December 31st, 2011

Sent by central casting

Who are these people?

The chorus line at Chippendale’s?

The lineup for the baseball All Stars game?

The cast of “The Book of Mormon” on Broadway? (Hint: now we’re getting a bit closer.)

Or is it—yes—four of Mitt Romney’s five grown and surpassingly telegenic sons:

Here are all five, with parents:

For me this post is about beefcake, pure and simple. But of course politics rears its ugly head. I found, while looking for suitable photos around the web, that not only was the focus on son Matt’s joke about Obama’s birth certificate, but most of the photos of the sons were featured in posts on leftist blogs that were snarkily critical of the fact that none of the sons had served in the military. It’s a charge that would never, never, ever be leveled against a Democratic candidate by fellow-Democrats, but it’s just a foretaste of the plan of attack if Romney is nominated.

Whoever wins the nomination, this is going to be a knock-down drag out battle. That’s one of the reasons, I think, for a lot of people’s preference for Newt over Mitt (two odd names, by the way). Or we could use the old tried and true criterion of who’s taller: it’s Mitt, who seems to beat Obama by an inch in that department.

14 Responses to “Sent by central casting”

  1. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Granted, Mitt is playing it safe — no Birther jokes for him (and probably no shoot-from-the-hip comments such as Newt Gingrich has been making).

    I have to say, though, that the Left has done a fabulous job of making it obscenely taboo to even raise the issue. I’m not satisfied by President Obama’s released document, nor by his extraordinary efforts at obfuscation before finally releasing it… and the man is not known for being open with his past, nor for telling the truth.

    I disagree with Mitt Romney’s assessment that Obama will be “a footnote in history”, as he recently said. I imagine Obama laughing himself to sleep when he thinks of all the things the American people have let him get away with — the credit-card fraud in 2008, the multiple social security numbers, the outright lies about his birth and childhood (the ones we know about, anyway)… and that, when the truth comes out eventually, history wonder, loudly, how such a snake-oil salesman ever got as far as he did.

  2. foxmarks Says:

    Daniel: Yup, Barry offers the most opaque transparency on all levels.

    Since neo seasoned the beefcake with politics, does anyone fear Mitt’s petulance will be a problem in debates or interviews? Barry is the master of cool, while certainly knowing how to push personality buttons. Has Romney been put through the same meatgrinder as all the successive non-Romney poll-leaders? Is he actually tough enough?

  3. Parker Says:

    Personally, I will vote for the eventual GOP nominee no matter who that may be. Heck, I’d vote for a filthy, drunken, demented panhandler if it gets BHO out of the Oval Office.

  4. geran Says:

    Sorry, Parker, I’m not running this time….

    Beefcake? I thought the topic was “blue shirts”.

    Maybe Matt (the one who made the birth cert. comment) should be running?

    Vote for Matt!

  5. SteveH Says:

    “” does anyone fear Mitt’s petulance will be a problem in debates or interviews?””

    I must be seeing a different man. Mitt is a master at disarming with humor and so damn comfortable in his skin he makes Tom Hanks look like nervous tension.

  6. foxmarks Says:

    SteveH: You missed his spasm when Perry nagged about the gardeners? (That’s far from the only instance)

  7. michaele Says:

    I think it’s mostly the MSM spinning of stuff that would lead anyone to be concerned that Mitt is petulant or short tempered. The liberal media will try to make things true by repeating it over and over. Mitt will be demonized and mocked for imaginary character flaws regardless of the reality.

  8. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    All I can say is that that is one attractive family. How blessed they are to have all those dashing, handsome young men as sons. There must be one black sheep in the group, but nothing has been reported other than the birth certificate remark. Remember how the fun-loving Jenna Bush was highlighted by the press?

    It’ll keep the journos busy keeping track of all five looking for something to smear them with. I’m sure they’ll find that one of the boys drank some coffee or was seen standing near someone who had a beer in his/her hand. Oh, such wild and crazy young men!

    They didn’t serve in the military? The military is an all volunteer organization. Only about 5% of the population will ever serve unless we need to reinstitute the draft. There is no shame in choosing to do whatever your interests and talents allow. Some choose military service and some don’t. I’m a vet, even a Navy retiree (21 years), but if the draft hadn’t been in effect when I was a young man, I doubt I would have chosen to serve in the military. It is a patent smear and attempt to depict the sons as elitists in the dems class warfare strategy.

  9. vanderleun Says:

    Niggle, niggle, niggle…. that’s the method when it comes to commenting on Romney. At this rate die hard conservatives are going to niggle their way right into a second term for Obama.

  10. expat Says:

    The family seems to have the sense of humor that appeals to me. It’s a shame Matt has to watch what he says.

  11. Doom Says:

    Definitely can’t vote for Romney now. His kids would become a dynasty. Ugh! But enjoy your beefcakery. I certainly enjoy my cheesecakery.

  12. texexec Says:

    That family definitely has the rugged, good looks gene. Mitt’s dad had the same sorta square jawed look.

    Check him out at

  13. SteveH Says:

    “”The liberal media will try to make things true by repeating it over and over.””

    Exactly. And the people certain such psyops doesn’t affect them are some of the most hoodwinked by it. Hell half of conservatives were convinced GWB and his 4% unemployment was a terrible President because of it.

  14. Maggie's Farm Says:

    Tuesday morning links…

    Neo-neo thinks the Romney boys are hunks "Progress." What is it? The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You’ll Ever See An atheist with some tough and strange messages to atheists Ahead of Iowa Obama campaign readies to fight…

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