November 18th, 2011

You know you’re getting old when…

…you’ve never even heard of the man People magazine chooses as “the sexiest man alive.”

Or his runner-up.

14 Responses to “You know you’re getting old when…”

  1. Occam's Beard Says:

    Damn. Robbed again. I demand a recount!

  2. Scott Says:

    Got me wondering if I would know who the sexiest woman alive is. Nope. Never heard of her. At least the one on FHM’s list.

    I just hope she doesn’t agree to an interview with Bob Scheiffer – he’ll scold her for smoking on camera. (Warning: tasteful bare boobie alert)

  3. Steve Says:

    Or if you do not care.

  4. nolanimrod Says:

    Me neither. Time for the Scotch, the razorblade, and It Happened One Night.

  5. Curtis Says:

    I remember Gosling from a movie he was in with Sandra Bullock and Cooper was awesome in “Limitless.”

  6. Dan D Says:

    These guys? Not even close to being sexiest man alive. Oh, and reports of my demise are wildly exaggerated, but the voters didn’t know that, apparently

  7. Surellin Says:

    I didn’t recognize him either, as I commented to my wife today. And, IMHO, he looked more like a friendly weasel that the SMA. Not that I’m bitter or envious, of course. Just objective.

  8. Foxfier Says:

    I think the second guy is from Mad Men? That’s based mostly off of him wearing a suit that doesn’t involve florescent colored fur….

    Not seeing the attraction, myself. Patrick Stewart, sure, easily, but… those guys?

  9. Sushisistah Says:

    I do not know who they are nor do I find them attractive. Maybe that is a good thing to not be attracted to men that could be my children…but also I have never been attracted to men that I could pick up and throw across the room.

  10. br549 Says:

    Following Scott’s link, I cannot believe that is the sexiest woman in the world. I see women around every day that blow her clean out of the water. Or I can name off a dozen models or stars without even thinking about.

  11. Foxfier Says:

    Got me curious… I went to the link, rolled my eyes at the video and did an image search instead. Most of the pics were far from flattering, so I grabbed the best four and asked my husband to look at them.

    Three of the four he just chuckled and informed me they were massively photoshopped. >.<

    That Christina Hendricks (sp?) lady is very attractive, as is… oh, the girl who did Hermione. Robert Downey Jr. is attractive. Most of the cast of NCIS…. *grin*

  12. Jewel Says:

    The last man to be considered one of the 50 most beautiful men in People magazine, as far as I’m concerned was Patrick Stewart. I don’t know any of the new crop of generic and nondescript beautiful people nowadays.

  13. Kurt Says:

    Like Steve, I don’t particularly care. I had heard of Bradley Cooper, though, as I used to watch the ridiculous show “Alias” which featured him in a key supporting role. While I had heard of him and knew more or less who he was and what he looked like, the other day I found myself rather puzzled when an acquaintance from high school who is a facebook friend linked to this page entitled “63 reasons why Bradley Cooper is not the sexiest man alive.” The page features 63 photos of someone whom I took to be Bradley Cooper looking particularly dorky. Nope. It turns out that they’re all photos of the runner-up, Ryan Gosling, and apparently they’re supposed to show how sexy he is, but obviously, they did not make the case well enough for me to understand the point of the link.

  14. Bard Says:

    Twenty-two, and also completely unaware of these people. Not that I’m the biggest pop culture maven out there; if I get a Trivial Pursuit game weighted toward my generation, I’ll fail much worse at it than I’ve ever failed at the general one.

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