November 26th, 2011

Spambot of the day

This one came with an Ugg boots URL. It was nowhere near this short in its full manifestation; the following is merely an excerpt. The original went on for at least thirty more lines, all of it nonsense but all of it consisting of pronounceable English-type syllables.

As you can see, it contains a few “words” that are surprisingly Jabberwocky-like and really quite fun, such as “dibwicky” and “jubaps” in the first and second lines (at least, that’s where they appear in the font size I normally use). I’m also quite partial to line 4’s “wracle” (a wrathful cackle, minus the “k”?) and the evocative “Potrolo Fate” in line 4, as well as the “Nopsmease” that ends this particular segment and sounds to me like an ancient herbal remedy.

ncutlecess immeddyslully Absolo ulcerty dibwicky Hawnblearmler, Bog Theltyinammala romy Fluola squally jubaps. faboumn Felltona pync Daurse som SoivaLon Grorvose Wreneurencielo AtmomSistaquam nonlisgugsloM Stow Stuptcrurness wracle TirlgoasTejall inhickycaby Potrolo Fate Trigbeibia SormaSereLam, StetleCher Gat Neatte voli fluriblybulty GragreeSog furobrirub. Wats doftAffoftCada Opine stanignaslergo RhydayChade elakCemeonetty WicIllulkykiz inwano plulkFask SteaniGrielit Gairlbeile ApemsFex Tece courry Dahadviggini utebmareelm Sygiepe, Vem TypecafEmattmet dredtake Invornerem mypory bern estiveBiopicom Nopsmease…

6 Responses to “Spambot of the day”

  1. Polliwog Says:

    30 _more_ lines? I wonder if they used some sort of random generator, except wouldn’t you expect a few real words if everything was truly random?

  2. expat Says:

    I got a spam yesterday offering me a job at Walmart. They didn’t say whether my commuting costs would be covered.

  3. Artfldgr Says:

    most of these bots use words and metrics on words…
    so they get around it by creating nonsense words and breaking them up just like captchas do

  4. Perfected democrat Says:

    I still think you have the exclusive direct line from aliens…

  5. Jewel Says:

    Dahadviggini sounds like some sorta curry dish.

  6. Rick Says:

    Zhitomir, Ukrainia
    Moose Lodge
    Roll call

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