June 11th, 2011

Now that nothing much has been found so far in the Palin e-mails…

…the critique from the anti-Palin faction has shifted. In the comments sections of articles in the MSM and innumerable blogs on the left, the reactions boil down to:

(1) her emails are BORing

(2) her emails are so heavily redacted that all the good stuff that was originally there (meaning: the stupid, racist, corrupt, venal, redneck, and/or creationist remarks) has already been removed before we got to see it

(3) who cares about her anyway, she’s nobody and nothing, a real publicity hound

(4) she’s a total idiot and we don’t have to read her emails to know that, so it doesn’t matter what they say

23 Responses to “Now that nothing much has been found so far in the Palin e-mails…”

  1. vanderleun Says:

    If she really is a publicity hound she’s got to be pleased that her enemies and their little dogs are currently working night and day for her. And for free.

  2. M J R Says:

    I’m going to be so presumptuous as to re-post a comment (of mine) from the last Palin e-mail blog entry, because

    -1- I do think the thought is worth sharing, and

    -2- because I’d be interested in others’ reactions, if any (I fear that few will have scrolled to the end of a now-obsolete Comments section).

    Full disclosure — I fixed up a little wording in the paragraph on the Bushes to make the “they”s less confusing.

    Thanks for indulging me . . .


    Another thought here, about why the onslaught of naked, lunatic hatred for Sarah Palin keeps manifesting itself.

    Sarahcuda doesn’t know her place. What’s more, she knows who she is, she approves of who she is, and she fights back. That latter, I suggest, is what underlies the ongoing two-minute hate for her.

    Dan Quayle knew his place, or at least acted as though he did. He knew he was a mediocre student [he admitted it at least once], and he was embarrased that “they” were brighter. Also, he was Vice President (or a candidate for same), and did want to act with the dignity one might associate with the office.

    The George Bushes knew their place, or at least acted as though they did. At some level they accepted the premises of the so-called progressives, and seemed to want to build a bridge to them (George Bush 41 especially — “kinder, gentler”). They [the lefites] hated both — and they [the Bushes] did not want to compromise the dignity of their offices. They [the Bushes] never fought back.

    Ronald Reagan laughed them off, and went on being his genial self. They [the lefties] hated him, too, but they were merely shadow-boxing when it came to the Gipper.

    Sarahcuda is in-your-face, when she isn’t being in-your-####ing-face. She’s actively fighting back. She’s mad as hell and isn’t about to take it sitting down.

    What I’m getting around to, is the insane, totally irrational hatred of the left for Sarah Palin is ^reactionary^ in nature — not reactionary as in someone far to the political right, but reactionary in the sense that they’re reacting to her fighting back, with a vehemence hard to parallel in my lifetime, at least.

    They’ve never had anyone fight back before, and hell hath no fury like progressives who are not accustomed to their pure hearts and motives being bowed down to reverently. No, Sarah is not impressed with their purity of heart and motive in the least, and they simply can’t process the new relative positioning. They hate with furious passion what they, for all their supposed intellectual superiority, can’t begin to comprehend.

  3. Steve Says:

    People on the left are fundamentally negative. They hate Palin because that is what they do. They hate their opponents. Palin is an opponent. It probably irks them to no end that she is charismatic and somehow rises above their attacks and negativity. Good for her. The left can go to hell.

  4. Occam's Beard Says:

    Think of the fun she could have. Let some more emails leak, and in the penultimate one allude obliquely to something the Reds very much would like to find. Then in the last one, put in something that suggests the contents of the previous one went awry, but will be retransmitted … in the next email, which doesn’t appear in the set. Hilarity ensues!


    Penultimate email: “Yes, I fully subscribe to your views on creationism, and your analysis of racial and gay rights issues is also spot on. I’m attaching a manifesto in which I set out unambiguously, frankly, and in detail my position on each of these matters, regardless of how controversial they may or may not be, or whether most people agree with them or not.”

    Last one: “Oh, sorry, the email with the manifesto bounced back; it must have been too big. I’ll resend it separately in just a minute.”


    What fun to watch the Reds go nuts!

  5. camojack Says:

    Can’t hardly top what MJR posted. :-)

  6. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    MJR, I think you are on the right track. I hadn’t really thought about it before. Most Republicans (especially the Bushes) want to be seen as gentlemenly and having good ethics. Thus, they don’t want to get down and roll in the mud with the lefties. On the other hand Sarah will not be told to sit down and shut up because she is just a “bitter clinger.” That IS different and the left does not like it one bit. Another fighter is Andrew Breitbart. They are both loathed and considered fair game.

  7. Wandriaan Says:

    Sarah is the closest thing right now that represents the old ‘John Wayne America’. And she is not a phony in this, not at all.
    But that seems to be the problem: she is the real John Wayne thing! The postsixties Left apparently hates nothing more than this their own ancestry. How sick this is, how dangerous, how inverted…Decades of leftwing slander have made them hate the one thing that endears me the most to America. They have lost the love of rugged liberty and want a warm blanket.
    I fear the Left more than radical Islam.

  8. rickl Says:

    I like the way you think, OB.

  9. JuliB Says:

    MJR said: “but reactionary in the sense that they’re reacting to her fighting back, with a vehemence hard to parallel in my lifetime, at least.”

    I agree. I worry whether this will be their new MO against conservatives. Look at Joe the Plumber – he was just a regular citizen, so they could ease up eventually. The politics of destruction are downright frightening.

  10. rickl Says:

    That reminds me of my coworker who argued that Joe the Plumber was a “criminal” based on God knows what he heard in the MSM.

    I have no idea what he was talking about since I stopped paying attention to them. But this story apparently indicates that there are no longer any limits to their lies. That’s frightening indeed.

  11. CharlieSays Says:

    I too think you nailed it, M J R.

    The one small thing I take issue with is your reference to “reactionary as in someone far to the political right.” If we take it as being a reactionary against Civil Rights, there aren’t many of those left. If it was being reactionary to most of the Left’s policies in the 60s & 70s, that was, well . . . us.

    “Reactionary” is a term that was fobbed onto Conservatives by Liberals.

  12. grackle Says:

    The email search is good in a way. It may help to illustrate the corruption of the MSM to some fair-minded Americans. The lengths that the MSM go to in order to bring her down as compared to their sugary, softball treatment of Obama could give pause to some who are open-minded.

    And it seems fitting as a punishment for their irrational Palinoia to have to closely read, not just skim or speed read (because they might miss something damaging) a multitude of boring bureaucratic emails. That it’s self-inflicted adds to the irony.

  13. RickZ Says:

    Lost in our Make Believe Media’s search for the Holy anti-Palin email Grail is while all these official email records of Palin were released, pounds and pounds of them, Obama has released nothing more than a badly forged birth certificate and a few paragraphs of medical history. The dichotomy between the two when it comes to records release alone is stunning, forget about ethics, economic knowledge, leadership and overall American values, along all the rest of the ‘mile wide and Marianas Trench deep’ differences between the two. The comparison between the openness of Sarah Palin and the secrecy of Barack Obama will go unmentioned in the media’s haste to smear Palin.

    I’m all for a Fairness Doctrine, a real one. It would put the Make Believe Media out of business.

  14. Louise Franke Says:

    I keep thinking that the hysteria around Palin is similar to a witch hunt. It is a way to displace all the disturbing emotions concerning, the economy(especially the dwindling dollar), the wars in the Middle East, politicians behaving badly, the slow disintegration of the mainstream media.
    Palin is a wonderful distraction- particularly because the venom directed in her direction is really focussed on a fantasy object
    The worst thing that will happen with the examination of these emails will be the realization that she is authentic and straight forward.

  15. SteveH Says:

    Sarah is really hated because she goes a step beyond battling liberal’s bad policies. She mocks them on the taboo subject of massive character disorder being the genesis of their policies.

    Basically it’s the equivalent of taunting a child in the middle of a temper tantrum to please try and be louder.

  16. Libby Says:

    For every inquiry she receives about her time a Alaska’s governor, she should say something along the lines of: “I discussed that in an email you already have in your possession. You can find the details yourself. Next question.”

  17. Alex Bensky Says:

    A lot of it, and I think OB has picked up on this, is sheer class bigotry. Remember all the sneering about her degree from the University of Idaho? Or that she went to several other schools before she got the degree?

    Of course, one reason she went to other schools is because she had to work her way through, as opposed to those who either had the money or got scholarships based on what they were rather than what they’d done.

    In short, we should all aspire to an Ivy League-type education, a certain way of living, and adopting a certain constellation of opinions. Those who have aspirations otherwise are ipso facto ignorant and/or stupid.

    And now that the e-mails reveal her as an intelligent, conscientious, and principled person, we ought to see some apologies. We won’t get them, but we ought to.

  18. M J R Says:

    “CharlieSays” (12:57AM), thanks, and your point is well-taken.

    Others, thanks as well for your very kind responses. I’m glad, if only from an intellectual curiosity standpoint [as opposed to coming up with a practical solution], that we might be getting to the bottom of what’s underlying this most bizarre situation.

  19. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    One e-mail in particular has shown Sarah Palin as a person of great faith and love. It was an e-mail about the coming birth of Trig.

    Read more about it here:

  20. Pat Dooley Says:

    When one looks at Sarah Palin, one should also consider the nature of her husband. When Sarah found out Trig would have Down’s syndrome, she asked “Why us?” and Todd replied “Why not us?”.

    Yet, he thinks nothing of racing a snow machine 2000 miles in arctic conditions at 80+mph. When Sarah wondered if she could do the race, he firmly put her in her place, by asking whether she could change out a broken front ski while standing waste deep in freezing water (from memory, you get the picture). He ran a successful commercial fishing business and worked long shifts on the North Slope. He personally built their home in Wasilla.

    He’s not the power behind the throne but he is her bulwark. When you have a partner-in-life who epitomizes old-fashioned American manhood, it makes it easier to bear the crap thrown at you by the likes of Andrew Sullivan, Chris Matthews, George Will and the rest of the elitists. They denigrate her and her family, but they would last two seconds doing what Todd does, day in and day out.

  21. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Pat Dooley,
    I second your thoughts about Todd Palin. He is an impressive man. Many men would be threatened by a woman as strong and Sarah is. Todd knows who he is and they are a team. It impresses me and I think more people would take notice of that.

  22. Ymarsakar Says:

    I don’t want their apology. I’d happily settle for their heads or their cut off fingers.

    The Left is the enemy and that is something they chose of their own free will.

  23. JuliB Says:

    Completely off topic, but I was thinking about the Sarah Palin bus tour, and the closest thing I could come up with (in my memory, at least) was Reagan’s funeral procession. You could see how much the average person loved and would miss Reagan. Perhaps the vitriol is stemming from the fact they can see how much Gov Palin connects with people while on her tour…

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