May 16th, 2012

I most definitely do not want to read…

an article entitled, “Dangers in your mattress.”

Do you?

12 Responses to “I most definitely do not want to read…”

  1. Harry the Extremist. Says:

    Breaking News: Get a load of This:

  2. southernjames Says:

    “There’s danger in my mattress.”…….

    That’s what SHE said.

  3. Doom Says:

    Oh Neo!,

    Just understand that this article is written by a third party contractor to get you to buy stuff… New pillows, new sheets, new blankets, a whole new bed, and better… all of it in one fell swoop! If any of what they said were true, given my… sloth… I would have been eaten alive, or at least carried down some creepy hole and fed off of for the next few months. Never mind them. These are the guys that said eggs were death, mushroom tea was “the cure” (knew a woman personally who died from that), and even back when that radiation was good for your health (and sold it in with other ‘medicinals’).

    Read it and laugh. Or… don’t read it. But don’t believe a word of it. Think of it as Hollywood meets msm. Well, actually… they are pretty much the same these days, so use it for entertainment. If it were in print you could always… use it for… personal cleanliness routines… That’s all I’m saying there. Well, you could get soft printer paper and print it?

  4. rickl Says:

    Wash your bedding weekly in hot water and a little bleach.

    Weekly? I figure I’m doing good if I wash it once a season.


  5. Parker Says:

    We have trillions of bacteria inside and outside our bodies. Some are beneficial, some are harmful. We live in a soup of bacteria and viruses. There are pests, parasites, and predators (the most dangerous being our fellow homo sapiens) ready to take us down. No worries, mate, its just life. 😉

  6. rickl Says:

    and even back when that radiation was good for your health

    There may be some new evidence that it isn’t as bad as we feared:

    New look at prolonged radiation exposure: Study suggests that at low dose-rate, radiation poses little risk to DNA

    (hat tip Transterrestrial Musings)

  7. Parker Says:


    You may find this: and other info on radiation hormesis interesting. The link between prolonged, continuous low rad doses and longevity are substantially verified, but explaining the causation is beyond our present knowledge.

  8. Doom Says:

    Oh, go with low-dose radiation if you like. As for me, the only doses I will get are from the sun. Well, does angry women count?

  9. Beverly Says:

    People who get their skirts up over their heads about this stuff either forgot, or never did, the high school biology experiment where you take your finger, wipe it across your tongue, and put your wet finger on a glass slide — then slip it under a microscope.

    And squeal in horror at all the Critters you see thereon!

    … In related news, our second-floor neighbor sent us a distressed message that she has bedbugs. A contractor came out and sealed her apartment, then ran a heater in there for 24 hours at 150 degrees, supposedly to kill the boogers (I heard freezing was supposed to do it, but whatever.) … The contractor returned, and the Bedbug-Sniffing Dog found more of them. Now the guy is saying he won’t retreat the apartment, nor warrant his work, because the whole building must be infested.


    So my ultra-clean, spic and span neighbors emailed to say They’ve found bedbugs as well. They sweep the floors daily, vacuum twice a week, and change their sheets weekly, etc. And make you leave your shoes by the door.

    Meanwhile, I, who have an alarmingly casual attitude about housekeeping and haven’t vacuumed in three months, or changed my sheets in three weeks (hey, I bathe daily), have No Bedbugs.

    But I do have little guardians known as House Centipedes. I seldom see them, but they’re around. Guess what they eat?

    Bedbugs. And roaches. And silverfish. And any other insect life we humans want to get rid of. Talk about beneficial insects!

    I’m thinking of calling them the Green Rangers.

    They also make excellent diversions for the cats. …Now, should I tell my anal-retentive, hyper-clean neighbors that I’m letting the House Centipede keep my place bedbug-free? They would freak out: they even have an ultraviolet bug trap hanging in their tiny vestibule.


  10. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Beverly asks, “Thoughts?”

    To each his own poison, or pest, or obssession. Mine happens to be exercising and eating right. Prolly as bad in its own way as obssessing over germs, bed bugs, lice, squeaky cleanness or myriad other such.

    Congratulations on having those house centipedes as your integrated pest control. So natural and all that. So, like, GREEN.

  11. Nolanimrod Says:

    Just take your mattress outside and lay it on an ant hill. Come back the next day. All the little nooks and crannies will be clean.

    I once had a house gecko. The house was free of bugs but the little guy started trusting humans and one day when he was outside the mailman got him.

  12. rickl Says:

    Beverly Says:
    May 17th, 2012 at 4:32 am

    Meanwhile, I, who have an alarmingly casual attitude about housekeeping and haven’t vacuumed in three months, or changed my sheets in three weeks (hey, I bathe daily), have No Bedbugs.

    I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one with an alarmingly casual attitude towards housecleaning. Although three months sounds a bit ambitious…

    I don’t have bedbugs either, and I do have centipedes. Only I kill them on sight. They freak me right the hell out.

    Maybe bedbugs are allergic to dust and lint. Yeah, that’s it.

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