August 31st, 2011

Andre Carson plays the mega race-card

Andre Carson, Representative (D) from Indiana and member of the Congressional Black Caucus, must think that the call for less incendiary rhetoric was for ye and not for he:

[Carson] said at a CBC event in Miami that some in Congress would “love to see us as second-class citizens” and “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree.”

Note that Carson is not just accusing Tea Party members of wanting to lynch black people. He’s accusing some of his (unnamed) Congressional colleagues of wanting to lynch black people.

One might think such remarks would result in a call for Congressional censure, but I wouldn’t sit on a hot stove till that happened. Nor am I expecting Carson to apologize or take back his remarks in any way; so far his office says he stands by them.

An interesting background item on Carson is that he was one of the legislators who claimed in March of 2010 that he and other black members of Congress were called the n-word by some Tea Party demonstrators, an allegation that remains unsubstantiated by the many videos taken of the incident. Nevertheless, the accusation was highly effective in branding Tea Party activists as racists. But perhaps not effective enough for Carson.

[ADDENDUM: The coverup, and the silence.]

22 Responses to “Andre Carson plays the mega race-card”

  1. Steve D Says:

    I love that this is being put out there as loudly as it is. It only serves to dilute an already weak, self serving and frankly racist group. I’m speaking of the CBC of course.

    How shocking! A prominent CBC member ham-handedly plays the race card on an increasingly influential group of people who are not interested in supporting any of his rent seeking positions.

    Gasp… how 1985…

    And thankfully, unlike the republicans in congress the Tea Party has no interest whatsoever in “being liked”. They are interested in being correct. This may in fact increase their membership

  2. Ray Says:

    The thief believes everyone steals so it’s no wonder Carson believes everyone is racist.

  3. Book Says:

    He and Maxine Waters must have decided that since the Tea Party is completely grass-roots, with no real “leaders” or organization, that they are prime targets. Not to mention the media’s breathless description of hateful, terrorist tea partiers. What better way to avoid the topic of spending than to smear an entire group of people protesting the waste, people with no way of defending themselves against such charges?

  4. George Pal Says:

    Such rhetoric continues not because it incites but because it excuses all pathologies in the black community as not of their own making and all liberal program failures of the government as inexplicable – but for one thing. From the Civil Rights Act and the Great Society programs in the mid-sixties to the present, you could not have made a better job of destroying black families, enterprise, and independence than if you had set out with those goals in mind. Such monumental failure must have behind it a reason beyond something so simple (and implicative) as “we have badly misjudged human nature and the government’s ability to alter it or mitigate the destructive consequences”; so it must be “racism”/”racists”.

  5. Mr. Frank Says:

    The Democrats have realized that the bad Obama economy has hurt their base immensely. The only way they can get the poor and minorities to vote for them is to play the race and class cards early and often and to demonize all opponents.

  6. Don Carlos Says:

    He’s a Muslim and his congressional seat was previously held by his grandmother.
    Instead of a tree, may I suggest a bridge in Iraq as the place for Carson to hang out.

  7. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Carson is a Muslim–look up Takiyya and Kitman (see )

  8. M J R Says:

    Book began:

    “He and Maxine Waters must have decided that since the Tea Party is completely grass-roots, . . .”

    Hmmm. Was then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrong when she insisted that the Tea Party was just “astroturf”?

    My, how the rhetoric changes to accommodate the emerging reality.

  9. Curtis Says:

    From Wolla Dalbo’s post, I found the part, “Hostility Disguised As Grievance,” especially compelling.

    Raymond Ibrahim is a treasure.

    Our side will prevail. Just as the South’s corruption led to a weakened economy and other weaknesses, so does the left’s corruption. Our country’s traitorous loss of principle and pathetic loss of will is temporary. Madison was New Orleans.

  10. Parker Says:

    George Pal says, “From the Civil Rights Act and the Great Society programs in the mid-sixties to the present, you could not have made a better job of destroying black families, enterprise, and independence than if you had set out with those goals in mind.”

    I see the Civil Rights Act as being a horse of a different color. I do agree the GS and numerous other such programs have produced exactly the results you list. Its tragic that a large percentage of blacks do not realize that the bleeding heart liberals have shackled them to the welfare plantation of captive voters.

  11. George Pal Says:

    Parker says:
    “I see the Civil Rights Act as being a horse of a different color.”

    As originally presented. Since then it has morphed/evolved into equality of outcome not opportunity, and thereby sanctions reverse discrimination – certainly not the original intent – ostensibly.

  12. rickl Says:

    It’s not a very popular position, but I continue to maintain that the Civil Rights Act went too far when it banned private discrimination.

    It was entirely right and proper to forbid the government from discriminating for or against any subset of citizens. Either we have equal rights under the law or we don’t.

    Of course, with the rise of affirmative action, nowadays the government continues to discriminate for or against subsets of citizens. It’s just that the names and faces have changed.

    But a private business owner should have the absolute right to hire or serve anyone he or she pleases, just as I as a homeowner have the absolute right to decide who I want to invite to a party at my house. The government should have no say in the matter whatsoever.

    The Civil Rights Act and other “antidiscrimination” laws were a massive usurpation of private property rights. They were the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent. They led directly to more recent laws and ordinances forbidding smoking in the workplace, and dictating the amount of salt restaurants may use in their recipes.

  13. Sgt. Mom Says:

    The thing that most astonishes and appalls me – as an early Tea Partier in a fairly large organization, and having been involved in a great many mass events during 2009-2010 as a media authority – is the violation of the 9th Commandment; “Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbor.” I’m an old-fashioned sort of person, and raised as a devout Lutheran. There will be a judgement enacted upon this kind of false accusation. There will be, I am most certainly sure. His actions in this – and those of the other CBC members taking part in this calumny – violate that commandment. More than violate it, throw it down and dance upon it. I had never seen any hit of racism in Tea Party events that I had a part of, aside from being occasionally accused of it by protesters outside the event. We welcomed any fiscal conservative, constitutionalist, free-market proponent to our events, and although I had to dial back my own active participation locally, I haven’t seen anything to lead me to think that anything has changed in the last year . . .

    Except that the Light Beige Teleprompter Jesus’ approval ratings have sunk lower than the Titanic’s about an hour after striking the iceberg, so that’s why all the last loyal troops are being called out, to immolate themselves on the last barricades.

  14. Parker Says:

    “… went too far when it banned private discrimination.”

    I hear you and I agree. Public institutions are different from private enterprise. Discrimination in the public sector is flat out wrong. From my POV any private sector business or property owner can put a sign in the window that proclaims no spear chuckers, sons & daughters of abraham, spics, wops, micks, towel heads, faggots, dykes, bleeding hearts, tea baggers, hippies, moron mormons, red necks, savages, bikers, chevy owners, etc. allowed. In fact I prefer that we encourage private enterprise this freedom of discrimination. That way I know where to not spend my cash.

  15. Parker Says:

    Sgt. Mom,

    I recently read a humorous & quick to read book titled The Declaration of the Independents by N. Gillespie & M. Welch. I think you would enjoy it.

    “I’m the one who has to die when its my time to die, so let me live my life the way I want too.” — Mr. Hendrix

    Rand Paul & Marco Rubio 2012. ;-)

  16. rickl Says:


    In fact I prefer that we encourage private enterprise this freedom of discrimination. That way I know where to not spend my cash.

    Ah, but it’s more interesting than that. Let’s take restaurants as an example.

    On one end of the street, there’s a white-owned restaurant that serves only whites. On the other end, there’s a black-owned restaurant that serves only blacks. As a white man, obviously I can’t go to the latter one. So scratch that one off my list.

    Now assume that there’s one in the middle that will serve anybody. Let’s further assume that it has better food, or lower prices, than the whites-only restaurant. Now I have a choice. And if I’m a white supremacist, do I want to eat at a place where I feel most comfortable among my white brethren, or would I rather put up with the sight of black people but eat better food?

    Bring smoking into the mix. There’s a whites-only restaurant that allows smoking, and one that doesn’t. There’s a blacks-only restaurant that allows smoking, and one that doesn’t. There’s a mixed-race restaurant that allows smoking, and one that doesn’t. Now I have four choices. Do I want to eat at a place where I can enjoy a cigarette after dinner? But what if a non-smoking restaurant has better food? Looks like I have a decision to make.

    Say I’m a meat-eater who has a sudden hankering for a vegetarian meal. In one part of town there’s a vegetarian restaurant that serves only vegetarians, and they quiz people at the door. They don’t want any meat-eaters in their establishment negatively affecting their karma. On the other side of town, there’s another vegetarian restaurant that happily serves meat-eaters, in order to introduce them to the joys of vegetarianism.

    In another part of town, a lesbian-owned restaurant serves women only. (Scratch that one off my list.)

    See what I mean? This is true freedom of choice, for both the business owners and customers, and the possibilities and combinations are limitless. It’s so much better than one-size-fits-all laws.

  17. Parker Says:


    We are on the same page. I choose to eat at the restaurant where I can consume a fabulous meal (vegan, vegetarian, or carnivorous) and afterwards smoke a cigar as I sip an aged scotch under the stars.

    The bottom line is always maximum individual freedom/choice. This is the essence of the pursuit of happiness and don’t tread on me. Each and everyone of us is a free agent.

    For example, last year Iowa became a shall issue state. Many viewed this as a victory. For me it is meaningless. I carry concealed whenever and wherever I choose anywhere within the 48. I don’t need a permit because I possess the natural, inalienable right to defend myself and others. No bureaucrat or political critter has the authority to say otherwise.

  18. Gringo Says:

    Representative Carson is not apologizing. ep. Andre Carson, Democrat, Stands by Hate-Filled Anti-Tea Party Remarks

    Carson’s spokesman, Jason Tomcsi, confirmed the congressman’s comments to USA TODAY.
    His “comments respond to the frustration voiced by those in Miami,” Tomcsi said. “People are frustrated by the inability of Congress to do something about the economy and get people back to work.”
    Tomcsi said Carson believes “Tea Party members in Congress know when they vote against programs, they know who they’re impacting. They have different priorities — their priorities are to protect millionaires, oil companies and tax cuts for the wealthy. Those people aren’t impacted by programs like child nutrition, Head Start, job training and job creation.”

    There is great fear behind Representative Carson’s hate-filled spiel. The fear is two-fold: that the money spigot from big government will be turned off, and that corrupt Congressmen will be held accountable. As the Tea Party wants both reduced government spending and to get rid of corrupt Congressmen, Representative Carson has reason to fear the Tea Party.

    He fears that Congressmen will be held accountable: that is the root of the “hanging from a tree” remark. Many of the Tea Party would be very glad to string up corrupt Congressmen, be they Republicans or Democrats. While former Republican Congressman Cunningham is now in prison for his corruption and betrayal of the public trust, there would be support among some Tea Party members for stringing him up. Of the corruption cases currently being investigated in Congress, a disproportionate of them are members of the CBC. (IMHO, this is due to the CBC members being more likely to occupy safe seats, but that is a discussion for another time.) Many of the CBC view the corruption investigations, rightly or wrongly, as being instigated by Tea Party people. They certainly realize that the Tea Party has a very low tolerance for corruption.
    Carson’s spokesman mentioned Head Start and job training, among other issues. There is extensive research on the four plus decades of Head Start: all Head Start does is provide jobs for the boys, or in this case, for the girls. Straight out of Chicago. Head Start has no long-term effect on the children it is supposed to benefit. Ironically this may be in part because it morphed into jobs for the boys/girls. The benefit of “enrichment” by having teachers better educated than the children’s parents was in large part diluted by hiring neighborhood people to staff Head Start, whose level of education was no better than that of the parents whose children they were supposed to “enrich.”

    But Head Start was beneficial, because it provided jobs.
    Similar remarks can be made about job training. Ken Auletta’s The Underclass covered that rather well 30 years ago.
    Turning off this spigot of government money for these ineffective programs- but programs which provided employment for many blacks- is a prospect that scares many blacks.
    Blacks are more likely than whites to be in government jobs. Informing blacks that government employment will be greatly reduced in the future is not going to endear blacks to smaller government conservatives. This is one reason why government salaries should be cut before jobs are cut.
    Instead of focusing on what a lying demagogic jerk Representative Carson is – which he is- we should think of how we can show blacks that they will ultimately benefit from smaller government.

    One place to start is to point out that while government has gotten much bigger in the last 2 years, private sector hiring has stopped, in large part due to uncertainly about what onerous regulations will be forthcoming from Big Government. The result is massive unemployment among blacks. Government can only do so much.

  19. Ymarsakar Says:

    The Congressional Black Caucus is like some baby eating human sacrificial cult that people are too scared of to stomp on.

  20. rickl Says:

    I would love to see Marxists and their supporters hanging from trees, regardless of their skin color.

  21. SteveH Says:

    If you believe in parallel universe’s, there’s one where blacks went through the civil rights movement with leaders who wanted to learn how to fish instead of being given fish. But that parallel universe would have required white liberals who cared more about black folks succeeding than their own selfish desire to be percieved as compassionate.

  22. NeoConScum Says:

    Thank goodness that our hairy chested, stand-up President came out to firmly condemn this racist blather by the CBC imbeciles. It showed…a..errr… Ohh, well…His usual Vast Testicular Concavity.

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