May 23rd, 2011

Here’s a riddle: how is Obama like Arafat?

Answer: He says one thing to one group and another to another.

And he gives both speeches within a couple of days of each other.

And then he does whatever he wants.

And anyone who believes his promises deserves what they get: betrayal.

[NOTE: See this.]

11 Responses to “Here’s a riddle: how is Obama like Arafat?”

  1. Bill West Says:

    Also, each is a Nobel Laureate.

  2. Good Ole Charlie Says:

    Also…both are Muslim??

    And…both incompetent!

  3. Artfldgr Says:

    They both work for world socialism? Both are involved with Islam as a weapon… and a whole lot more…

    they have common ties with soviet union, common ties in a peace prize, islam, and lots of stuff… but maybe now some may pay attention?

    in fact, “imperial-Zionism” was a Moscow invention, a modern adaptation of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” and long a favorite tool of Russian intelligence to foment ethnic hatred. Ion Pacepa (source covered below – and etnic hatred is racism… )

    and given today’s news about Ireland etc.. I would pay attention near the bottom!!!
    might reveal something most don’t know.. even a heck of a lot of irish!

    Mitrokhin Archive

    The Andrew and Mitrokhin publications briefly describe the history of the PLO leader, Yasser Arafat, who established close collaboration with the Romanian Securitate service and the Soviet KGB in early 1970s.

    Secret training for PLO guerrillas was provided by the KGB.

    However, the main KGB activities and arms shipments were channeled through Wadie Haddad of the PFLP organization, who usually stayed in a KGB dacha BARVIKHA-1 during his visits to the Soviet Union.

    Led by Carlos the Jackal, a group of PFLP fighters carried out a spectacular raid on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries office in Vienna in 1975.

    Advance notice of this operation “was almost certainly” given to the KGB.

    Many notable operations are alleged to have been conducted by the KGB to support international terrorists with weapons on the orders from the Soviet Communist Party, including:

    * Transfer of about one hundred machine-guns, automatic rifles, Walther pistols, and cartridges to the Marxist Official Irish Republican Army by the Soviet intelligence vessel Reduktor (operation SPLASH) in 1972, supposedly to fulfill a personal request for arms from Cathal Goulding, relayed through Irish Communist Party leader Michael O’Riordan, who has denied the allegations.

    * Transfer of anti-tank grenade RPG-7 launchers, radio-controlled SNOP mines, pistols with silencers, machine guns, and other weaponry to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine through Wadi Haddad who was recruited as a KGB agent in 1970 (operation VOSTOK, “East”).[49]

    Comintern to Momintern

    What role did the Soviet Union play in grandfathering Islamist terror?

    The Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB and the World provides clues as to the links between the Soviet Union and the vaguely left-wing fellow travellers who, eventually, became 21st century jihadis.


    On page 2 itself, Christopher Andrew — co-author of both volumes of The Mitrokhin Archive — provides a tantalising sampler. He refers to the Congress of the Peoples of the East, convened in Baku in 1920 by Grigori Zinoviev, Comintern chairman: ‘‘Delegates excitedly waved swords, daggers and revolvers in the air when Zinoviev called on them to wage a jihad against imperialism and capitalism.’’

    At the Baku conference — aimed to win the Bolsheviks allies from among the debris of the Ottoman Empire — Zinoviev used the terms ‘‘class war’’ and ‘‘jihad’’ synonymously. Jihad was presented as a legitimate political weapon against the West. The Comintern deserves Al Qaeda’s thanks.


    the KGB’s Middle Eastern foreign policy was, of course, aimed at neutralising the ‘‘Main Adversary’’ (America) but also guided by a high degree of anti-Semitism, an attribute inherited from the Tsarist ruling classes.

    East German spymaster Markus Wolf ‘‘found the KGB… ‘fixated on Israel as an enemy’’’, the book says. It was fixation as paranoia.

    In 1982, the KGB ‘‘held a… conference in Leningrad devoted to ‘The main tendencies of the subversive activity of Zionist centres abroad and Jewish nationalists within the country’’’.

    It concluded: ‘‘Virtually no major negative incidents took place in the socialist countries of Europe without involvement of Zionists.’’

    Hitler couldn’t have put it better.

    Just an aside…

    Chekisty: A History of the KGB by John J. Dziak
    goes over Islam

    Dr. Dziak views the Ummah as a diffuse “counterintelligence state” on the model of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

    is articles are up on the gates of vienna…

    the longest running active measure, still going is the active measure expresing the jewish conspiracy to take over the world, which includes all that priori of zion and papers of such. they STILL publish it today.

    Divide and Conquer: The KGB disinformation campaign against Ukrainians and Jews

    here is a link to pacepas article in wsj
    The KGB’s Man Ion Pacepa

    the whole can be read in pdf here:
    The KGB’s Man

    the article is a highly recomended read..

    seems that the ideas and things these defectors have said for 20 plus years. is finalizing now… and you never heard any of it…

    Arafat was an important undercover operative for the KGB. Right after the 1967 Six Day Arab-Israeli war, Moscow got him appointed to chairman of the PLO. Egyptian ruler Gamal Abdel N a s s e r, a Soviet puppet, proposed the appointment.

    [edited for length by n-n]

  4. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Good Ole Charlie: I’m not sure I’d describe Arafat as “incompetent”. I guess it depends on what you think his area of expertise was or should have been.

    As a rabble-rouser, he was expert indeed. As a terrorist and leader of terrorists, he was quite successful. He was a wily survivor; he ruled the PLO for forty years, outlasting many Middle Eastern dictators. He became an enduring symbol for the Palestinians. And he made himself a ton of ill-gotten money, to say nothing of the Nobel Prize.

    Another area of expertise, along the lines of what Neo was saying: he was very good indeed at communicating an idea, with a nudge and a wink, that he knew his followers would treat one way, while being utterly deniable to anyone else. A classic example was the way he always wore his khaffiyah draped across his right shoulder, with a corner hanging down. To the faithful, this was evocative of the shape of Israel — of ALL of Israel — and it was his silent, eloquent message to them that this was what he wanted and would settle for nothing less. (Had anyone called him on it, though, he would have said: “What, now you’re objecting to the way I wear a hat?!?”)

    I doubt it was his long-term intention to warp and twist Palestinian society into death-worship, where children are raised to be bombs. He was tragically quite effective in that. I honestly believe that, if we ever again see a healthy and sane Palestinian society, they will curse Arafat’s name for what he did to them.

    (And it may be that someday, as Meryl Yourish once wrote, the only ones who remember Arafat will be the Jews, as yet another in the long line who “in every generation have risen up to destroy us” — just as Xerxes’ vizier Haman would be utterly forgotten today, had he not been immortalized in the Book of Esther.)

    How will we remember President Obama in a century or two?

    Daniel in Brookline

  5. Bob from Virginia Says:

    DiB wrote “How will we remember President Obama in a century or two?”
    We can guess how the people who voted for him will be remembered.

    I wonder if AIPAC types are capable of learning. It was clear Obama was anti-Israel in 2008; maybe the Bibi to Obama reality lecture will shock a few more into this time-space continuum. Apparently AIPAC choose to forgive and forget that Obama’s first overseas phone call to a foreign head of state was to Mahmoud Abbas, four days after inauguration.

    Why have so few noticed that anyone who thinks his personality will bring peace to the ME has delusions of grandeur, in short Dear Leader is a friggin’ loon. The emperor is not only naked but running through the streets shouting obscenities while the media is calling singing and dancing.

    I can guess how we will be viewed in a century or two.

    I wonder what excuse the anti-Semites of that time will use to hate Jews, my guess they will still be harping on the Palestinian problem.

  6. blert Says:

    Both fuse islam and communism — call it islamism…

    The PLO was a First Directorate agitprop front… plain and simple.

    They indoctrinated Arafat in Moscow. How open can you get?

    As for the Wan: full blown marxist while at Occidental.


    He’s never left the commune.

  7. Parker Says:

    As Artfldgr notes, the hard left has long used the Jews as a punching bag to gain allies and expand influence. However, BHO’s finger wagging, and hemming and hawing on 1967 borders is a non-starter. IMO, the real solution is to turn the West Bank into a demilitarized zone and return it to the control of Jordan. If Jordan doesn’t want that hot potato let them eat cake.

  8. Don Carlos Says:

    Re West Bank DMZ, see Korea. Not a solution. NOT. Islamists are NORKs with gloves off.

  9. Parker Says:

    Don Carlos,

    I beg to differ. Give ’em rope and when they transgress hang ’em. This prolonged occupation does not serve the Israelis’ best interests IMO. Claim it as your sovereign territory (and act accordingly) or give it back to Jordan. However, I’m not a resident of Israel so its easy to be an armchair quarterback.

    With regard to the Korean DMZ… its worked so far. No major hostilities since 1952.

  10. br549 Says:

    Peace is, and has always been, temporary. The only way to attain it is to have the biggest stick. Everything else is commentary.

  11. Stones Cry Out - If they keep silent… » Things Heard: 174v2 Says:

    […] to understand Obama. Unless he is saying something politically damaging to himself, there is no reason attribute his […]

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