October 28th, 2011

More gloomy news for dieters

Of course, I already pretty much knew this. But still–drat!

7 Responses to “More gloomy news for dieters”

  1. Wry Mouth Says:

    Drat; I read it as “Dieters”, as in: Mike Myers’ SNL character. YOUR STORY BECOMES TIRESOME

  2. Perfected democrat Says:

    No problem, I just read that the Democrats have a secret plan waiting in the wings to solve America’s BMI problem; Michele will be directing it as part of her heroic public service role, with Bill Ayer’s wife’s assistance, as well as experts from Cuba and North Korea. They already have good experience driving up the price of energy to save us from climate change, so food prices should be a piece of cake…

  3. Mike Mc. Says:

    Google Nora Gedgaudas on the Paleo Diet. No hunger problems. Eat fat; get thin(ner)

  4. neo-neocon Says:

    MikeMc: doesn’t work for me at all. My guess is that it works for some and not for others.

  5. JTW Says:

    neo: that’s the same with every dietary plan, which shows the fallacy about any statement about “the diet”.
    “The diet” that’s best for you is highly personal, something most dieticians and certainly most (self proclaimed) “diet experts” don’t realise or at least take into account.

    So you get sweeping statements that “fat is bad” while at the same time promoting diets loaded with refined carbohydrates, a known cause of diabetes, thyroid problems, and obesity in many.

    For me, Atkins works well. I loose weight, albeit very slowly (which is a good thing, don’t get me started about diets that make you loose 50lbs in 2 weeks), I’ve more energy, my blood sugar (which was a tad unstable) is perfect, my blood pressure is down (though not as much as it should be).
    Only thing up slightly (maybe, I’ve no recent pre-Atkins data about it) is cholesterol, but the standard tests there don’t distinguish between different types of cholesterol so it’s impossible to know whether that’s a good or a bad thing, and according to the tests it’s only marginally elevated, not worth worrying about.
    And oh, I’m not hungry. And when I do want to snack on something, a handful of roasted peanuts or a bit of cheese is far more healthy than the potato chips, candy, chocolate, etc. most people use to indulge.

    Prior, trying all kinds of low calory diets, blood pressure went through the roof, sugar/insulin levels were swinging wildly, and I was constantly hungry.

  6. Sergey Says:

    The only drug that reliably diminish appetite is alcohol. It is so effective that some alcoholics do not eat at all for ten days in a row and became moving skeletons. Then they need hospitalization just to save them from starvation by infusing intravenous food.

  7. Sergey Says:

    Our ancestors radically changed their diets at least twice: first time when they left tropical forest for savanna and changes fruit and leafs for meat and roots, and then from fishery and hunting for cereals. All these genes are still with us, but in different proportions among different human populations. From this genetic diversity came widely different responses of individuals for different diets.

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