September 14th, 2012

Obama, hubris…

…but I repeat myself.

Via Breitbart:

I’d actually rather he was bullsh**ting us than that he actually believed this sort of naive, arrogant claptrap.

28 Responses to “Obama, hubris…”

  1. Kurt Says:

    There’s a problem with the embedded video. It started playing as soon as I navigated over to your page, and only a portion of the screen image is visible.

    As far as the point being made, I’m not surprised that the Narcissist-in-Chief said any of that, nor am I surprised that he is foolish enough to believe. I continue to be astounded, though, that so many so-called journalists and columnists took up that claim and echoed it and repeated it (Andrew Sullivan is but one example), and that so many American voters were gullible enough to buy into the whole ridiculous yarn (there’s not even enough plausibility in it to call it an “argument”).

  2. holmes Says:

    I just saw this too and was also struck by how asinine/naive it is. I mean, listen to the way he’s talking. It sounds just like his “love letter”; plaintively trying to endear himself with trite pap.

  3. DonS Says:

    Hell, I’m heading down to the beach so I can see the waters receed.

  4. holmes Says:

    Actually, it reminds me of a really bad job interview. You ask the applicant why they’re a good fit for the job, and they pull out this really contrived, canned answer that sounds superficially good, until you think about it some more and it made no sense at all.

  5. kaba Says:

    Odd claim! He has apparently lived in this country for 40+ years and doesn’t understand the first thing about it.

    Does anyone else wish that he’d spend one-half the effort reaching out to this country as he does to the Muslims?

  6. Curtis Says:

    Hey Muslims, you assassins, you killers for 15 centuries, you parasites, you scourges of humanity, you mindless marriers of cousins with an average of 85 IQ, hey, I love you. Please, I love you. And will you not love me. Pleease. Oh puhlease. Love me. I will be your Tamerlane. Through me you will experience peace from Western corruption. Through me you will find ease and parasitic consumption. I am the Borg, flock to me, and I will feed thee.


  7. Curtis Says:

    Is not BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA the head that the snake, the dragon, seeks?

    But the Word has commanded that Pride goeth before a fall.

  8. parker Says:

    If Obama truly believes this nonsense about his ‘powers’ over muslims or the oceans or any of the other outlandish claims he has made, he is way beyond hubris, naivety, and arrogance. If true, he needs to be under examination by mental health professionals turn the office over to Biden and undergo years of therapy.

    Don’t forget BHO directed NASA to reach out to muslim nations which prompts the question: reach out and do what exactly? Bring their societies out of the 7th century? Put a muslim on the moon? If he wants to do something for muslims he should start by getting his half-brother out of that hut in Kenya.

  9. T Says:

    The silver lining is that Hubris sires Nemesis.

  10. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “If Obama truly believes this nonsense about his ‘powers’ over muslims or the oceans or any of the other outlandish claims he has made, he is way beyond hubris, naivety, and arrogance. If true, he needs to be under examination by mental health professionals”

    Not just Obama, you’re talking about millions of Americans, liberals and independents who swallowed this paean to unicorns and rainbows…

    If we just sincerely assure militant Muslims that we are sincere and sensitive and agreeable to ‘reasonable’ demands, then we can all sing kumbaya around the campfire together.

    Moral cowardice and appeasement concealed under the rubric of reasonableness and humility…

    And a willingness to collaborate and grovel if that’s what it takes…

    What? You thought only the french are willing to trade liberty for survival?

  11. Katielee Says:

    Ummm… So far your understanding of their culture isn’t inspiring confidence–in me anyway. Maybe in them it does since their violence is – exploding – and carries the indication that they feel they are having a success.

    Barry, just what is your understanding of their culture, and what do you want them to accomplish?

  12. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Wait for it. The calls that is, for understanding;
    after all, what can we expect after decades of oppressive US policies in the M.E.?

    The inconvenient truth that those policies were formulated fighting a monstrous, godless, amoral and godless communism, which viewed Islam with the same animosity as it did Western democracies is conveniently forgotten.

    And don’t forget that America has just spent billions and sacrificed thousands of American lives trying to bring the blessings of liberty, freedom and representative democracy to the M.E. That not being consistent with ‘oppressive policies’ is ignored.

    As well as the fact that without Western demand for oil, the region would be as poor as Bangladesh. And unable to support 1/3 the number of people who currently live in the M.E.

    It’s all our fault, oh, and Bush’s too of course.

    Well, what are we to do? Double down on appeasement of course.

  13. MissJean Says:

    I heard part of this quote in Obama 2016, which I saw tonight.

  14. Artfldgr Says:

    Boy are they turning up the heat!!! If we didn’t finish the buffer zone, locking a genie in its bottle, i said that they were going to respond a lot, and turn on all the burners. if its too hot in the kitchen, and ya cant handle the heat..

    Black Flag of Islam Flies Over American Embassy in Tunisia as Attacks on America Continue Around the Globe

    perhaps Jay Carney and Martin Dempsey might be wrong?

    An American school in Tunis was also set on fire.

    In Lebanon today angry protesters ransacked a KFC and Hardee’s restaurant, police were firing on protesters in Yemen, and there was also unrest in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Turkey. Additional unrest occurred in Sudan where an angry mob attacked British and German embassies. In Bangladesh tens of thousands took to the streets to protest, and in India there are widespread protests in Muslim Kashmir. In London, protesters burned an American flag outside of the U.S. embassy.

    and THAT’s not all folk…
    Nigerian troops fire to disperse Muslim protesters in Jos

    I remember not to long ago i pointed out that if they hit obama with a lot of stuff at once, it will be a cake walk.
    and that there is no way they are going to pass up the opportunity that obama gives them.

    and what would the party be without:
    Jordanians protest anti-Islam film, torch US flags
    Muslim worshippers clash with police in East Jerusalem

    the world has had how many years to prepare to take advantage of this situation? the election is a good distraction for Obama at the same time of the crisis, and will color his choices, which will telegraph that to them. and there is quite a lot of time between now and later.

  15. RandomThoughts Says:

    What I got out of that is that our nation’s security is in the hands of a tool.

    Oh yeah, and he totally understands the Muslim culture, which the Islamic people in turn will appreciate.

    Someone should give the guy a Nobel Peace Prize for what he’s sure to accomplish, having as he does such a wise, benevolent perspective.

  16. Gringo Says:


    Odd claim! He has apparently lived in this country for 40+ years and doesn’t understand the first thing about it.

    Indeed. For example, his “bitter clingers” remark showed that ∅bama had no clue about rural America. While ∅bama received ample criticism for that remark, he doubled down and said that he was correct.

    Does anyone else wish that he’d spend one-half the effort reaching out to this country as he does to the Muslims?

    ∅bama has often given the impression that he considers Rush Limbaugh or the Tea Party a greater enemy to the US than Osama Bin Laden or the Mullahs of Iran. Compare how Obamacare treats Muslims, compared to Catholics.

    In one sense,∅bama is correct to consider Rush or the Tea Party a greater enemy than the Mullahs of Iran. Supporters of Rush or the Tea Party can help vote ∅bama out of office. The Mullahs cannot vote ∅bama out of office.

  17. Gary Rosen Says:

    Not much for me to say other than he just makes me sick.

  18. Roman Says:

    I think that much of the left is more concerned with intentions rather than results. Look at the ‘war on poverty’, it is the cause of many of our social problems. Every good, even great, idea should not have the force of law. Things are not thought completely through.

  19. rickl Says:


    Oh, I don’t know. I think LBJ created the “war on poverty” with the specific intention of ensuring a solid Democrat voting bloc in perpetuity. I believe he even said so somewhere, although I can’t find the quote.

  20. reliapundit Says:


    HE SAYS:









  21. Charles Says:


    You’ve describe that perfectly – it does sound like a canned answer an idiot would give during a job interview without really understanding what the job actually is. He also gets a dig into the other candidate – “this administration fails to understand” – and the hiring manager (we, the US people) hired this fool anyway!

  22. neo-neocon Says:

    reliapundit: I actually think he was exaggerating the extent of his travels, because in this particular context he was trying to pass himself off as an expert because of them.

    Just a hunch, though.

  23. Barry Says:

    Aside from the unicorns he believes in, which most of us knew of anyway, the part that strikes me is his response to the interviewer around :29. It seems as if this came from an NPR type program where everyone in the room (on the conference call?) was his cheerleader. Yet, even still, when the interviewer tries to help him with, “Oh, you mean when you were young…?” he snaps back, “No, no, no, no, no… it’s also that my sister…I am intimately concerned…”

    The lady was trying to help him yet his thin skinned first reaction is to cut her off and object to her point. Just seemed odd how quickly he objected and cut her off. She wasn’t a Fox news person who was attacking him. She was trying to help. I wouldn’t have hired him. All he says is gibberish.

    “Intimately concerned?” Anyone ever heard or used that phrase before?

  24. Barry Says:

    I also might add, if the caller and people like her are so concerned about how the world views the U.S., why have they spent the last fifty years tearing it down and teaching everyone what an awful, racist society this is?

    I’m a changer, too. I started to gradually change after I lived in Mexico for about five months. Everyone had told me what a racist country the U.S. was. Then, I go to a country that is nearly homogenous and the racism there was 100 times more palpable. Maybe we’re not so bad after all?

  25. southpaw Says:

    Kaba – YES! And a great observation

    Does he believe his own BS about magical powers? According to Michelle he does. I recall an interview I watched prior to the 2008 election where she stated pretty much that he does. I paraphrase ” You don’t understand my husband. Barack believes there’s nothing he can’t with the sheer force of his will”.
    Intelligent — I’m not buying it. He’s unable to learn from his mistakes, and stubbornly clings to idealism regardless of the results. Other people have been covering for him all his life, not because he’s smart, but because they made the mistake of thinking he is capable of things he is not.

  26. Francesca Says:

    People have been covering for him all his life due to the color of his skin.

  27. Francesca Says:

    Barry, I too have lived in Mexico. I lived over a year in Mexico teaching English at two universities. However, I had and have taught international students from many countries for years, and the racism in many countries is 1000x anything here. Japanese hate the Koreans. Koreans hate the Japanese and the Chinese. Colombians hate the Argentines. Saudis hate non-Saudis, etc. Thoughout the Spanish-speaking Americas, the ‘pure’ Spaniards lord it over the more mixed peoples. Doesn’t work well in Mexico as most Mexicans are mixed, but it doesn’t stop them from trying. Another thing is that everywhere, people with lighter skin are preferred over their countrymen with darker skin. (See Rwanda). That includes Mexico, China, the Philippines, etc. We have let the anti-Amricans here in our own country paint us with the brush of racism, when the truth is that we are among the least racist countries on earth. Don’t fall for their insults.


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