March 6th, 2012

Sarah Palin asks President Obama…

an excellent question.

(And if anyone doesn’t know what comment of Maher’s she might be referring to, see this.)

27 Responses to “Sarah Palin asks President Obama…”

  1. holmes Says:

    We didn’t know the answer to that question when he reversed his position on public financing his campaign in 08? Not to mention the campaign against Hillary was completely misogynist.

  2. Libby Says:

    Excellent question!

    Maher recently tweeted that people should back off Rush. Wonder if this can be attributed to Maher being cited as an example of media double-standard on comedic vulgarity, as well as Maher’s patron, HBO, coming under fire for “Game Change”.

  3. Occam's Beard Says:

    Why does Obama take money from Maher?

    Because Soros ordered him to.

  4. Mike Mc. Says:

    Sarah Palin should be the next President. She is better than any of the candidates on either side by a mile.

    It will be our eternal loss that Obama is allowed to destroy America while her best daughter was marginalized by a legion of small and unimaginative people who, in the end, be the R or D, will get what they deserve.

    The problem is that the rest of us will get what they deserve too, and that ‘aint right.

  5. n.n Says:

    Palin is attempting to establish an equivalence principle. The left have implanted the perception they are defenders of human, civil, women’s, etc. rights, which offers them an a priori pass for any transgressions committed in their enlightened pursuit of progress.

    The only effective countermeasure to this deception is to reveal the real consequences associated with their chosen path. They have assumed credit for correcting past — real and perceived — transgressions, while introducing policies and measures which normalize a progressive extreme.

    With their marginally earned pass, they cannot be shamed into submission. They perceive themselves to be impervious and do not respond to normal emotional stimuli. Although, their response may simply be muted through the ingestion of alcohol and psychotropic drugs, or promiscuous behaviors which obscure their detachment from reality, if only temporarily.

    Well, this is fun. They perform the same psychological profiling of conservatives; but, where they manufacture conclusions from whole cloth, their behavior has extensive and expansive historical precedent. I wonder who is right.

  6. n.n Says:

    Mike Mc.:

    Either she or her advisors have been right on all of the issues she has remarked on.

    As for “deserve”, we live in a society of equal rights, and where we all enjoy its benefits, we also suffer its corruption and ensuing consequences.

    Let’s hope we get it right.

  7. rickl Says:

    She is so superior to any of the other Republican candidates that it’s not even funny. I just have to shake my head in wonderment.

    And, no, I don’t blame her a bit for not running. She doesn’t owe me a damn thing.

  8. Gringo Says:

    Sarah Palin , either by herself or with the assistance of advisers, has shown a talent for making statements that turn the tables on the Demos. [So much for libs' claims that Palin lacks gray matter- especially when compared the the creator of the Austrian language.]

    Would a journalist ever directly ask the POTUS that question? I doubt it, which is a commentary on 1) the said state of the MSM, and 2) the tendency of the POTUS to avoid being placed in situations where he might be asked such embarrassing questions. The avoidance of potentially embarrassing questions is the main reason why the POTUS has had very few press conferences.

  9. Gringo Says:

    [So much for libs' claims that Palin lacks gray matter- especially when compared to the creator of the Austrian language.]

    Over the years, I have noticed a reduction in the number of blogs that have the preview option for blog comments. Neo’s blog, which IIRC used to have preview software, is but one of many blogs that have abandoned the preview option for comments.

  10. neo-neocon Says:

    Gringo: I “abandoned” the preview option when I was forced to leave Blogger in order to get control of the troll problem at the old site. On the new WordPress site, all the preview options I tried installing have major glitches, and so I haven’t been able to install one successfully.

  11. Don Carlos Says:

    The anti-Palin, pro-Maher commenters on your link are beyond disgusting, Neo. Some of our fellow citizens, these people?
    It will ultimately come to major violence.

  12. Beverly Says:

    Maher is a virulent misogynist, and has been for years; he’s also known as a completely out of control sex addict who uses women as interchangeable parts: even the people in show biz, hardly blue-noses, find his behavior gross.

    So the fact that the Leftists blow off their own woman haters (Maher’s not the only one) while attacking Limbaugh is proof, if any were needed, that this whole manufactured uproar is a deliberate distraction from the real issues. If they gave a tinker’s damn about women’s rights, they’d be demonstrating outside every mosque in the country and demanding that we cease sending any lucre to the Middle East (remember the S. Africa boycott? boy, wasn’t THAT righteous).

  13. blert Says:

    Isn’t Maher the guy who became famous on the Carson Show by wanting an “old fashioned girl with gonorrhea?”

    Wasn’t that the punch line that caused him to walk over to the Carson couch and eventuate Bill on HBO?

    Like Sinead O’Connor…

    His professional life has been entirely self-absorptive and anti-Catholic.

    Like being anti-Semitic ( I much prefer the honest term anti-Jewish/ anti- Moses ) it’s a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

    Is there any wonder why Moses blew his stack upon discovery of the golden calf? Itself a pure expression of self-worship.


    It’s of the First Commandment: is God above man or is man above God?

    Hubris / self-delusion is the damnation of man.

  14. baklava Says:

    Sandra Fluke may have killed my relationship with my girlfriend.


    We got in an argument when we got into the car today on the issue of her testifying to Congress about the $3,800 per year cost of contraception as a law student.

    My girlfriend said ,”good for her!”

    To which I retorted ,”that was the most unintelligent thing I’ve heard all year”

    That set off a firestorm.

    Sandra’s “choice” not to abstain and choice to testify to Congress for other people to pay for her choice seems off.

    And what about the mans responsibility? Why does anybody see any merit in what Sandra’s claim is?

    So……I told her that our values are just too different and that after 3 years of arguing and not moving a conversation forward that I cannot see myself proposing.

    Well 3 hours of crying ensued and wanting to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it with a non sensical liberal any more.

  15. T Says:


    You wrote: “Maher is a virulent misogynist.” Actually, I think that virulence is Maher’s most consistent characteristic. He’s virulently anti-Catholic, anti-woman, anti-religious, anti-American (remember his 9/11 comments) . . . . Just fill in the blank and one notes that most any term fits. For a long time I’ve contended that this is one very sad soul.

    He is a pseudo-intellectual that is a perfect poster boy for theself-involved virulent left and in many ways is a diametric opposite to the grace poise and intellect that Sarah Palin consistently proffers. She is not perfect (no heroine worship here), but the fact that she is not running is our country’s great loss and great shame.

  16. T Says:


    I’m sorry for your pain. Perhaps either way, this could be a breaktrough for you both. Good luck!

  17. Gary Rosen Says:

    “Maher recently tweeted that people should back off Rush. Wonder if this can be attributed to Maher being cited as an example of media double-standard on comedic vulgarity”

    It’s a safe bet it can’t be attributed to “principle”.

  18. texexec Says:

    Well said Beverly and well done, Baklava.

  19. Libby Says:

    Maher’s “humor” is to simply say the ugliest thing that comes to mind on a given topic. He performs in front of a studio audience that can be counted on to whoop and clap after each “joke”. I think the lefties and Democrats that visit his show enjoy him because he voices those nasty thoughts that they fear not voice themselves (at least not in public).

    So why has it taken a mere 2 sentence tweet from
    Sarah Palin to point this out? Why haven’t any of the Republicans candidates of Congressmen made this point? Is she the only one with the guts to criticize Obama?

  20. Ymarsakar Says:

    Personally, I think I would kidnap Maher and do a deception operation where everyone thinks it’s the Islamic Jihad that kidnapped him for ransom. Then we’ll parade him in front of cameras and video tape it and make his network show it and basically embarrass him and keep him in solitary lockdown until his psyche collapses.

    Propaganda can be done in oh so many different ways.

  21. Ymarsakar Says:

    “Is she the only one with the guts to criticize Obama?”

    Most Republicans in DC are like McCain staffers. They don’t care about the country. They aren’t patriots. They are the Peggy Noonans. The “I Love Obama” crowd, but they still say they are Republicans.

  22. jfm Says:

    Democrats: “The economy sucks so let’s change the subject and talk about birth control.”

    Republicans: “OK, that sounds like a good idea.”

  23. Rachel Says:

    jfm x 1000000

    which gives me the impression that no matter who wins, all of us lose. We have a very debted economy and no jobs and no one has a clue what to do or the bravery to tell us the truth. If it’s the latter, then it is our fault.

  24. T Says:

    “Is she the only one with the guts to criticize Obama?”

    Not the only one, but like Gingrich and Breitbart, Palin is clear thinking enough (and courageous enough) to not always permit the left to define the debate and to respond to the left with their own tactics. They are basically defenseless against this approach and it speaks volumes that very few conservatives are willing to do this (see Ymarsaker @ 9:19 above).

  25. T Says:

    One follow-up thought. If more conservatives and libertarians would adopt the Palin/Gingrich/Breitbart approach, the left’s dominance of the national dialogue would be disassembled in very short order.

  26. Libby Says:

    Oh look, Alabama’s Democratic Party has recruited controversial comedian Bill Maher to headline a fundraiser March 17.

    I’m shocked! Shocked to discover that all the MSM and Democrat posturing about how sexually crude remarks have no place in political discourse was just a ploy to attack Rush.

  27. Mac Says:

    I’ve lived in Alabama pretty much my whole life. It won’t surprise anyone to hear me say it’s a pretty right-wing/Republican state. I guess you’re serious that the Dems have invited Maher? That will only serve to marginalize them further with voters at large.

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