August 30th, 2011

Bachmann’s hair

They feel shame about it. Some even bring in her photos to their hairdressers with the face cut out. But a lot of liberals want to emulate it.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Michele Bachmann is doing rather well:

“[Bachmann] has great coppery color that warms her up a little bit,” said Angelo David at his E. 43rdSt. salon, who confirmed a spike in copycat requests for the candidate’s look. “Not everybody wants to look like Kim Kardashian.”

Bachmann’s style “is safe, but not soccer mom. It’s sexy,” said Alma Qeraxhiu at her AlmaG Salon and Spa on E. 21st. St.

“I have found it a little bit amazing how many women have been coming in asking for her hair style, even though they don’t agree with her politics.”

And here’s Bachmann’s hair in its original state:

As for me, I go for the curly mane.

3 Responses to “Bachmann’s hair”

  1. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Just got back from watching The Help. All those early Sixties Ole Miss alumnae with their HAIR. Good heavens. I remember those days.
    See if you can find a college or high school yearbook from the mid-Sixties. Shock
    If women were using that much lacquer today, the greenies would be all over them. And I’d agree with the greenies’ goal, if not their motivation.

  2. Foxfier Says:

    Haven’t brown-haired women been going for golden or copper on a medium brown forever? I thought that was the original point of “highlights.”

    I just figured the lady has some Irish in her, and it comes out in the hair– most of the Irish ladies I know who didn’t end up with either classic redhead or ebony-wood colored hair have sun-touched look. (What my mom always called it– all the girls in our family have it. Shows better if you get a lot of sunlight, or use lemon juice on your hair. I remember when my great aunt took us to get our hair done and a lady threw an all-mighty fit because the hairdresser told her she couldn’t make her hair look like ours. First time I’d seen an adult woman act like that, and in PUBLIC!)

  3. Ymarsakar Says:

    Firrreee it up.

    Of course I understand nothing about fashion.

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