July 27th, 2012

You want context?

We’ll give you context, on the Romney quote about Britain being a “tiny little island that makes stuff nobody wants.”

But, as Althouse rightly points out in her contextualizing post:

But you know the rule in journalism: Taking things out of context is okay when you do it to hurt conservatives.

3 Responses to “You want context?”

  1. Terrye Says:

    The people who made an issue of that are not only hypocrites, they are shameless hypocrites.

  2. T Says:

    But IMO the good news is that many more people (than several years ago) have been made aware of the shameless bias of the mainstream media. Their mask has fallen away and I believe that their credibility has suffered much more than most people (and pundits) realize. That is why rags like Newsweek and most urban newspapers are drawing their penultimate breaths.

  3. Don Carlos Says:

    Why I don’t read Althouse any more:

    In comments to the link Neo posted, Althouse wrote:’I don’t think he (OBAMA) has a hidden agenda. I think he’s a good person who means well and is fairly vague/pragmatic, but right now, we’re being presented with a choice, and if this is the choice, Americans should and will pick capitalism.’

    “A good person who means well”, who has no hidden agenda = Obama? Delusional.

    But what else would one who has chosen to work and live in the birthplace of elitist Progressivism, Madison WI, think?

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