March 28th, 2012

And in other news…

Santorum seems to be slipping in Pennsylvania.

5 Responses to “And in other news…”

  1. Conrad Says:

    Query whether the prospect of losing his home state _again_ will prompt Santorum to drop out of the race. At some point, Rick needs to be practical about this. If he had a path to winning the nomination, or even even winning enough delegates to shake things up at the convention, that’d be one thing. But I think he’s hurting his own brand by grinding this out in such a seemingly petulant manner. Not only is the race with Romney all over save the balloon drop, but the election itself is now on most Republicans’ back burner. We’ve moved on to the Obamacare court battle and the Trayvon Martin case.

  2. Pat Says:

    Santorum was just the last anti-Romney boggle-head left standing. He wasn’t ready for prime-time and never will be.

    There were no Tea Party candidates in the race, so the Tea Party energy, so important in 2010, will go to house and senate races. Romney goes with the wind; we just want the wind to blow to the right, and electing more fiscally conservative representatives and senators will do that.

  3. texexec Says:

    A…..MEN, Pat.

    I’ve been harping on the importance of electing Republicans (hopefully conservative ones) to congress in 2012 for a long time.

    I’ve always felt that Romney will make a good President if he has a conservative Congress to work with.

    The main issue in this presidential race is gonna be the economy for most of the electorate. Romney’s resume is a great one to address that…much more so than most of his primary opponents and CERTAINLY more so than Obama who simply can’t think quantitatively and hasn’t a clue about economics.

  4. T Says:

    Conrad wrote: “Rick needs to be practical about this . . . .”

    Why start now? Santorum’s willingness (actually preference IMO) to expound on social conservative mores when the economy, jobs and disastrous foreign policy are the heavyweight issues of the campaign indicate that he hasn’t been practical from the get go. Conversely, if he truly felt that such WAS a winning strategy, then he was way off the mark. Neither case recommends him as a presidential contender.

  5. foxmarks Says:

    Whenever I scroll past this, I think it’s the opening line of a NSFW joke…

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