December 6th, 2011

Big, big

BIG black holes.

18 Responses to “Big, big…”

  1. Finally, almost as big as our national debt « A Seat By The Fire Says:

    […] of neo-neocon. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  2. Jack Says:

    …and one of the smaller ones…

  3. physicsguy Says:

    Interesting, but not too surprising as it has long been assumed that super massive black holes are at the heart of most galaxies. However, ellipticals are generally a bit smaller than average, so finding a big BH there is, like I said interesting.

    More fun, on the astrophysical front, is Kepler-22b with a mass 2.5 earth’s and supposedly lying within the “eco-band” around its star which would allow it to have temperatures amenable to liquid water. Maybe we should turn some radio telescopes in that direction to see if we can catch the reruns of the alien version of Leave it to Beaver. 🙂

  4. Don Janousek Says:

    I was going to say that I thought this post was about Michelle Obama, but that would be wrong.

    “I’m stupid, stupid, stupid.” (Hits self in forehead)

    Sorry, but my impulse control is on the blink. Gotta go renew my ‘scrip.

  5. Perfected democrat Says:

    “There is still time brother”

    Waltzing Matilda…

  6. Perfected democrat Says:

    Yellow Submarine?

  7. Perfected democrat Says:

    Man caused Global warming is no doubt to fault; it’s all more subtle than anyone to the right of center can possibly be trusted with responsibility?

  8. JFM Says:

    Now I know where the stimulus money has gone.

  9. RickZ Says:

    Don Janousek,

    I went for Barry, and this is what I wrote before reading your post:

    After reading the title of this thread, I thought, ‘Another column on Owebama’?

  10. John Says:

    The largest known black hole is Washington D.C.

  11. Brad Says:

    Going to write about this, Neo?
    Or does this somehow suit you?

    Everyone on either side of the Isle who votes for this obomination is a traitor.

  12. Brad Says:

    I should state “abomination” before anyone thinks I’m taking a shot at Obama. Of course I don’t really believe he’s going to veto this anyway.

    This is jumping the shark to just about everyone I know , even lifelong Republicans who hate Obama. Yet, strangely this blog has been very silent about these things.

  13. Sergey Says:

    Civil courts are not really sutable for trial of enemy agents because most of evidence is expected to come from intelligence sources infiltrating jihadi groups. Intelligence agencies can not afford outing their informers. There is nothing unusial in suspension of habeas corpus in time of war. This was done many times in American history, and somehow rule of law survived this.

  14. NJartist49 Says:

    Burning Question: will environmentalists and climate change “scientists” claim this is man made or is a reason to impose tougher eco-laws?

  15. Brad Says:

    When you can
    A. Specify the exact conditions for ending the “war”, and make sure they are conditions that are humanly achievable (ending all terrorism forever everywhere is not in that category) then I might take your riposte seriously.

  16. Sergey Says:

    Conflict of barbarians and civilization is eternal, it can not end until Kingdom comes. But the players change, since dominant empires go in succession. Their enemies are also change, being in succession wiped out by civilization. So there are periods of relative peace, when dominance of leading empire is absolute and stay unchallenged. The most prominent of these was Pax Romana after annihilation of Carthage, Victorian Age of absolute dominance of British empire, in New World – after wiping out of Cheroki after Indian wars. Now Islam fights for its existence on its last legs. After it eventually collapses, for some time there will be peace. But Iran must be nuked first, and its proxies – Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah – totally destroyed. This will require military occupation of Syria and Lebanon. Then Muslims should be evicted from Europe almost completely, so there would be no pool of potential recruits for Jihad.

  17. Sergey Says:

    Terrorism can be wiped out almoust everywhere, but it would require recolonization of the troubled parts of Africa and Asia by combined efforts of USA, EU and Russian Empire, with corresponding treaties about division of spheres of responsibility. This seems impossible now, since all the leading players with colonial ambitions are in poor shape and enfeebled by politcorrectness and pacifism. But this is a temporary condition which can not last long. EU is collapsing, nationalist parties in Europe improove their standing with every election, Germany is rediscovering its role as a dominant force across the Europe. Liberalism is on decline everywhere. Things move really fast now, and reversion to “wild type” known in genetics applies also to cultural DNA.

  18. Sergey Says:

    If you look at the world political map 30 years from now, you will probably find there exactly these 3 superstates that were described in “1984” by Orwell: Oceania, Eurasia and East Asia, but not in shifting alliances and wars, but in firmly established cooperation against remaining troubled spots of barbaric intrasingence.

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