December 5th, 2011

Get your Climategate II summary…


9 Responses to “Get your Climategate II summary…”

  1. geran Says:

    The AGW hoax might make a great comedy movie some day. Maybe Jim Carrey can play Al Gore. Imagine the scene where Jim gets the Nobel Leftist Prize!

  2. expat Says:

    Meanwhile, there are politicians in Germany who are suggesting that people should be assigned individual (and I assume uniform) carbon caps. With the bureaucracy needed to administer this monster, we would have to double the world’s population just to get enough monitors. Maybe the EPA should turn its attention to possible sources of epidemic brain degeneration.

  3. SteveH Says:

    From the story…”According to “FOIA,” the online name of the hacker/leaker behind the release of these emails, there are another 220,000 emails still out there,”

    Hang tough folks. Academia driven Liberalism is a bubble that will burst in this decade. And when it burst after destroying millions of lives, you won’t find a damn soul who’ll admit they supported or fell for any of it.

  4. Richard Aubrey Says:

    expat. You presume “uniform”? You don’t think the government and the ‘crats aren’t going to get an extra allowance?

  5. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    We’re in a warming period. Have been since the end of the last Ice Age. What has caused it? The Warmists want you to think that the climate has been remarkably stable for the last 2000 years and that things have only gone off the rails since humans started burning fossil fuels. Interesting theory, but there must be some proof that it is true. For some time the group of climatologists known as the “Hockey Team” have dominated the research and the communication of the issues. About ten years ago a few scientists began to look at their work and ask some rather inconvenient, hard to answer questions. The Hockey Team reacted by trying to suppress the release of data, vilify “sceptics,” and use only trusted media outlets to promulgate their results. These e-mails show them in action. This second dump adds more context to the first set of e-mails, showing that the investigations of the Hockey Team that came after the first release of e-mails were essentially whitewash jobs.

    The proposed solution for stopping “man-made” global warming has been for humans to quit using fossil fuels. A catastrophic idea because our well-being is so closely related to the use of fossil fuels. If the entire human race is to go back to nineteenth century living standards, the people proposing such a move should:
    1) Recognize a potential problem. (They have recognized the idea of runaway warming caused by CO2 from fossil fuel burning.)
    2) Study the problem and document the findings. (They have done this but their evidence is weak.)
    3) Have solid, peer-reviewed, scientific data and analysis to make your case. (They have been unwilling to share their data or submit their work to “sceptic” scientists for review.)
    4) In specific, quantifiable terms, characterize the magnitude and effects of the problem if not addressed. (There have been unverifiable claims through computer modeling of catastrophic warming if fossil fuels are not abandoned post haste. Little effort has been given to looking at the positives of a warmer climate or why it has been much warmer here on Gaia in the geologic past.)
    5) Develop the solution and prove it is worthwhile to take action – i.e. prove that the “cure” is not worse than the “disease.” (They have been unable to do so. In addition they are unwilling to consider that adaptation to warming might be a far superior strategy rather than trying to mitigate by abandoning fossil fuels.)

    This whole idea of catastrophic AGW has been a God-send for those who prefer statist/tyrannical solutions to problems. Whoever Mr. FOIA, the person/persons who released the e-mails is, he/she has done a humanitarian service to all of us. Catastrophic AGW is no longer accepted as TRUTH because the e-mails show how weak the case is. Unfortunately, this is a group – both the scientists and politicians – who will not abandon their goals easily. This debate will go on for many more years. Much, much more true scientific work must be accomplished to understand our climate and why it varies.

  6. expat Says:

    I was thinking uniform in terms of not giving any consideration to people who live in cold climates and who might have to emit a bit more CO2 to keep from freezing.

    It goes without saying that flying in private planes to unnecessary climate conferences at fancy resorts would not be factored into the allowances. Nor should we consider the modest politician who takes the subway, while his empty limousine follows him around “poisoning” the rest of us. The spirit of Marie Antoinette lives on.

  7. Artfldgr Says:

    They are up their with Boas (organized socialist sociologists and anthropologists including Meade), Meade (was discovered to have gamed her research and a joke, but it did succeed in sexualizing women and children for free love a la soviets), Kinsey (used criminals, and prostitutes as his normal people, sexually abused babies as test subjects to ‘prove’ child sexualization, loved to stick a tooth brush up his penis, and more. most quoted in legal texts and his work was used to justify homoxexuality and bestiality and child sex as normal), Climate Crew (false science used to give the reason why all int he world have to live under international communism, our only savior), Needleman (did the work to eradicate DDT usage, which was false, but did allow malaria to continue to kill thousands of thousands of africans as SAnger and progressives wanted… ).

    i forgot his name but his work on methelated murcury has insured that such deseases and the children who get them suffer… wiki still reports the iq problems despite his fakery was found out.

    the communists/fascists, have a very long history of scientific socialism to justify and to find out how to control others (why do you think sociologists come up with endless interventions (which then cause mass experimentation without permission)?)

    without an exception, all of the crockery above was committed by the same socialist / communist / fascist / progressive / fabian / marxist people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boas was involved in some front organizations… meade was a communist feminist (redundant)… kinsey?

    ALL of them are all willing to compromise validity, merit, family, public health, and more… to provide for the socialists the argument they need to get us horses to turn our heads (As i have explained at great length)

    same wiht most feminist studies too and history

    ie.. change the past, and you control the future

    or as orwell put it
    control the past, you control the future
    control the present and you control the past.

    so i have heard women say, before X date a woman could not get a harvard degree… to which i said, of course, harvard was a mens school, and the womans school was radcliffe…

    to which they just stare at me because they assumed that there was no school for women.

    but all the feminists from the early days.. almost ALL of them had college degrees while they claimed that women couldnt go to school

    I can give you a list of tons of such false science, and more.

    from IQ… to social engineering ideas
    to the parallels of joseph mengele wanting to improve the lives of children who would not normally live in the new reich… (now today you can ahve your eyes changed to blue by laser)

    today they work hard trying to improve the lives of children and prepare them for socialist slavery.. a happy little gulag… where the docile women toil away for the elite… who like the large harems of the Chinese and east, would do the work, and would make babies, and who would not overthrow the few men

    as i said in another thread.
    funny they took control, and enslaved themselves and their children! ie. men used to toil at work, pay taxes and then bring home the support and women worked for their family. now, women are in industry as marx and feminists said, the state is now becoming communist (Which was why they said it), the workers are being enslaved (The smart women), the men are being marginalized (free self supporting harem of women for the elite – who whats to marry a millionaire), and they are being exterminated by arranged circumstances (picking winners and losers and changing the rules of society), and will end up with what?

    note that the war i said is now heating up
    hu in china has told his navy to beef up
    putin has let the military go after the protestors as it was int he past with other kgb men… i mean fsb..

    and a rail tunnel was found in mexico conneting to the US…

    The most elaborate cross-border tunnel ever found linking Mexico and United States — a passageway complete with electric rail cars, hydraulic doors and an elevator — was uncovered in a San Diego warehouse [last] week, along with a record haul of 32 tons of marijuana…

    The 600-yard tunnel also has solid wood floors, good lighting and ventilation and is structurally sound. It begins near the Tijuana airport and ends in a warehouse in San Diego’s Otay Mesa industrial park…

    It was the second large tunnel found in two weeks connecting Tijuana and San Diego.

    From these two smuggling tunnels alone, authorities seized 50 tons of marijuana — about 100,000 pounds or 1.6 million ounces of pot.

    how much war material can be transferred through such?

    how many nuclear bombs?

    Notes in the Mitrokhin Archive claim that more than half of the Soviet Union’s weapons are based on U.S. designs, that the KGB tapped Henry Kissinger’s telephone when he was Secretary of State, and had spies in place in almost all US defense contractor facilities. In France, some 35 senior politicians were alleged to have worked for the KGB in the Cold War. In Germany, the KGB was said to have infiltrated the major political parties, the judiciary, and the police. Large-scale sabotage preparations were supposedly made against the U.S., Canada and elsewhere in case of war, including hidden weapons caches; several have been removed by police per Mitrokhin’s information

    i guess this kind of open border thing makes it easy to replace them or even bring in all kinds of under the radar people, eh?

    attacked on all fronts BUT classical military and with no response to it but to pretend it isnt

  8. Artfldgr Says:

    not methelated murcury… but mercury based perservative… very much not the same thing

  9. Artfldgr Says:

    Disparate impact is another one of those fake false math games…

    ie. we are all, as the feminist pc police say, the same, and so if we are not homogeneous (diversity) everywhere, then there must be cheating

    it worked to scientifically justify ovens for jews and the sick and the others (As Adornos work is used to point similar to them and their rescuers)

    its the creation of arguments for consumption…

    which is why i kind of get frustrated with everyone who dont get that the idea is to wast your time… if your too busy talking or acting on bs, your too busy to act on anything with meaning that would foil them

    read the screwtape letters and think subtle over overt…

    to get your life to change they dont have to shoot you, they just have to make you miss the buss by waiting too long on line.

    they dont have to get you to march into an overn, they just have to ahve abortion available, and easy, and have outcome based wealth distribution, and the targets will exterminate themselves doing the right thing for very wrong people.

    the smartest brains in the US are genociding right now due to this…

    while yesterday articles as to sanger and saying she was only about birth control not eugenics… and trying to cleans her racism, and the idea of exterminating none white lesser (in her eyes) peoples

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