February 5th, 2012

Obligatory Super Bowl thread

It’s that time again.

I may even watch a bit of it this year—and not just the ads—because the New England Pats are involved.

But no taco chips for me. How about you?

33 Responses to “Obligatory Super Bowl thread”

  1. Curtis Says:

    America is strange and startling and scary. Football is that.

    Big men. Read their stories. Isn’t pretty. Millions made and lost and even if not lost, health was lost.

    But it doesn’t matter if you are six foot eight or four foot eight. America admires courage, spirit, fight, freedom. . . not power, not influence, not money.

    Give me the chance is all, give it me, ’cause I want to try.

  2. SteveH Says:

    Hot wings and beer! That i’ll probably regret tomorrow.

  3. Roman Says:

    Chili, with sour cream, then some beer and pretzels.

  4. neo-neocon Says:

    Ouch! An embarrassing beginning for the Pats. I can hear the shrieks of anguish all over the neighborhood.

  5. PA Cat Says:

    I’m waiting for Spring Training, Opening Day, and the Boys of Summer. Could care less about that other sport.

  6. rickl Says:

    Pretty good first half. I don’t care about either team, though.

    I haven’t seen any really memorable commercials. The “naked M&M” one wasn’t bad.

    I came upstairs here to get caught up on the internet while the halftime show is going on. I have no desire to watch it.

  7. Sgt. Mom Says:

    There’s a big football game on this afternoon?
    Oh. I guess there is.
    For me, it’s more fun watching the foster dog (a young and friendly German Shepherd/hound mix) try to convince Perone of the cats to play with him. The cat is kind of a wuss, but very good about being pinned down and having his ears washed … by the dog.
    We’re looking for a good home for the foster dog, by the way. This is much more important than a football game.

  8. Baklava Says:

    The scores need to end in a 9 and 4 at end of any quarter or 2 minute warning for me to win the pool.

    Could happen !

    12 and 17 now could turn into 19 to 24 easy !

  9. Baklava Says:

    Neo, I like Ann Romney. What do you think of Ann and/or Callista?

  10. Baklava Says:

    oooh that fumble was scary…

  11. neo-neocon Says:

    rickl: I watched the halftime show. I’m hardly a connoisseur of these things (nor of Madonna, whose charms escape me), but this one seemed exceedingly odd. I kept thinking that the whole thing was designed to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, because all the women were wearing what looked like high-necked leotards on top. The choreography was predictably ugly, and predictably boring, and then it sort of turned into something like a church choir, and the phrase “world peace” was spelled out.

    Which of course reminded me of the scene in “Groundhog Day” where Rita and Phil drink to world peace.

  12. Baklava Says:


  13. Baklava Says:

    Hopefully the beheaders saw the message “World Peace” and laid down thier swords and attempts to build nuclear weapons

  14. Baklava Says:

    no ! field goal !!!

    now mathematically it is 15 – 17 I need it to be 24 to 19 or 29.

  15. neo-neocon Says:

    Baklava: Ann Romney’s fabulous, a real natural. She’s funny, too (at least she was when I heard her). A class act.

    Callista? Where do I begin? Very off-putting. Seems to be a control freak (the hair, for example) And then of course there’s the Other Woman history, which to the best of my recollection lasted 6 years.

  16. Baklava Says:

    Yep. Same impression here.

  17. Baklava Says:

    The most sex in these commercials ever….

    Very suggestively selling products with sex this year.

    Do you know what that means? 🙂 Recession has companies doing what they can…

    You’ll notice that during recessions the waitresses at restaurants get prettier and prettier also..

    Man am I getting old to notice these things. From 2005 – 2007 you couldn’t find a pretty waitress anywhere.

  18. Baklava Says:

    Here goes the Eli Manning show!

  19. Baklava Says:

    57 seconds. My prediction? Tom can’t do it.

  20. Baklava Says:

    Next play is a hail mary

  21. Baklava Says:

    From the 49 yard line

  22. Baklava Says:

    Incomplete. Giants do it again

  23. rickl Says:

    Good game. Like I said, I didn’t have a preference between the two teams.

    A few decent commercials, but nothing really memorable. I liked the “Here, Wego” one.

  24. Mr. Frank Says:

    Little brother ELI has two Super Bowl wins and MVP votes. Peyton has one. Archie’s boys have three.

  25. Don Carlos Says:

    Neo @8:52pm
    The opening of the halftime show reminded me of Nuremberg, Germany in 1937 (except of course the vapid posturings of Madonna). It was fascistic, with the armored legions in lockstep and the big stylized banners. A martial formalism.

    I do not like this visual message. I am possibly alone in this. Are you there, Artfldgr?

  26. Beverly Says:

    Papa Archie Manning had tears in his eyes at the end. Sweet.

    One fellow said, “Seeing the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl is like seeing Obama drive off a cliff in my new red Ferrari.”


    Great game, great game. Sooo much better than some of the lopsided snorefests we’ve had in the past.

  27. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    Neo, the Whatsits were also irresistibly reminded of Andie McDowell by that “world peace” thing (which led us into a side discussion as to what, exactly, made the lovely but, let’s face it, vapid Rita worthy of Phil’s centuries of effort, but I digress).

    Anyway, what do you suppose Madonna was doing with that? The contrast between the empty obligatory platitude and the outright militarism of much of the show – swords, marching bands, literal sabre-rattling, gladiator outfits – underscored the emptiness of the bread-and-circuses spectacle. Anybody think the irony could have been intentional?

  28. Susanamantha Says:

    Madonna’s wily, but I’m not sure she has the intellectual firepower to dream up the “bread and circuses” theme on her own. I agree that the whole militarism was over the top. But then again, everything about Madonna is over the top. She does keep on ticking, though, and kicking.

  29. M of Hollywood Says:

    I quickly (15 seconds) tired of it and turned away, but noticed my Twitter account was all atwitter with folks saying “best ever ever ever ever.” I thought maybe I had been smug, so I found it on line this morning to witness all the way through.
    well …
    I’d prefer Julie London singing “Black Coffee” or Ella singing almost anything or Frank singing almost anything or BBKing and Clapton playing or … list list goes on. Nothing against Madonna, and of course she is in good shape, but antics are not … art. Nice antics, true, but I could see why I was not captured. then to end it with political pablum – well …

  30. M of Hollywood Says:

    the final tush down was very fun.

  31. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    My wife and I are football fans. Even though we had been on the road (flying the back of the clock) for 24 hours with fitful sleep in airliner seats, we managed to stay awake (barely – hit the sack for 12 hours of deep slumber right after the game finished) and watch the game. We’re Denver fans so had no team we were rooting for. We watch for the speed, the execution, the strategy, and the psychology of it all. This game was good and played with a lot of intensity. Congrats to the Giants and kudos to the Pats. They both gave it their all, and except for a few plays it could have been the Pats game. The commercials? Not up to previous years, IMHO. The half time show? A glittering tribute to Lady Gaga. Madonna had her day but it is, sadly, gone. A five on the ten point scale, IMHO.

  32. SteveH Says:

    I have to say i thought the halftime show by Madonna was pretty good. Better than most halftimes i recall.

  33. LJ Says:

    No, Don Carlos, you are not alone in not liking that visual message. I suspect that it reminds you of 1937 German because both drew heavily on acknowledged occultic symbolism (which the Nazi’s were very big into). Not making a statement about intent, or what message – if any – was being sent, just that the visual symbolism in both cases matches. Seems unlikely to have been unintentional, but who can say.

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