April 16th, 2012

Compare and contrast

Girls just want to have fun. And so do boys.

In Colombia.

And Italy.

And then again in Colombia (hmmm, is there something about the water?)

And now let’s segue into something a lot more fun:

Ah, the 80s!

Oh, and by the way:

The video for “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” made Lauper an MTV staple. The video ran constantly on MTV and featured the late professional wrestling manager “Captain” Lou Albano as Lauper’s father, and her real-life mother, Catrine, as her mother. Also in the video are her attorney, her manager and her brother, Butch.

15 Responses to “Compare and contrast”

  1. gcotharn Says:

    Limbaugh said this re the Secret Service call girls (quoted from memory):
    The key question is: did the Columbian prostitutes pay for their own contraception? Because, if they did, then the Columbian government is conducting a war on women.

  2. Occam's Beard Says:

    Clinton arrived at Cartagena’s Cafe Havana with a dozen female aides just after midnight.


  3. gcotharn Says:

    I am still distraught the Huma Abedin preferred Weiner.

  4. Artfldgr Says:

    Do girls only want a career because they can’t attract a man? Provocative study casts high fliers in a new light

    The research team, made up of three women and two men, said that when men are thin on the ground, ‘women are more likely to choose briefcase over baby’. And the plainer a woman is, they claim, the more she is driven to succeed in the workplace.


    After collecting data from across the U.S., they found that as the number of eligible men in a state decreased, the proportion of women in highly paid careers rose.

    In addition, the women who became mothers in those states did so at an older age and had fewer children.

    And agony aunt Pam Spurr said: ‘I often find that women who were getting on well in the workplace will in private conversations with me, express wanting to settle down.’

    “No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” — Interview with Simone de Beauvoir, “Sex, Society, and the Female Dilemma,” Saturday Review, June 14, 1975, p.18

  5. StrangernFiction Says:




  6. Sgt. Mom Says:

    Heck, I’m just annoyed from the perspective of professional DJ (hey, I had to know about this because it was m job, once uponna time in the Armed Forces Radio and Television media machine) that Madonna became a megastar, and Cyndi Lauper appears to be relegated to the 1980s Trivial Persuit deck set of questions. She and Madonna were once neck and neck in the pop-star music races … and Cyndi was just so much better…
    I’m also annoyed that Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs didn’t become as well-known as Curt Cobain. Hell, we had a couple of their albums on tape for long car trips – we’d sing along with the tape.

  7. chuck Says:

    ‘bunga bunga’ party? Did I miss something in Latin class?

  8. DaveindeSwamp Says:

    Well, let’s see, Obama embarrasses himself in Colombia, on an international stage . His Advance team stiffs a working girl, and Shillery goes to a “special ” bar.

    Just great .

    Way to make the Worls love us again.. I hope all the Obama voters choke in their own hubris

  9. DaveindeSwamp Says:


  10. Don Carlos Says:

    Entirely appropriate Hillary sucked on beer at Cafe ‘Havana’ in the “early hours”. Oh yeah, forgot, she is our chief diplomat who bestrides the world like a colossus, in a pants suit.
    Next she’ll praise Fidel, just like that pinhead Marlin manager.

  11. Jewel Says:

    MTV in the 80s…back when rock and roll was fun and music videos were a glorious waste of time.

  12. rickl Says:

    Sgt. Mom:

    Check out John & Mary. John Lombardo was a founding member of 10,000 Maniacs but left the band in the mid-1980s. He subsequently teamed up with singer and violist Mary Ramsey. They released two terrific albums in the mid-90s: “Victory Gardens” and “The Weedkiller’s Daughter”. Both featured several members of the Maniacs. Later they rejoined the band after Natalie left, and Mary took over the singing role. Last I heard John left again, but Mary’s still with them. They have some recent videos up on YouTube.

  13. Gary Rosen Says:

    Sgt. Mom, agree with you about Cyndi but not Natalie (don’t particularly like her voice). Madonna is a master saleswoman.

  14. Artfldgr Says:

    I’m also annoyed that Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs didn’t become as well-known as Curt Cobain.

    i agree… but alas… she did what most women do… go after the me of me and the bbd… (bigger better deal)

    the rolling stones are still together.
    for every girl group that stayed together i can show male groups still going… many many many more…

    and in each case… temptation and the me of me and bbd… did good things in..

    List of best-selling girl groups
    [note finding the opposite equivalent is funny]

    Spice Girls active 8 years
    Bananarama wins for 30 years active

    List of best-selling boy bands

    This page has been deleted.

    there is a boy band page… but it does not give the info like the girl bands… i guess the girls dont want you to see how long the guys can stay together…
    [no groups last without some changes]

    to get that you have to look them up yourself
    rolling stones… together since 1962
    this year marking 50 years… half a century

    others on the long track are ZZ top, Golden Earing, Rush, Eagles, etc.. the hollies have been touring since 63…

    Golden Earring was formed in 1961 in The Hague by 13-year-old George Kooymans and his 15-year-old neighbour, Rinus Gerritsen. Originally called The Tornados, the name was changed to The Golden Earring when they discovered that the name The Tornados was already in use by another group.

    together since they were 13…
    girls may talk of their friendships
    but compared to men, they dont have them

    when a girlfriend says she could die for you, she means she is sympathetic to your feelings in a situation… when a man says he would die for you, he means it quite literally.

  15. TANSTAAFL Says:


    Written by Robert Hazard, a Philly guy.

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