May 29th, 2012


…had nothing on this story.

14 Responses to “Kafka…”

  1. nyght Says:

    I’ve actually been kind of fascinated with this. So far, I’ve taken 2 things away from the story… The first is that Walker made a TERRIBLE mistake in representing himself. He was too emotionally involved, and by representing himself, he allowed Kimberlin to set the rules of the game by which they would play. He had a lawyer for a hearing in April… What happened to him?

    The second is that based on the court summary, Walker/Worthing is completely fucked (for lack of a better, more gentle word…)

    “The Court makes the following findings:

    A. 1. That there is clear and convincing evidence that within 30 days before the filing of the Petition, the Respondent committed the following act(s):

    Placed Person Eligible for relief in fear of imminent serious bodily harm: COUNTLESS NUMBER OF BLOGS EITHER THREATENING DEATH”

    This is absolutely untrue. And it’s obvious that this judge knows nothing about what a blog is… Or that others can comment on posts.

    So all Kimberlin has to do is look at AW’s next post, log in as some pseudonym, and threaten himself with death.


    Violation of peace order.

    See here to look at the full court finding. Scroll down a bit, and there’s a picture of it.

    This honestly needs to be appealed if possible, because the precedent it sets not only on free speech of self, but on the responsibility of content that others write in the comments of ones blog is… disastrous.

    Why this judge got this case, I don’t know… but he knows nothing about the internet or what a blog is. I feel for Aaron Walker/Worthing, I really do. And I think this BK fellow is about as low as you can get. But he made a terrible mistake in choosing to represent himself.

    And BK is laughing about it right now.

  2. gcotharn Says:

    re Kafka

    No kidding! Amazing! The jurist is retired, but retired jurists sometimes continue to hear cases on part time basis.

    nyght’s info is excellent. I will add that this jurist issued the original peace order. So, we have a judge who may feel his peace order has been violated, who is mad a Aaron Walker’s impertinence and disrespect, and who is massively ignorant of how the internet works. Ali Akbar reported a courtroom observer who believes that the judge believes that Walker personally tweeted Kimberlin on thousands of occasions, and that Walker personally googled Kimberlin on tens of thousands of occasions, and that Walker had some personal legal responsibility for death threats which came Kimberlin’s way (btw: who doesn’t suspect that the number of death threats was not greatly exaggerated – yet, in this court format, this out of touch oldster judge gave some credibility to the exaggerated claim).

    Movies have been based upon far less material than this.

  3. gcotharn Says:

    And, here is another aspect:

    over the weekend, I was in comment sections in which many, many persons on the left were insisting that Kimberlin is a decent person who is being railroaded. It reminded me of the O.J. trial, and the weird accompanying public dynamic of “black team vs white team.”

    Here is what was happening:

    Leftist bloggers and commenters take their cues from Media Matters and friends. George Soros funds those blogsites. Those blogsites (Kos, et al) were putting out the word that Kimberlin is being railroaded by false allegations.

    So, leftist bloggers see their leaders, on one side, rallying the troops. Then leftist bloggers see the ghost of !!!BREITBART!!! on the other side, and they see Malkin on the other side, and leftist bloggers leap into their castles, eschew any facts or evidence, and scream set up. It happened all through the weekend, and it was leftist bloggers at their most ridiculous and unreasonable.

    And, now, those same leftist bloggers will take this judges decision … and run with it. With great delight, and with great senses of righteousness. They still will be unfamiliar with all facts and evidence. The only facts they need are !!!BREITBART!!!

  4. neo-neocon Says:

    nyght: it is almost always a terrible mistake to represent oneself in a courtroom. Even if one is a lawyer.

  5. nyght Says:

    Or as my mom said, “The lawyer who chooses to represent himself has a fool for a client.” 😉

    I will also note that there is court precedent at the federal level that states that a blogger or person who runs a website with a forum is not and cannot be held liable for 3rd party comments (I’ve read the 28k word post from Worthing here, and never once in it is Worthing/Walker anything even close to threatening…). I believe the ruling was Spreadbury v. Bitterroot Public Library.

    There’s a lot to digest here, but the whole thing sickens me.

  6. Doom Says:

    This case may well eventually decide the fate of Western Civ. I am definitely watching.

    It’s not so much about one court case, or arrest, or even a large group of injustices. It is more whether injustice will be the way of politics going forward. Literally the allowance of criminal behavior based on political motivations. There are already many visible cracks in political law, especially with this admin. Starting with the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, or at least my public perception of the problems.

  7. Rose Says:

    This is a very important case, not just this specific court appearance, but the entire – and increasingly well documented – campaign of terror the left’s targets.

    And the silence. From law enforcement.

    The ignorance of a judge who doesn’t even know the battlefield that exists online, or comprehend the evil of the leftist orgs and foundations.

    And no relief in sight.

  8. Curtis Says:

    The subject of this issue isn’t that piece of refuse: it’s the judiciary showing that it is corrupted and overworked. Don’t underestimate the importance of that last predicate adjective “overworked.”

    We have yet to see how much corruption since most judges are “old” and not a part of Derrick Bell’s Harvard. Most judges are ten years older than Obama, but think what it means when they are not: ugly thought. These spawn of the Muslim paid for legal departments and totally controlled by feminist theory (weird partnership, that) will surprise you with their “audacity” and lack of connection to the past. Like refuse that moves more slowly through the system, we are going to have to deal with this problem longer than any other shit the progressive movement shit.

    Many people will suffer. It won’t denythe reform, but it will ruin many people’s lives.

  9. T Says:


    Having scrolled through the blogposts listed in your link you have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the inmates are, indeed, in control of the asylum.

    We must begin to walk the steep road back to common sense and stability. It will take at least a generation, and it begins with the upcoming election in November.

  10. Curtis Says:

    Obama has less credentials than a bikini babe and David Lee Roth, otherwise known as Deliquent Little Ruffian. It’s funny cause it’s true.

    Waldo went on to become healthy, wealthy, and the supporter of welfare-recepient David Lee Roth who sank into a sad spiral of sniffing the urine of unguliant sidewalk drunks, of finding leftover napkins with phone numbers and phlem, and finally, of rappelling down college dormatories with the band’s rubber penis.

    Other band members were not happy.

    It was a loaner.

  11. vanderleun Says:

    It is my opinion that Kafka is the Exeter of European literature.

  12. Curtis Says:

    How many European kids can name Kafka?

    The Exeter of European literature is Sorel and Soros. They can’t name them, but they live them. Kafka’s Zionism and Surrealism does not appeal to the uneducated and drug-framed youth. They do not love to think but to kill.

  13. Artfldgr Says:

    “The lawyer who chooses to represent himself has a fool for a client.”

    I should point out that the key word in that sentence is lawyer… a person who steps up and goes pro se because of no other option is technically not a lawyer… [a trained professional does better serving others than themselves]

  14. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States Says:

    >>>> Kafka …had nothing on this story.

    I’ll will more than grant you that Kimberlin does give new excrescence to the term “cockroach”.

    I also recommend a visit to Patterico, an LA attorney who has also been a victim of Kimberlin — including getting SWATted, presumably by Kimberlin associates.

    It’s a good source of another set of eyes on the situation, so that you know you aren’t just getting Aaron’s side of it, or that Aaron is a lone victim of this cockroach.

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