May 30th, 2011

There’s no better way to see DC…

…than on the back of a Harley, says Sarah Palin.

Not your typical political statement. But then, Palin’s not your typical politician.

I’m not so sure I agree with her—but then, I’ve never seen DC on the back of a Harley, so I wouldn’t really know. But I did have my very brief on-the-back-of-a-motorcycle days, courtesy of a boyfriend who was somewhat of a Wild One:

5 Responses to “There’s no better way to see DC…”

  1. turfmann Says:

    Someone, somewhere quipped that the woman that was driving the motorcycle Palin was riding on was wearing a tee shirt that said on the back, “If you can read this, the next POTUS has fallen off.”

    I’m sure its not true, but it made me chuckle.

    America is a nation built by revolutionaries of all different types, political, industrial, arts…

    So what Palin is doing is quintessentially American – dousing the rule book that would exclude her from ever reaching the White House with gasoline and setting it afire.

    If you don’t believe me, just reflect upon what the oh-so-very-smart talking heads were saying about her yesterday.

    All the while, Sarah was having a ball at the rally. And then she and the family took some time to visit the various memorials around Washington. No press, no fanfare. She talked to a bunch of people – had photographs taken. Some have made it onto the internet already.

    To her detractors:

    If you think she’s a dope, you’re entitled to your opinion but she’s making a lot of smart people look awfully stupid.

    If you think that she should never be president, can’t win, shouldn’t win, should go back to Alaska and never been seen or heard from again – donate $25 to her PAC. If you’re right then she’ll do worse than former Speaker of the House Gingrich and not last even a single weekend of media scrutiny.

    You should be on your knees praying that she runs.

    But you’re not, are you?

    I, for one, hope that she does run. I’ve listened intensely to what she said, what she’s written and what’s she’s done both politically and privately.

    And I see a woman straight out of the frontier days of America. A modern day Abigail Adams. A rock-solid Conservative and Christian. A backbone of solid steel that cannot be bent no matter how hard one tries.

  2. Mr. Frank Says:

    I can’t imagine Hillary or Michelle on the back of a motorcycle. Sarah hunts, fishes, runs, climbs mountains and drives a snowmobile. She looks natural on a bike.

  3. raincityjazz Says:

    I have a DC motorcycle story. At a party slightly out-of-town, there were rolling lawns enough to showcase dozens of amazing bikes; also privacy enough for a conservative crew to really frolic. One man in particular drew chants and applause for various acts of marital appreciation and affection performed on his wife as she reclined on a gorgeous Harley.

    Not even two weeks later I rubbed the foot of the statue on behalf of a brief I’d helped to write, and settled into a seat to hear the oral argument in the Supreme Court. Imagine my delight when the lead attorney for our case proved to be the man who so recently had proved his ability to perform quite well under close scrutiny. Ultimately we won that case. Harley riding attorneys usually do!

  4. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    You know, I am getting pretty sick of the unending blizzard of articles criticizing Sarah Palin for this or that presumed fault, stupidity, error, etc., etc.; articles that pronounce that she is “unelectable” and say that, if she is egotistical and stupid enough to run, she is so obviously unqualified and unfit that her candidacy will destroy any chance of the Republicans winning, and will make Obama’s re-election a sure thing.

    A fixation this intense tells me that the Left and their lackeys and running dogs in the MSM—i.e. as close to being 100% of the entire MSM as makes no difference—have been and are worried sick about what they see as the mortal threat Palin presents to Obama and the Left, and are throwing anything and everything, including the kitchen sink, at her 24/7 in the hope that something will stick, that they will “ruin her brand,” that she will be cowed, worn out, beaten up, and battered down, and will eventually be immobilized under the sheer mountainous weight of their slanders and verbal assaults.

    Latest entry ,be-bow tied George Will—who I used to think was an actual “Conservative” and a reasonably smart man, but who I now realize is just a prissy stuffed shirt, an inside the beltway guy, the Left’s token Conservative, spouting conventional wisdom, and not a little class-based disdain and envy, as well, for someone who he fears has a good chance of changing the game he is so adept a playing and profiting from—Will who has now opined that Palin should never become President because she cannot be entrusted with our nuclear weapons.

    Since Will offered not one word of evidence or justification for his statement–which he said was so self-evident that it needed none—I am free, I believe, to presume that he just pulled this one out of his ass. And I know shit when I see and smell it.

  5. Wm Lawrence Says:

    In response to Mr. Will’s comment I can only say that with the current tenant of the White House the bar has been set incredibly low. I’m a little surprised I haven’t been offered the football or George Will or Joe the plumber… The only worse selection for the job might be Bill Ayers, what with his wanting to liquidate a quarter of the population and all…

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