December 23rd, 2011

Egypt’s Christians not having a Merry Christmas

John Hinderaker has an update.

Hinderaker writes that the story of the post-revolution mistreatment of Christians in Egypt has been “mysteriously underreported.” I’m not sure what’s so mysterious about it: most of the MSM has a very short attention span, and they are also very strongly invested in their previous story of how wonderful the Egyptian rebels are and what a great society they will create. The persecution of Christians that’s been unleashed contaminates the narrative. What’s more, many of the mainstream Christian churches in this country and Western Europe have become strongly liberal or even far left, and criticizing the behavior of people in third world countries would be a violation of some of the PC Commandments.

If you can’t recall those all-important rules, please refresh your memory here.

15 Responses to “Egypt’s Christians not having a Merry Christmas”

  1. Parker Says:

    “… and they are also very strongly invested in their previous story of how wonderful the Egyptian rebels are and what a great society they will create.”

    I thoroughly agree. Its the same as their commitment to Obama; they are willfully blind, deaf, and dumb.

  2. n.n Says:

    I generally resent the inherent ambiguity of acronyms; but, in this case, I will make an exception and enjoy the game.

    PC = Progressive Corruption

  3. Curtis Says:

    Would that Islam would become “that Colossal Wreck, boundless and bare.”

  4. Artfldgr Says:

    Everything presumed to be on top is to be forced to destroy itself against other things until all that remains is the state
    everything for the state from the state and to the state

    repeating the logical fallacies of invested in the story or other such bull puckies is pretending that what it is doesn’t exist

    ie you are helping the destruction not helping Abrgate it by not seeing what’s in front of you

    the papers would rather go under to rpeat the diktat from the CRT than make gobs of it reporting. No investment was ever made in a story line other than to speak the big lie and maintain it never admitting that it’s a lie

    if men dominated then use their partners like fighting fish and stand aside while the population collapses (see Spengler)
    if whites dominate then use races to crush them and stand aside as they destroy each other
    if religion is a power then slam them together and let them destroy each other while the state gets stronger and is the only “refuge”

    this game is not in the bounds of the normal framework and relies on the fact that when things like this happen we refuse to give up on the rituals of normalcy that we think will get us through

    like a mother on the outskirts of Nagasaki after the bomb and in ignorance of her own wounds making breakfast for a family that doesn’t exist

    in the years of armchair watching what ideas and understanding did we find other than to attempt to hold the old frame and move on to the next thing

    does examining the shoelaces of the quarterback get u to understand the game?

    The reason it’s not being reported is the same reason the soviet games are not reported.

    No one wants to wake up the sleeping dragon
    last time it stopped world communism and rescued the jews
    this time they want to cut it’s throat while it sleeps

    Christianity is under attack as muslim is so corrupt that they can control that and have servitude.

    It’s why hitler gathered up the oldest korans and rewrote them as th US rewrote Nostradamus quatrains.

    Tsun tsu said all war is deception

    so why are you preyending there isn’t any?

    Protests in th UK and US and other places are the same. Coordinated. But that would be conspiracy. 160,000 communists working under vaclav Havel without opposition and it’s ignored as if that many in key places have no effect

    populations are collapsing and so we will have what Germany had at the end defending us, old men and ignorant boys.

    I guess, as Eli weitzel acted, that until you close the door on the truck exterminating your wife, that the reasonable thing to do is make up excuses why what you see is not what you see

    and the easiest way to do that is to isolate events as if we don’t live on the same planet

    Shoa II is almost complete with populations in unrecoverable decline, Christian churches in those progressive socialist places being retasked, the rule of law broken as we pretend it’s whole, the US state under terrorism distributing war weapons to local police in places like Nebraska.

    Why do they need that in Montana? Terrorism? Or preparation for fundamental change? Which is the lie to tell idiots so they sleep and which is the real deal?

    Do you really think that the soviets military is really weak and run down or is it they let their old equipment rot while building new and hiding the buildup? What about yamentau and nuclear preparation while we disarm?

    In isolation a pawn is nothing
    in position a pawn becomes anything

    put the pieces together

  5. kcom Says:

    I can’t seem to find it now but at one time I remember reading a list of groups and their relative ranking on the political correctness scale (or maybe it was a victimhood scale) – i.e. in any conflict between, say, a black person and a woman, the woman gets the sympathy (or vice versa, I don’t remember the exact rankings.) And if it’s between a gay person and a woman, the woman is dismissed and the sympathy goes to the gay person. Etc., etc. It was meant as humor but it was still making a point. I think you’re basically making the same point. The Egyptian Christians just don’t rank high enough to care about. They’re trumped by someone else with more victim points (in the press’s mind, at least, whether it comports with reality or not) and so they are ignored as being inconvenient.

  6. Artfldgr Says:

    To give up on soviet pc is to also give up on feminist control. Ready yet to stop loving your cancer?

    It was they that skinnerian trained you to make a self doubting prison of the mind where your afraid to think or even entertain what they don’t want, like abortion still is eugenics, that they are Stalinist and self admitedly so, that they with Hegelian dialectics are smashing all opposition, etc.

    We are on the verge of not being able to defend ourselves
    can’t borrow to pay for raw materials
    a 90% ability to enlist is down to 25%
    dysfuntional people can’t even organize without some master telling them to or telling them what to do
    a conscrptable enemy wit 30,000,000 people due to eugenics meeting less than 2,000,000 due to eugenics doesn’t even register
    factories closed so long the support structures to have them are gone
    no community or families which was our strength

    and so much more that is pretended not to be there!!!

  7. Artfldgr Says:

    They are not deaf dumb and blind they are knowing and complicit and joined the other side. DDB imlies they are with u and fIling not with them and winning


  8. Artfldgr Says:

    iPod changes cfr to other things like CRT

  9. Artfldgr Says:

    Chinese president Hu Jintao had a powerful message for officials from the People’s Liberation Army Navy. “Prepare for war,” Hu said, using a Mandarin term — junshi douzheng — that means “conflict in general.” Amplified and misrepresented by the foreign media, Hu’s words echoed across Asia and the Pacific Ocean, alarming observers in Japan, India and other nations and eliciting a cool Response

  10. Parker Says:

    “They are not deaf dumb and blind they are knowing and complicit and joined the other side. ”

    Yes, they are knowing and most certainly complicit, but they are, in terms of what they are willing to investigate/report, WILLFULLY DDB.

    The left is not completely stupid or even ignorant, they are instead co-conspirators.

  11. Artfldgr Says:

    Russia successfully tested on Friday its two new Bulava intercontinental missiles, which experienced several failures in the past.

  12. Artfldgr Says:

    Inviting Espionage: The administration is considering reviving a ’90s-era nuclear scientist exchange program with China. Does no one in the White House remember how much damage the previous arrangement caused? Of the many regrettable initiatives dreamed up by the Clinton administration, few were as perverse as the nuclear scientist exchange program. The arrangement turned out to be a gift to the Chinese, who were able to steal U.S. nuclear secrets virtually in plain sight. Either unable or unwilling to learn from the past, the Obama administration wants to bring the program back

  13. turfmann Says:

    This is EXACTLY why those so-very-pious “Coexist” bumper stickers are fundamentally wrong in their premise.

    As can be clearly seen in Egypt, Iraq and many other Muslim majority countries, they are killing Christians specifically because of their faith.

    There is no “co” in the “coexist”. What you are left with is the “exist”.

    That leaves us with the existential question: is it going to be you or me?

    To the Muslim: I have no intention of dying at your hand to advance your notion of submission to your god, thank you very much.

    To the Politically Correct: You best get out your scraper and take the “Coexist” and “Obama 2012” stickers off of your bumper if you intend upon your children living in a nation that bears any resemblance to the one you were born in. You’ve done enough damage already.

  14. Richard Aubrey Says:

    If you want a Confusion of Victim Groups, look at the silence over the Duke/Frank Lombard case. Too many conflicting narratives.
    Problem with being tolerant is that anybody can tolerate the tolerable. To get big toleration points, you have to tolerate the intolerable. As a result, those who have accumulated numerous toleration points have overlooked large numbers of victims.
    If forced to think about it, the most common rationalization is that the vics had it coming. If the fate of Christians in the ME becomes unignorable, I expect we’ll hear they’ve been oppressing their neighbors or been lending them money at usurious rates.
    When the Vietnamese boat people were getting ink, the excuse was that they were the oppressors, and escaping the just justice of the outrised, upraged peasantry.

  15. ziontruth Says:

    “…most of the MSM has a very short attention span, and they are also very strongly invested in their previous story of how wonderful the Egyptian rebels are and what a great society they will create.”

    Sorry, but no, I disagree with this interpretation, being as it still attributes good intentions to the Marxist owned and operated MSM. Where Marxists and Muslims are concerned, I assume malicious intent by default: They’re spiking the story on purpose, because it doesn’t mesh with their agenda of supporting their greatest post-U.S.S.R. source of international agitation (the Islamic imperialists), and because they want the Middle East cleansed of Christians and J… I mean Zionists as part of that same anti-Western, anti-Biblical, anti-capitalist agenda.


    The green, crescent-shaped C in COEXIST is a Pac-Man creature with extra-sharp teeth and the voraciousness of Audrey-2 (the talking plant from Little Shop of Horrors).

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