August 30th, 2012


Silver was bad enough.

But white is the new silver.

And brown is emerging.

How boring can we get?

One thing’s for sure—nobody gets a white car because it doesn’t show the dirt.

12 Responses to “Ugh”

  1. vanderleun Says:

    The only decent car colors, as far as I am concerned, are fire-engine red or hunter green.

  2. Oldflyer Says:

    Pre-WWII my father, who was in the auto finance business, and my mother traveled to Detroit to pick up two cars for a dealer friend and drive them back to Florida.

    These were Pontiacs and I believe the first design ever with a streamlined shape. My father drove a dark green one, but Mother drove a two-tone, brown over beige (or something like that). Both cars attracted considerable attention in every town they passed through, but the one Mother drove was an absolute sensation. In most areas it was the first two-tone paint job anyone had seen.

    I will never forget them driving up to the farm where my brother and I were staying, honking the horns on those beautiful machines.

    Cars used to make a statement.

  3. John Dough Says:

    Living in the desert Southwest, the only two colors that you buy are white and gold/tan. I love all of the easterners that have migrated to the desert driving around in their jet black or fire engine red cars in the summer. There isn’t enough auto air conditioning to keep these vehicles cool when it’s 109 outside

  4. Susanamantha Says:

    We were given a loaner from the dealer while our car was being repaired. It was a beautiful black when we picked it up one evening. The next morning I was shocked to see that it was actually brown. Yuck. The only brown vehicle I can tolerate is the UPS truck, especially as it stops in front of my house.
    BTW, our two cars are dark gray and white. I like the white, but not so much the gray. It will have to go, if I have any say about it.

  5. Ruth H Says:

    Actually Book, sometimes we do. We drive either light tan or white. We live on a “caliche” rd. The dust doesnt’ show as much on our vehicles. That is why we have the colors we have. And it is true, we are in South Texas, they do reflect the heat.

  6. MissJean Says:

    I drive a silver car. I wanted the silvery-blue, but I had to get a new car in a hurry, so took what was on the lot. At the time, there were almost no other silver cars in my area, as the general trend was red, green, and black.

    Best colour? My sister drives an anniversary edition Camaro with the “chameleon” paint job. Pretty!

  7. Tesh Says:

    Color-wise, I’d prefer a nice deep navy or forest green, but functionally here in the Utah desert, a lighter tan wouldn’t be quite as hot as my forest green Toyota.

    Still, as an artist, I’m sorely tempted to just do my own paint job. I’m not sure what that would do to the resale value or vandalism targeting, though. I can dream of gold Celtic knotwork on my forest green car, though.

  8. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    The only decent car colors, as far as I am concerned, are fire-engine red or hunter green.

    Henry Ford just called to say that he respectfully disagrees with you…

  9. Glen H Says:

    Actually, white cars are pretty good for not showing dirt. I don’t know why this is. I can hit my fairly clean looking white car with water spray, and the dirt just pours off it.

  10. Sam L. Says:

    I’ve had dark blue, copper, white, silver, goldish, and darkish reds. The copper, and silver were in the desert, another silver, a blue, and a white in California smog. They all get dirty and dusty. Used to have to brush the enchantment out of copper and silver in NM.

  11. waltj Says:

    Like Sam, I’ve owned cars in a variety of colors: blues from sky to navy, reds from fire-engine to maroon, gold, and green. I guess if there’s one consistent theme, it’s that I’ve always bought a car that was a “real” color, not some shade of mud, or that could have been mistaken for the primer coat. I’d be ok with a silver, gray, or white car, but none of those would be a first or second choice. Brown? Maybe a rich bronze would be acceptable. Black? No way.

  12. thomass Says:

    Marketing companies just work together to rotate through the colors (silver, black, white, maybe brown… repeat).

    Once your stuff looks too dated (due to the color) to you; you start thinking of replacing it.

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