March 28th, 2012

Federalism and Obamacare

An excellent article by Rick Lowry on federalism and how it relates to Obamacare.

5 Responses to “Federalism and Obamacare”

  1. Curtis Says:

    Stated another way, federalism is the idea that authority becomes attenuated as the group becomes larger. Attenuated may not be the precise word but, on a practical level, it works.

    Who contols our life most? Family, local gov’t, then federal gov’t.

    Funny thing happened when we eliminated prayer from the schools: “God” left the countdown of who controls. Because, actually, for religious people, even before family, “God” or “conscience” controls. (“Here I stand. I cannot recant.” –for you historical illiterates out there, that’s Martin Luther. Of course, there are very few of them on this blog. Praise God.)

    The list of “persons accountable to” by religious conservatives starts with God, then family, then gov’t at each succeeding level. (Please don’t include “myself” as a person accountable to. Woooo.)

    When there is no God, the State becomes authority and the priority list of who we are accountable to becomes inverted. Soon, children are deserted. Responsibilities skirted.

    You can have your God damn secular society.

  2. Parker Says:

    In my America no one cares who is president unless we are in a declared war; and no one on Main Street cares about congress and the federal courts because congress and the courts are inside the box called the Constitution. Unfortunately, that box was made soggy cardboard by Mr. Lincoln and then shredded by Wilson and FDR.

    I dream of a 21st century Coolidge.


    With all respect; I am accountable to my wife, my children, my grandchildren, my extended family, my neighbors, the misfit children I work with daily, my local community, and then society in general. I am not accountable to Des Moines or DC. I recognize no legal authority over my life or my actions unless I break the golden rule (which comes from ‘god’).

    I respect the right of everyone to believe whatever they choose to believe as long as they are not on a mission from ‘god’ and consenting adults are involved. I am an upright, sound citizen. I believe religion has a seat at the table of society, but it is not the only seat. Most of all I believe in the rule of law, not men/women, in a republic. I am free. I breathe the atmosphere and I piss water. That is my birthright as a free homo sapiens sapiens.

  3. Curtis Says:

    I know Parker, and may you live long and prosper. I know not how you (and rickl) do it, I suspect that there is some tendril that finds it way back to ground, to God, but be who you are since you live and act and give and love pretty close as Torah instructs . . . as the barber said on a Clint Eastwood movie the particular title I can’t recall right now “What’s the diff?”

    Plus, truth be told, I act much more in accordance with your rejection of authority than my acceptence of it. But what are you going do?

  4. Parker Says:

    “But what are you going do?”

    Survive and protect my children/grandchildren until I am dead or incompetent, at which point I might as well be dead.

    I confess the ‘god thing’ remains a mystery to me. I can not wrap my mind around the concept of an all knowing/creating entity simply because that requires (for me, and me alone) that I accept a beginning and an end. In other words, what is before and beyond the known universe? I know not the answer nor do I even know if my question is a valid question.

    I do not presume I can know god/God or what he,she, it desires of me. Its all too much for me to comprehend. I totally accept that I am incapable of understanding the who, what, where, why of my brief existence. Its not that I am humble, its merely that I realize I am incapable of understanding. I look up at the night sky and see something beyond my frail ability to comprehend.

    However, I am ready and more or less able (considering my age and eyesight) to defend whatever you choose to believe. I support all well intentioned individuals who are not using force to push their agendas. Long may you run as long as you do not tread on me. ;-)

  5. Mr. Frank Says:

    An example of how federalism can work may be seen in the different response to Hurricane Katrina of south Louisiana and south Mississippi. In New Orleans the local Democrat government was inept and corrupt. The state government was inept. The people waited for the national government to solve their problems.

    In south Mississippi the local people opened roads with their own chain saws. Local law enforcement provided security. State Guard units hauled water and food. Local churches provided meals. Private utility companies quickly repaired lines and so forth.

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