July 31st, 2012



8 Responses to “Cruz…”

  1. Curtis Says:

    Two reasons why the illiberal era is waning: Good people are fighting back and the badness of the illiberals has been exposed. Combine this with the 10 to 1 rule (it takes the work of 10 Reids to equal the work of one Cruz) and you’ll see it is not at all inevitable that wickedness prevails and rules.

  2. gcotharn Says:


    Vitality. Charisma. Intellectual quickness.

    Look at conservative candidates, and you see many stars who are just entering the early stages of their prime. The political left does not have the same quality and depth of candidate talent. The right side political stars have the vitality.

    Why? I think a big part of it is the internet. The internet is a bypass which goes around the make-believe media and makes the principled arguments about limited government and free markets. Potential conservative candidates, such as Jindal TedCruz Rubio Ryan AllenWest, even Palin: they soak up some of their philosophic understanding from the internet bypass which goes around the media and directly into their consciousnesses. And then they stand up, tall and boldly. Ted Cruz stood, tall and boldly, for conservative principles, in a way in which conservative politicians were not standing a scant 10 years ago.

  3. Michael Adams Says:

    Most of us have met politicians, and most of them are not quite in the moment with you. There is a distinct sense that they are waiting for the important person to come along, and just pass the time by glad handing. Ted is not like that. My wife and I were at a small Conservative gathering and Cruz, recently resigned as Solicitor General of Texas, was the speaker. He finished and we chatted. Two years later, he was there again, and remembered something my wife had said. She’s very smart: I quote her a lot, but he is not married to her. You should hear him in legal argument. Shazzam! We all won big this day.

  4. KLSmith Says:

    Go Ted! Go Tea Party!

  5. Curtis Says:

    For a special case of indigestion, consider the brilliant attorney general Alberto Gonzales and how the left raged and destroyed his reputation because he was “guilty” of doing less of what most attorney generals do: installing their own staff. Consider that hypocricy against the support for the sleaze and outright corruption of Eric Holder. And now the left is promoting the rectum refuse, Antonio Villagegrossia, as a possible presidential candidate. The execrable thought makes my little boy poop and fart consciousness laugh all over.

  6. Curtis Says:

    The real story, here, is the Establishment against the Tea Party. The ugly and vicious nature of the Dewhurst campaign, so recognizeable and similar to the Obama campaign, instructs even the casual observer of which side the Establishment is on: the bad side. Yes, there are several (several!) shades of grey differentiating Dewhurst from Obama, but, finally, in the scene where he is commanded to commit treason or die, Dewhurst commits treason.

    His blood will not refresh liberty.

  7. Curtis Says:

    The Summer Olympics! Do Europeans no longer really care about the results being too cosmopolitan?

    The United States of America refutes that trend because we are cosmopolitan in our nature but national in our experience.

    Basketball, track and field, swimming . . . but the defining event of each summer Olympics is the women’s gymanstic’s team medal, which we just won tonight.

    Call it what you will. I call it the power of freedom.

  8. Gringo Says:

    Dewhurst spent a LOT of money on TV ads. I mean, a LOT. I do not watch TV at home, but several time in the past week I saw Dewhurst ads when visiting a friend. What are the chances of such random views?I got at least two Dewhurst mailings. The tone was rather nasty.

    A friend is a blue dog Democrat who, disillusioned with Obama’s policy on the Keystone pipeline, might vote Pub this year. He had previously expressed a negative opinion about “outside influences” on the Pub Senate primary this year. I later asked him if he were going to vote in the Pub primary. His reply was that he preferred a country club Republican to a Teabagger.

    When I see him next, I am going to ask him, “What does it say about you, that you would refer to a political opponent as a testicle-licker?”

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