April 30th, 2012

Kelly Ayotte for VP?

There’s speculation that NH’s Senator Kelly Ayotte might be named as Romney’s VP.

Don’t think so. First of all, that would be an all-New England ticket, not exactly a winner around the country. Secondly, Ayotte—although smart and telegenic and, of course, female—is very inexperienced. I don’t think Romney would go there, just in order to have a woman as running mate and finesse the “Romney is a Mad Man dinosaur about women” routine.

Or would he?

You may or may not remember that, back in January during the New Hampshire primary campaign, I wrote about a Romney-Christie rally I attended. This was the photo I took, and Ayotte is featured prominently, in the red sweater:

11 Responses to “Kelly Ayotte for VP?”

  1. uncleFred Says:

    Highly unlikely. Ayotte needs a great deal of experience before she’d be ready to sit in the Oval office.

  2. Commenter formerly know as roc scssrs Says:

    Please, Mitt, no. An experienced governor would be best.

  3. Mr. Frank Says:

    A good choice might be Bob McDonnell, governor of Virginia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_McDonnell

    He’s an ex Army officer and attorney general.

    He is chair of the Republican governors’ association.

    I don’t hear his name much.

  4. Don Carlos Says:

    I don’t care. It don’t matter much out here in ABOland.

  5. Otiose Says:

    What I believe Mitt is up to here is a very clever mechanism to kill several birds with one cheap move.

    He’s going to parade a long series of possible VP candidates starting with Rubio, this one, and on for the next few months.

    He’ll give each one a test run in front of the media/public and gauge reactions.

    He’ll remind everyone that probably any one of these people has more common sense than Biden – again and again.

    He’ll be keeping favorable media attention on himself and because it’s a zero sum situation away from Obama.

    And don’t be surprised if he comes back to several for a second or even third run by the media.

  6. Gringo Says:

    He’ll remind everyone that probably any one of these people has more common sense than Biden – again and again.

    Which isn’t very difficult to do. He isn’t nicknamed “Slow Joe” for no reason.

    I am reminded of some blogger or commenter saying recently that it is a prime Demo tactic to attack your opponent for something which is your own weakness. In 2008, the Demos attacked Sarah Palin – which helped obscure the qualities of the dunderhead they had running for VP.

  7. Gringo Says:

    I don’t think that Biden is going to be the VP candidate this time. Too old -70. [Too dumb- that didn't make any difference in 2008, so it wouldn't now.]

  8. Kevin Copple Says:

    How about VP debates? Or maybe a paintball shootout? To choose the Republican VP nominee, that is. Or, a Fear Factor competition where they have to eat dog, give an order for a drone strike, select a green energy firm for a grant, resist hotel hotties, etc. Could be pure genius with the right creativity.

  9. Don Carlos Says:

    Christie has an Islam problem, Neo.

  10. Don Carlos Says:

    See this:


  11. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Kevin Copple,
    A sterling idea. A tad less exciting than the Hunger Games, but…….’twould be entertaining. Have you considered going into reality TV programming?

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