August 31st, 2012

Okay, so how do we…

…make this go viral?

Note particularly this moment. It’s not as personal and heartwarming as some of the other stuff, but it’s certainly relevant to how Romney would be likely to perform as president:

12 Responses to “Okay, so how do we…”

  1. Teri Pittman Says:

    It really is excellent. I like the pictures of him with his family. And the bit about the lightbulb! Now that is truly a dad kind of thing.

  2. James Says:

    This is a little off topic, but I can’t wait for the Demo-Con. I’m dying to see what MSM claims for a viewership. How many, how they arrived at that number, and how THEY compare it to the Republican television turnout. We may see gymnastics hereto fore undreamed of by mortals.

  3. Roy Lofquist Says:

    My all time favorite song featuring the 2002 Olympics, Bush, Romney and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

  4. expat Says:

    The lightbulb was great. I remember after 9/11 that some German commentators were aughing aboit New Yorkers using duct tape to seal their windows. I thought, Yeah, That’s what Americans do–use duct tape if you have to to get the job done.

  5. Doom Says:

    See, I won’t help that go viral, even if I lean toward Romney, comparably to how rocks lean toward the earth rather than the sky. It shouldn’t be about Romney, his family, or any fluff. Don’t… care… Get meat out there. What are his real plans? Is he really going to shut down zerocare? Is he actually considering shuttering government offices and cutting (real cuts) spending? Is he going to increase/decrease military (actually I heard he plans to increase, but I won’t hold my breath, good or ill). Find vids on what he really plans to do. We know the government can’t “make jobs”, but it can get out of the way. But… how does he propose to do that?

    Don’t… care… Cute kids’ parents murder people all the time. Great dads do very bad things. Good husbands can be terrible neighbors. Don’t care. Give me meat, keep the bologna, yogurt, tofu, and organics.

  6. parker Says:

    Doom, Taking it one by one…..

    Nothing wrong with cute kids and happy families. Its a part of the image thing. Its important. Is Romney a real, hands on guy ready to solve real problems on Main Street the best choice or is BHO the aloof messiah the way forward?

    I do think we can count on the fact that R&R realize government does not create jobs and it is government’s job to remove obstacles to job creation. This is a generational battle and perhaps the last chance to convince a majority that getting DC out of the way of Main Street is what it will take to turn this whole debacle around. Can we not agree that 4 more years of BHO, along with dem control of the senate will be the death knoll of the republic?

    Its a basic choice: R&R offer restraint and perhaps a small chance to reverse the trend towards rule by executive orders; BHO is the choice for those who want to rule by crisis and the stroke of the executive pen. IMO there is no choice.

  7. expat Says:

    WSJ made some of the same points today. My guess is that Romey won’t get too specific yet because he will have the spin doctors tearing things apart before he has enough air time to counter them. Besides that, he will want to have his cabinet appointments chosen and allow them some time to come up with real specifics.

    I also think that Romney will put out a bit more meat during the debates, when Obama will have to challenge his points, alone, on camera, and without a teleprompter. This will also give Mitt the chance to excoriate Obama’s own utopian plans, reenforcing the idea that Obama just isn’t up to the job.

    We all tend to think that Romney has had no strategy for defeating Obama, but I am beginning to see one. Clint Eastwood seems to have been part of it: a way to get somewhat uninterested guys to take note of him. The unmarried women will be reached through the personal stories, at least enough to pay more attention to the issues when they come oüt in the debtes and the numerous ads that will be aired now that Romney can use the money he has raised. These are the votes Romney needs to win. Ours alone aren’t enough.

  8. Tom Says:

    I think the video is awesome and important. I immediately shared it on my FB page. The reason I think it’s critical to get it out there is that it’s very difficult to call that guy a racist, and a hateful lying Republican. While we all know those things aren’t true, it’s what the Democrats are saying about us. It’s important to do everything possible to blunt that attack. It’s also what makes picking Paul Ryan such a genius move. It’s really hard to imagine him being mean, hateful or racist. Optics matter! On a side note, I’m on record here saying that under no circumstances would I vote for Romney, and shouting about what a horrible candidate he would be. I was wrong. I’ve been slowly warming to him over the past few months, and after his pick of Paul Ryan, and the convention, I’m sold. The guy was a perfect pick. Anyone know if crow tastes any better with ketchup or tabasco?

  9. Doom Says:


    Bzzzzt Wrong answer.


    Reasonable. And, I will agree that I have seen the Romney cloud growing from before the end of the nomination process. Actually, he was… clever, a little dirty and underhanded, but rather sure and firm, with other Republicans (i.e. I think he bought out two of the candidates, ol’ gray hair and miss cutey-pie (he is darling, so hush it), and turned them into… tactical drones). No, I have no doubt about his… methods. Machiavellian, if I would venture to guess. Not a complaint mind you, just… noted.

    As for fluff for women? Well, I guess that sort of proves my point about that portion of the electorate.

  10. Doom Says:

    (she, not he, is a darling, gah!) I hate when I click submit when going for preview, and you can’t take the comment down and redo when that happens. Ugh.

  11. Maggie's Farm Says:

    A few Sunday morning links…

    DOJ Accuses San Diego Public Library of Discrimination aganst the blind Flight deck lights to bright (h/t Vanderleun) Poll: Third of Americans Fear They Will Never Retire NBC Reporter Mocks Romney For Not Believing ‘Man-Made Global Warming’ Creates H…

  12. Terry Kirkpatrick Says:

    What needs to go viral is Jane Edmonds … where exactly is the war on women? See her here:

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