May 16th, 2012

In the matter of Zimmerman and Martin…

some new evidence emerges.

It’s not determinative, but it certainly tends to buttress Zimmerman’s claims.

12 Responses to “In the matter of Zimmerman and Martin…”

  1. Mr. Frank Says:

    We can be confident that Martin did not do any damage after he was shot. That means that the shooting followed the beating, a very strong case for self defense. The cut knuckles of Martin are evidence of the severity of the beating.

    What remains to be seen is the autopsy report on the gunshot wound. The location and trajectory of the wound will tell us the relative positioning of the two men when the shot was fired.

    One report said that the prosecutor did not look at medical evidence before deciding to indict Zimmerman. Dershowitz will continue to have a field day with her.

  2. gcotharn Says:

    Someday, Americans will look back on this entire incident … and will speculate that our culture, in order to have widely perceived Zimmerman as guilty, must have been afflicted with temporary insanity.

    It is not temporary insanity, but rather 1] political correctness, and 2] media/left desire to confirm their own biases.

    Political correctness factors in when many of us, even me, have a vague instinct that persons who suspect Trayvon of idolizing a thug lifestyle, and of acting out a thug lifestyle as he understood it, are harboring that suspicion due to their own racial stereotyping.

    We have, for so long, been fed such a narrative … that it creates cognitive dissonance for us to squarely face up to the irrefutable truth that a young man, of whatever background, might act out a thug lifestyle, and might initiate violence. Even for me, this cognitive dissonance exists.

    However, looking clearly at the evidence: I think there is compelling evidence that Trayvon might have been acting out a thug lifestyle. I suspect he was seduced by the rap music, hip hop music, violent thug lifestyle. Such happens to young men of all skin tones. It is always a tragic waste.

    As always: if/when new evidence emerges, let justice be done, whatever the case may be. I am only commenting on the state of the publicly known evidence at this time.

    Evidence of Trayvon embracing a thug lifestyle:
    (thanks to rickyl)

    As balance, photos of 17 year old Trayvon, looking good:

  3. Don Says:

    We already know the shot was fired from near contact distance due to power burns.

    That said, we don’t know Martin stopped after he was shot; even a shot through the heart will let you live for about another 14 seconds.

  4. Don Says:

    I’d like to take a moment to promote one of my hobbies, Brazilian JuiJitsu (BJJ). Had Zimmerman known BJJ he could have escaped from Martin without need for a gun or other weapon.

    BJJ is the martial art that started modern American mixed martial arts fightling like UFC. You can buy copies of UFC 1 (or get the UFC 1 through 4 package) on Amazon.

    It is an impressive martial art, and it allows a skilled 125 lb female to dominate a less skilled 200+ pound male in actual full force competition. It is actually a sport, but one particularly well suited to women and small men. It is also a superb fitness program.

  5. southernjames Says:

    Martial Arts? Meh. For a 125 pound petite female or an 52 year-old guy with bad knees like me, to become any d–m good, and therefore effective against an attack from a knife wielding 220 pound crack head, you have to make it your primary outside of work “hobby” or virtual obsession for a year or two — unless you have the kind of job that allows you lots and lots of free time, so that you can do that and still do other stuff in your life (golf? gardening? etc.).

    Hundreds of hours of lessons and practice are required. At least all the martial arts I’ve ever seen people do (kid sis is a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, son took Karate for a few years as a youth). Maybe BJJ is to martial arts what Rosetta Stone is supposed to be for learning Spanish…..but I kinda doubt it.

    Much easier to do what I did a few years back. I have a CCP, and carry a S&W small .38. And I do everything I can to try to stay away from areas with likely concentrations of “troubled youths.”

    Yeah, I know — you might say “but that is what got Zimmerman in trouble.” Well his thing ain’t my thing. I am not ever going to be the Neighborhood Watch – I think I’ll follow that Guy -and then piss him off, type of guy. When I’m out and about with my little friend in my pocket holster, the last thing I am ever going to do is go looking for potential trouble situations. 180 degrees opposite.

    As for Zimmerman’s broken nose — how do we know that lily white Republican Christianist Cracker was not trying to bludgeon Martin’s knuckles with his face? (sarcasm).

  6. Artfldgr Says:

    one trayvon is now being balanced by many other incidents. the latest was a 64 year old guy who was out for his run. a car slowed down, and they murdered him and drove away – though they never mentioned that to be their inspiration.
    [later article gives witness information as to two black men in the vehicle]

    Huffington post is doing their job in mish moshing such events (missing the point that no one should be doing this to anyone else regardless of pigmentation genetics)
    [it comes up as the number one link for one looking for news, but i wonder after the thing if the author has any comments on the drive by?]

    Todays news:
    Suspect claims he attacked white teen because he was angry over Trayvon case, police say

    this was last month
    Man beaten in ‘justice for Trayvon’ rage

    (Gay) Student Attacked By Group Of Men At Illinois State In Alleged Hate Crime

    you know what happened by what they leave out.

    Norwalk Men Attacked by Group, Police Say
    They said they were walking on West Cedar Street when 10 to 15 young men came up from behind them and jumped them. The group punched them and kicked them, then ran toward Best Buy.

    in a majority of these things its more than one person attacking another…

    VIDEO: U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten in South Tampa

    and here is a website trying to track them!!!

    you think 10 stories where the groups are larger than 10 people would be newsworthy, eh? how about 10 in one year?

    of course the Zimmerman situation shows you what happens if you DO try to defend yourself.

    (oppressors have no right to self defense under social justice… and ideas under liberation theology)

    there are also attacks on Spanish, and Asians.

  7. NeoConScum Says:

    So, when the jury finds Zimmerman either not guilty, or is hung, are we Central Floridians going to withstand another Rev.Tawana Sharpton invasion? Hmmmmm…What am I saying, Al..? I’m not in lunar S.California anymore…C’MON down, Al.

  8. Steve Says:

    Artfldgr, Thomas Sowell has an interesting column about reluctance to shine a light on the problem of black violence:

  9. Pat Says:

    Martin’s last words, according to Zimmerman, were “Okay, you got it”. The reports on the injuries sustained by Martin and Zimmermanindicate that Martin was the aggressor. Those final words suggest to me that Martin and Zimmerman struggled over the gun. Had Martin gotten Zimmerman’s gun, there is little doubt that Zimmerman would join a long list of people killed by gangsta culture African-Americans, most of whom are African-Americans.

  10. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Former DOJ lawyer, J. Christian Adams, has done a wonderful job of exposing the fact that Holder et al have packed the 125 or so position “Civil Rights Division” with far left hacks/activists intent on enforcing a racist, politically correct, pro-black agenda through selective prosecution.

    So, given the DOJ’s interest in this case, I’m assuming that they have been actively trying to get local authorities to add a “hate crim” charge to up Zimmerman’s potential sentence to life in prison, and if Zimmerman is acquitted, then the Feds will step in and try to get Zimmerman on some other trumped up charge i.e. they’re going to try him until they get the “right” verdict.

    Unfortunately for Obama, Holder, and the whole race hustler industry, pretty much all the evidence that has come out so far validates Zimmerman’s version of the confrontation. Somehow I don’t think that they will have so easy time of it trying to railroad Zimmerman and, as the election approaches, such a railroad job will prove harder and harder to accomplish, and trying to do this will have a very negative impact on Obama’s chances of winning.

    For, if they can railroad Zimmerman, the can railroad any one of us, and people are starting to realize that this is the case.

  11. Susanamantha Says:

    Wolla says “For, if they can railroad Zimmerman, the can railroad any one of us, and people are starting to realize that this is the case.”

    That is an excellent point, Wolla. Railroading presumably innocent people and not prosecuting presumably guilty people is a travesty of justice. This should be intolerable to a nation of laws.

  12. Artfldgr Says:

    For, if they can railroad Zimmerman, the can railroad any one of us, and people are starting to realize that this is the case.

    Show me the man, and i will show you the crime – Laventi Beria KGB

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