September 15th, 2011

Joe McGinniss finally…

…comes out with his book-length gossip sheet on temporary next-door-neighbor Sarah Palin, and even the NY Times can’t stomach it: McGinniss is “too busy being nasty to be lucid.”

Ouch—although, of course, the two are hardly mutually exclusive.

McGinniss is also too late, poor dear. As the Times points out, pretty much everything in the book has already been thoroughly aired online (except for a few new but unusually poorly-sourced allegations), although the review manages to coyly avoid mentioning one of the most prolific practitioners of the “nasty rather than lucid in service of smearing Plain” art, Andrew Sullivan.

Will books such as McGinniss’s matter? It’s hard to believe that anyone other than the most rabidly entrenched Palin-haters, who believe her fully capable of every stupidity and/or evil already, would care much about what McGinniss is saying. Even Palin-hating gets old after a while.

11 Responses to “Joe McGinniss finally…”

  1. Scott Says:

    One of the most disturbing things in the review is that he apparently published on page 10 a map to her house.

    I haven’t read the context, so I don’t know why he included a map to her home, but I can’t think of any good reasons why a guy who makes his living with words couldn’t just describe the remote location where the house is situated in general terms. Why he wants the reader to know the exact precise location of her family’s home by including a map of how to get there is strange.

  2. vanderleun Says:

    Frankly Joe McGinnis needs to die in a fire ASAP and then be sent straight to the more lasting fire.

  3. Curtis Says:

    If Sarah (Pardon the first name only but it feels right, you know? You betcha!) does not run, she paved the way for Perry by challenging the credulity of the masses for the suck up media slop. Why she sided with Bachman and the Gardasil flap, I don’t know. Well, probably the same reason she helped McCain get re-elected: loyality. Grizzly mom thing. Can’t help but like that.

    Sarah Palin, who endured the slings and arrows and made an outrageous fortune. I hope it galls it them.

  4. Suesis Says:

    “Even Palin-hating gets old after a while.”

    You think so? It seems to me that Palin hating, like Bush Derangement Syndrome seems to fester and grow and provide emotional sustenance to certain people.

  5. SteveH Says:

    “”Bush Derangement Syndrome seems to fester and grow and provide emotional sustenance to certain people.”"

    They are people who irrationally attempt to build themselves up by tearing other people down. They never see how it exposes them as petty and small minded.

  6. M J R Says:

    The tolerance-and-compassion cartel in action.

  7. Valjean Says:

    Agree with Suesis: I know far too many insufferable lefties who wear Palin-hatred like a badge. They seem to roll their eyes higher with each mention of the she-devil’s name, like her staying in the public eye is some kind of horrid pox on the collective public intelligence — and they’re so thoroughly brilliant for seeing the Wench from Wasilla for the Threat to the Republic that she is (unlike those dimwitted teabaggers).

    I had to laugh when I heard about McGinniss’ “allegations”, though. Doing drugs and sleeping with hunky black dudes? Aren’t those left-wing badges of honor?

  8. kcom Says:

    Too little, too late.

    Sarah Palin is not old news, and Sarah hatred has not gone away, but this style of “Get Palin” is obsolete. It’s not 2008 any more. If he’d had this book ready during the election, or perhaps a few months after the election maybe he’d have something, but there’s been too much water under the bridge since then and things have moved on. Sarah Palin has proved her staying power and a tawdry little book like this isn’t going to do her in now. Perhaps the turning point was the Great Email Scandal that turned out to be entirely anticlimactic. Or perhaps it’s the fact that she’s demonstrated her ability to hold her own against Obama and the deluge that’s rained down on her. But in any event, cheesy little books like this that still think it’s 2008 are just pathetic. Joe McGinniss looks like a very small, clueless man right now.

  9. Trimegistus Says:

    Sarah Palin’s not the front runner any more, so the NYT isn’t interested in attacks on her any more. If McGinniss had been smart, he’d have written about Rick Perry. They’d have given him a Pulitzer Prize for that. Now it’s too late.

  10. Bob From Virginia Says:

    To those who maintain that Palin derangement syndrome is pass its prime there H.L.Mencken’s observation “that no one ever went broke under-estimating the taste of the American public.” Assuming the correctness of that observation the McGuinniss book should do quite well.

    As for the author, judging from the fact he includes a map to Palin’s home and I seem to recall him referring to Tea Partiers as Nazis my bet is that he won’t be happy till Palin and her family are brutally murdered and their bodies desecrated, for starts. Since haters desperately need objects to hate, his book appears to be a symptom of a sick, angry mind, probably bitter about a his dearth of talent, certainly jealous of his hate object’s success. The book condemns its author.

  11. newton Says:

    “As for the author, judging from the fact he includes a map to Palin’s home and I seem to recall him referring to Tea Partiers as Nazis my bet is that he won’t be happy till Palin and her family are brutally murdered and their bodies desecrated, for starts. ”

    And for that reason alone, the Palin clan should recruit an army of attorneys and sue the total assets off this slime-ball.

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