April 30th, 2011

Andrew McCarthy on the al Qaeda Seven

Worth reading.

Here’s an excerpt:

Never had it been the case, prior to the Lawyer Left’s activism in this war, that the rule of law was thought to require giving enemy detainees access to our courts. In fact, the post–World War II Supreme Court rejected the idea as absurd. None other than Justice Robert Jackson, a progressive named to the Supreme Court by FDR after serving as his attorney general, explained that to permit such a thing “would diminish the prestige of our commanders, not only with enemies but with wavering neutrals. It would be difficult to devise more effective fettering of a field commander than to allow the very enemies he is ordered to reduce to submission to call him to account in his own civil courts and divert his efforts and attention from the military offensive abroad to the legal defensive at home.”

Exhorted by the Lawyer Left, five willful justices on the Supreme Court abandoned this sensible jurisprudence, laying out the courthouse welcome mat for alien terrorists who target Americans for mass murder. Pace Friedersdorf, this was not reflective of the rule of law or any sort of Western norm. It was a radical departure. Those who imposed it were actually working against every citizen who values the wartime rule of law.

4 Responses to “Andrew McCarthy on the al Qaeda Seven”

  1. Curtis Says:

    “The firm figures it can’t afford to be on the wrong side of the culture war.”

    And there it is in black and white! What kind of decision is that? A selfless decision?

    The firm FIGURES as in adding up the dollars and cents. What the left did to Target and now are trying to do to persons who donated to Wisconsin’s Walker, they’ll do to anybody. They tried it on Arizona but it didn’t work. Call it sanctions, call it economic war, call it terror, call it heinous. . . and in this case where the craven law firm figured it best cave, call it stupid. The Virginia attorney general wrote a nice little letter to King & Spaulding.


  2. Curtis Says:

    The laying out of the mat is the following decision where Justice Kennedy gave the decision.


    Also important:


    How, how, how can such intelligent people be so stupid?

  3. Curtis Says:

    What was that one comment of Freds?

    It hit me with the force of 10,000 bricks, his words churning like a 205 mile an hour twister, so violently and from a character so well-described as rational and cordial; Me, open-mouthed and rejoicing! It’s one of those game changers, an epiphany, you’re not alone–at least you hope–and it’s like medicine, like salve on an open wound, and I did a little dance, a little war whoop, a little fist pump: and just because, for once, for one moment, one person demanded JUSTICE!

    But the person makes the difference. We will need more but they are out there. Come forward!

  4. Gordon Says:

    It wasn’t about justice, as evident by the lack of protest over Obama’s adoption of most of the Bush policies against which Obama had campaigned.

    It was about sticking it to Bush, and consequences be damned.

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