August 17th, 2012

Wasserman Schultz, Party girl

I’ve got a piece up at PJ about Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

32 Responses to “Wasserman Schultz, Party girl”

  1. T Says:

    A good read.

    As you point out, there really isn’t any difference between such a party-uber-alles mindset/powerelust and Stalinists or fascists.

  2. Artfldgr Says:

    I had no idea, until I read her Wiki entry, that one could get a certificate in political campaigning.

    Thanks to feminism disenfranchising the old school of men, and not instantly doubling the number of positions, we now offer tons of courses so we can create many more women equal phds…

    The Santa Barbara Graduate Institute offers a Ph.D in somatic psychology.

    University of Liverpool actually offers an entire master’s degree — not just a class — in popular music studies The year-long program includes classes like The Recording Industry as a Cultural Industry, Music and the City, and Popular Music and Daily Life. [and of course it has to have a marxist dialectical bent to it]

    Brigham Young University, allows students to specialize further in the following areas: wildlife ecology, wildlands, restoration science or rangeland ecology. [i hear that they claim this will be a big plus in obamas new green economy]

    University of California at Berkeley Folklore Graduate Program, which “trains intellectual leaders in folkloristics for the twenty-first century.” The program focuses on folklore from the seventeenth century to the present, from all over the world. Students are encouraged to take classes from another field to supplement their M.A. in folklore, and concurrent enrollment in a different Ph.D. program — in the humanities or social sciences — is also allowed.

    Overarching themes discussed in the program include race and ethnicity, sexuality, folkore theory gender, nationalism, and gender. [they going to raise our consciousness to be nearer the great Won OBama]

    UC Berkeley’s Department of Demography leads cutting edge research programs in Lifespan, economics, fertility, poverty, and human rights are all discussed in depth in this program.

    Penn State’s Rural Sociology program centers around the unique culture, history and dynamics of country life. Specializations include agriculture and food systems, community and international development, natural resources and environment, and rural social demography. Students may also choose to pursue a dual-degree in Women’s Studies or Demography, along with Rural Sociology. Through a rigorous curriculum involving statistical research and theory, students prepare for work in government, academia and professional fields.

    do note that the OWS And all those places are full of people like this.

    so i ask… where are the conservative courses to oppose all this going on since the sexual revolution of 1960s?

    MA in Digital Games is available at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. The course offers the obligatory focus on the changing form and content of games, but also teaches theoretical notions of game play, as well as the cultural and social issues surrounding video games. The university states: “We strongly believe that digital games are one of the most significant cultural forms of our time.”

    yup, thats what the world needs… fewer engineers, fewer of the things that count, and more of the basket weaving social engineering state jobs researching minutea that will mean nothing after the fad they examine passes (And always with marx being correct too!)

    yeah. and obamas expanding affirmatice action promotion into the sciences through Title IX sports laws, well, that will just make the pool of science engineering and technology totals just jump out at you…

    though a million monkeys in a room wont do better than one Einstein… (who did his work while working for the patent office, not as an academic)

  3. Baklava Says:


    She has her value. In the market place of ideas – she’s working it to the max.

    She didn’t need to be logically oriented and get an engineering degree no more than Harry Reid (a man).

    Bless this country.

    Let’s examine her words though and point out to people her absurdity. Let’s diminish her value.

    Thank God for our freedom. I hope her conscience cracks her up one day.

  4. Baklava Says:


    Dear Harry Reid – release your tax returns !

  5. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “Kramer writes that “their loyalty is to something other than the truth.” That is certainly the case, and that “something other” is party above all. To them, the party represents not only a “higher truth,” and is not only their livelihood, it is also their lifelong identity. Furthering the party is the greatest good possible, so why let mere facts get in the way?”

    What comes to mind is tribal loyalty. Objective truth and principled behavior are completely superseded by loyalty to the tribe.

    There are possibly some indications of exceptional irony in Wasserman’s life;

    As the premier example of tribal loyalty is currently M.E. societies, which contrasted with Wasserman being Jewish is especially ironic, given that the Jews are possibly the most logical ethnicity extant. That Wasserman married a man of German extraction adds another possible layer of irony. Which leads to possible indications of the stockholm syndrome, a syndrome that liberal Jews may be especially prone too.

  6. Artfldgr Says:

    forgot to point out..

    how else could they crow that now women get 66% of the degrees if it wasnt in such bizarro useless stuff for the most part?

    just imagine what the percentage would be if you remove the marxist statism courses…

    NAtional Center for Education Statistics

    Percent conferred to females..
    Associate’s 1998-99 61% 2008-09 62.1%
    Bachelor’s 1998-99 56.8% 2008-09 57.2%
    Master’s 1998-99 57.7% 2008-09 60.4%
    Doctoral 1998-99 42.9% 2008-09 52.3%

    of course since they are fighting for EQUALITY they are going to voluntary reduce their own numbers now that they exceed men for over 10 years…

    another expression of equality:
    Three Out Of Four Women Would Not Marry An Unemployed Man

    so basically this results in a form of demographic population control within its scope..

    Most women would marry for love over money — unless the man is unemployed, according to a new survey.

    Three out of four women said they would not wed someone without a job, and 65 percent would feel uncomfortable tying the knot if they themselves were jobless.

    But more than 91 percent of single women said they would marry for love over money.

    “It is ironic that women place more weight on love than money, yet won’t marry if they or their potential suitor is unemployed,” said Meghan Casserly, of ForbesWoman which conducted the survey with the website

    no… its not ironic, its that you cant tell them they are liars… so they can take mutually exclusive positions and not be called on it.

    but that leads me to end this post…
    with a big something to think about..

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”- voltaire

    so is it a patriarchy, were we can disparage the ruling class of men endlessly, call them rapists, disenfranchise them for education etc?

    or is it a matriarchy…

    are you allowed to criticize it? do people reflexively defend it? how about race, who can say cracker to someone and who can say another term?

    so the rulers are the oppressed, and the oppressed are the rulers, and the battle wont stop till the oppressed rulers come crush and exterminate the those presumed to rule but have little power given such simple tests as Voltaire offers…

    at this point… until the target is exterminated any benefit is too much and unequal…

  7. Artfldgr Says:

    arrghhh!!! darn blockquotes…

  8. Artfldgr Says:

    If women can call men all rapists, and say nasty things, and make unequal laws that favor them…
    And men cant say anything as to feminism, as to their own opinions, and are attacked for it… then is it a matriarchy, or patriarchy?

    If a black man can call me a cracker.. and I cant call him any names… who rules?

    So what if you convince those who rule that they don’t rule, and that they don’t have enough?
    You basically have the power to obtain everything as the rulers will take everything and count nothing!!

    How else do you have the ruling class paying for the oppressed not to work and live a poor but retired life?
    How else does the work that women do count, but the work that men do doesn’t count?

    And THAT’S how marx, the man married into westphalen aristocracy envisioned a return to aristocratic power by using the rulers against themselves.

    by realizing that what men do is for their mates, and telling women they have no power when they have all the power. then they get to use the power the people who don’t know they have to do what they want… (kind of like being the regent of a boy king)

    Tell me owners have to stand when slaves enter a room? tell me owners have to remove their hat in the presence of a slave. defer to a slave? hold the door or a slave? provide by work and earnings the fruit of labor, for the slave to spend? fund the slaves children with tax money and have no rights to be part of it? tell me that slaves and oppressed can say anything they want truthful or not, and as hateful in the extreme to the rulers?

    just think…
    if we can be twisted around hegelian wise that much… then will we ever realize that we already HAVE the power, if we just stop letting others use it.

    good thing too as the eugenics people are now arguing to use genetic modification as a means to new socialist man… (see todays news)

  9. chuck Says:

    Is she intelligent?

    Who knows? But there are many like her: Hillary, Pelosi, Obama, Reid. I think it takes a certain amount of intelligence and imagination to believe stupid stuff; intelligent people can be some of the dumbest folks out there. So I make a distinction between intelligence as measured by IQ and useful intelligence. The latter requires, in addition to innate smarts, experience, powers of observation, and a moral quality that manifests as a love of truth. Morality is seldom regarded as a necessary aspect of intelligence, but I believe it is the ingredient that makes the difference between those who are merely clever and those who understand.

  10. Baklava Says:

    I’m REALLY sorry that I read ANYTHING you wrote today Art.

    In the free market if women get 66% of the degrees so be it.

    What do you propose that government remove courses and or make it 50/50.

    Where in the limited government free market personal responsibility national security beliefs of conservatives do you get off typing the things you are typing.

    Who cares that certain people (there are men getting crap degress also) are dooming themselves to a life of irrelevancy.

    In the free market place of ideas let’s just advocate that people get interested in hard science and business but it sounds like you are interested in big government solutions to a problem that exists.

  11. Baklava Says:

    If my neighbor down the street wants to get a philosophy degree and she can work it to make some money so be it.

    As far as I know the voters need to know that Debbie is extremely illogical and she already comes off that way.

  12. Artfldgr Says:

    A study released today by the highly respected Debbie Wasserman Schultz Institute of Thinking An’ Stuff has found absolute proof that the only thing preventing Middle Class Americans from having their cake and eating it too is a self-perpetuating myth fabricated by GOP Vice-Presidential candidate and parricidal maniac Paul Ryan.

    Vera Lowdanfat, lead investigator and former professional complainer from Chicago, told a stunned crowd of people stuffing their faces with cake that the oft-repeated adage is actually an old significant other’s tale that was never taken seriously before the birth of Paul Ryan on January 29, 1970. “It’s just not true,” screamed Lowdanfat. “People had their cake and ate it, too, all the time before Ryan made this up! Why do you think Marie Antoinette said, ‘Let them eat cake’? She knew that if the peasants ate cake, they would still have it, too, and so they’d never run out of food!”

    The researcher further stated that Ryan began the false narrative as part of a conspiracy with serial hair-cutting dog-abuser Mitt Romney in order to guarantee one percenters like the Koch Brothers an endless supply of cake.

    Neither the Koch Brothers nor Romney could be reached for comment, which is a sure sign of their involvement according to an anonymous source speaking on deep background off the record to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

    more at link:

  13. Paul in Boston Says:

    “Furthering the party is the greatest good possible, so why let mere facts get in the way?”. This reminds me of a story my father told me. He was born on the eve of WW I and grew up in Poland between the wars. While he was in college they had the usual political arguments. At that time it was whether one should be a Communist, Fascist, Socialist, or a Zionist. He was none of them. But a few of the young men he knew became Communists and went off to the Soviet Union to “help build socialism” and promptly disappeared. Then a few years later one of their family members came back from visiting them in the Lubyanka prison in Moscow. That’s terrible, what did he say about the situation? “It’s a mistake, but it’s for the good of the Party.”

  14. Artfldgr Says:

    In the free market if women get 66% of the degrees so be it.

    i AGREE… but its NOT a free market…

    if it was a free market, i could go to school LIKE MY SISTER who had lower grades, didnt go to a prestigious high school, and is still in school working on her 4th phd on the publics dime..

    me? i got 2k for a certificate in programming, then made a career as a professional without a degree…

    right now writing a paper on genetics with someone because without those degrees i cant get past peer review on my own…

    when someone changes the rate of entry to 1400 to 1, and it goes to the supreme court tells them doing that is unconstitutional, there was no free market when they were doing it. and they are still doing it.

    my son graduated honors in genetics and summa cum laude… he is waiting tables, because the market is NOT free, and they dont want his class.

    go ahead. do some FREAKING RESEARCH before you protect those who you cant comment about…

    show me ONE PROGRAM i can be a part of to go to school

    just one… i only need one i can use that is enough to allow me at 48 to start my college degree phd and be ready to enter the field when i am a year beore retirement…

    Controversy: Scholarships for White Men Only
    A non-profit group in Texas is offering college scholarships to a demographic it says has fewer scholarship opportunities than other groups – white males.

    The group, called the Former Majority Association for Equality (FMAFE), was formed by Texas State University student Colby Bohannan. He’s an Iraq war veteran who decided to return to school but said he had trouble finding college scholarships for which he qualified. “I felt excluded,” Bohannon told The Austin American-Statesman. “If everyone else can find scholarships, why are we [white males] left out?” So Bohannon and some friends founded FMAFE group, which plans to provide as many as five $500 scholarships to deserving white men – at least 25 percent Caucasian to be exact – who have at least a 3.0 grade point average and substantiate financial need. “We know that we’re going to be receiving some vicious attacks, from people claiming that we are racists, or promoting some bigotry-filled agenda,” he said. But Bohannan reiterates that the group’s aim is to help students and not jump on any political agenda or bandwagon.

    THATS it…
    and they come to less than a weeks pay
    [edited for length by n-n]

  15. Baklava Says:

    Wow. No I know why you post like you do.

    I have been able to educate myself AND go to classes.

    Yes, I agree that rigging things so that affirmative action gives an unfair advantage is wrong.

    I recommend Ward Connerly’s book “Creating Equal” all the time.

    I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch though when people are choosing their field to be an irrelevant field that gets them nowhere.

  16. Artfldgr Says:

    here is an article from colleges scholarships that tells males to go for minority scholarships as a way to go to school!!!!!!!!


    but prior to now, not even the minority scholaships… read the damn article

    the scholarship places even write articles like this NOTE THE LINK SOURCE
    The White Man’s Guide to Getting a Minority Scholarship

    Suddenly it must have occurred to some that if you dug down into the nitty-gritty of Civil Rights and analyzed the ills of Affirmative Action, you could make a good legal argument contesting the Constitutional validity of most scholarships today, particularly those offered through federally-funded institutions. Over the last five or six years conservative watchdog groups like the Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO) have called universities like the University of Michigan, Southern Illinois University, and SUNY on the carpet for racial discrimination in their admissions practices.

    At question are the scholarships restricted to minorities. In response to the threat of legal action, all have revamped their “minority” and female-focused scholarships to include white students and males. And it’s not just the CEO speaking out; charges emanate from an increasingly disgruntled applicant pool frustrated with access to college programs.

    LAWSUITS They are winning…

    All this hoopla over college scholarship dough draws a line in the sand between Republican and Democrat, liberal and conservative, college officials and student body. The Fall 2006 “Caucasian Achievement and Recognition Scholarship,” concocted by the Boston University College Republicans was intended to titillate the campus student body and open up communication on the issue of race in college admissions. Instead, it hit mainstream media like shotgun fire, where it fomented the controversy already in play. Eight students applied for the “satirical” $250 award that also required them to construct an essay on the meaning of being Caucasian.

    100 Grants, Loans & Scholarships for Women

    125 Grants, Loans and Scholarships for Women

    from the first link college scholarships
    White Male Looking for a Single Good-Looking Scholarship

    Today’s white male college student may be suffering from the sins of the fathers. What were closely related outgrowths of equal rights, civil rights and affirmative action are now wreaking havoc on the ability for a white male to qualify for a scholarship of any kind unless he’s inordinately short, or can demonstrate some other idiosyncrasy that may be criterion for an oddball scholarship. Maybe white guys need to suffer a bit longer, eh? Maybe they need to have a history of oppression behind them first in order to feel privileged to gain some perks. Maybe they need to earn a lower station in life first.
    [edited for length by n-n]

  17. Artfldgr Says:

    Scholarship matching service – from our database of 1.5 million scholarships.
    Get matched with up to $3 billion in scholarships.

    go ahead… set up two starting pages, and fill them out the same, with the only thing different..
    see what you get… i have…

    every year since 1995…

  18. George Pal Says:

    As the names and images of…

    Debbie, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Melody Barnes, Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sebelius, Judy Chu, the Sanchez sisters, Hilda Solis, Sara Manzano-Diaz, Elena Kagan, Carol Brown, Valerie Jarret, Anita Dunn, the elegant Lisa Brown (Michigan State Rep of “I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no,'” fame)

    …insinuate themselves into the consciousness of a serious person, he (and maybe a few shes) can’t help but think the ‘Patriarchy’ had it right – politics is no place for women. It seems (with seemingly rare exceptions of course, see AZ governor Janice Brewer) that only the worst (most easily disposed to female exceptionalism or tyranny) of the sex applies itself to politics. Either that or politics can make a good woman nuts as easily as hormones. That last was not a shot across the stern.

  19. neo-neocon Says:

    George Pal: I think it’s the “liberal Democrat” part (and “party hack”) part you don’t like, not the “woman” part.

    Nikki Haley, Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin, Kelly Ayotte, Condoleezza Rice, Margaret Thatcher, etc. seem fine, don’t they?

  20. George Pal Says:


    I most surely don’t mind the woman part. Seed the nations with a thousand Thatchers and the world would be, immediately, a better place. I mentioned Jan Brewer because I’ve followed the AZ brouhaha. Am not familiar with the others politically, and Palin, Rice are not in government.

  21. Occam's Beard Says:

    Either that or politics can make a good woman nuts as easily as hormones.

    I think the problem is that for too many women, feelings (“It’s for the children!”) trump reason, because they trust their feelings more than their reason.That, plus susceptibility to social pressure, makes them easy to stampede.

    This is, of course, painting with a broad brush. There are individual women for whom this is not true (the Thatcher effect), but as a generalization it is not without merit. It’s much like saying that for some ethnicities, tribal loyalty trumps reason. Examples provided upon request!

  22. parker Says:

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

    It doesn’t matter if people like DWS are ‘intelligent’ or far to the left of the IQ bell curve. She is mentally ill. She clings to a flawed and failed ideology in the face of reality. Go Joe, go Debbie, continue “speaking truth to power”. Every word that comes out of their mouths is a vote against BHO.

  23. beverly Says:

    WOW. Jerry Della Femina, legend of Madison Avenue, has published an editorial in the New York Post in favor of Romney, called “Time for Romney Democrats”! This guy is in the innermost of the inner circles in the Hamptons’ liberal plutocracy.

    Why his defection? well, check this out, from April’s NY Post.

    ‘Legendary ad man Jerry Della Femina blames President Obama for having to sell his Hamptons restaurant. In a column for the East Hampton Independent, the inspiration behind the “Mad Men” series says that in 2008, he “decided that this country was falling in love with an attractive, great-speechmaking hustler/socialist” and that he was “dropping out” and would sell off “my houses, my advertising business, my newspaper, and my restaurant.”

    ‘Della Femina sealed a deal this week to sell his Hamptons eatery to the owners of the Houston’s chain. He writes, “I’m just not ready to have my wealth redistributed. I’m not ready to pay more tax money than the next guy because I provide jobs and because I work a 60-hour week and I earn more than $250,000 a year.” He also told The Post’s Selim Algar, “I truly believe we are headed for disaster. I’m going into gold and silver.”

    ‘Opened in 1994, Della Femina’s quickly became a celebrity magnet and helped to usher in a Hamptons boom along with Nick and Toni’s and The Palm, drawing the likes of Barbra Streisand, Martha Stewart, Carl Icahn and Howard Stern.’

    AND here’s his editorial. Ffolkes, this isn’t a swallow, this is a bird of prey making an appearance on the telegraph wire:

  24. beverly Says:

    Very interesting piece about Debbie W-S, Neo. And I noted the Hilton Kramer quote. I had the great luck to see him give a masterly, brilliant, fascinating talk on abstract expressionism at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York: he was a passionate advocate of the school. But he had nothing but contempt for the schlock that tends to be featured at the Whitney Biennial shows (toilets tracked with the artist’s footprints, severed cow carcases, that sort of thing).

    In the audience was an “artist” whose name escapes me, a coarse and dull-witted fellow whose (fleeting) fame was based on a gimmick of having other, real, artists paint FOR him, and brashly claiming the work as “his.” He had a studio on Broadway just south of Houston St. for several years.

    This poltroon (Mark something) stood to accuse Mr. Kramer, easily the most cultured man in the room, of being a Neanderthal capable of appreciating only Norman Rockwell. Mr. Kramer made short work of him, politely.

    (Sylvia Miles was there, and sat next to me: she filched my cookies!)

  25. Curtis Says:

    What do Debbie blabber mouth Shultz and Facebook have in common: no value.

  26. Curtis Says:

    Thank you beverly for the “bird of prey” observation. I’m not sure how much if any a particular person’s image calls forth an animal which can then be viwed as desciptive of that persons ability or character. I remember reading Chief Joseph was called something like “big cloud going through the sky with peace and power,” but I get the hawk perception from Ryan. Hawks, of course, have great eyesight, are completely independent, and basically live by attacking and killing. They are beautiful but it is a terrific beauty. At a lake in Oregon, I got to watch an eagle live and kill. Dorena Park, Army Corp of Engineers. B.E.A.utiful.

    Please enjoy the good life.

  27. Leonard Goodman Says:

    Whittaker Chambers stated in “Witness” the substance of your Kramer quote. He lived it from the other (and, in his opinion, winning) side,even though he renounced communism when he found God. I do not know if he was the source Kramer’s conclusions but the language is similar to what is in Chamber’s book. I thought you might be interested. The book was a revelation.

  28. SteveH Says:

    It’s not so much adherence to party as it is adherence to the idea that lies can become truth and reality if only enough people believe.

    DWS is certain she’s a force for good in the world. And if she has to destroy or oppress non believers to prove that point she will.

  29. George Pal Says:


    “Sylvia Miles was there, and sat next to me: she filched my cookies!”

    Just snorkled my coffee but the laugh was worth it.

  30. nyo Says:

    Something very odd about Wasserman Schultz, she reminds me of something out of a H. P. Lovecraft story, total fishhead.

  31. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    I’m sorry to admit it, but particularly with that hairstyle, I think “slut” every time I see her.

  32. Brad Says:

    Yet another example of putting “party” or “tribe” above reason and principles:

    This is not something that affects only the left. It seems to be inherent in the nature of most humans.

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