April 5th, 2012

Why don’t we hear about black on black violence?

There’s been a spate of columns on the right since the Trayvon Martin killing asking the question this one asks: why do we ignore the murders of blacks by other blacks? And why do we hear so much about the killing of a black man by a white man (whether it’s self-defense or murder), such as in the Martin case?

Let’s take the last question first. Not only do those sort of cases fit the liberal narrative, but they make a story that more people are likely to read. If black-on-black killing is so ubiquitous and white-on-black killing relatively rare, it stands to reason the latter is a better story in the “man bites dog” sense.

What’s more, the Martin killing featured a victim who was unarmed and shot by a man who was acting as a quasi-official on security patrol. That’s news, as much as a police officer killing an unarmed teenager would be.

As for the first question, violence in the black communities did get quite a bit of press when gang warfare was escalating a couple of decades ago, at least it seemed that way in my recollection. And there were a lot of efforts to stem that violence, both within the black community and from outside of it.

I would imagine these outreach programs still exist. The trouble is that the whole thing is no longer news and it’s no longer new. It should be, but it’s not. And of course, it’s not PC to talk about it, because it dares to say that black people are not only victims at the hands of whites.

Here’s a guy who’s been fighting the good fight for many, many years: Bill Cosby, daring to say all that and more. But even that is old news, although it shouldn’t be. Here’s how Cosby put it in one of his appearances in 2008:

He amused the invitation-only crowd of about 600, which included teenagers identified as “at-risk” by juvenile authorities, with a lament about nonchalant reactions to common problems.

“Well, the mother’s on crack cocaine. Pass the salt.”

“That girl’s baby has no father. Pass the salt.”

“Oh, he shot him in the head? Pass the salt.”

Cosby, dressed casually in sneakers and a Morehouse College T-shirt, said there are examples of success, and there are examples of failure.

“We look at failure and we’re like, pass the salt.”

He dismissed critics of his approach who have said that he is airing dirty laundry in the black community.

“That’s crazy,” he said. “There are black people who have to walk around this dirty laundry.”

39 Responses to “Why don’t we hear about black on black violence?”

  1. reliapundit Says:

    “the soft bigotry of low expectations” – people – even blacks – have come to accept and expect black-on-black violence.

    and excuse it.

    it’s poverty. it’s racism. it’s residue of slavery.


    post facto excuses.

    cosby has since backed away from his earlier honesty.

    obama has been abysmal – a huge step back.

    powell has been invisible.

    most other prominent black pop stars and athletes have been as bad as obama.

    allen west and tim scott need to step forward more.

    the gop should put them both in major leadership roles – where’s they’d be seen and heard every other week.

    and black conservatives need to step forward in the entertainment biz.

    they gotta re-take african-american culture away from the thugs and race-baiters.

    more here:


    lots of videos that illustrate the culture shift.

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    reliapundit: really? Cosby’s backed away? Do you have a link for that?

  3. Neocon Hippie Says:

    Zimmerman is not white, regardless that the left claimed that he was, even referring to him as a “white Hispanic”.
    He is, in fact, Mestizo, with a Jewish father and Peruvian mother.

  4. neo-neocon Says:

    Neocon Hippie: I knew Zimmerman was Hispanic, but I’ve never considered Hispanics to be anything other than white unless they happen to be black Hispanics. I see being Hispanic as more a cultural thing.

    I’d heard he was Hispanic, but I had assumed that was meant in the sense of Hispanics themselves being some sort of separate race. By saying he’s mestizo, do you mean he’s part native American (of the native South American variety)?

    At any rate, the issue here isn’t the exact proportions of Zimmerman’s racial makeup, it’s the racial narrative. And according to the narrative, he’s white; that’s the way the story has been reported (as opposed to his being a black man killing a black man).

  5. vanderleun Says:

    Well Obama, by the same criteria, is a white black.

  6. neo-neocon Says:

    vanderleun: and according to Harry Reid and Joe Biden, that’s one of his strong suits.

  7. M J R Says:

    And . . . how ’bout black-on-white violence/killing? Happens all the time. ^All^ ^the^ ^time^.

    I know, crickets.

  8. T Says:

    “. . . according to the narrative, he’s white; that’s the way the story has been reported . . . .” I agree, Neoneocon.

    Amazing isn’t it how the narrative morphs to fit the philosophy? If one opposes the DREAM Act one is anti-HISPANIC but when a man of Hispanic descent shoots a black man, he’s WHITE.

    The media points out he’s only PARTIALLY Hispanic so, therefore, he’s white. Then I guess Obama actually ISN’T our first black president, but just another rich white guy in the Oval Office.

    Each and every day, the media disgusts me more and more.

  9. M J R Says:

    The Media Downplay Murder When It’s Black-on-White and Black-on-Black
    Larry Elder
    April 5, 2012


  10. T Says:

    Apologies to Vanderleun who got there first. He posted while I was writing.

  11. Don Carlos Says:

    The responsibility of AfroAms for dealing with black-on-black crime is the same as for Muslims dealing with jihadist-caliphate Islam. It is not up to us, since we cannot change them. We can and must incarcerate them even if their numbers serving time for felony are already ‘disproportionate.’

    It might help if media outlets kept daily box scores, like baseball’s RHE: B on B=; B on W=; W on B=; and W on W=.

  12. foxmarks Says:

    I have argued this on a local scale. Every murder in my city seems to prompt a vigil and calls for both peace and justice. Factions within the black community do indeed challenge the black community itself. If you haven’t seen it, you might not be open to seeing it.

    Or, you might be over-focused on the national Big Media narrative. It is true that the Justice Brothers rarely grab a megaphone over black-on-black violence. But Al and Jesse are not the entire black community. They’re just the media whores of the black community.

  13. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    black-on-white violence/killing? Happens all the time

    Actually, it doesn’t. At least the killing part. The FBI statistics on murders are remarkably consistent: whites tend to kill whites, blacks tend to kill blacks, other tends to kill other.


    For 2010, we see:

    3,327 white victims, 2,777 white perps, 447 black perps, 40 other and 63 unknown perps

    2,720 black victims, 218 white perps, 2459 black perps, 7 other and 36 unknown perps

    179 other victims, 47 white perps, 30 black perps, 98 other and 4 unknown perps

    58 unknown race, 20 white perps, 14 black perps, 2 other and 22 unknown perps

  14. Gringo Says:

    From your friend and mine, Van Jones, at the HuffPo (2005): Are Blacks A Criminal Race? Surprising Statistics.

    Table 1: African Americans Make Up Nearly Half the Youth Detained for Drug Offenses, But Use Drugs at the Same Rate as Whites

    There is much more that I could quote. Just to be contrarian. 🙂

    I notice that Van Jones had nothing to say about murder, where the stats say that black murder victims are killed overwhelmingly by blacks, and there are proportionately many more black murderers than white murderers. The murder rate in the US has gone down by about 50% in the last 20 years. At one time the black murder rate: white murder rate was about 10:1. In more recent years it has ranged from 7:1 to 5:1. So, things are getting better.

    In any event, I am not moving to Detroit.

  15. gcotharn Says:

    Couple things:

    When the story of Trayvon/Zimmerman is finally fully reported, there is a chance that Trayvon will turn out to have been a kid who would be alive today if he had not embraced the rap music culture of violence, and of tough guy posturing, and of celebration of racial victimhood and of retribution. There is a chance that these cultural factors contributed to Trayvon’s reaction – including contributing to Trayvon’s possibly having committed assault with a deadly weapon (concrete sidewalk). I emphasize that I do not pretend to know the full story of what happened between Trayvon and Zimmerman. I said: “there is a chance”.

    I live in a middle class neighborhood of homeowners who keep good lawns and watch out for the neighborhood. I walk a lot. A couple of times, when my personal presentation was particularly unkempt, I have been approached and questioned about whether or not I live in the neighborhood. One of the times, I was questioned by a cop who lives in the neighborhood, and his questioning was aggressive. Fortunately, I am a full grown adult, and therefore that stuff doesn’t faze me. I am, actually, glad my neighbors are vigilant.

    Such vigilance might faze a younger person, et al. The tragic point is that such vigilance is highly likely to faze a young person who has embraced hip hop rap culture’s embrace of racial victimhood and of violent posturing. If Trayvon had embraced, for instance, Christian culture or Buddhist culture, then he might be alive today.

    This point, about rap culture’s embrace of victimhood and of violent posturing, is something which can barely be spoken of in America w/o creating accusation of racism.

    At this point, and this may change, but, at this point, it doesn’t look like Zimmerman was a racist. Rather, it looks more likely that Trayvon’s tragic embrace of rap culture ended up contributing to Trayvon committing felony assault with a deadly weapon. Hoodie marches will not save future children from dying as Trayvon did. What would save those children would be a national scorning of rap music’s embrace of racial victimhood and violent posturing.


    Second point:

    I am sick of the left simplifying actions by saying, for instance, that noticing skin tone equates to being racist.

    Human beings, upon encountering a new person, notice skin tone. However, it is only one of maybe 30 characteristics which are instantly noticed (both consciously and unconsciously) and internalized upon encountering a new person. Skin tone has no more relevance that clothing, posture, cologne, whether or not the person’s breath smells of breath mint or bad breath or beer, or 20 or more other personal characteristics.

    The left wants to simplify this equation .. in order to be able to allege racism. Such is bull@#$%.

    We Americans need to stand up and speak truth to the PC mafia. Our nation, and our culture, need truth. Our children need truth. It is possible that Trayvon would be alive today .. if only he had not been culturally brainwashed into accepting a fantasy narrative as truth.

  16. Richard Aubrey Says:

    neo. Hispanics can be considered white by the kind hearted. But when it comes to race-based preferences, they’re…Hispanic.
    Unless they or their ancestors came directly from Spain, not detouring the DNA though Latin America.
    Thing about the narratives: There’s money, literally and figuratively, in being an Accredited Victim Group. And being in the Oppressor Class, you are naturally guilty. However, if the news shows members of the AVG beating up members of the OC, you have to wonder who’s oppressing whom? Can’t have any doubt about THAT!

  17. Curtis Says:

    Two things I like about your post, Mrs. Thorn: the unkempt part first (are you part bohemian?) but, of more significance, even though at this point it is conjecture, Trayvon’s radical change from that boyish picture to the young man with grill (what hood niggas call their gold teeth) may well be the motive of why he attacked George. This is a trickle down of CRT, Critical Race Theory, and the reason, at least in part, for why blacks commit and overweening amount of crime in proportion to their numbers. It may also be a Jungian group conscious anger at the fact that abortion has targeted the black community in a eugenics way and reduced their population proportion from 19 to 12 percent from 1920 to the present.

  18. Gringo Says:

    Regarding the Black/White narrative on drug offenses, I have read that one of the differences ro the difference in arrest rates is that drug transactions for whites tend to be inside living units- much harder to arrest- while drug transactions for blacks have a greater tendency to be on the street- much more vulnerable to arrest.

    Another difference is that drug transactions on the street are more prone to violence, which will result in the community calling for a crackdown on outside drug sales. [bad pun there, I know.]

    The clearance rate –by arrest or “exceptional means”- for murder and nonnegligent manslaughter was 64.8% in 2010. I would guess that black murder victims have a lower clearance rate than whites because of the tendency of gangs making it less likely to have witness. “Don’t Snitch” and all that.

  19. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “why do we ignore the murders of blacks by other blacks?”

    It would be counter productive for the left and their liberal “useful idiots” to acknowledge black on black crime, as it undermines “the narrative”.

    Though black conservatives like Cosby certainly do speak of black on black crime, the right is made up primarily of whites, who correctly assess that it cannot be solved until blacks admit they have a cultural problem. Till that admission is made and accepted, whites speaking about that cultural issue will immediately be labeled as racist. Which allows the liberal to dismiss anything said by those on the right and in having to defend against the false charge, the left has seized the control of the discussion.

  20. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Hey neo! You got a preview button! Thanks.

  21. rickl Says:

    If Hispanics are now White, does that mean I’m no longer a racist for opposing illegal immigration?

    Rhetorical question, I know.

  22. Neocon Hippie Says:

    Mestizo does mean mixed Amerindian and European ancestry, and is strictly a racial category. I suspect that if Zimmerman’s first name was Jorge rather than George and he had adopted his Peruvian mother’s last name — and there are those of mixed Anglo-Hispanic descent (referring to culture/language) who do so — the media couldn’t claim that he was white.

  23. Curtis Says:

    By the way, if anybody thinks I’m racist, here’s my prayer:

    God bless the black community, bring them prosperity, and increase their numbers.

    Just like your own sister and brother is not you, yet you, so are my black brothers and black sisters not me, yet me, in the family God created. Bull shit on any of that Ham theory and bull shit on any degradation of black people because of their blackness. How much more beautiful we are because God made black, brown, white and all the shades between. It’s not the skin, it the thinking that controls the man.

    There is an episode from the Tanach where HaShem reveals that his blessings were withheld from Israel because justice had not been received by a group of people. I’ll have to identify that. But. I think only in the last 20 years have we, as a nation, completely and totally rejected cursing people based on their skin pigment, except for one important exception, namely, black people, who now suffer from the same set of fears and hatreds and mischaracterizations as was once accepted dogma against them. It is not in the white community where integration need occur, but in the black, who must renounce the principles of revenge and bitterness.

    The reformation is occurring. It is now a trickle, but soon will be substantial, then a flood. Then, a peace and an opportunity unknown to even our
    Founding is possible. This is our potential greatness and this is God’s plan. It is not assured but it is possible.

  24. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    Here, here. We are attempting or God through us is attempting, something never achieved before, not a multi-culture which cannot sustain itself… but the actualization of a new American culture, formed out of multi-racial, multi-ethnic individuals.

  25. Artfldgr Says:

    We also ignore the murders of white on white, spanish on spanish, etc…

    the actual numbers, given total population size are actually quite small. though one group its 5 times higher. for another its three times higher with most of them clustered among a subgroup.

    however, you can go to wiki and you can see that the murder rate for the base group has remained flat… while the rate for the other has whipsawed wildly by comparison. so before i go on, to be fair, i will say a great amount of the increase over the other groups, but not all, is part of how much rhetoric they are being subjected to and so forth.

    the rates would still be greater as matching all around the world… but i think that there is extra on top of what would be baseline without those games.

    but to get to why and your other questions, it all depends on how deep do you want to go down the rabbit hole?

    most would rather you just stayed on the surface and didn’t have an honest discussion about using the less fortunate and less smart as a brutal class to capture a more gentle less brutal smarter set… (race regardless)

    in the large sense it has to do with the ideas stemming from people like Walter Lippmann. The left have grabbed what they want from him, and ignored other things that should have tempered their theft…

    He being one of the men in FDRs team and arguing that a person in their lives can no longer know enough going on to be able to assist in governing… which is a farce for if they cant now, they certainly never could before. and a kind of fools argument in ignorance of self organization. but i digress as usual.

    Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman used one of Lippmann’s catch phrases—the “Manufacture of Consent”– for the title of their book, Manufacturing Consent, which contains sections critical of Lippmann’s views about the media.

    the left Manufactures Consent … they also ignored lippmans point that the elite who would solve things are also to distant to be good at it… (so his argument technically degrades to Churchill, of course its bad, but its the best of the bad and there is none better (paraphrased))

    to those in a position of trying to mold reality which is what socialism’s whole basis is, such ideas are put to use.

    When such tactics are being used different parties have different interests in it and even different beliefs of what would happen, vs other things and usually depending on what level they are at in the tornado.

    so the idea here is that one can mold or create a reality for others based on what pierces the veil of their personal world and interests… that all of us live in these incomplete realities is a given, but in the past, powers that be didn’t necessarily set upon pitting them all against each others and using modern techniques from social sciences turned against the subjects in other areas.

    at the lower level you have the groups your looking at and complaining about each working a constituency and to you who are not their constituency making little sense.

    the reason what they say doesn’t make sense or is bombastic is that they aren’t talking to you, but to the small world the people that follow them to the exclusion of other information.

    the “liberal narrative” is what all those noises sound like together to someone on the outside wondering how someone on the inside functions. (while the someone inside has the same idea of them. and outraged that they do not react the same and dont seem to care).

    so feminist leaders shape their message, and race leaders shape theirs, and the idea is that the people outside their constituency do not hear what they say, and their constituency likes and dislikes the stories never change.

    this is why when you talk of this majority, to someone that isnt, they become apologists or all kinds of things, or deny the power of it.

    but what they are doing is shaping certain beliefs within the tiny worlds they have created by pitting people apart over the past 100 years. many talk of wanting to do something about such, but the truth is you cant, and the people in thrall have to choose not to be… they wont since they have no reason to, which is why they dont wake up…

    for instance.. feminists are the ones who have a huge clique of women. not all women, but most… they dominate all the top women’s magazines created by their political groups… they have several TV stations which show things along that party line… the View being huge among the 50% or so that dont work and watch daytime..

    ONCE you understand this, you can start dissecting the points and why each is taken.

    why do we ignore the murders of blacks by other blacks? And why do we hear so much about the killing of a black man by a white man (whether it’s self-defense or murder), such as in the Martin case?

    the murders of blacks by other blacks is something not to reflect on given that the ideology that they vest in believes tabula rasa, the blank slate and that the environment makes you the way you are. step two from that is your not responsible for that because that’s what they made you.

    so black on black crime is ignored as being caused by living in slums made by white Americas systematic racism.

    the other point has to do with oppressor oppressed dialectics. the oppressed have a right to class hatred against their oppressors. so there is no huge outrage at the 78 year old white man beaten up in revenge for trayven in the news today… or the white boy set on fire, or the newsom couple, or the black serial sex predator who is raping white young men, and so on… its why holder isnt prosecuting.

    you see… these premises are what forms the basis of the higher level of reason towards what to do or take. do the leaders believe the same, or do they know the rules and apply them for the people who are appalled and comforted at the same time?

    by the way.. the SAME core reasoning is behind the current israel issues. israel is the oppressor… so it has no right to defense.. (neither do the people being attacked who are white)… the other side who are deemed to be oppressed have a right to class hatred and violence.

    and so the oppressor must sit there and put up with missiles flying in and not defend itself or retaliate as it could…

    this is why they claim that israel is putting settlers on land that is not theirs. ie. under this dialectic reasoning israel has no right to benefit from the attack that ended with them having that land. if the oppressor does defend himself, he certainly cant keep what he wins if he wins.

    hard gear switch….

    so Zimmerman being designated the oppressor class… white… has no right to defense. which forms the basis for the rest…

    the whole profile thing is from the flowering of believing in equality over what the facts are… (same with feminism)… not all groups are the same or equally able, and same with different peoples that come from different areas over thousands of years

    if you refuse to accept that different levels of ability are related to genetics, then you HAVE to look somewhere else for the reason why two groups perform differently.

    the ONLY reason left is that one group has somehow gotten over the other group and is cheating the social contract and the rest is then tuned to whichever group that is under performing relative to another.

    so as i said, how deep in the rabbit hole do you want to go, and are you a believer, a user, or a follower… the believers apply the logic and keep reinforcing it to followers… these are the lies and misrepresentations we constantly talk about and never get past. the followers are the young unfortunate who listen and attack some other person, or decide to put off having a baby, or have more babies for welfare, etc..

    the users are the leaders that the believers follow as part of their team and do what they do to ingratiate themselves and be on the other side of the fence than the followers..

    and until the followers walk away from those people nothing can be done… blacks who follow those and refuse to believe that they doctored the audio (the news station admitted it)… and so on.. are not going to learn otherwise as their leaders will not all turn and confess to them..

    and the leaders are not going to stop and if anyone tries to stop them, would confirm and get more followers.

    so feminism will not end until its all soviet, or women walk away and stop listening… (and believing that someone getting them more from the state and pitting them against their mates is not a friend)

    that’s why the end is a done deal eventually, and they even believe so. this form of state does not have the tools or teen any more to remove the cancers, nor are its followers going to spontaneously go into remission by walking away.

    they lied about a secret meeting with zimmerman and now the investigator is kind of peeved at them for saying there was such a meeting. but to us its lies and we are amazed, to their constituency, the refusal to admit the meeting and come clean is a coverup…

    they cant believe that they are being lied to any more than women can believe that feminists wanted the worst for them…

  26. Curtis Says:

    the jar of my revenge

    i AM Tired and Sore
    Standing wi Less than more
    in the snow, in the Rain
    patient, I have refrained

    Sweet Jesus hear my voice
    take me home, takes me home
    bless my chirrun, my Man
    Sweet Jesus hear my Voice

    And make em to Suffer
    half life to thems thats upper
    Grace to me, not to them
    I cannot forgive nor Forget

    Sweet Jesus, I will accept
    Eternity in hell
    my Time with no regret
    only sweet jesus fill

    the jar of my revenge.

  27. expat Says:

    I followed a link to this HuffPo piece earlier today.


    It made my blood boil. The dear lady is a friend of the wonderful Jeremiah Wright. She seeks her own salvation by trying to rid people like me of our racist sins. Meanwhile, she does exactly what gcotharn said in #1: assure blacks that they are permanent victims and justified in their perpetual anger. She also fails to see people as individuals. The only way a white can escape the categorization of racist is by signing up to her view of the world.

    BTW: Gateway Pundit reported today the Al Sharpton (he who ministers so selflessly to young blacks–at least according to his Rev. moniker) has been invited to the WH Easter breakfast.

  28. Don Carlos Says:

    Summing IRA Darth’s cited data of 2010, I get that 47% of ALL murders where perp race is known were by blacks.

  29. M J R Says:

    M J R had written:

    black-on-white violence/killing? Happens all the time

    I R A Darth Aggie replied:
    April 5th, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    Actually, it doesn’t. At least the killing part. The FBI statistics on murders are remarkably consistent: whites tend to kill whites, blacks tend to kill blacks, other tends to kill other.

    M J R now says:

    I am guilty of a sort of rhetorical excess. “Happens all the time” was my way of saying that it does indeed happen; it’s not an extreme rarity, even if it’s much less common than X-on-X violence (where the two Xs are the same); and when it does happen it has a way of getting buried or denied.

    I do accept and believe your statistics on X-on-X violence, where the two Xs are the same.

  30. Occam's Beard Says:

    … the ideology that they vest in believes tabula rasa, the blank slate and that the environment makes you the way you are. step two from that is your not responsible for that because that’s what they made you.

    so black on black crime is ignored as being caused by living in slums made by white Americas systematic racism.

    But … if white Americans are the products of their environment, then they cannot be held responsible for systematic racism, can they?

    Confounding liberals’ ill thought-through arguments is one of my few remaining pleasures in life.

  31. expat Says:

    Did you all read about Marion Barry’s comments about dirty Asian shops? And how about the black-on-Korean problems in LA? Or did you read Chinese Girl in the Ghetto? No one pays attention when blacks are not the victim. It takes Al Sharpton rhetoric to get media attention. Holder says we are cowards for not talking about race. A more productive endeavor might be to talk about unacceptable behaviour with no regard to color.

  32. old glazier Says:

    Oh boy, don’t let Jesse know his father is Jewish

  33. gcotharn Says:

    Shelby Steele weighs in; always worthwhile on race and America:

    Cannot resist a bit of quotation:

    [F]or liberal blacks and the broader American left, the poetic truth that white racism is somehow the real culprit in this tragedy is redemption itself.
    The great trick of poetic truth is to pass itself off as the deep and essential truth so that hard facts that refute it must be dismissed in the name of truth. O.J. Simpson was innocent by the poetic truth that the justice system is stacked against blacks.
    Before the 1960s the black American identity (though no one ever used the word) was based on our common humanity, on the idea that race was always an artificial and exploitive division between people. After the ’60s—in a society guilty for its long abuse of us—we took our historical victimization as the central theme of our group identity. We could not have made a worse mistake.

  34. Parker Says:

    Its rather simple, black on black and black on white violence does not fit into the narrative of white racism as the source of all evil. The left needs straw men to burn. Whitey is the straw man of all seasons. Burn, baby, burn.

  35. TR Says:

    The following is just my opinion.

    I think that the main stream press really wanted to make people think that the Zimmerman/Martin, or Martin/Zimmerman case was about racism.
    I don’t know if Zimmerman was driven by racism, or not, in his past with Martin and his fatal encounter with Martin. Maybe he was. Maybe he was not.

    But, to me, the main stream press really jumped to soon, in labeling Zimmerman a “killer-racist”, when the Zimmerman/Martin news story broke, about a month ago.

    But suddenly, about 4 days ago, the Zimmerman/Martin stories suddenly were quickly taken off the front pages, and disappeared to the back pages of newspapers.

    Four days ago, NBC was found playing someone’s [suspiciously doctored sound tape] of Zimmerman’s 911 call, and a clearer video, of [possible post-fight] red marks on Zimmerman’s head, also appeared four days ago.

    Then, as I said, the main stream press backed away from this story, without explanation.
    I suppose they backed away from the “Zimmerman maybe a horrible racist story”, when the press saw that there may be a big chance, that Zimmerman might not be a huge racist, in this tragic event.

    Maybe Zimmerman was, and maybe Zimmerman was not, but I think everyone needs to check their habits, and not label a person [as someone who uses racism], before we have ample proof that he or she actually does use it.

  36. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Oh, yeah. There’s another reason “we” ‘ignore” black-on-black violence: If you notice it publically, the better-than-you crowd will call you a racist.

  37. foxmarks Says:

    gcotharn: It’s hard to conclude other than there is a pathology in urban black culture. It took that twelve-year-old angelic athlete and made him a Thug Life NO_LIMIT_N**** in just a few years.

    Racism is an inescapable part of human nature. But there are too many instances of black success to believe “institutional racism” is a significant force in American society. Black culture leads popular culture.

    A subset of black culture, which is not bound to race, is determined to keep itself down. I am acquainted with plenty of pink-skinned babymamas who are unlikely to succeed due to their attitude and outlook. Pigmentation and ability are overruled by disposition.

  38. Ray Says:

    You can download the booklet “the color of crime” for free. Do a google. It was last updated in 2005 but the statistics are still eye opening.

  39. Artfldgr Says:

    Occam, you know as well as i do that their arguments are not suffering referential integrity… 🙂

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