June 28th, 2012

Tax fraud

I don’t usually listen to talk radio. But today I’ve made an exception, and I think that Rush Limbaugh’s approach makes a lot of sense. His point: Obama passed the biggest tax increase in history and committed fraud on the American people by insisting it wasn’t a tax.

That could be made into a campaign slogan.

[ADDENDUM: Limbaugh also pointed out what I hadn't gotten around to discussing yet, which is that part of the decision involved the states and Medicaid. The Court ruled that states could opt out of the Medicaid increases required by the Act and not be penalized. This could be significant:

Holding that it would be unconstitutional to terminate existing Medicaid funds to states that refuse to go along with the Medicaid expansion is quite significant, particularly as seven justices joined this result. While the holding here may not go beyond the limits articulated in South Dakota v. Dole, the Supreme Court has not limited the exercise of the spending power to impose conditions on states since the New Deal and, again, seven justices endorsed this result. Going forward, I expect this portion of the opinion to have the greatest practical impact. In fact, I can think of some federal laws, including portions of the Clean Air Act, that are likely to be challenged on these grounds.]

12 Responses to “Tax fraud”

  1. Hong Says:

    Most people are too lazy or stupid to follow this issue as closely as us. All they see is Obama spiking the football not that the Chief Justice, idiotically, is trying to split the baby.

  2. DNW Says:

    By the way, kudos for being way ahead of the curve with your Wickard V Filburn posting.

  3. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    As usual, Rush is right. Not only is the penalty for not having insurance a tax but after 2014 there will be a 3% sales tax on all home sales. Obama is on record in an interview with George Stephanopoulus as emphatically stating there would be no tax increases in the bill.

    That will be an excellent campaign issue.

    I listened to Obama’s speech about the ruling this morning. It was essentiallly the same speech he kept giving during the legislative process. All boillerplate that, when you actually know what’s in the law, makes you realize that he doesn’t know or doesn’t care what is actually in it. Like so many things he does, he says what he thinks will convince the rubes. However, I’m convinced that the majority of people who vote don’t like this law, and, if Romney and the Republicans frame their message about it properly, they will prevaill in November.

  4. gcotharn Says:

    Something else which could be incorporated in the campaign slogan:

    Obama is taxing economic inactivity.

    Isn’t this the first time, in all of American history, in which that has occurred?

    Justice Roberts blessed the taxing of economic inactivity, partially on the grounds that the tax was small enough as to not constitute an oppressive penalty. I am none too happy to know that the SCOTUS is now the arbiter of what constitutes an oppressively sized tax vs. a non oppressively sized tax. Practically, this means SCOTUS will, on a continual basis, have a necessity to revisit the size of this tax, so as to determine whether or not the size of the tax is oppressive.

    I am reminded of the UMich Affirmative Action case, in which Justice O’Connor effectively declared the SCOTUS to be the final authority on whether or not America had sufficiently progressed towards racial harmony. Justice O’Connor thus ensured that the SCOTUS must revisit the racial harmony issue on a continuing basis, in order to pronounce whether or not America had made sufficient racial progress. Justice O’Connor’s decision highlighted her career of idiotic judicial reasoning. Now, Justice Roberts walks in her footsteps.

  5. Pastorius Says:

    Biggest Tax Increase Ever And He Committed Fraud To Do It

  6. Pastorius Says:


    Here it is:


  7. Artfldgr Says:

    guys guys… you forget, there are no mulligans in real life… we dont have anything but two variations of progressives in office, not progressives vs saints… but devils vs demons…

    to think that the same kind of people are going to save you from themselves is nutty

    if only Stalin knew?

    ah, but look what it now enables them to do (as in that odd country last century)

    Think Adorno and Clockwork Orange Mash up with Joseph Mengele

    Scientists Investigate How to “Cure” Politically Incorrect Attitudes

    A research review from neuroscientists is further supporting the theory that racism — at least a component of it — is innate and therefore could be treated.
    Neuroscientist Elizabeth Phelps from New York University and her colleagues evaluated 17 different brain studies and expounded upon research she published more than a decade ago that first showed race preferences could be linked to brain activity. Phelps, who was interviewed by the journal Nature, explained that the area of the brain that detects race also is closely tied to an emotional response. She explains that even in people who have the [politically] correct intentions — are “motivated to be non-prejudiced” — a part of the brain picks up on unintentional racist responses while another part of the brain regulates these responses as you choose not to act upon them. …
    Believing that the ”neural circuitry of race, emotion and decision-making” overlaps, the researchers in the study state further studies could evaluate how to “recognize and respond to variations in race and its influence on unintended race-based attitudes and decisions.” Earlier this year, for example, a study by another group found that giving test subjects a blood-pressure lowering drug reduced subconscious racism.
    According to The Australian, neuroscientist Anthony Harris with Sydney University agreed that testing how to “treat” inherent racism was next up for neurological studies.

  8. thomass Says:

    Passing it was one deciet after another. The war on women thing being one of the more recent ones.

    But I’d include any talk of the purpose of this being to make healthcare better…

  9. thomass Says:

    Hong Says:

    “not that the Chief Justice, idiotically, is trying to split the baby.”

    I’m not sure it is idiotic… depending on your goal.

  10. LisaM Says:

    Romney needs to put together a commercial:

    1) Obama in a speech stating that this was just the first step. It might take 20 years to get rid of employer-based insurance, but eventually they’ll get to single payer, which he supports.
    2) Obama ridiculing Hillary for including a mandate in her health plan. He specifically said his plan would not have one because he doesn’t believe in forcing folks to do things.
    3) Obama promising over and over that no one who makes less than $200,000 will see their taxes go up – not one dime!
    4) Obama ridiculing those who called his mandate a tax.
    5) Obama’s attorney arguing to the SCOTUS that it’s not a mandate, it’s a tax.
    6) The DNC saying, “It’s constitutional. Bitches.”

    Just use their own words. Let them tell the American people who they really are.

  11. FenelonSpoke Says:


    Please send that to the Romney campaign. If you go to the website they have a link for suggestions and comments.

  12. David Richards Says:

    If you choose not to accept any form of health care you’d be taxed but currently the penalties are not defined clearly. Wait and see, a single-payer health care system would of been better, as it currently only exists in Medicare (for the elderly) and the Veterans Administration, the latter of which is rated highly for quality of service at a low price.

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