June 10th, 2011

Hey! If we all work together maybe we can get Palin!

Yesterday the NY Times and the WaPo gave a shoutout to their civic-minded citizen-readers to help with a vital task:

Here’s how to participate:Over 24,000 e-mail messages to and from Sarah Palin during her tenure as Alaska’s governor will be released Friday . We’ll be posting them here, and are inviting you to comment on the most interesting or most noteworthy sections. Please include page numbers and, where possible, a direct excerpt. We’ll share your comments with our reporters and may use facts or related material you suggest to annotate the documents displayed on The Post site. We may contact you for further details, by way of your registered e-mail with the Post, unless you specify otherwise in the comments.

It’s even better than going through her garbage—although if you read many of the remarks at the WaPo and the NY Times, some of the commenters consider that going through Palin’s emails are the equivalent of going through garbage. The wit abounds: “Warning: It may be dangerous to your literacy level,” and the like.

Other comments are more favorable to Palin and critical of the Times and WaPo. In addition to many variations on the “so why didn’t you vet Obama when he was running?” theme, there’s a lot of “why didn’t you ask for our help to read the 2700-page Obamacare bill?” (or, alternatively, the Climategate emails), and “what’ll you pay me?” One of my favorites is, “So jobs at McDonalds and Sarah Palin Investigations are the President’s plan to rescue us from unemployment?”

I’m wondering—has such a cache of emails ever been publicly released before involving a public official at the state level? And have either the Times or the WaPo ever asked for readers’ help to sift through them (or any other information, for that matter) and find nasty nuggets? Talk about gotcha journalism (minus the “journalism” part).

Here’s an article on the genesis of the email dump itself. Here’s another:

The emails released Friday were first requested during the 2008 White House race by citizens and news organizations, including The Associated Press, as they vetted a nominee whose political experience included less than one term as governor and a term as mayor of the small town of Wasilla.

The nearly three-year delay has been attributed largely to the sheer volume of the release and the flood of requests.

Before this is over (will it ever be over?), Sarah Palin will rank as the most thoroughly vetted candidate (and non-candidate) in the history of the United States. Let’s all join in!

72 Responses to “Hey! If we all work together maybe we can get Palin!”

  1. Mr. Frank Says:

    The obsession of the MSM with Sarah Palin is nothing short of pathological.

  2. Bob from Virginia Says:

    It is hard to make any original observations about a story were all the conclusions are so self-evident, save one, apparently Governor Palin hatred is a new form of mental therapy for the self-anointed (OK not so original). Being as hating minorities is politically incorrect, or in the case of hating Moslems, dangerous, Palin hating has the advantage of automatically allowing one to be numbered among the sophisticated elite. A pleasant add-on to the traditional advantages of hate, such as being part of a group, i.e. not being alone, having something to take one’s mind off of one’s miserable hopeless life, etc.

    I wonder what type of person would volunteer for a job like this; at the very least someone who ranks an eleven on a ten point pathetic scale.

  3. neo-neocon Says:

    Bob from Virginia: one thing I noticed in the comments sections were a not-insignificant number of commenters saying they’re regular Times or WaPo readers, would never vote for Palin and do not like her, but were shocked by the newspapers’ requests and think they’re way out of line.

    Then there was another group of commenters saying the others were trolls, sent by a Republican website. They offered no proof of this.

  4. Richard Aubrey Says:

    It occurs to me that Lucy Ramirez, who is apparently still out there, might see this as another opportunity.
    Those who think the CBS/Rather/Bush/TANG thing was a set-up by republican dirty tricksters have forgotten one thing; Considering the horrid consequences of being caught, the tricksters had to bank on a certitude that CBS was fundamentally, ultimately, irredeemably corrupt. Or fundamentally, ultimately, irredeemably incompetent. Or both. If neither, then the chances of getting caught were too great.
    So they bet on CBS’ major failings…and they were right.
    They can presume the same about the WaPo and NYT.

  5. Pat Says:

    I took a look at some of the early emails. Boring administrative trivia for the most part. Good luck finding anything juicy in there.

  6. Libby Says:

    This is even more obscene when you compare it to how little of Obama’s paper trail we’ve been allowed to see (or even request). I seem to recall reading that Obama’s paperwork from his time as a state senator was unavailable for review during the 2008 campaign because “it hadn’t been filed” or some other lame excuse. Wasn’t just a month ago that Obama was doing a victory lap of sorts because he finally produced his birth certificate?

    And yet here the press is, demanding every last detail from Palin – every email, expense report, receipt – related to her governorship. And if people like Andrew Sullivan were to get their way, we’d see every detail of her medical records as well.

  7. nohype Says:

    Even though we do not know what will be found in the 24000 e-mail messages, this episode should put to rest several popular memes about Sarah Palin.

    We keep hearing from Palinphobes that she is constantly seeking attention, thrusting herself into the public’s attention. Yet the Ombudsman at the Washington Post begins his column on their operation with, “Sarah Palin and her e-mails are just too darn irresistible.” Can we scratch the publicity-seeker nonsense now?

    Leftist pundits and some of the Washington insiders on the Right insist that Palin will not run, and if she did run, she could not win the nomination, but if by some miracle she did win the nomination, she could not win the general election. Combing through 24000 e-mails is a bizarre way to react to a private citizen who has no political future. Either the actions of the Post and the Times betray their words or else the people there suffer from severe mental illness.

    Finally, Leftist pundits and Obamabot posters keep telling us that Sarah Palin cannot read, cannot write, and is lazy. It is certainly strange that someone who is so limited has so much e-mail that 100 volunteers are required to comb through it.

  8. SteveH Says:

    When is the liberal shamelessness bubble going to burst?

  9. DNW Says:

    Pretty much what Libby said about The One in the first paragraph.

  10. Mike Mc. Says:

    Palin is going to be the next President.

    You don’t do this to candidates who you are not scared to death of. Character wins out in the end. She has it; the others not quite.

    She will be stronger after this latest episode. it is likely the emails will show a tough competent governor doing her job.

    At some point, people will take a second look at her. When they do she will skyrocket.

  11. Artfldgr Says:

    not like it hasnt happened before…

    “Alles muss anders sein.”

    Everything must be different.
    Everything must change.

    personally, i would pay attention if she is a “progressive”… a scorpion you like is not any better than a scorpion you hate…

  12. DirtyJobsGuy Says:

    This is why she resigned her Governorshp. The Alaska ethics laws allowed every crackpot to demand constant access to anything. She was under constant demands for information and records. The left learns from it’s trial lawyer’s that discovery is a weapon, not from what is found but the sheer cost of compliance.

  13. csimon Says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore — but this strikes me as almost — almost — as childish as Anthony Weiner’s antics.

    We truly do now live in a world where ends justify the means and anything goes! Will there ever be a backlash from folks who have basic integrity and a sense of propriety? (Or in the federal administrations case, respect for the rule of law!)

    Interestingly, it also indicates that a good number on the Left feel threatened by Palin. Otherwise, why spend so much in resources to do this.
    (Or perhaps they are announcing that their writers are such boobs that they can’t come up with sufficient attack modes without the aid of WaPo & NY Times’ readers.

    Question: Why don’t governors have executive privilege while performing duties as chief executive of the State as President does?

  14. expat Says:

    Bob from VA hit the nail on the head: Palin hatred is a cheap way to be part of the intellectual elite for all those who never read more than MoDo in the NYT. They are pathetic creatures.

  15. Hong Says:

    It’s such a transparent fishing expedition that I can see no way for it end well for the Palin haters. Palin should use this to her advantage. Let others know what she thinks of the latest smear attempt by the lamestream media.

  16. Curtis Says:

    Palin and the media = Frodo and Gollum.

    We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!

  17. SteveH Says:

    “”Palin hatred is a cheap way to be part of the intellectual elite for all those who never read more than MoDo in the NYT. They are pathetic creatures.”"

    I personally know liberals who can’t type or spell coherent sentences that are on this same “Palin is stupid” trip. How bizzare is that?

    And who doubts Palin’s current communications aren’t eavesdropped on by democrat operatives? I certainly don’t. These people’s immorality knows no barriers.

  18. Gringo Says:

    Ditto what DNW said. Libby made my point.

  19. Occam's Beard Says:

    C’mon, guys, Palin is washed-up, a nobody, a no hoper, with no following and no influence. Ask any of the caravan of “journolists” risking life and limb to follow her, or the dumpster divers going through her trash, or the creep who moved in next door to her to spy on her, or the leftist apparatchiks who fume about her every waking hour.

    The NYT and WaPo are just assisting the Ministry of State Security by investigating all private citizens, one at a time, and Palin happened to be chosen this week. Random occurrence.

  20. Occam's Beard Says:

    And who doubts Palin’s current communications aren’t eavesdropped on by democrat operatives? I certainly don’t.

    If true, the opportunities for disinformation would be irresistible. A harmless example: use a compromised communications channel to disclose the next stop of the Palin bus, shake the comrades, and then turn up somewhere else while they wait expectantly at the leaked site. Priceless!

  21. M J R Says:

    Mike Mc. said, in part:

    “You don’t do this to candidates who you are not scared to death of. Character wins out in the end. She has it; the others not quite.”

    I honestly do not believe they are scared of her. They may well be scared of the thought of her actually winning, but they honestly don’t believe for an instant that she has any chance at all of winning.

    (Your mileage may vary, as it is said. My “take”.)

    *** It’s not rational *** . As many (including neo) have commented, it’s some brand-new strain of a pathological dementia, an incredible obsession that knows neither reason nor limits.

    I personally lack for words to describe my heartfelt disgust and utter contempt for those supporting all this.

  22. Scott Says:

    You know who deserves our sympathy in this fiasco? Andrew Sullivan.

    His unhinged,irrational obsession with Palin is so intense, he will be compelled to personally read every single one of the 25,000 emails.

    It would drive him insane if there were publicly available information about Palin that he hasn’t read.

    I suspect he will lock himself up in his apartment until he’s read them all — unable to feed himself and take bathroom breaks until the task is complete. I actually feel sorta sorry for the guy. His irrational hatred for Palin is so unhealthy, he won’t be able to function until he’s read every single email.

  23. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Speaking of Barack Hussein Obama’s recently released Birth Certificate, here (http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=308397%22,,0,0,,,,) is a link to what I find to be a very convincing article, discussing and illustrating in detail the findings of a typographer with 50 years experience in the field, who extracted, enlarged, examined, and compared each letter, number, and word in this document, i.e. compared the shape, size, color, and orientation of each e, or a, or t or i, etc., to all the other e, a, t and i’s supposedly typed onto this form.

    His conclusion?

    That almost every letter/number differs from every other example of the same letter or number on this form—differs in shape, in size, in color, or in angle—and that the only way this effect could have been achieved at the time when this document was supposedly issued would have been to type this document on many different manual typewriters; using one typewriter to type one letter, pulling the form out and putting it in another typewriter to type the next letter, and so on. Very expensive IBM Selectric typewriters came out the year this document was supposedly typed, so another way would have been to have had dozens of the balls that these typewriters use, and to change the ball after typing each letter.

    Thus, he believes that the supposedly “original birth certificate” released by the White House is an electronically fabricated composite, which attempted to avoid the typographical problems that sank Dan Rather’s’ phony documents about Bush by cutting and pasting letters taken from a number of genuine birth certificates of the time, and using them to create a composite document that said what Obama & Co. wanted it to say or, to put it another way, his analysis pretty irrefutably demonstrates that this “original birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama” released by the White House is as phony as a $3 dollar bill.

  24. Oldflyer Says:

    A bunch of real sick puppies. The most pathetic, and scary, aspect is that they don’t recognize themselves for what they are.

    I am surprised that no one had sued for access to her underwear drawers.

    I now wear my Palin ball cap everywhere I go. Not a single Palin hater has said a word. They only stand tall, when they stand in a mob. But, if the sickness continues to fester I may start wearing my .38 accessory.

  25. SteveH Says:

    “”They may well be scared of the thought of her actually winning, but they honestly don’t believe for an instant that she has any chance at all of winning.”"
    M J R

    Ahhhh but there’s something else they surely are scared of. The ignition of revolt against the ruling class that someone like Sarah can trigger. Once it starts, they know it will be an avalanche a long time in the making.

  26. Curtis Says:

    Thanks for the update, Wolla Dalbo. The roar on the left complimented by the silence on the right. Maybe Trump will make it a public issue again.

  27. effess Says:

    “Loathsome” best describes the publishers and managing editors of the NYT and WaPo for their response to the release of these e-mails. Ms. Abramson, is this the religion of the NYT you recently gushed over?

  28. Mike Mc. Says:

    M J R,

    DO a thought experiment.

    You are a committed and convinced liberal. You consider yourself a feminist and a progressive and the whole nine yards.

    The you see Sarah Palin……

    Let that sink in.

    If, as you say, they are not scared of her, I do not get at all the past three years of barking at the moon hatred.

    People hate what they most fear. And they are right to fear her. She is Obama’s worst nightmare. Not only does she mock him with a smile. Not only does she nail every policy of his dead center. Not only does she command more media and without an office than he does. But….she’s a girl and she’s bullet proof inoculated.

    No “White Male” would dare say and do what she does. The stones have been bred out of the poor things by now.

    Not her. She is old school. She is American. Real people actually love her. I have yet to meet a good person who does not. Good people like her. People who don’t like her have something wrong with them. Period.

    People who despise her and go lunatic mad over her and are out-in-the-open hypocrites and haters of her fear her like they fear nothing else. They fear her the way Dracula fears garlic or Superman fears Kryptonite.

    She is the most real American politician we’ve had since Reagan. She will win if she runs, I don’t care what the stupid polls say 17 months out.

    They know this and they want her out out out before it gets started in the worst way possible.

    The governing class Rs – same thing.

  29. kk Says:

    Sarah Palin will rank as the most thoroughly vetted candidate (and non-candidate) in the history of the United States. Let’s all join in!

    Yah why not, if she telling her trolls that sending US solders for war as a “task that is from God.” then she will follow “task that is from God.”

  30. Libby Says:

    SteveH is right, they fear Palin for a lot more than here electability. Palin is a natural in public. – she connects with ordinary Americans (i.e., not elites) and she has gotten a lot of people interested in politics. As shown by her success after leaving office, she reaches a lot of people through her books, tweets, facebook, and Fox News appearances. She was happy to use her spotlight to support a lot of other Republicans in the 2010 election. And best of all, as shown in her Republican National Convention speech, it is possible to effectively mock Obama with a smile, not a snarl.

    For all of this, she must be destroyed.

  31. kolnai Says:

    kk – Come again?

  32. model_1066 Says:

    Part of me wants to let them expend their time and money in this manner – pretty much every slur, innuendo, half-truth and lie has been used by this point. All Palin needs to do is exist, and she leads a once respected industry around by the nose. That’s funny.

    The other part of me is quite angry that some of this b.s. about her will be written into history…

  33. turfmann Says:

    Oldflyer Says:
    June 10th, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    I am surprised that no one had sued for access to her underwear drawers…

    Flyer, we know things about Sarah Palin’s obstetrical medical history that we do not know about our own mothers.

    As to the media digesting with relish the e-mails – I say let them.

    Anything that furthers their collective, and well deserved, bankruptcy is OK in my book.

    Any fool knows full well that anything in the public record that would have sunk Palin would have been uncovered long, long ago.

  34. Curtis Says:

    Kolnai, change the word “as” to “is:”

    war is a “task that is from God” then she will follow “task that is from God.”

    Almost as bad as this guy:


  35. Scott Says:

    If this huge fishing expedition turns into a major bust, then I see another catalyst on the horizon that could turn Palin’s poll numbers around in a big way.

    That catalyst is Steve Bannon’s film about Palin, “Undefeated”. From what I’ve read, the movie presents Palin very favorably.

    If the public watches this insane media witch hunt to destroy Palin fail, followed up in a couple of weeks by a movie that presents her in a hugely poslitve light, I really think it could change people’s minds about her.

    The next couple of weeks have the potential to be a real turning point for Palin’s politcal fortunes.

  36. Gringo Says:

    kk sounds like nyomythus would be after a half dozen beers.

  37. kolnai Says:

    Curtis – got it… I think. Da Trollz gotta up their game a little bit. They’re supposed to make us mad, not make us laugh (while feeling some pity for their borderline illiteracy).

    By the way are you checking out Allahpundit at hotair on this story? He’s having a field day with it – and it’s (intentionally) hilarious. “You tried three years to hide this, Sarah. AND YOU FAILED.”

  38. kolnai Says:

    OMT – Is that site for real, Curtis? I was laughing the whole time. “Marxism. Fresh. Daily.” Pffffffft! So fresh! It has to be, because, after all, it’s daily!

    Because, you know, Marxism is for the serious working man on the factory line. Don’t leave home without it!

  39. Pip Says:

    I remember reading the Christan Science Monitor the day after McCain asked her to be VP. The piece was pretty plain Jane just telling her background. The commentary after the piece had a large number of comments all of them very negative. The one that stands out in my memory was how all #$@%#$ %&^*%$ repubs should be killed. I was SHOCKED that any progressives would read CSM. I have been a fan ever since

  40. M J R Says:

    Mike Mc. Said, in part:

    M J R,

    DO a thought experiment.

    You are a committed and convinced liberal. You consider yourself a feminist and a progressive and the whole nine yards.

    The you see Sarah Palin……

    Let that sink in.

    If, as you say, they are not scared of her, I do not get at all the past three years of barking at the moon hatred.


    I believe I get your point. I’m just not convinced that “people hate what they most fear,” as you state later on. I fear heights, for example, but I do not hate heights; I’d just rather avoid them. I don’t like ‘em. But I cannot see that I hate them.

    I understand them, and I understand why they make me so uncomfortable. I “hate” them (in quotes) in that I’ll go out of my way to avoid them, I “hate” them (in quotes) in that I am most uncomfortable when I’m in a heights situation. But to me, I don’t ^hate^ them (no quotes; real meaning) because I understand what’s going on.

    Palin-haters do not and probably can not understand what’s going on.

    To me, they hate Sarah Palin because she embodies all that they despise. ^ That is enough! ^ So many of these pathetic slobs simply have to have someone to hate. They need to look down on Sarah in much the same way bigoted whites in the old U.S. south had to have the n-word people to look down on. Did they have anything to fear from the n-word people? I cannot see that they really did. Not really.

    Did German Nazis and Nazi sympathizers have anything to fear from the German (or any) Jews? I do not perceive that they did to any appreciable extent. But they needed a scapegoat. They needed an object of their loathing. Desperately.

    That’s my explanation of all that “three years of barking at the moon hatred.” Not very flattering to the haters. Not very flattering at all. They hate what is beyond their comprehension.

    The experimental person you described above hates. I do not translate that into fear, but you do. I think you perceive hate and fear as being more intertwined than I perceive them.

    But { sigh } I’m not a psychologist, and at the limits of my expertise in this area, I have to allow that I may be mistaken as to fear and hate being intertwined.

    Maybe neo can help out here { smile } . . .

    At any rate, peace be unto you.

  41. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Lucy Ramirez is still out there. Who knows what eager journo will fall for?

  42. M J R Says:

    So far, according to JammieWearingFool

    ( http://jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com/ )

    the only “newsworthy” thing to emerge from those e-mails so far are a number of death threats against Sarah Palin.

    Surprise, suprise, surprise.

  43. neo-neocon Says:

    M J R: I’m mostly in agreement with you about the fear part. I’ve written about this before on the blog (I can’t remember whether there’s a post, but I’m pretty sure I’ve written a number of comments). The people I know who hate Sarah Palin have pure contempt for her and do not especially fear her—except that, were she to somehow become president, they would definitely fear what she would do as president.

    I suppose that translates into fear of a sort. But they do not fear her now, because their contempt for her is so great that they are very sure she would lose the election.

  44. Bob From Virginia Says:

    Has anyone noticed that this out of office Wasilla housemom is the only candidate, besides Obama’s Marxists and self-anointed elitists, who has a massive constituency that will automatically support her. She saw where the mob was headed and got in front of it. Every other candidate will have to fight for every vote, not Sarah. She is easily the shrewdest and most Machiavellian candidate we’ve seen in many a day.

    But a nice Machiavelli.

    Funny how such a stupid hick has almost as much air time as the president, 6 figure speaker fees, an automatic 15% without announcing candidacy, and positioned herself into getting an automatic cabinet position and a position of kingmaker at the next convention.

    Real stupid she is.

  45. colagirl Says:

    This is beyond pathological. This obsession with Palin simply defies belief.

    The faster the New York Slimes goes out of business, the better. When it finally does fold, I for one will be dancing on its grave.

  46. rickl Says:

    There’s a pretty good thread about this at Belmont Club (as always):

    Shovel Ready Jobs

    One of the major sources of journalistic power lies in being able to choose what to focus on and what to ignore. The pattern of attention paid to subjects by the press itself conveys information. The academic and professional records of President [Obama] were subjects fit to ignore. Without Matt Drudge, Monica Lewinsky was something to ignore too, as was, absent Andrew Breitbart, Anthony Weiner. But Sarah Palin, who is by some accounts, unimportant, uneducated and with no chance whatsoever of running for the Oval Office paradoxically rates an analytic effort that would make a criminal investigation proud.

  47. Parker Says:

    This Palin e-mail flash mob has less to do with Palin and more to do with the sociopathic nature of the MSM and their progressive acolytes. They are obsessed with Palin for all the reasons others have noted above; plus I suspect there is also a darker motivation which is a sexual obsession. Truly sexy women are few and far between in politics and Palin is sexy is many different ways. If Palin looked and acted like Janet Napolitano or Maxine Waters they wouldn’t be so obsessed with her. Progressive males hate her and want to rape her. Progressive females want to watch her be raped. Sorry to be so crude, but I think this is a big part of Palin Derangement Syndrome. It also is involved with the vitriol aimed at Bachmann. (Caution: I am not a trained psychiatrist nor a psychologist.)

    BTW, does this mean we now get to see BHO’s transcripts from Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard?

  48. Thomass Says:

    She has been playing rope a dope with the media for awhile. I hope this is the next level. Waste all your energy on me while the actual nominee eludes your attention… or better yet, you play them up a bit since your after me.

  49. Rose Says:

    Maybe they should enlist the public’s help in getting Obama’s grades and college writings.

    Maybe they should have given the Chicago Annenberg Challenge papers this kind of scrutiny.

    What do they hope to uncover? That her mentor is a racist asshole? That she has barbeques with men who plotted to bomb fellow Americans? That oughtta disqualify her. For sure.

    — Sarah Palin is already the most vetted candidate in history. And she is still standing strong and proud, having walked through the fires of hell that they have used to try to destroy her. This is ludicrous.

    –My favorite comment so far – at legal insurrection: VetHusbandFather said…
    My favorite tweet on this so far:
    “StevenErtelt Steven Ertelt
    BREAKING: Analysis of #PalinEmails shows a relative in Nigeria died and left her $10 million in a foreign bank account.

  50. rickl Says:

    Parker Says:
    June 11th, 2011 at 1:08 am

    Progressive males hate her and want to rape her. Progressive females want to watch her be raped.

    You’re right, and I’ve seen it stated explicitly. There was a “comedienne” (Sandra Bernhard, I believe) who said she wished Palin was gang-raped by black men.

  51. Beverly Says:

    Wolla, just because a guy’s aunt and his grandma say he’s born in Kenya, and just because his wife is on videotape saying he’s from there, does not in any way support the Utterly Lunatic, Absolutely Forbidden idea that he was actually born anywhere other than Hawaii.

    Even asking such a nutty question is a sign of dee-rangement.


  52. Rathtyen Says:

    “M J R Says:
    June 10th, 2011 at 10:37 pm
    Mike Mc. Said, in part: etc”

    MJR, in the comment, you pretty much demonstrate Mike Mc’s point. Your example? Nazis and Jews. An example far too extreme to be remotely reasonable in the context of the article and comments. Palin needs to be shut down at all costs, hence the extreme rhetoric, of which your response is an example.

    Pailn is not a Nazis, or anything like them. In fact she has done very little to warrant alienating anyone, which is what makes this all so insane, which is part of the point I believe Mike Mc was making. The other part is that the reason she has alienated so many people is because she represents a serious threat.

    The biggest question for Palin is not whether she thinks she can win, but does she want to go through the sheer unpleasantness of it. My view is the mistake her opponents have made is to make not running so unpleasant anyway, she doesn’t have much to lose by running.

    But this whole episode is weird, and it is interesting Palin hasn’t (or not that I have noticed) made much fuss about it. I think she sees an opportunity. It wouldn’t surprise me if (assuming she runs) she turns this around big time on the disclosure issue with Obama (ie that he has disclosed virtually nothing). I see her releasing her transcripts and birth certificate, and then demanding the media require a sinilar disclosure from Obama. He actually doesn’t need to release anything, he just needs to be seen to be sufficiently evasive.

  53. Mike Mc. Says:


    Obviously we agree. I did not think about the ‘using this against Obama’ part. She could certainly do that. In fact, she could tie him in knots for weeks just by asking him to submit to what they have put her through. It would no doubt be extremely embarrassing for him. It’s another are where she poses an huge threat to him, and why they are getting more desperate as time goes on and not less.

    And CNN is already reporting that the emails so far show her as a hard working governor doing her job and dealing with complex issues.

    Whether she runs or not, she is the one I admire most of all the candidates. She is the voice of a part of America that rarely gets a voice anymore.

  54. Beverly Says:

    As far as Sarah goes, I think part of the Leftists’ unhinged hatred is that she is an Approved Target. After all, they really Do think of themselves as The Nice People[TM]. (And as the Superior People.)

    Now they have a target — and a woman, to boot! — on whom they can unleash their (denied) dark side. An Emanuel Goldstein, as has been noted before, as the target for their Two Minutes’ Hate. Their masters know they need an outlet for the darkness that lies in every human soul, so they selected this good woman. That she’s female means that the Leftist misogynists, like Andrew Sullivan, can vent that spleen on her with all the venom they long to spit at the rest of us females.

    That she’s Christian means the Christian-haters can spit on her with extra viciousness: those hateful Christians with their morals and ethics! How they hates ‘em, yes they does.

    That she’s a small-town girl with a country accent means the Urban Bigots can trash her with extra-nasty glee.

    I don’t know that they fear, her, either. They did at FIRST. But now they feel sneeringly confident that the blow-dried attack dogs in the “media” have torn her reputation to shreds, and they’re just gloating and relieving themselves on what they imagine are her remains.

    God bless the woman and give her strength, whatever she decides to do.

  55. Beverly Says:

    Though I do wish she’d cure her Mrs. Malaprop problem. . . .

  56. br549 Says:

    The republican elite are scared of her, too. No one wants their apple cart upset. She has shown she is for the individual. She’ll go after everyone who needs going after.

    Listening to Hannity yesterday, someone needs to tell Juan he can back off now. NPR is simply NOT going to re-hire him. And….working for PBS / NPR is a government job.

  57. gs Says:

    1. Talk about gotcha journalism (minus the “journalism” part).

    Marching orders from the White House? Unless things get materially worse in the country, if the 2012 campaign is a screaming match between Obamatoids and Palinistas, Obama will win.

    Like other sensationalist “news”, the Palin emails draw attention away from the declared GOP candidates. In that sense they benefit a Palin candidacy.

    2. And all the children sing:

    Barack Hussein Obama Sarah Palin, never Faiilin’

    mm mm mm

  58. gs Says:


    never Faiilin’ -> never failin’

  59. M J R Says:

    Rathtyen Says:

    “M J R Says:
    Mike Mc. Said, in part: etc”

    “MJR, in the comment, you pretty much demonstrate Mike Mc’s point.”

    I do not see that at all.

    “Your example? Nazis and Jews”

    It was ^one^ example. Another was fear of heights, not so extreme. Another was Jim Crow bigots, more in the Nazi realm, but not quite. But I note, what they’re doing to Sarah Palin is more in the Jim Crow neighborhood than in the fear of heights neighborhood [I think?!? { smile }].

    “In fact she has done very little to warrant alienating anyone,”

    Very much my point. There is nothing about her to be feared (Mike McC’s point, with which I disagree); it’s all naked, misogynist, anti-Christian hatred.

    ” . . . which is what makes this all so insane”

    Sure as hell is.

    “The other part is that the reason she has alienated so many people is because she represents a serious threat.”

    She’s not a threat to win election. She ^is^ a threat to their sense of — what? Superiority? No, they’re already 100 percent conveniced they’re superior. Threat to what??? That’s my point; she’s not even a threat to anything ^rational^. It’s sheer lunacy.

    “I think she sees an opportunity. It wouldn’t surprise me if (assuming she runs) she turns this around big time on the disclosure issue with Obama (ie that he has disclosed virtually nothing). I see her releasing her transcripts and birth certificate, and then demanding the media require a sinilar disclosure from Obama.”

    Good point. It would be fun. I’d be cheering her on.

  60. Occam's Beard Says:

    The faster the New York Slimes goes out of business, the better. When it finally does fold, I for one will be dancing on its grave.

    I will be anointing the gravesite with a fine single-malt Scotch.

    After passing it through my kidneys first.

  61. Oldflyer Says:

    As of Saturday morning, it appears that the only thing uncovered is that in the case of Sarah Palin, “what you see is what she is”.

    Unfortunately, as we all know, someone will likely find something “controversial”, however minor, and that will be trumpeted loud and long and will become the “smoking gun” for the masses. So many minds are locked in, and will resist change at all costs.

  62. Roy Lofquist Says:

    I’ve been retired for a few years and have spent a lot of time surfing the intertubes. I have a very unusual name. I know of only one other person in the US with the same name. I just “googled” my name, in quotes – 5,610. My screen name, roylofquist, shows 6,720 hits. Thus, my CV for the following observations.

    Any number of the right leaning prominent sites and publications were initially quite tentative about Sarah. Many of them now are quick to defend, if not outright endorse, her.

    Many of the prominent left leaning organs such as the Washington Post and The Atlantic have modified their opinions.

    Charles Krauthammer caught a s**t storm of flak for his remark that she should have spent the last three years educating herself.

    The backlash against the vitriol loosed upon her is building. Kinda like the tsunamis that look like a gentle ripple far from shore.

  63. Brad Says:

    Off topic but this just appeared today and I think Neo and a few of the readers will be interested.


    As for Palin:
    Meh. I don’t really care about her either way and I don’t think they will find much in those emails.

  64. M J R Says:

    Another thought here, about why the onslaught of naked, lunatic hatred for Sarah Palin keeps manifesting itself.

    Sarahcuda doesn’t know her place. What’s more, she knows who she is, she approves of who she is, and she fights back. That latter, I suggest, is what underlies the ongoing two-minute hate for her.

    Dan Quayle knew his place, or at least acted as though he did. He knew he was a mediocre student [he admitted it at least once], and he was embarrased that “they” were brighter. Also, he was Vice President (or a candidate for same), and did want to act with the dignity one might associate with the office.

    The George Bushes knew their place, or at least acted as though they did. At some level they accepted the premises of the so-called progressives, and seemed to want to build a bridge to them (George Bush 41 especially — “kinder, gentler”). They hated both — and they did not want to compromise the dignity of their offices. They never fought back.

    Ronald Reagan laughed them off, and went on being his genial self. They hated him, too, but they were merely shadow-boxing when it came to the Gipper.

    Sarahcuda is in-your-face, when she isn’t being in-your-####ing-face. She’s actively fighting back. She’s mad as hell and isn’t about to take it sitting down.

    What I’m getting around to, is the insane, totally irrational hatred of the left for Sarah Palin is ^reactionary^ in nature — not reactionary as in someone far to the political right, but reactionary in the sense that they’re reacting to her fighting back, with a vehemence hard to parallel in my lifetime, at least.

    They’ve never had anyone fight back before, and hell hath no fury like progressives who are not accustomed to their pure hearts and motives being bowed down to reverently. No, Sarah is not impressed with their purity of heart and motive in the least, and they simply can’t process the new relative positioning. They hate with furious passion what they, for all their supposed intellectual superiority, can’t begin to comprehend.

    Time to end the rant. Just thought I’d get it out, even if it’s at the end of the Comments section . . .

  65. Roy Lofquist Says:

    Dear M J R,

    The vilification of Quayle has sunk into the American psyche. Read this and then comment, Please,



  66. rickl Says:

    br549 Says:
    June 11th, 2011 at 7:15 am

    The republican elite are scared of her, too. No one wants their apple cart upset. She has shown she is for the individual. She’ll go after everyone who needs going after.

    Keep in mind that she ran for governor on a platform of rooting out Republican corruption and breaking up the “old boy network” in that party.

    I’ll wager there are lots of Republican elites who are having trouble sleeping nights, thinking about the prospect of a Palin presidency.

  67. Oblio Says:

    Who said it’s the end? Palin is Queen of the Iceni and high priestess of “Americanism” (the Old Religion). That is what makes her an obsession among the quivering adherents of the alternative cult, the New Religion, which I will name here and now as “Enviro-multicultural Elitism.” (A good time for a neologism at Neo-neocon!) She is a demonic figure, a succubus perhaps, who seduces people and drags them out of the ranks of the righteous.

    What gives and will give this apparently political contest its particular vitriol and intractability is its religious aspect, and that is a conflict between two parties who can’t recognize themselves as religious.

  68. M J R Says:

    Roy Lofquist Says:

    Dear M J R,

    The vilification of Quayle has sunk into the American psyche. Read this and then comment, Please,




    Even before reading the linked material, I tended to agree (“sunk into the American psyche”). I clicked the link, was treated to a trip back in time two-plus decades, and learned a little as well.

    I still agree.

    But I am not of the impression that what they did to Quayle, ongoing and vicious as it was (and I do remember it reasonably well * ), was as extreme and thoroughly pathological and ^lunatic^ as what I see happening to Sarah Palin today.

    Just my humble “o”, and do be reminded, my opinion may be worth exactly what you’re paying for it { smile }.

    Regards backatcha,
    M J R

    * I remember vividly one co-worker who, it seemed every day, had a new Dan Quayle joke to tell. It occurred to me that for all their vaunted superiority of intellect, these leftie bozos reveled in telling what amounted to mere variants of the ^same^ ^joke^ day-in-day-out, laughing uproariously every time they heard it, as though it was anything new and funny. Morons.

  69. Bilwick Says:

    I’m sure that even as we write, this indefagitable army of citizen-journalists are getting to work trying to access Obama’s academic records. Stand by for further developments!

    (While they’re at it, they might also try to find Obama’s birth certificate. I mean the real one, not the recent fake that Soros paid for.)

  70. Roy Lofquist Says:

    Dear M J R,

    I am an old, crotchety, pedantic nitpicker who commented during cocktail hour. No criticism intended. My apologies.


  71. Ymarsakar Says:

    So basically unlike the other GOP candidates, we know Sarah’s been vetted and nothing damaging has been found. Can we say the same for the rest of the GOP crowd?

  72. Ymarsakar Says:

    But they do not fear her now, because their contempt for her is so great that they are very sure she would lose the election.

    What the cannon fodder slaves at the bottom of the Leftist alliance’s hierarchy think and do are pretty predictable and not worth mentioning.

    It’s the leaders, the power brokers, and the cultural elitists that have the plans and the money to carry them through, that have the reactions worth telling.

    The COmmunists famously just told their cannon fodder to believe whatever they were told. It happened to be that when Russia was allied with Germany, the Russian citizens were told to love Germany and hate English and the Americans. When Russia went to war against Russia, suddenly it all flipped around and nobody ever mentioned that it had been any other way.

    So the beliefs, the emotions, and the thoughts of the cannon fodder aren’t worth much. They will do and believe, whatever they are told to do and believe.

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