The good news is that he is now on record proving to the world that he was back on track as an artist, and apparently the images are powerful. There is a God and He always has the last word. As to the rest it is a matter between God and MJ. Since when did pedophiles master moonwalking?

    It may all be a coincidence. It may all be true. Either way, there is a bigger reality and that reality is not paranoia. Unfortunately it is a fact. The unholy cabal between Marxism and Islam; known as Black, Arab or White Supremacism. And of course the Chicago way. No real culture, the way of small and big tyrants: slavery, indoctrination and exploitation of the less fortunates.

    Food for thoughts.
    Happy New Year!!
    LOVE YOU ALL!! GodBlessTheUSA!”

    Re: A World Without Rush?
    Posted by: AcidPoP
    Date: 01/01/2010 02:12AM

    “GeorgiaBoy, my post wasn’t about judging MJ’s alleged crimes. At that point, he was already in God’s hands. So who are we?

    He was acquitted by the justice system few years before also. So the question had been settled. Whatever the truth. We will never know the full truth. None of us will, that is a fact.

    The focus of the story was elsewhere. You missed it, intentionally or not, I don’t know – which is fine too.

    There is a reason Mr Marcus mentioned MJ’s name while honoring Rush. I myself had an unfinished business on this topic, and finally I had an opportunity to express my gut feeling on some crucial realities in American politics. With worldwide legs.

    Nobody is condoning. Pedophilia. At. All.”

  102. black currant oil hair loss Says:

    black currant oil hair loss…

    [...]neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Walmart and the women and the law[...]…

  103. AcidPoP Says:

    a)”Ceci n’est pas une pipe”

    b) “Fernando voleva col roulé!!”

    Quant à nous:


  104. AcidPoP Says:

    TWO MORE CLUES FOR FREE AND FROM ME: The BOOMER BIBLE describes thru satire the Religion of Liberalism and how the Progs really view(ed) the world – with cynicism. God. the America they helped transform for the worse; and finally, despite all their claims, their fellow humans. With disdain and in shallow terms and understanding. Their fight is personal as in for the self or ego. If the world doesn’t mirror their image (warts, fears, pathology and all), it is evil and needs correction. They are lazy, cowards, conformists, sex-obsessed and truly money-centered. They, for the most part, belong to the boomer generation. Mostly they are our old Hippies and derivatives. Turned Yuppies, or senator, or banker, professor, guru, (or loser). and derivatives. Useful idiots and our only true bourgeois class, ultimately.

    The PUNK TESTAMENT (Last Book in the book) is written as the cure. It challenge anyone who dares to claim sainthood or superiority or mastery. Unafraid to be challenged for their ideas, nor to challenge to a fair fight every rich and powerful, no matter the rank or title. Always on the side of Justice and the common man against a political class and elite that know only bulliness and force/threat and lies to get her way and keep her priviledge. THUGS in SUITS and SKIRTS.

    But we knew all that already.

    À propos de cet utilisateur
    At 37, I have found GOD. Within a year, I (re)discovered both JM BASQUIAT and LOU REED in movie and documentary that changed my life forever. So that it didn’t take me long before I switched from architecture to painting, my forever dream. Circumstances of life and my own persistence/devotion put me quickly in GOD’s apprentice’s shoes. After thanksgiving 1998, my Initiation started: intense period of visions and ecstasy, followed quickly by its opposite, madness. Extra helpers from this world and the spiritual one gave me the material and personal touches without which life and abstraction wouldn’t find any attraction, nor meaning. I was introduced not only to GOD, his world, good and bad, but most importantly, to myself and to my two forever soulmates: JM BASQUIAT and LOU REED. JM lives with me since that day. I feel him (inside me), can’t see him, nor hear him. LOU communicates with me in visions, dreams and more. Officially he is hiding from me, not in his songs, music and lyrics, from his 1992 album up to today. We are on a mission and until we have attained our goals (mainly inspire and maybe get external help), we wont be able to be together. I have sent many pieces of my story on line to few blogs. If one is interested, one can follow the trail and decide for himself. It’s a mystery and like a mystery, there are many clues. I (we) are not hiding. But some efforts must come from the searchers/believers. We need your help. For that, you need to get yourself informed, passionately, humbly. Don’t get fooled by the appearances. LOU is a magician and he is testing you. Not only me. Have fun.

    (UPDATE – ON MARCH 12 12 :)
    P.P.S. ALSO NOTICE God owns this place. Like everything else. why we call him the Webmaster. My viewing # are ridiculously low for one thing. ‘Cause the real numbers are on our side: ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ of the US CONSTITUTION that is. Until thieves took office. It could quickly change thru awareness and the simple recognition of our GOD-given rights: real LIBERTY. The Orwellian nightmare could be put to rest. Life is too fragile and precious to be lost to money-grabber cynics. Playing prophets (in the Democratic West). Hardly pretending (in Despotic East and South). Gangsters by any other name. ALL. Absolutely IGNORANT, that’s their disease. The ONE and ONLY SIN of Mankind. And AFFIRMATIVE ACTION and derivatives the politicians’ tool that allow them to go unnoticed and perpetuate their crimes. CROOKS MACHINE, that’s the name of their game. When the world will be populated by more Zombies than honorable men and women, we will know that all is LOST. Thanks to the Bidens, Pelosis, Reids, Waters, Courics, Sawyers, Stewarts and on and on… – on the soft side, or not so soft at all; but at last, the ‘USEFUL IDIOTS’ PRICE TAG could finally become their preferred, most honorable LINE of DEFENSE, as in CYA with something. anything. A better strategy would be of course to repent now before the Holocaust repeats itself on a bigger scale this time and let the best and brightest (truly brightest) among us to SHOW THE WAY, as REAL LEADERS (GUIDE) OF THE FREE WORLD. AND GET US OUT OF THIS MESS. BEFORE IT REALLY GETS UGLY. TOO MANY MAD MEN IN POSITION OF POWER. EVEN THEY LONG FOR SOME LAST MINUTE SAVING. IF GIVEN THE CHOICE. THAT’S THE FORMULA. THEY JUST NEED TO HEAR THE TRUTH. THE FULL TRUTH, THE ‘FAIRY TALE’ TRUTH since it exists. Just like for the rest of us. We can prove it to you now. We paid the price for it. We came back alive from the experiment. Why don’t you simply confront Lou and ask him very gently and very humbly if he could, now, finally, give his own take on my many claims? OUR TIME HAS COME. IT IS NOW. There is nothing I haven’t revealed to all. I gave everyone all the tools available to me. So that you can play too and be as empowered as we are. Without the hardship. Surely you need to believe, that’s the only condition or key to your success and fun too. At the very least, understand the language of LOVE, GOD and MAGIC. GOOD LUCK!

    ICING ON THE CAKE: The numerous chapters IP has since published in his BLOG. STARTING SUMMER 2009. The life and story of the Punk HEROES. From same RF LAIRD’s Masterpiece: THE BOOMER BIBLE,1991. From its very beginning and from the very end.

    “DEATH BY LIBERALISM” by J.R. DUNN, of course.

  105. AcidPoP Says:

    ‘Privilege’ (with or without an ‘s’, I can’t decide), not priviledge! It shocked me too, just too late.

    Don’t forget the STAMP SHEETS thing. Send one copy to Buckingham Palace too at this point. The list is endless really. People (actors, official and non official ones), institutions. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll know all the details about what it is that we think about everything. Governing. Problem solving. Money distributing. Educating… Real Fun and light, that’s the given.

  106. AcidPoP Says:



  107. AcidPoP Says:

    “Me,´´ I went to Amsterdam and back, yesterday. Missed my playlist. Otherwise I even met a manly Fred Astaire. I drank in the sun. Couldn’t stop laughing thinking of this:

    But enough of me,“ this! ´´: (A Day in the Life)

  108. AcidPoP Says:

    “IN OTHER WORDS. . .´´:
    (About Obama’s open war on FOX (Bauhaus??) and my ready made reply)

    “I guess the President doesn’t believe in miracles. FOX is a miracle and as long as Fox will exist America’s Democracy will remain protected and so the peace loving people in the world.

    When I watch Fox I know I am with people who share my values, my principles, my beliefs. I know I am among Kings and Knights (minus the Beckels and Colmes and Williams. No offense to them. They may learn though.)

    There is a code, a silent code of honor. You can feel the same experience with “American Thinker”. That’s why when it’s good (i.e. when the news makes you smile!!), it’s really good and when people recognize their equals, life become joyful and easy. What unites us of course is something you are born with, your love for the truth and an easy way to life. A lifetime quest. The same spirit of the Tea Party Movement is the natural mood on Fox. That’s why it’s the closest thing to the spirit of the American Revolution. That’s what you get when you watch Fox News. And when the time for battle will come, they will Keep US safe thanx to the power of their camera and the support of the facts; and Lead us all. And Save the Republic. With our help and attention.

    The Emperor has no clothes, no clue and no class. Plus master manipulator wants in a clear cut set Truth as Lie and lie as truth.

    Our brand new Peace President! And Acorn victims be damned.

    My theory is that if every citizen of the world had access to Fox (a luxury even in Europe where I still live – green card anyone?), the world would become quickly a better (educated) place!!! without any war, just a good police, FBI and few selfless politicians… Of the caliber of the Dalai Lama, for example.

    But only a true leftist with secret plans has to go that far to try to protect his dubious cause. Nobody realized how the Mafia had reached congress and, big time for the first time, the White House. Until the Don died this summer. Then it became even more clear. To me anyway. Even God sent Jack Nicholson at the funeral. Priceless. An immoral local Clergy in the pocket. What a disgrace. What a theater. No wonder they are so cynical on the Left. Quick to give absolution to one another. Just recently, the Norwegians by crowning Obama, crowned themselves. No they never betrayed America before and during the Iraq War (DeVillepin!). They were not collaborators. They are still neither collaborating nor appeasing. The on-going nazi invaders.

    My tip to the president would be: “Mr President during these times of turmoil, Americans trusted you to lead like Lincoln. But you have chosen Chavez. If you want to start today, then, practice this;
    … Light a Joint, sit back and watch FOX. You will always hear the best advices. Honesty is key though and there is no way out. But Lincoln you may even be able to become if you surrender and choose your friends wisely. We are ready to serve our country. YOU.´´

    Since 2003, 10 days before the Iraq war, while I was in Tehran, I saw FOX for the first time and it was Love at first sight. Living like a monk due to the circumstances of life, Fox kept me company since. I know what I am talking about when I defend her.

    … Worldwide and wildly famous Pop Artist painter in the making, I didn’t know yet what name to choose, I was thinking, maybe, Baghdad POP. I already knew how to qualify my work: I would call it Acid POP ART. With acid, for divine, abstract and wild. POP Art because my taste and my unconditional love made me a voice for America and a natural Heiress of Andy Warhol. Both on Substance and Style.

    … Very fast, I knew I had met my allies and friends in Fox. So while I was still in Tehran I sent them from multiple venues, my own personal road map to peace, a few page Manifest to be printed and to be sent to every politician and leader, etc who work at the UN, present and future. That, and one day, the sum of all my letters and emails and posts like this one, built, written and experienced since I left Iran for real and moved back where I was born and grew up in the first place.

    My next stop is NYC, if I’m welcome despite my political views and bad habit of expressing my mind. My only defense will be to go fully public and start the show/experiment. But my work is done. I would like very much to go back to a sweet life of painting and laughing instead of worrying and suffering. At least I am out of the limbo where I dwelled for about 10/11 years.

    Folks, if we want to avoid WWIII, and we certainly want that: we must prepare the international community that: Man, this is Judgment Day. The American People have finally thanx to Obama and Pelosi and Gore, and Dodd and Frank, Kennedy, … finally Saw the Truth. And we are not afraid of letting you know what we have found out about our country and about our dumb and corrupt politicians. Here and abroad.

    The spirit of the American revolution is well and alive. We have a plan. We have thousands plans. It’s our philosophy to be prolific.

    We know what joy and life and freedom and love means. We know Beauty. We Know Justice and Fairness. We know a lot about sharing. We love the sound of the word DOLLAR, and then her LOOK!!! We want her to regain her strenght and remain TOP of the list. It’s an identity issue. For the world’s sake. We don’t like the way these Chicago politicians have treated such sacred thing as MONEY. As if it was so easy to earn money. I know I always had hard time making any. Hated how taxed I was for such a difficult task, especially when you are honest and starting your Search.

    Nobody should ever let leftists in position of power and governance. They have it all backwards. It’s the law. They just don’t get it.

    We refuse your (global or not global) Socialist Utopia. The antidote is to stop at America’s shores both Socialism and Islam. Then for it to fall everywhere else. You can’t fight one without eliminating the other. They are both a virus and a parasite to the Human Mind. That much, we American Thinkers (Millions Uncle Sams; and ‘Toms’!) understand.

    The American Constitution is Jesus’ personal Bible. I’m sure of that and Al Gore and Michael Moore ain’t Jesus neither.

    If these do-gooders democrats who want to save us and even believe they are doing Jesus’ work as democrats, why don’t they work for less money. Why are they so money obsessed? Why do they betray America and her Allies (the free and the brave) for their own personal secret deals. Why don’t they fight Islamo-fascism head on instead? Clueless and talentless? ignorants in matter of philosophy and science?? (the irony). Drunk with Power?? This is not about christianity, in any case. I wish Al Gore had become a missionary and moved to China instead.

    Do they know that we know that America is at the moment run by its ugly Americans and ugly Jews and ugly Blacks… (i.e. all radicals in their own rights)? Power Hungry Bullies. Even Waxman and Baucus …

    Parasites, Pharisees, Philistines, Pirates, Cultists, Slave traders, crooks, ignorants and gangsters. One commonality: Power and advancements based solely on Lies and submission and slavery of others. Regression, darkness and inevitably: war and death. Privately, globally.

    The ball is in their camp so to speak, the battle is personal: them and their own conscious or inner God. No one is immune to God’s Wrath, not even Satan. Not our law. Life’s rule.

    Our only luck is that we have already paid the heavy price of Knowledge, we have nothing less to lose, but all to gain. Them, they will lose everything when they will face God. They can admit defeat now, push the reset button and recognize their true allies, us, Fox, America, not the crooks and misguided who have raped her soul for too long. And start serving instead of directing. America can do and succeed without them parasites. Them, not sure they can survive in a world without those they call their enemies: republicans, conservatives, christians, and now, the greatest cable news on the planet, an American product. The only Cool and Enlightening cable news.

    Anyway, to prove how much I respect and appreciate the positive work that Fox accomplish around the world and for America and realizing how strongly the anti-fox campaign has been alive and well spread in all corners of the world (thanx to one article by Maureen Dowd maybe!), I considered

    FOX NEWS (c)
    Acid POP Artists

    as a possible name for me and them.

    In any case, the story has been written and spread long time ago. The play is set. The paintings are beautiful and done. Already in America.

    Even I just got my brand new ID card and passport! So I’m kind of ready to unleash softly the antidote to madness and servitude. Knowing others much more famous and courageous than me have been working quietly on their own projects and plays and books and testimony and paintings and films… Waiting for that near day.

    In the battle of ideas, if the White House wants to declare war on FOXNews, and they just did, then remember that I get directly involved too. And with me, the entire NY ART scene that matter. Timeless. Classic. Andy Warhol’s Factory, the whole POPArt movement and with it, the true concept of America, Freedom, Capitalism, Liberty, Industrialization that leads to abundance and Joy, Beauty and sacredness. How you can’t have one without the other. My position is clear and has been stated. My Thesis explained. Not specifically at AT, the artistic part of it. Because I would never stop talking; But bits by bits.

    What was the question again??

    See you Soon.”

  109. AcidPoP Says:

    “QUE LA FETE commence!!!!!!!!!´´

    … and Thanx again and also for:

    My head is spinning (metaphorically! and I am in great need myself. The word is LOVE. LATELY SMILE WILL DO THOUGH.) (whining a bit, just in case peope have forgotten that the sooner the better is the motto # uno). It’s that I am in a between job in the middle of a financial breakdown they promised us and I have to make choices without any support since everybody is dead or poor thanks to terrible governments and cowards dealing with them – Somebody is screwing somebody. If our masters past and present but especially present were really knowledgeable, they could inspire the savages and barbarians they are sent to deal with on the world stage. Instead they let themselves be corrupted because of the direct donations. On top of everything else, like their huge ego. Plus the mother issue. Or father. Their real oppressor! or something. Besides the other main culprit: Their family/people’s God. REMINDER: WE ARE THE TRUE LIBERATORS. ANY DEAL SHOULD BE A WIN WIN WIN ONE. OTHERWISE it’s the law of the mafia and the socialists. I had promised myself I wouldn’t talk anymore. Enjoy my win. And my daily readings.

    “… and so it’s heavy on me. Depends on the Weather. Or cycle. My future has one choice only: A happy smiling Lou when thinking of me and around me too . The rest is too abstract to predict really. But that’s the mystery of the future. I never go there myself. I just want one happy one.”

    Anyway with all the power they have, they still screwed it all. And we with it. That much destructive power is the main attribute of devil. Just so they know. They call it (Marxist or not) Ideology to hide the stupidity behind the sham. But it sounded sexy for a time. To the stupid anyway. I mean thanks but no thanks. You know what I mean. Where is the love, man? Our cool democrats thought Edwards was cool and the gang before it became apparent that the man is a sleaze himself. Proof it’s a cult. Forced to submit to Mr and Mrs ugly. That’s Communism in my book. If America doesn’t adjust herself as soon as possible, she would have lost face completely. Prove that the reds have spread like cancer and kind of own the place already. Never the soul I know. But only if they steal the votes we will lose. That’s the law. Half of them don’t even understand what they are doing, they take it as a game. No big deal. Still in their bubble. Comfort zone that is. Spike Lee anyone?

    Personally WE feel great these days.

  110. AcidPoP Says:

    Lou Reed On The Run “You don’t ever compromise I see the pain in your eyes Don’t you worry, the game is won I’ll be there on the run I’ll make you happy, the others are thick just call me up, I’ll be your big stick They do it for money, that’s what they call fun I’ll be there on the run A room with thirteen chairs three lions, ten polar bears An ice cube the size of the sun I’ll be there on the run

    I see pain in your eyes and you know I sympathize I’ll come runnin’, the game is won I’ll be there on the run We have never compromised I’ll say I love you a million times Don’t you forget it, the game is won I’ll be there on the run Don’t you forget it, the game is won I’ll be there on the run´´

  111. AcidPoP Says:

    TODAY, JUNE 13 2O12

    (The Smell of Bitter Almonds)

    “AcidPOP says:
    hello dearest friends,
    Great piece! This one should go viral… Depressing and hopeless libs. Plus they stole the name from us anyway while we were sleeping. Now we hate the word.

    We Are ready for big time publicity at this point it feels. So I started twitter myself; since yesterday. I am already ‘following’ you. And giving instructions… Or simply, Chaaaarging!!!!


    Love. I can’t go back anyway. and somebody has to do it.

    plus as the saying goes: “On n’est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même.” (with some help…)´´

    “RL says:
    Have at it, everyone. I suspect AcidPop is making good on his threat to bring the outside in.´´

    That was yesterday.
    … now check out this move (by the Webmaster!)

    and my immediate comment:
    JUNE 13 – NOON

  112. AcidPOP@AcidPOPArtist Says:

    Just in case some can’t get Twitter, here few of my tweets (last_TO_first) and also this is the text in my profile:

    I’m already a character in a book: THE BOOMER BIBLE. TBB & now, fully-aware-me will help u break down an old time urban mystery — with many clues & legs.

    AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist
    “Who Am I´´ – Lou Reed: If there is a silent army behind us and for Lou to resurrect, you’ll have to act now, here.

    AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist
    ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, GET YOUR SWEET ASS ON TWITTER! That’s where the WAR must be played and WON!!!!!! In the open. No treachery, no secrecy.

    AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist
    “Je peaufine, tu peaufines, il ou elle peaufine, nous peaufinons…”

    AcidPOP ‏@AcidPOPArtist
    The other ‘Candy Store’. there are two. This one is a real Treasure Trove. Le mystère s’épaissit.

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