June 28th, 2011

Full court press on Michele Bachmann

Hold the presses! The news is that Michele Bachmann won’t ever be able to get a job teaching American history.

Neither will Obama. But of course that’s not important, and Bachmann is.

10 Responses to “Full court press on Michele Bachmann”

  1. reg Says:

    let the republican who is without sin throw the first stone at Palin. the chickens are coming home to roost.

  2. Peter Says:

    Seeing as how the “Journolists” busy trying to tear down the Republican women’s (and men’s) grasp of history can’t remember last Tuesday, I’m not impressed.

  3. rickl Says:

    Bachmann is my second choice for President after Palin. It’s kind of ironic that those two women have more balls than all the male candidates combined.

    In my ideal world, we’d have Palin as President and Bachmann as Speaker of the House.

    And John Bolton as Secretary of State.

  4. expat Says:

    Check out the video at this post.


    I hope it goes viral.

  5. expat Says:

    A bit OT, but while you are at Tatler, follow Michael Ledeen’s link to the Pawlenty speech before the Council on Foreign Relations. We just can’t chew up our own, even if we prefer someone else.

  6. Occam's Beard Says:

    In my ideal world, we’d have Palin as President and Bachmann as Speaker of the House.

    Mine (provisionally) is Perry/Cain, with Palin as … wait for it … ambassador to the UN.

    I’d drop my subscription to MLB.TV to buy one to watch Palin in the UN.

  7. expat Says:

    Palin at the UN. Brilliant! We would have a world wide epidemic of apoplexy.

  8. Nyo Says:

    Beard if you wished it so that would be a contempt for Democracy … though so was Obama’s first two years.

  9. bon homme richard Says:

    Let’s see how many MSMers compare this to Barry O’s statement that “The Framers of the Constitution had a blind sport about slavery.”

    Anyone? Bueller?

  10. nolanimrod Says:

    She can always get a job in the fifty-seventh state teaching Austrian to live corpsemen.

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