December 5th, 2011

Kiss and tell with Ginger White

I wasn’t going to write anymore about this. After all, Cain’s out of the race, so what’s the point?

But this Daily Beast interview with Ginger White seduced me (as it were) into reading more, and then writing more. It’s a cautionary tale of—well, of something, or perhaps many things, although I’m not entirely sure what they all are.

Mostly it’s the fact that a person can spout off to the press these days (the Daily Beast is operated by Tina Brown and owned by Newsweek) and say virtually anything without proof, and it will all be printed as long as it’s about a person the MSM wishes to eliminate. One would think that Cain had been destroyed enough already, but apparently the Beast desires to humiliate him still further by publishing White’s criticism of his wife’s self-denial, White’s speculation that he had many mistresses besides her, and, in perhaps the unkindest cut of all, White’s lack of sexual interest in Cain (she alleges she thought about grocery lists during sex).

White, of course, offers no more proof of their affair than she did in the first place, nor is she asked to. And once again—as so many MSM outlets have done—the Beast trots out the old “dozens of communications between her and Cain, including pre-dawn text messages” routine. Somehow no one’s ever managed to find out how many of them were from Cain, and no one ever seems to care.

I’m not naive about the press. I’ve spent a great deal of time on this blog criticizing the MSM and its purposely shoddy and deceptive reporting. So I should not be surprised by all of this, or by the tendency of many in the public to swallow it whole. But somehow these facts never lose their ability to surprise me, at least somewhat.

I don’t see how people can read passages like the following and trust White’s story. Does she not indict herself here far more than she does Cain?:

I remember a time when I was looking for a job, and I became separated from my first husband, John, and somebody said, ‘All you have to do is get in front of the owner of this company, and he will give you a job, because you’re pretty. And he did. The owner offered me a job, and by the end of the day, he asked me out and said, ‘I can help you with some extra money.’ So that’s what happened, for probably six months or so. I wasn’t the only one he was ‘helping.’ And then I started getting promoted on my own, and shortly after that, I said, I want a change. When I first started seeing Herman Cain, I lived in Louisville, but within a year I got a job offer here in Atlanta. I told Herman and said, ‘I may need help getting there—will you help me?’ And he said yes.”

For White, getting men to supplement her income that way “started becoming a game,” she said. “It was easy for me to get help like that. It makes you a bit cold. You have to be just as clever as they are, just as cold as they are, just as calculating as they are—and sometimes beat them at their own game. But I don’t want to be depicted as a woman who sleeps with men for money. I am not that woman. There have been a lot of men who sensed vulnerability and dangled a carrot, but I am not a bad person. I am a loving mother who has always wanted to make her own way and give her kids the best. I never wanted to take a handout, and I’ve said no more times than I said yes. I’ve said no more times than you can write down.”

Wow. Just wow. Again, I’m not so naive as to think this sort of thing doesn’t happen; I know it does. But I guess it still surprises me that White would say this freely about herself and not realize how terrible she sounds, and that at the same time her testimony (and her personal history) doesn’t seem to impeach her in the eyes of much of the public.

There’s more, much much more. But I’ll stop now. Suffice to say that the portrait White’s own words paints of her is so untrustworthy, so sordid, so deeply despicable that whether or not Cain had an affair with her, he showed terrible judgment in merely being friends with her.

36 Responses to “Kiss and tell with Ginger White”

  1. foxmarks Says:

    Given the total absence of evidence, can we disprove that Cain was simply being a generous Christian? If she had a game, he knew it, but Christians are inclined toward help and against judgment.

    Cain took pity on a troubled soul. That soul then fabricated a narrative to deceive herself about her own despicable acts.

    I wonder if anyone out there actually knows a decent and virtuous person? Despite all ubiquitous bracelets, nobody believes anyone sincerely asks What Would Jesus Do?

    Cain’s judgment is not the problem, ours is.

  2. kolnai Says:

    “…showed terrible judgment…”

    I guess so, all things considered. But still, having myself befriended some lost causes (maybe myself being a lost cause as a friend to others), it’s not easy for me to be quite so unequivocal.

    I only chime in on this because I’ve been thinking lately how a lot of my life would look if it was dragged into public in the manner Cain’s has been. Basically, I came to this conclusion:

    Talking about my decisions, good and bad, wouldn’t really upset anyone one-on-one. But having it blared and filtered through the MSM would probably make the same set of people think I had the judgment of a 3 year old.

    We usually have our reasons for making decisions that are not the best bets – sometimes it’s just empathy. I’ll give an example (true story):

    There was a girl in my class in high school who was subject to some of the most relentless bullying I’ve ever seen. I was never a “cool kid” by nature, but since I was the captain of the basketball team I had a shortcut to coolness – basically, I didn’t “earn” coolness by actually being cool; I was cool by default because I played basketball. My athletic ability made up for my other qualities that, in themselves, would have ensured me a long career of being bullied myself.

    Now, conscious of that fact even then, I made a choice to use whatever cache I had to stop other kids from getting picked on. So I did the same for her. Nothing special at all – in art class, I would sit with her and chit-chat; when people talked-trash to her face, I told them off; and so forth. It was just a small part of my life that I never really thought about – I just did it; it felt right.

    Then one day I began to hear that she was spreading all sorts of nasty gossip about me, telling people outright lies (including – no fooling – that I was a drug dealer [no, I wasn’t]) – and I was horrified, appalled, I couldn’t understand why in the world she would feel the need to do that. (Turns out she was in trouble for drugs, and for some reason which I will never know, she used my name as her source instead of the person she was presumably covering for – thankfully the school authorities cared about facts and substantiation, otherwise I could have been expelled on hearsay).

    So it ended. I never confronted her about it; I just ignored her from then on and let the bullying continue unabated, until she was expelled.

    Now, even me relating that story in my own words is fraught with peril – it’s easy to put a spin on it that makes it sound like I was angling for something, like I’m lying or being self-serving, or that, perhaps, she felt offended that I was acting out of pity (or something like that) and so gave my condescending butt a good kicking, etc., etc. But filter it through the MSM, have her come out of the woodworks, and lord knows what I’d be depicted as being.

    “Kolnai accused of dealing drugs in high school,” perhaps?

    I’m just saying – maybe it wasn’t the best decision or the best judgment to decide to mildly befriend someone like her; but I just thought it was the right thing to do.

    Obviously I have no clue about the nature and extent of Cain’s relationship with this woman, but that’s not the point I’m making. It’s just that even Jesus would be condemned as having terrible judgment if the media decided to pile on him, and his enemies came out and started hurling accusations.

    I’m not criticizing what you’re saying, neo – just enlarging upon it. For all we know, there could be a very human – in the good sense – dimension to this that we’ll never know about. That’s kind of tragic, if it’s true.

    Either way, the process sucks.

  3. neo-neocon Says:

    Excellent points, kolnai.

  4. Scott Says:

    Ginger White effectively admitted she’s a prostitute. But in the next breath she pats herself on the back for being a good mother and a good person.

    I think she’s got mental issues.

  5. Artfldgr Says:

    Just goes to show that since feminism, its not worth being near any of them… period. there are now tons of egregious examples where the ONLY real course of action that would have mitigated it was a constant presence of a witness as in the old days… ie. cant be alone with them. its actually more damaging to the male, than the woman…

    also, hiring them is a bad deal… they may claim equality, but with 60% of harrasment cases unfounded by the eeoc, and over 40% of rape cases found untrue, false allegations like tawana brawley, and even double standards in the burden of self defense.

    just stay away from toxic American women
    with feminism being the largest sigh, as almost all of these claimants claimed some higher purpose for the cause as reasons why they acted decades later..

    best thing to do is just avoid them…

    who wants an avowed enemy around anyway?

  6. DirtyJobsGuy Says:

    In the past, the modest level of shame in Western Societies (compared to asian or islamic) would have kept a Ginger White from talking to anyone about this unless a great injustice had occurred. Today since there is no disapproval by the media or much of society about telling stories, she has nothing to lose and perhaps a book contract to gain.

    I still think someone is dragging $100 bills through lots of trailer parks to attack Herman Cain

  7. Artfldgr Says:

    I don’t see how people can read passages like the following and trust White’s story.

    “Feminism is built on believing women’s accounts of sexual use and abuse by men.” — Catharine MacKinnon, Feminism Unmodified, 1987

    and we do
    its not politically correct to do otherwise
    and so we follow a WOMANS SENSE OF FAIRNESS… unequal treatment for equal outcomes…

    either you believe women 100 percent even when they lie, or trhe feminist hell hounds will jump on you for ruinging all helpless women who now must trundle through more oppression because we chose not to believe a victim automatically

    they are the same group that did the same in other legal and public areas…

    but of course, we are not allowed to point to them as the blame despite this is their kitten, its her cause, they claim its bad to not to believe outright, want guilt before innocence, and even the right to manslaughter (which they just kind of got in england).

    they even brought back debtors prisons for men… unequal treatment before the law, and more..

    and now have huge pluses in school loans, grants, and legal proceedings… including pro bono and being funded by others

    “If anyone is prosecuted for filing a false report, then victims of real attacks will be less likely to report them.” — David Angier (Massachusetts District Attorney)

    “We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans…” — Bill Clinton

    “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.” — Hillary Clinton

    [and whats best is that males have what done to them in the name of such ideological things?]

    “Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometime gain from the experience,” — Catherine Comins, Vassar College Assistant Dean of Student Life in Time.

    and this one really wants men to have equal rights, yes?

    “If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males.” — Mary Daly, former Professor at Boston College, 2001

    “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller Gearhart, The Future – If There Is One – Is Female

    “For one of the implicit, if unadmitted, tenets of feminism has been a fundamental disrespect for men.” — Wendy Dennis

    “Man-hating is everywhere, but everywhere it is twisted and transformed, disguised, tranquilized, and qualified. It coexists, never peacefully, with the love, desire, respect, and need women also feel for men. Always man-hating is shadowed by its milder, more diplomatic and doubtful twin, ambivalence.” — Judith Levine; Authoress

    “Differences [between men and women], including the products of social inequality, make unequal treatment not unequal at all.” — Catharine MacKinnon, “Reflection on Sex Equality Under Law,” Yale Law Journal, 1991</b

    and thats all this is…
    unequal treatment a la feminism
    they are untouchable, and we follow the crazy woman doctrine, rather than the average person one..


    and remember, this falls also under

    “I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” — Robin Morgan

    so just dont bother with women if your male

    the odds of a good turnout are much less than 50%

    of course the decent women will suffer this
    but hey! they are not fighting the end of such beneficence and favoritism… are they?

    “I haven’t the faintest notion what possible revolutionary role white hetero- sexual men could fulfill, since they are the very embodiment of reactionary- vested-interest-power. But then, I have great difficulty examining what men in general could possibly do about all this. In addition to doing the shitwork that women have been doing for generations, possibly not exist? No, I really don’t mean that. Yes, I really do.” — Robin Morgan

  8. Libby Says:

    When exactly did mistresses get sainted “victim” status in the MSM? I just don’t get the recent trend of making celebrities out of the mistresses of people like Tiger Woods, complete with Gloria Alred press conferences where the women behave as if they’re the wrong party. There really is no shame anymore, is there?

  9. Occam's Beard Says:

    For White, getting men to supplement her income that way “started becoming a game,” she said. “It was easy for me to get help like that. It makes you a bit cold. You have to be just as clever as they are, just as cold as they are, just as calculating as they are—and sometimes beat them at their own game. But I don’t want to be depicted as a woman who sleeps with men for money. I am not that woman.

    Yeah you are. You’re a whore. Face it. Putting a cherry on top of a turd doesn’t make it into a sundae.

  10. Artfldgr Says:

    Suffice to say that the portrait White’s own words paints of her is so untrustworthy, so sordid, so deeply despicable that whether or not Cain had an affair with her, he showed terrible judgment in merely being friends with her.

    Your older so you don’t get it
    your the old generation with morals
    this is the new victim generation
    and he is an oppressor, and so is always bad
    and she is a permanent victim of men, so everything she does, is nurture, not nature.

    you want to think she has bad nature
    but no, no one has nature, under this doctrine what we do is the oppressors fault, so no matter how bad she reveals herself,
    (and since Cain is male, you cant defend the oppressor)


    which is why only women can do anything about it… and they wont, since women are temptable… (see the bible)… tempted by utopia, they have done what to their families? destroyed them a la feminists goals.

    so… once she claims to be the victim by dialectical reasoning that all men are oppressors, and that all women are victims, then she can say what she wants.

    this is not the 50s, this is the 2000s, and the future is women, and women can do no wrong, and so on and so forth…

    so how can you not understand that?

    to talk about her past and her being a prostitute and a gold digger is to blame the victim of oppression…

    to follow merit is to knock women off their more than equal place…

    what are you, a nazi? didn’t have enough sex? hate women? etc etc etc.. is what they would say

    so Cain was alone without the other side of the coin of women fighting for him, and since there is no other side (except in the heads of decent women who dont do anything),

    they get to choose who we can vote for

  11. Artfldgr Says:

    When exactly did mistresses get sainted “victim” status in the MSM?

    There really is no shame anymore, is there?

    no… shame is somethig men invented to keep women down and keep their sex held under lock and key…


    keep digging guys and you will find that each point you dont understand is covered in depth in a feminist womens studies course (Which are often now required)

    shame is oppressive
    which is now why your daughtgers need hpv injections, can pull a train by 20, and have lots of hookups… with a majority barren

    its feminist utopia… duh

  12. Beej Says:

    Somehow no one’s ever managed to find out how many of them were from Cain, and no one ever seems to care.

    Our local paper (here in Atlanta) said 17 of these messages were from Cain and most of those were responses to her messages.

    I’ll have to see if I can find that article again.

  13. Beej Says:

    A review of the records by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows Cain sent 17 text messages to White, almost always responding to messages from her.

  14. Sergey Says:

    “troubled soul?” Not only a whore, but a cold, amoral, calculating bitch. When I hear stories like this, I became so angry that began to dispise all women as subhuman species. As if such behavior comes to them as a natural instinct, an integral part of their gender identity. Then I remind myself that this is like inverted feminism, just as ugly as its original.

  15. neo-neocon Says:

    Beej: yet no one else in the MSM appears to have repeated that fact or highlighted it, have they? It would seem relevant to the entire story—and yet it’s not, because it fails to advance the preferred narrative. So it’s buried in the local paper, and everyone else in the MSM just keeps repeating the idea that Cain sent a lot of messages to White at all hours of day and night.

  16. Beej Says:

    Oh, I’m completely on board with your point about the mainstream media and have been for a long time. My comment wasn’t meant as a defense of them. I was surprised to see the honesty in that article.

    I guess I was meaning to defend Herman Cain since the folks around him are doing such a poor job of it.

  17. neo-neocon Says:

    Beej: I understood what you were getting at. I had noticed that article a few days ago, but had forgotten it. Thanks for reminding me.

  18. Occam's Beard Says:

    For White, getting men to supplement her income that way “started becoming a game,” she said.

    The Brit expression for prostitution is “on the game,” so White’s comment is unwittingly honest in the Brit context.

  19. expat Says:

    Makes me wonder whether she isn’t also a stalker or blackmailer. She sure isn’t a great mother if she would put her kids through this. Calling her pond scum would be an insult to algae.

  20. Foxfier Says:

    Somehow no one’s ever managed to find out how many of them were from Cain, and no one ever seems to care.

    Beej stole my point– I found a local affiliate Fox report that mentioned only one call, six minutes long, back in January, and that “in one month’s time, White sent 57 messages and Cain sent 17, mostly in direct response to her messages.” The oddly early and fairly late ones were both initiated by White.

  21. SteveH Says:

    There’s like 12 men in the whole country who could run for President if their complete cell phone history was known. And all 12 would most assuredly suck as a President.

  22. Occam's Beard Says:

    All we’ve got to do is find someone who’s never had an overdue library book, torn the tag off a mattress, or generally done anything stupid, or questionable, or otherwise whiffy, in his whole life. That, or is a Democrat, in which case we only need someone who has killed fewer than five people with a chainsaw, or if he’s killed more, has truly repented. Then it’s all good.

  23. thomass Says:

    “But I guess it still surprises me that White would say this freely about herself and not realize how terrible she sounds”

    She has to for her payday part of this process. I think a book is the next step….

  24. blert Says:


    You missed it: Axlerod IS her new sugar daddy.

    He’s pimping her to the press…

    Straight up.


    Mr. Cain sounds like a dye-in-the-wool white knight.

    Reflecting on his own up-from-poverty experiences — he projects hope onto such creatures.

    If only for his own family he needs to skewer these gold diggers.

    That Mr. Cain is so horny that he’s chasing such ugly skirts is a long stretch.

    In all my days alpha males never hooked up with runts of the liter.

    As a Christian multi-millionaire Cain could kick quite a few bucks to these gals — the same way you’d throw down for the March of Dimes.

    The contrast with Spitzer (D) is stark. That’s pay for play.

    Do note the contrast in MSM treatment.

  25. thomass Says:

    blert Says:

    December 5th, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    You missed it: Axlerod IS her new sugar daddy.

    He’s pimping her to the press…”

    No; I caught that. But the way to pay her for her services wll probably be a book deal. The book deal will be a sham but will put a million or so in her hands.

  26. Baklava Says:

    kolnai, quite the story.

    Exhausting thinking about it.

  27. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Great comments.

    Like kolnai, I have examined my past and found I would not want it exposed to examination by the MSM. I have known a couple of women like Ginger White in my day. Not that I ever provided any bucks. Just was aware of the trolling for suport money.

    Back in the Philippines circa the 60s, young women who lived near the base would entice young sailors to marry them with the promise that they would join them when the sailor got back stateside. But they didn’t. Some of them had married as many a five different sailors under different names and were drawing spousal allotments until such time as the sailor finally caught onto the game and got a divorce – often a time consuming and difficult process. Buyer beware!!

    I think many men like to think of themselves as upstanding, protective, and charitable. They are an easy mark for women who know how to cater to their protective and charitable instincts. Ginger White seems to have mastered the technique. Cain was just one of her victims. A real shame for Cain and his family.

  28. Janet Says:

    So if she is not ‘that woman’ who takes money for sex – after she has taken money for sex – who is she?

  29. Ginger White: Sleeping up the News Chain | BitsBlog Says:

    […] put the shoe on the other foot,  Neo-Neocon asks: But this Daily Beast interview with Ginger White seduced me (as it were) into reading more, […]

  30. expat Says:

    About that possible book deal: Do you think our embassies might need a little new reading material to distribute to the locals? White’s tales would certainly boost our image abroad.

  31. Yackums Says:

    She sounds like she’s trying to compare herself to Forrest Gump’s mama to justify her behavior.

  32. SDN Says:

    Ultimately, the only answer to blackmail is to reply “publish and be damned!” Which is what Cain should have done.

  33. Artfldgr Says:

    Here in the Tar Heel state, this year’s budget cut in higher education is nearly 16%. But there was still enough money in the pot to create a new Janet Mason Ellerby Women and Gender Studies Scholarly Award. The award was created to recognize Ellerby’s “significant contributions to feminist scholarship and activism.”

  34. Artfldgr Says:

    Have you have ever wondered why I refer to “feminist scholarship” as an oxymoron on a par with “jumbo shrimp?” Just read Intimate Reading, the personal memoir of Janet Mason Ellerby. It will help you better understand her desire to post pictures of naked children in public libraries. In a soft pornographic romance novel sort of way, Ellerby gives a graphic account of losing her virginity at age 16. She talks in great detail about the experience – including her effort to clean the blood off the couch where she had that first sexual experience. From there, she proceeds to write about blood running from her vagina in the shower afterwards. And, regrettably, the graphic account is required reading for many students in Women’s Studies classes.

    The Ellerby sex scene might not be true scholarship. But it does have some symbolic value. Whenever feminist scholarship is taken seriously, we all lose a measure of our innocence. And someone is stuck cleaning up a big mess in the aftermath.

  35. Artfldgr Says:

    America’s Bureaucracy of Truth
    By Marvin Folkertsma

    what the Soviets and their Eastern European satellite brethren did during the Cold War days simply was not news reporting, because their media had no concept of the news, no sense of what constituted breaking events worth an impartial and judicious treatment in those collections of pages the rest of us call newspapers. This also meant, paradoxically, that those myriad manipulators of public symbols in the Soviet bloc could not be accused of bias, either. They had internalized regime rules about what to say and what not to say. Thus, if you’re not doing the news, no one can accuse you of bias, because that charge presupposes an understanding of impartial criteria for journalism, without which the accusation of news bias simply has no meaning.

    Internalilzing the regime rules is called being politically correct…

    You all have been arguing it cant happen here when it had already happened 40 years ago, and here and now is about merging states and global control (the final step to international communism, no?)

    under feminism, we became politically correct.
    ie, we stopped thinking freely, stopped using merit, stopped questioning..

    all too afraid to speak their mind
    many losing jobs for such despite their speech being protected… (As in some police officers this morning over a parade and their personal comments)

    as the feminists say

    the personal is now political
    and the state has provided a politically correct narrative.

    ergo, i am not allowed to earn a raise, use my experience, etc… i am an oppressor class, and so others get affirmative pluses following the politically correct mandates

    in germany in 1940s, what was politcally correct that the people could not think their own way to oppose?

    population control (as our elite is always commenting about)? eugenics with abortion? population modification through redistrubution from the disfavbored to the others? the obtaining of familial wealth that mothers provided ot their children to fund state goals?
    eugenics/euthanasia by rationing medical care to the old, infirm, etc…

    the only reason to do all that is beacause they presume ownership of you.. and so can dispose of their property any way they want. change its mind, restructure its life, forbid it to think in ways it doesnt want…

    i can see those in the know just roflao!!!!!
    thinking.. how stupid can they be? they deserve whats happening to them for being so dumb…

    but that fine… go obama, go feminism and his 24 new offices for women, and the new womens channel

    funny how the women took up the task of working and taking all the jobs at the moment we will no longer have much of our own salaries.

    they had fought and succeeded in becoming state slaves.. where the state takes their kids, teaches them things they have no choice in. and more…

    The “room of their own with a view was a prison cell”…

  36. Artfldgr Says:

    the prevalence of black men in the NBA doesn’t mean that the NBA is racist, it means that reality is racist. Yes, Barack Obama and congressional Democrats really do practice the same kind of ethnic politics that resulted in the Rwandan genocide and the Sri Lankan civil war, even if they do not practice them to the same extent. Yes, affirmative action is naked racism. No, rent-control laws don’t control rent. No, gun-control laws don’t control guns. No, standardized exams are not culturally biased—but, yes, life is culturally biased.

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