April 27th, 2011

The long wait for Obama’s long form is over

Well, Trump smoked it out: Obama’s long birth certificate finally sees the light of day.

Why did it take so long? Simple. Prior to this, Obama felt that secrecy was to his advantage. The controversy merely made his foes look bad. But something about the Trump accusations seems to have tipped the balance in another direction. Too many people were falling, if not into the birther camp, then into the “So, why doesn’t he just release it?” camp.

And so we have the long form at last, plus Obama’s characteristically condescending remarks to go with it:

We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do…Over the last two and half years, I have watched with amusement. I have been puzzled with the degree with which this thing just kept going.

Apparently, until now we did have time for such silliness, and no better stuff to do. And of course the fact that he wouldn’t release the form had absolutely nothing to do with the “degree to which this thing just kept going.”

Note, also, the use of several of Obama’s favorite words, “silly,” “stuff,” and “amusing.” I noticed a very similar pattern back in April of 2008, when I wrote (referencing these remarks of Obama’s):

Did you ever notice how often Obama uses the word “silly” to describe questions he doesn’t want to answer and issues he doesn’t want to address?

It’s an interesting ploy, a way to escape being pinned down while attempting to avoid charges of evasion. He could answer, of course. But he doesn’t want to waste his time on “silliness” because he, Obama, has a higher calling.

But this is not condescending. Not in the least.

Elitism? It’s a silly charge that “amuses” him.

I cannot in my lifetime remember any president, Democrat or Republican, good or bad or in-between, adopting this sort of patronizing, belittling tone towards his opponents (and just one Vice President, Spiro Agnew). From Obama, it’s standard operating procedure.

In fact, another thought has just occurred to me: perhaps his long delay in releasing the long form has been to set up just this moment, so he can rise above it and belittle the little people who so stupidly have provided for his amusement all this time.

[NOTE: Here's a not-atypical response from the left, and an example of its "logic." Weigel writes:

And the long-form certificate proves that the COLB was legitimate and answered all reasonable questions about Obama's birth. If you were "just asking questions" about the COLB, you were not a truth-seeker. You were a fool.

Weigel is probably correct in saying, however, that "I'd expect the focus to shift now to Obama's college records and writings." I'm sure he thinks anyone who wants to see said records is also a fool. Of course, anyone who wanted to see McCain or Bush's transcripts was probably a very reasonable and intelligent person. That's just the way it goes.

In case you don't remember who Weigel is, see this.]

[ADDENDUM: Andrew Sullivan has a moment of sanity on the subject. However, my guess is that Sullivan's call that Obama should have released the long form long ago is based on Sullivan's own demands that Sarah Palin release each and every document connected with the birth of Trig, in order to prove the child is hers.

At least he's consistent, sort of.]

67 Responses to “The long wait for Obama’s long form is over”

  1. Curtis Says:

    The whole purpose was to carry a significant amount of people along with him as he thumbed his nose at the American people. The law states that ignorance is no excuse but here was a man who convinced others that they and others should remain ignorant about him.

    And that this was very hypocritical is shown that Obama spurned the very same thing he required of McCain.

    The episode says, “Now, we are in an era of rex lex, not lex rex.”

  2. M J R Says:

    For every job I can remember, my employer wanted to see my academic transcripts and references. If nothing else, they wanted to assure themselves that I was who I really was.

    (In later jobs, they wanted a list of publications.)

    Not only are Obama’s transcripts off-limits, I haven’t seen any publications, except for those two autobiographies. Have you? Anything written for that superlative Harvard Law Review, for example?

    He never was who our wonderful mainstream media made him out to be. Is/was he an academic star, as the masses who swear he’s “awesome” insist? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I saw a video of Pat Buchanan exclaiming to Chris Matthews, “you’re supposed to be a JOURNALIST, aren’t you??” It’s simply incredible how incurious our “journalists” have become, especially when contrasted with their curiosity about, say, George W. Bush’s alleged AWOL weekend.

    Okay, end of rant. Enough of this silliness. I have better things to do . . .

  3. neo-neocon Says:

    M J R: no, no, you’ve got better stuff to do.

  4. jon baker Says:

    I wonder how many of those people who kept insisting President Obama ALREADY HAD already released his birth certificate are confused about this….

  5. expat Says:

    I’m not sure that Obama’s grades are all that important. We’ve seen enough to know that he is not too smart at assessing real-world problems. We also know that he tends to speak first (and sign executive orders on matters like Gitmo) and then study the situation when forced to. What would be rather interesting would be to learn what kind of courses he took and who his profs were. This would show how much he allowed himself to be intellectually and ideologically challenged, not that I haven’t already formed an opinion based an the last 3 years of observing him.

    BTW, did you see Milbank’s WaPo piece today on Obama’s complex intelligence? Keep a barf bag handy as you read.

  6. Oblio Says:

    Trump jumped the questions out of the anti-Obama blogosphere and into the minds of TV-watching “independents.” Presumably, Obama’s political advisers are unwilling to let doubts fester in the minds of reality-show watchers, especially when the price of gasoline is $4 at the pump. Is the correct conclusion that TV makes the culture of the Center, and culture makes the politics?

  7. baklava Says:

    For those who think this is silly.

    It is a very serious constitutional issue.

    Nobody is above the law.

    He should’ve provided the documentation before being certified as the Democrat nominee for President as Hillary was asking.

    You MUST before working for the state of CA fill out an I9 form.


    &emptybama seems unable to do his job. Basic things are a prerequisite no matter how much you want to insist it is beneath you. It isn’t beneath him – it’s REQUIRED.

  8. John Says:

    By doing this today, what is it he doesn’t want people thinking and talking about?

  9. neo-neocon Says:

    expat: funny thing, just now as I saw your comment I’m in the middle of writing a piece on that very article.

  10. baklava Says:





    Property Values



    Paul Ryan

    Herman Cain


  11. kolnai Says:

    The central fact about Obama is not that he’s nationally non-American, but that he’s ideologically anti-American. No birth certificate or transcripts can “amuse” away that “silliness.”

    Even if Obama got straight A’s at Harvard Law, it wouldn’t do a damn thing to alter the fundamental ignorance, hubris, and moral inanity that characterizes the man’s worldview. I’ve had plenty of professors over the years who got straight A’s at Harvard, and I didn’t notice any correlation between their education and their common sense, much less their actual knowledge. For one of the central, tragic facts of current education, K through Ivy League, is that one can go through it all and not learn anything.

    In the dark night of my soul, I fear that that’s prepared us to go through four years of Obama and not learn anything either.

    However, all of that being said, Neo hits on that central thing about Obama that takes one from just completely disagreeing with his positions to feeling one’s blood boil when listening to him – simply put, he’s a condescending prick who never got the snot kicked out of him and so never learned humility. He’s just not a pleasant person to be around, even mediated by a TV screen, a fawning media, and a teleprompter.

    Weigel has certainly earned the company he keeps. For anyone with a shred of decency, it really is hard to be a constant jerk, dusk to dawn, day-in and day-out. But Weigel, like Obama, pulls it off with consummate skill.

    Birds of a feather, I guess.

  12. M J R Says:

    M J R concludes:

    April 27th, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Okay, end of rant. Enough of this silliness. I have better things to do . . .

    neo-neocon replies:

    April 27th, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    M J R: no, no, you’ve got better ^stuff^ to do

    M J R tucks tail betwen legs, exits stage right:


  13. Scott Says:

    Every move, every action, is a political calculation for this guy. I would have guessed that letting this simmer for a few more months would have played to his advantage. Just goes to show what an amateur I am about this stuff.

    What I do know is that given what has transpired via Trump, Obama decided this was the opportune time, for him personally politically, to release it. Waiting any longer would have been risky for him politically.

  14. blert Says:

    Trump trumped him.

    When it hit the MSM something had to be done.

    This the document that the Governor of Hawaii said didn’t exist.

    Why all of the weird stonewalling in Honolulu?

    BTW, the pdf shows out-of-sequence numbering and other inconsistencies with known long form certificates of live birth.

    That Barry’s minions could fabricate a COLB is without a doubt possible; he is the President.

    More than the COLB — it’s the complete blanket that the Wan has thrown over his entire history that is striking.

    The MSM let him get away with inventing a persona.

    The very same clown that grandiosely assured us that the seas would now recede. King Canute’s folly in a modern time. How fatuous can one politician be?

    Now he’s on to gifting Moscow the keys to our strategic defenses. What could go wrong with that?

  15. Bill West Says:

    The condescension plays well with the NPR crowd. I work very closely with two of them, both public relations professionals. I asked them, “Would you have allowed a client to withhold a document like this for this long?”


    “Then what was the point?”

    “To make the opponents look bad. And besides it’s the principle of the thing.” Then they muttered soemthing about the mass of ignorant people, etc, etc. They also threw racism in there.

    I said, “If you had handled a problem for a client in this manner you’d have been fired. It was stupid, which tells me that Obama isn’t as smart as people think he is.”

    Then they said that he’s smarter than Palin, and wandered out of the room.

  16. texexec Says:

    When our president uses the word “stuff” in his comments, speeches, and press conferences, it makes me wanna puke. Makes him “totally sound” like some valley girl to me.

    Or some twenty something who doesn’t know a damn thing about the world yet.

  17. texexec Says:

    BTW, I doubt that even the controversy over his birth will completely go away. There remains the question of why didn’t he reveal this earlier. And some people are already thoroughly examining the document and finding interesting little things about it.

    So far, I’m gonna believe it’s authentic but I do remember Rather’s document concerning Bush’s military activity.

  18. Ymarsakar Says:

    Assuming Sullivan actually writes everything attributed to him and doesn’t have multiple personalities or people living in his house doing it.

  19. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Yes, indeed, it’s the principle of the thing. And because of that principle, I earnestly hope that Trump pushes on. I want to see his school records. I want to see everything.

    Because I’m interested in the fine details? No, not at all. Because it never should have been secret in the first place.

    Mr. President: you don’t get the right of privacy. Your family, yes. Your close friends, probably. But as far as your public documents are concerned, unless national security is demonstrably at stake in revealing them, they are ours, not yours. You gave up the right to keep them secret when you announced you were running for President.

    That we elected you President without seeing your papers means that we were fools. It does not relieve you of your obligation to produce them upon demand.

    And now that you’ve demonstrated that you could have done this at any time — before spending millions of dollars to hide the documents, before a good man went to prison for demanding to see them — it is you, sir, who look like a fool, and an astonishingly small petty man.

    It was a reasonable request, and one that shouldn’t have needed to be made at all. You should have made it clear from the outset that you had nothing to hide, and proved it. That you didn’t, when to all appearances you indeed had nothing to hide, proves little about us… but it proves a great deal about you.


  20. CV Says:

    My theory is, the WH was painfully aware that Trump’s loud and insistent demands about the birth certificate were gaining traction. Even the MSM were paying attention, even if only to mock Trump.

    Now that he used the “birther” issue to get our attention, Trump had begun using the same megaphone to demand the missing transcripts and/or evidence of academic brilliance, which to me has always been a much more compelling question but isn’t really out there in the mainstream conversation…yet.

    It simply won’t do to have the electorate asking themselves where the emperor’s clothes are as we head into 2012. So the WH decides to release the certificate basically saying “Here it is, satisfied now?! The Donald and the birthers are nuts (er, ‘silly’) as we’ve been saying all along.”

    The attention on Trump’s loud and insistent questions is deflated, and if he continues to press the transcript thing (and I hope he does) the WH will simply sigh and say there he goes again, will nothing satisfy this loon? He was wrong about the certificate and he’s wrong about the records, etc.

    I could be wrong.

  21. gs Says:

    I’m with Palin on this one:

    Media: admit it, Trump forced the issue. Now, don’t let the WH distract you w/the birth crt from what Bernanke says today. Stay focused, eh?

    The message ostensibly addresses the media, but IMHO she is being diplomatic.

  22. baklava Says:

    Why does this article say this?

    Obama had released a copy during the 2008 presidential campaign.

    Dear Daniel Strauss,

    If he had released a copy in 2008… he wouldn’t have had to today.


  23. baklava Says:


  24. Curtis Says:

    Obama is seething right now.

    The play has gone against him and here is something that is almost always true: The truth is good! This is a win for good and honest people. (About the only exception I can think of when truth is not useful is when one uses the truth deliberately to hurt people–maybe that applies in the instant case, which is an interesting digression. )

    Obama’s main purpose was to include others, albeit unknowingly, in his deception. And it was deception even if the B.C. turns out genuine (which it may not) because it led many to doubt his origins. Courting this doubt is an act of a joker, a psychotic, evil . . . something.

    You want more proof that Obama is seething? He’s smiling right now and you can bet that as all things with this administration, the looks belie the truth.

  25. Curtis Says:

    Anyone read Jerome Corsi’s book:

    “Also raised in the book is the issue of the other documentation for Obama’s career, verifications that remain concealed, including his passport records, kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records and schedules, medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license and adoption records.”


  26. Oldflyer Says:

    One thing the birth certificate seems to do is put the lie to some of the fairy tales in “Dreams…”, etc. His mother is listed as 18 at the time of his birth. That opens up a lot of questions right there as to the alleged relationship between mother and father at conception, as well as after birth. (Was she a high school girl when he was conceived? Did they ever live together at all? Who was the father of his dreams?)

    There may be some legal questions, as well. I am pretty sure that the 18 was not the age of majority in 1961.

    However, this is simply random musing. To paraphrase Obama today, (sic)…we have more important things to do; I have more important things to do. Then he boarded his monstrous jet to whisk him and his entourage to Chicago to tape the Oprah show, and on to NY to scoot around town from fund raiser to fund raiser during rush hour.

    As many have said; it is time to attack Obama on his record and his policies, and fold the tents of the sideshows. Banzai!

  27. Curtis Says:

    What Obama accomplished was profound. If left unchecked, it will lead to horror.

    If one deceives someone or many into following a lie, an amount of moral blindness falls upon those who have been deceived. Perhaps they already had experienced an amount of blindness.

    Today, the audacity of hope reasserted itself.

    (Greek: Apokálypsis; “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”) is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted. …

  28. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    It’s not over ’till it’s over.

    Disclaimer: I’m not saying that the birth certificate, as released today, was altered. Nor am I saying that it was not. I’m saying that “trust but verify” was never more important than it is now… and that I am currently not inclined to take the President’s word on anything.


  29. Foxfier Says:

    Oldflyer- goes by state; a pair of family friends were married at 16/17 and 19 without parental permission because of the younger one’s abusive homelife. (They had planned to wait until the younger was 21.)

    Seeing as Obama Sr knowingly entered into a false, adulterous marriage with a high school girl when he was old enough to be a college grad…I don’t think it matters all that much if she was 17 when it started or not. Nothing I’d hold against Obama, either way, since being irrationally attached to a blank slate of a biofather isn’t much of an issue in my book.

    Next up, Trump will push for documents Obama has more personal accountability for… which will infuriate Obama, because Trump is a really good showman. The worse Obama looks, the more likely folks are to be willing to blame him for the mess he’s made in the last few years.

  30. Promethea Says:

    Bill West @ 2:31 . . .

    Your little dialogue is priceless. It mimics every conversation with a liberal that I’ve had in the past 10 years.

    That’s why I now only talk about food, restaurants, grandchildren, vitamins, and omega-3. Forbidden subjects include global warming, socialized medicine, Obama, various wars in the Middle East, various movies, Palin, NPR, Islam, and the economy.

  31. Promethea Says:

    BTW, how could Obama get a security clearance? Several people in my family have security clearances, and the government (FBI?) asked them questions about all kinds of family matters. I’m sure they had to produce a birth certificate in order to get their jobs.

  32. Artfldgr Says:

    Why did it take so long? Simple. Prior to this, Obama felt that secrecy was to his advantage.

    reflexive obama apologism…

  33. Artfldgr Says:

    the thing they put out is so photo shopped its not funny..

    and the new colb they include with it… is missing the background anti copy pattern…

    its exactly waht i ahve described many times…
    the emperors purple horse..

    ie… how many fingers are they holding up

    those who are part of the body politic will say whatever the leadership claims, no matter what they see in front of them.. ie.. they pretend to see the purple horse and complement the emperor on it.

    those that are not that way, woh want honesty, merit, etc… they will refuse to call a white horse purple..

    ie… you now know who your enemy is.

    and if things keep going…
    your going to see Shoa II

    its already starting…

  34. julia nyc Says:

    @Bill West,

    Oh yes, that is it to a T. That is how they speak. I don’t talk to them anymore about politics. The NPR crowd is completely in the tank for Obama, they are completely for him in 2012. They think he so much better than any Republican could ever be,no matter how bad things get and Sarah Palin is stupid. That’s all they can say. They bring up her stupidity all of the time. You can be talking about something else and then “Sarah Palin is Stupid” just pops out of their mouths. It is most bizarre. Obama could do anything and they would vote for him. They have been completely brainwashed and Republicns = Bad for them. No matter what. Hopefully the Independents will wake up and vote him out of office. I think they are definitely shaken up though. (The libs). Last time it was so easy for them, this time they’ve got their delusion cut out for them.

  35. Artfldgr Says:

    You’ve GOT To Be Kidding Me (Birth Certificate)

    they have a even bigger list of things that were altered.

    its OBVIOUS…

    and notice that the copy of the COLB without the back ground, doesnt have the leak through of a stamp claimed on the other side.

    just compare them… its EASY

    what will happen is that the true beleivers are going to see the number of fingers they are told to have up.

    but EVERYONE else will see the emperor is naked.

    and how many will be willing, after 60 years of PC training in adhering your thoughts and ideas to the state declaration (well waht do you think pc was originally? you can look it up, hint… feminism, and germany)

    you can see that the colors of the alterations dont match… that is, the person using photoshop, didnt shrink the eyedrop tool… and so took an average of color…

    resize and move the doc.. you can see that the letering is not part of the background

    then there is the curve of the page coming out of the middle left as you would see in a copy..
    but the stamp is put on top..

    all letters ahve a jpeg halo… ie…
    the file that they were taken from was a jpg, not a bitmap… this is lossy compression, and jpegs make halos..

    if you take the image. and you start swinging colors around in photoshiop, things tha may look the same, will suddenly show that they are nto the same..

    its a complete FARCE…

    the soviets in the early part of last century were better.

    but funny how a communist person would copy the methods of the communists…

    that would be like a scorpion behaving like a scorpion or a snake behaving like a snake…

    other than the impossibility of women behaving like women… everything else on the planet behaves to its nature.. (women do to, just don’t tell them, makes them angrier than if you lie about the size of their butt in a dress!), and no two things are equal… (even twins)

    so is it any surprise that a man whose friend are BLACK NATIONAL SOCIALISTS would act like NATIONAL SOCIALISTS, regardless of the color you prepend with?

  36. Curtis Says:

    I disagree, Artfldgr: It’s the pride of the dragon which is his downfall. He’s doesn’t see his exposed spot.

  37. A tale of two hustlers…Three-card Monty gets Trumped… | Amused Cynic Says:

    [...] Neo-neocon comments here and [...]

  38. Bob from Virginia Says:

    There is something else I am not sure many are paying attention to. Trump had Obama answering his questions, that is, the Chicago Jesus is on the defensive. Remember when Cheney wanted Obama to release information showing that valuable information was obtained by water boarding. Obama simply ignored the request, and kept insisting the opposite. Combined with the condescending attitude this MO seemed to have convinced those who wanted to be convinced that he was some sort of superior being. By answering the questions of a mere mortal he has shown weakness and vulnerability. If he had to answer to Trump on this will he have to answer to Trump on Honduras, the insulting behavior towards Netanyahu? Trump has an audience that includes Obama’s unlettered believers. One way or another Obama will be diminished in their eyes, either through the appearance of weakness, the necessity of explaining bad decisions or, if he ignores Trumps questions, the appearance of obstructing the truth.

    BTW, AOSHQ has a good take on the Milbank article.

  39. Curtis Says:


    Obama’s Birthplace Mystery: The Real Issue

    Answer: Character.

    And that’s it. Any tea partier or conservative would welcome Obama as we do anybody who presents themselves for an honest test of their character–especially if they aspire to be our Commander in Chief.

  40. Curtis Says:

    And Pamela Gellar has done excellent prior work on the past forgeries as well as this:


  41. Curtis Says:

    About the layers of the B.C.:


    But there’s so much more.

  42. Alex Says:


  43. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    As I said in a comment here yesterday, the real crux of things may be what Obama’s citizenship status was in Indonesia and, then, when he was sent to Hawaii at age 10, and not whether or not he was born in Hawaii.

    That being said, since Zippy has lied about practically everything, and since he and the DNC spent a reported $2 million dollars and kept two or three law firms busy sending lawyers all over the country to defend against more than 20 lawsuits by citizens seeking production of this document over the last three years, and given the forged documents that were at the heart of “Rathergate,” I’d want to get “questioned documents” experts to go over this document with a fine tooth comb and to get their professional opinions, before I’d accept it as being both genuine and unaltered.

    I noticed the reluctance of such experts to get involved in the Rathergate mess, and I expect similar reticence in this instance too.

  44. Parker Says:

    Promethea asks, “BTW, how could Obama get a security clearance? Several people in my family have security clearances, and the government (FBI?) asked them questions about all kinds of family matters. I’m sure they had to produce a birth certificate in order to get their jobs.”

    I used to have a security clearance before I retired. The process I went through was submitting mucho paperwork and then 2 fellows displaying FBI badges came to my office. They asked many, many questions including place and date of birth. They never asked me to produce a birth certificate. I assume they checked that out on their own. I did receive a clearance level 1, the lowest clearance rating. This was about 4 months after 9/11 when I was asked to be a member of a regional first responder task force.

    Artfldgr, You might want to consider this article:


    BTW, I am a market-ticker fan.

  45. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    P.S. If the Certificate of Live Birth that the Obama camp released a few years ago was–as they insisted–his actual and true birth certificate, then what was the document that was released today?

    P.S. Between copying machines, and computers, and various programs like Photoshop and other image manipulation software put out by Adobe and others, I’d imagine you can create any phony document you wanted.

    Questions are already being raised about the fact that this image is not just a straight photocopy, but has apparently been somehow sliced and diced and altered. If this document is discovered to be questionable, the fact that whoever did the job didn’t even bother to turn out a reasonably convincing fake speaks to just how dumb Obama & Co. think we all are.

  46. Curtis Says:

    You are right, Wolla Dalbo. The real test to his citizenship comes from that source, I believe. I think Congress should appoint an investigative commission and sort the whole thing out.

  47. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    As for the President’s “security clearance,” I believe I ran across an article some time ago that said that Presidents are not subjected to any security clearance procedures, and that anyone who becomes President is just assumed to be a trustworthy, patriotic, loyal American and, thus, no such demeaning examinations are necessary.

  48. Promethea Says:


    I thought the market-ticker article was interesting too. There is also the question about Obama’s citizenship after he came back from Indonesia. There is also the question about who paid for his education. Etc. etc.

    As Wretchard in Belmont Club’s current post says, it’s not really about Obama’s birth certificate, it’s about trust. We don’t trust Obama because he’s a lying liar.

    Most people don’t want to spend more time than is necessary chasing down the truth behind all his various lies. We know that we’re governed by a very evil man who is probably in league with our enemies.

  49. Parker Says:


    The master of market-ticker is a smart fellow and far more savvy than I. I’m not very adept at all things digital, being a die hard analog man. But, there are so many questions about BHO’s past that the birth issue is (IMO) distracting the public in order to prevent the vetting, which should have occurred in 2008. As other’s have noted, the ‘birther’ issue could well be a false bread crumb BHO’s team placed on the path early on.

    I think the correct strategy is to attack him on his past associates, his feeble record in the IL & US senate, and his presidential record. BHO is a blow up MSM sex doll. Stick a fork in it!

  50. rickl Says:

    Wolla Dalbo:

    If this document is discovered to be questionable, the fact that whoever did the job didn’t even bother to turn out a reasonably convincing fake speaks to just how dumb Obama & Co. think we all are.

    I think a more plausible explanation is that he just gave us all the finger again.

  51. rickl Says:

    A commenter at It’s About Liberty, quoting BigFurHat, pointed out that the Local Registrar’s signature appears to be “U. K. L. Lee”.

    Ukulele? Does anyone know the full name of the Local Registrar at the time?

  52. Promethea Says:

    The Big O is definitely giving us the finger again. Why O why does the MSM support him so blindly? Is the Fix in with every newspaper in America?

    I want to know what classes Obama took in college, who paid for his tuition, and why he let his law license lapse. Apparently lawyers don’t give up their licenses very often.

  53. Curtis Says:

    On another note:

    Read your Dalyrmple. And this one isn’t Theodore.


    There is a connection to the Obama BC and it lies with Khalil Gibran.

  54. njartist49 Says:

    There is a sleight of hand here: this only “proves” that Obama is a citizen; it does show that Obama is not a natural born citizen: requires both parents to be citizens at child’s time of birth.

    There is a question as to the father’s real nation: Kenya was not named Kenya until ’63/64 and is named after Kenyatta.

    Others such as Karl Deninger at market-ticker.org reasonably demonstrate that the BC is still questionable:
    1. You’ve GOT To Be Kidding Me (Birth Certificate)
    2. Oh C’mon #2 – AP Is Involved?
    3. You GOT To Be Kidding #3

  55. Curtis Says:

    I’ve been looking for a model, an archetype, which defines Trump. I thought it might be William Jennings Bryan.

    But, I think it is General George S. Patton.

    “Lincoln’s remark after they got after Grant comes to mind when I think of Patton – ‘I can’t spare this man, he fights’.”

  56. Foxfier Says:

    Looking closely at the birth certificate that I used to join the Navy, it looks (since the original information is so small and the paper is pre-printed, not a copy) like they have the original documents (which are fairly small pages or large notecards) which (for certified copies) are copied/scanned on to official letterhead for certification.

    This explains why the document for my daughter I saw at the hospital was so small, why there is such an obvious bad scan-job on the offered file (admit it, putting a hatch-mark background on scanned files because it’s on the physical ones IS the sort of thing a gov’t office does) and the quality oddness on the data-area.

  57. Wry Mouth Says:

    I was pondering what *I* would say in a speech, under certain circumstances, and realized (halfway through listening to Mr. Obama’s) that I would include an apology for drawing out all the fuss for so long, when I could have just given access to the papers in the first place years ago. Really. I would apologize for my part in the whole kerfuffle.

    And then I sadly realized that, for Mr. Obama, such thinking wouldn’t even begin to occur to him.

  58. Doom Says:

    Was this a stunt he thought would fly and just be accepted? Was this a quick flash for supporters who are looking more “birther” than birthers? Is this another hoax or game he thinks he can or will win? I and others can no longer find the “lfbc” at the White House site, by the way. Still there somewhere?

    Or did he just mess up worse than he usually does?

    Aside from all that, one thing should be noted. Since his stated father (albeit on the photoshopped lfbc) is a non-U.S. citizen, he is not eligible to be president, regardless where he was born, as I understand things.

    Nothing has or will be done, no matter. That, to me, is the part that is nasty. It means the rule of law is more than just a bit broken, it is undone.

  59. GaryP Says:

    I have never been very involved with the whole “birther” thing.
    With everything about Obama being so obviously fake, why focus on whether he was born in the US?
    However, there is one amusing aspect to his birth certificate. It is signed by the local registrar:
    U.K.L. Lee (aka Ukulele)
    I assume that this is a real person. A smart internet researcher should be able to track this down pretty quickly. However, Mr (or Ms.) Lee’s parents must have been real cards. I bet their child was scarred for life with that name. So appropriate that our Clown-in-Chief should be welcomed into this world by a someone named after a tiny, pretend guitar.

  60. Foxfier Says:

    NEVER underestimate the power of parents being “funny.” If a relative hadn’t died, I’d have been named as a homophone for an instrument, too.

  61. SteveH Says:

    So what was supposed to be Obama’s reason for hiring lawyers to keep this from being released sooner??? Just doesn’t make sense.

  62. SteveH Says:

    Let me rephrase that. It only makes sense as a political distraction purposely created by the Obama team.

  63. RickZ Says:

    Regarding the local registrar’s name, U.K.L. Lee (aka Ukulele), I personally think that’s a joke name thought up by the beer pong crowd in the Obama Administration. One of those, ‘Look how stupid people are to have bought that phony birth certificate we ginned up while getting totally trashed’. Obama giving us the finger, indeed.

    This ‘birth certificate’ now raises the issue of natural-born citizenship, which Obama cannot have obtained if his father really is Barack, Sr. Won’t hold my breath for that conversation to take place, not after all the political punderati obfuscations over such a simple process as releasing a ‘birth certificate’.

  64. Artfldgr Says:

    You might want to consider this article…

    why? i makes only the lightest cursory argument to people who dont use the software.

    i have used EVERY professional version of adobe..

    yes… adobe DOES have character recognition.
    but lets be honest here. and take a look at ALL parts together.

    imagine trying to win for the defendant a murder case by pointing to one thing, getting it wrong, and then not address everything else!!!!!!!!!

    and now you have the way that article was written.

    they keep doing this. its a misdirection game.

    ie.. you say, you want the rules of presidential requirements followed… they say, why? etc.

    you say, the records should be checked, even if they are not needed any more, the law was not changed. you dont get to choose which laws you will follow and which ones you wont, that makes law a farce.

    but what is the argument? that the right is saying that he is born in kenya… smuggled into the US… etc.

    but IS that what they are saying? not at all.

    so you see this misdirection game that in the absence of recordings, personal computers, and tons of other things that have changed since 1917 when the playbook was written…

    havent you ever gotten another person to accept something by refusing to budge on the point? by claiming with utter certainty to the point that they start questioning themselves rather than conflict with the liar?

    thats the game.

    lets take things one at a time (on some of them), and start with the point from the aritcle. that pdfs make layers.

    yes they do… but you see, the person who is arguing is not an expert in adobe… are they? so their claims are quite spurious.

    go to HIS example… now drill down and into it.
    do you see the halos around the lettering?

    ALSO… take a look at the original COLB which the white house released WITH the new birth certificate.

    why is the NEW colb missing the colors, and the hint of a signature on it? the color version has that and TONS of artifacts that show it was constructed.

    ok.. now look at his document again… look at the letters and numbers, etc.. now. do they look to have some generated one way, and some another?

    ie.. did the graphics program inject changes to the images by adding sharpening halos, and all these artifacts? nope..

    now. take a look at the new certificate..

    why is the left edge of the paper curled as if it was a copy? look carefully.. its logically wrong on all counts. whether your copying to a page with the pattern on it, or whether your inserting the image on a page and then printing it with the graphics on it.

    upper left of the image in the page…

    if the image was copied onto the page (the green part being preprinted and the black part added), then why is all the white of the original removed to show the pattern?

    ie… why was the white part of the original made transparent so that the pattern would bleed through?

    now.. if its printed on the pattern and the pattern is photocopied… why isnt the pattern doing its security job?

    ok.. anyone here OTHER than me ever see markup language notes in the art ad field?

    i guess the person who marked up the original source, didnt mark up a copy… which is why there are all those pencil marks.. why did someone mark the copy before scanning so that it would appear?

    ie… a copy of a copy? or is the original record book marked with pencil all over?

    look at the date on box 20… why is the year number different than the rest of it?

    now move down…
    you have a certification stamp…

    but its not on the page with the curve..
    and if you lok at the outer edge of that page…
    you can see that the page part line edge is darker than the rest of the pattern…

    now… care to note the funny part?

    its PERFECTLY aligned with the pattern..

    have you EVER tried to line up a security pattern and a copy print and get it perfect?

    the WHOLE functional point of security patterns is that you CANT line them up and so they cause moire patterns and artifacts.

    why is the security pattern not security…

    remember, if the security pattern is a graphic in a computer, and not a copy… then it will print perfectly.. its the COPY that wont print right.

    and if the security paper was what they printed on, then how did they get the print for the pdf without it making the artifacts?

    you see..

    only to the ignorant… which is the majority population under progressive education, and progressive taxes and progressive unions.

  65. A_Nonny_Mouse Says:

    Yes, our president wants us to believe the “birth certificate” question was just too trifling, too silly, for him to take seriously.

    After all, he sternly reminded us: “We have better stuff to do. *I* have better stuff to do.”

    (His pronouncement lost a little of its gravitas, though, when it became known that Obama’s “better stuff to do” was “go tape a TV show with Oprah”.)

  66. br549 Says:

    Traveling this week, so I am behind on all goings on. Maybe I have become a birther……….

    Consider Rather. Because of that, perhaps it took 2.5 years to make a damned good forgery. The governor of HI couldn’t find it. The Donald certainly has the cash to pursue. Did Obama have the only copy hidden away in a safe deposit box? My long form, original live birth certificate has my footprint….etc.

    I don’t trust him, I don’t believe him. Nor do I have to.

  67. Parker Says:


    I suggested the NRO article as another POV because the NRO is a reputable organization. I read and reread this today: http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=185202 and since IMO this fellow is honest and forthright, I am now inclined to believe that this ‘long form’ is suspicious indeed. But that begs the question of why would BHO float a bogus, easily discredited ‘document’.?

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