January 31st, 2012

Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos

This comment by “rickl” made me think of the following Simpsons episode. You may especially enjoy it if you’ve got a yen (and really, who doesn’t?) to revisit the 1996 presidential campaign:

4 Responses to “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos”

  1. rickl Says:

    One of the best parodies of the “two party system” ever made.

    “Well, I’ll vote for a third party.”

    “Go ahead, throw your vote away! HAHAHAHAHA!”

    Did I say parody? I meant documentary.

  2. Curtis Says:

    TV comedy series. What don’t they know?

  3. rickl Says:

    The good news is that I’ve finally found a candidate I can support:

    SMOD 2012

  4. Curtis Says:

    There’s good reason for many to believe that their vote doesn’t mean anything.

    Remember the debt ceiling debate last summer?

    Tea Party representatives were told to “compromise” and get with the party line. Many tea party fiscal conservatives smelled a rat. They turned out to be right. The deal passed last summer allowed Obama last week to increase the national debt by 1.2 trillion without the approval of Congress. That’s right! Congress, the most important branch of government, handed over it’s duty to pass a budget to Obama.

    Ummm. MMMM. mmmmmmmm. Obama, he’s gonna pay my mortgage. He’s gonna give me free health care. He’ll create jobs.

    The reality for the hand-out-for-a-vote group (dependence and depression) is less than sterling. The reality for wage earning Americans (zero job growth and wage stagnation): less than sterling. The reality for income-from-capital Americans (no safe investments): less than sterling. The reality for senior Americans (inflation): less than sterling. The reality for young Americans (debt): less than sterling.


    The picture of the space craft lodged in the white house is probably the most appropriate of the many appropriate messages in the Simpson episode.

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