September 26th, 2012

One of those trends…

…you may find it hard to understand: the bagel-head.

It’s all the rage in Japan, where it seems that bagels (the real ones) have become quite popular. One picture is worth many words:

This lovely visage is the result of saline injections coupled with pressing the thumb afterwards into the center of the forehead to create the “hole.” The effect only lasts for 16-24 hours until the saline is absorbed, but it’s quite adorable, don’t you think?

Of course, you could also get a similar look by falling flat on your face, as I did. And it would last a lot longer, too; take it from me.

Lest you imagine that this sort of strangeness is limited to the youth of Japan, just think of all the piercings and tattooings you see regularly in this country, and how extreme they’ve gotten. It’s a race to outdo each other in outrageousness, although the Japanese just might be going for the gold.

I’ve already explored the ubiquitous nature of the human desire to not let well enough alone in regard to the body. There seems to be a deep need on the part of many to torture and push it to the limit with novel ways to enhance what’s thought of as beauty, to wit: foot-binding, lip plates, neck rings, corsets, padding, higher and higher heels, and tattoos and piercings of the wildest variety.

Compared to that, a 24-hour bagelhead doesn’t seem so bad.

[Hat tip: Althouse.]

36 Responses to “One of those trends…”

  1. Roman Says:

    IV saline, lasts less than a day, looks like crap, costs too much…And the upside is?

  2. CV Says:

    I guess I am missing the adorable part. She looks injured to me!

    Agree that with tattoos, piercings, botox, etc. people will obviously go to great lengths to alter their appearance for better or worse.

    But this bagelhead thing? I just don’t get it.

  3. n.n Says:

    They’re escaping the mundane. It’s probably better than the preferred escape route through psychotropic drugs.

  4. George Pal Says:

    Proving what?

    That there is no limit to the stupidity of humans with too much money and too few brain cells working?

    QE3 To Infinity should be a hoot.

  5. Mr. Frank Says:

    Tattoos are a permanent answer to a temporary question.

  6. Lizzy Says:

    That is creepy. But it’s hard to feel culturally superior when Americans are getting tattoos on their anus and jacking their faces full of botox.

  7. neo-neocon Says:

    Roman: the upside is you show how edgy and trendy you are.

  8. Occam's Beard Says:

    This, like tattoos and all body modification fads, serve a useful function by letting idiots self-identify.

    Imagine that the police required the criminal class to distinguish themselves physically to make them easier for victims to pick out later in lineups. They’d howl to the skies, right? Yet they go out and get utterly distinctive tattoos and piercings. You have to laugh.

  9. Charles Says:

    ” . . . all the rage in Japan . . .”

    Perhaps, or perhaps not. I’m not too sure how many Japanese are doing this.

    However, it seems to me that whenever Japan “imports” something there are elements of Japanese society that will take things to the extreme.

    Witness: Tea ceremony, Ikebana (flower arrangement), Zen (in Chinese, Chan) Buddhism to name a few imported from China. All of which are carried to something of an extreme when compared to the original.

    Then there is the way the Japanese deal with Basubaru (baseball), imported from the West but done in an uniquely (and somewhat extreme) Japanese way. “The Wave” is nothing compared to Japanese team spirit shown for their home-town teams.

    Also manufacturing (assembly line, etc) which is also done in a much more extreme way (team spirit, group calisthenics, etc) than done in the US. Seriously, I cannot picture workers in Detroit agreeing to do group exercises “for the good of the company.”

    And, did you ever watch Japanese game shows? Man, dancing with the stars is very boring compared to some of what they do. One show has contestants being pulled along a gravel path while sitting down and only wearing underwear – ouch!

    America’s (or Britain’s) got talent? Ha! Karaoke is a Japanese word.

    These are just benign examples.

    So, why wouldn’t some elements of Japan also adopt body modification, go to the extreme with it; but, also in a uniquely Japanese way it can be undone so when these young folks are done with their “youthful rebellion” they can join the ranks of “Sararīman” (salaried man) without having to explain their youthful stupidity.

  10. Occam's Beard Says:

    I cannot picture workers in Detroit agreeing to do group exercises “for the good of the company.”

    I can’t imagine workers in Detroit agreeing to anything for the good of the company.

  11. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Perhaps that thumb should have gone somewhere else, since these people seem to have unlimited time to waste.

    P.S.–Its always seemed to me that–a la compressing a balloon on one side, only to have it bulge out on the other–that the rigid social structure and mores and the usually ultra close living conditions characteristic of Japan may account for the fact that when many Japanese do release the emotions caused by these pressures, that release often takes on rather odd and especially extreme, even fanatical forms.

  12. southpaw Says:

    I got a bump like that from an errant horseshoe when i was A kid. It don’t remember it feeling fashionable at the time.
    But it makes me wonder if I could do some market research at a democrat fund raiser, and test out the bag o’nickel- to-the-face makeover on some donors.

  13. Artfldgr Says:

    I think you miss the difference between trying to manufacture a fad and whether it takes, or an actual fad of looks and why they take…

    This will go out as fast as it came in, except if one thing happens… and that’s if the bagel heads have more casual sex than non bagel heads.

    so acclimated to the products of our sex and being told we don’t have that, tends to force our brains to erase notice just to keep cogent. If you cant resolve it, accept it, then ignore it – and one thing people are good at, its ignoring the obvious. and not everyone is the same in ability, or much of anything else (and the arguments to support it are idiot arguments… “the difference between two people is less than X and more than Y when compared to a Bonobo, and 90% when compared to yeast… ”

    anyone want to tell me what that really means? given that the points are irrelevant to the argument… (whether 10% or 99.9999% the point one chooses is arbitrary and suits imagination rather than any real measure).

    One of the more interesting things as i have watched feminism take hold, is its claim to ending sexism, while its victims tart up like one giant Babylonian harem, with training in debased acts for a limited number of ‘suitable’ males…

    but they are not allowed to examine things are they? i mean if they did, would they like what they find, and would they like that kind of self examination? i doubt it.

    There seems to be a deep need on the part of many to torture and push it to the limit with novel ways to enhance what’s thought of as beauty, to wit: foot-binding, lip plates, neck rings, corsets, padding, higher and higher heels, and tattoos and piercings of the wildest variety.

    i always laugh when i see paragraphs like that as they have not seen the common in it all…

    who is having what done to whom to advertise what they will do for who? which were signs of luxury (with certain other qualities too)? which played cargo cult exaggeration of secondary sexual characteristics as a norm, while hating, treating like evil, and the worst, if their potential mate does it (its ok for me to ‘trick’ you, but dont you dare ‘trick’ me). Another focus is on short term or long term.

    most people who do research never are there at the birth of things. they tend to come up with reasons that fit the world view they created by the pool of readings that replaced experience. its a shame really. and they get all peeved if you point it out and illustrate examples…

    torture and push has to do with faking. what good is a sign if its too easy to fake? if stickleback male player fish could hire an octopus to extend their tiny red tails to get laid, would they?

    and they all DO enhance beauty…
    but one would have to realize what they were doing… what effect it had, where that fit into our biological programming, etc…

    foot-binding. funny you should mention this one, as its a big bug a boo of the feminists, and few put it into its context (survival).

    women wear high heels for much the same reason. by being up on your toes, your foot looks smaller, and less male… ever notice women HATE with a passion if they have huge feet? (and will lie as to the size to the point that the joke is embedded in everything from old movies to Disney films… glass slippers anyone?)

    it also showed that you didn’t change status. in a state where status mobility is not allowed. such behaviors insured that a male marrying such a woman, was not being presented with a foxy peasant girl of ill stock. common families could not handle the burden this would cause on productivity, but if your not supposed to be such, well its ok.

    was it horrible? yeah… but so was having a board strapped to your head in south America so you had a flat forehead and were shown to be royalty… or your family makes and puts a necklace on you as a child, that requires the removal of your head to get it off.

    but note, those were in times of aristocracy, and a cheat to the system would be what to that? lip plates and neck rings are similar… in tribes which also have aristocracy.

    wasnt the aristocracy the first to smoke, do drugs, etc? werent they the ones in the US that went communist and now where are we heading?

    corsets focus on something else… those others are long term and show your participation in a certain way of life since birth and could not be faked later on.

    corsets are about short term vs long term… and so, they are about sex without consequences, as a woman who has such biological shapes, would be known by native men to not be a good child bearer (and so would be ok for short term)… while a woman with other proportions (you can look them up, twiggy and marylin monroe have the same proportions), will be seen as fertile and be more desireable to a person who wanted long term.

    feminism switched us from long term living to short term living… and so fashions follow that… it also negated merit, and so good choices… let the dice decide, we are all equal, so does it matter?

    so women focus on the short term bait more than the long term… padding, fetish heels (higher past a point), dominatrix wear, tattoos (wearing your inside on your outside. check out the woman with severed penises tattooed as a necklace… sharp), and piercings.

    piercings are about sex… not long term relationships
    the first to wear them were royalty as they lived a domesticated life, had cabin fever, and decided to zip things up… (everything from inserting objects, to animals, to a panoply that no one would believe if i started listing)

    so studs and things had specific reasons to have them and there were biological responses to doing it. nipple piercings have ups and downs, but one up is that your nipples increase in size. that is, you get bigger more sensitive parts… amphlangs cause the wall of the vagina to shift the penis from an internal place… and so on.

    basically club girls watched their big hair, idiotic underwear on the outside, and babe from toy land porno look was loosing to nihilist sex addicts with studs and tramp stamps… guess what they did?

    they wanted the action, but didnt want to do what the others were doing, so eventually they dont mean anything any more… like now… go ahead, get a stud… why? to be edgy? thats what you say when your so far removed from the source and its so old, you have no other justification (without saying, i am being an original copying others)

    if you sat and kind of mapped out the mating situation now… you might get why all this stuff took the turn it has. including the new use of what some men may refer to as porno eyelashes..(thanks to articles in woman’s mags that tell her that a star is addicted to them… (i can quote the issue if you want))

    so here is what you have…
    its a hookup culture… the young girls are on a short term binge, and so, tarting up the max in competition with others. she is not interested in men her age, unless wealthy, and so poaches the men a bit older as they have means and are a bit less crude.

    the women who would in the theory of this, settle down with these men, cant… why? because as their near the time of their alarm clock going off, these men get to date their replacements as they did before. the best men who have lived this way, are not great mates later on… (at least not as great as they would be if they met Betty lou and married her rather than share her with Elmo, and have anal fist sex).

    with the female imposed limits on covering the dominant signal… nothing else matters… and the women have all kinds of rationalizations and excuses and deflections for it. but in general, they don’t like strong women, high iqs, etc… (if that was so, were did she get her high iq? her idiot fathers through time?)

    no… its just that when your no longer locked into choosing carefully as you only get one choice… you actually see no reason to choose. in the short term what good is a phd? do phds give better oral sex? or does the girl with enhancements, and a tongue stud?
    (and all that does is let those doyens tell these women that men are jerks, but really, who works from a younger age to older?)

    So all these things are messages we send out to each other to communicate things about ourselves, truthfully, and with lies. don’t ask what a red kerchief in the back pocket means south of Houston street – or a yellow one, a black one, etc… now it makes sense why so many vendors sell those things, eh? duh

    and all these things being focused on are short term cargo cult fakery loved by the narcissistic equal sex. dont think so? just call up a few articles as to how a new bra, lipstic, or heels changed a womans life and attitude… (affectation over substance, she feels like what she wants to be, rather than be that, and not feel it!)

    mens signals and things exist too… but they are less faked… women wont tolerate them… how do they feel about lifts? (shoes that raise height) baldness wigs vs shaving the head? etc

    and all this is over a small set of men who can give women what feminists have put out of their reach. a family, kids, no work, home life, friends, a house, etc.. as bouvier said, thats what women want (so why do they support people who want the opposite for them? and hate the people bowing out because thats what they want?)

    this is the point of it. you should see the train, and the competitiveness. and its interesting depending on where you go. hang out wall street vs hospital row, vs other areas.

    how much lower can women go to beg to give someone else sex they dont want on the outside chance that he might like her for more than one night, and not want to sample tomorrows candy, which may be named candy?

    the women lead the way… they always have…
    when they wanted homes, children, life of less work with amenities, they got it. when they kicked their husbands out, and impoverished and exterminated their families, the men bowed out. now they want full fledged communism, as the older people who know better are dying out (and obamacare intends to hasten that process with morphine and rest).

    whose manipulations and such put nero into office and, so on? whose choices ushered in the destruction of german empire, and the averaging of her people? whose choices, given by others, have led them to a precipice?

    from elizabeth barret browning, to virgina wolfs latest screed about her genitals and bagel heads…

  14. parker Says:

    I often wonder about these young people with gaudy and plentiful tattoos, huge discs in their ear lobes, etc. and wonder what they will feel when they look into a mirror 40 years later. One thing I do know for certain, I hope they never have children.

  15. Occam's Beard Says:

    the usually ultra close living conditions characteristic of Japan may account for the fact that when many Japanese do release the emotions caused by these pressures, that release often takes on rather odd and especially extreme, even fanatical forms.

    I’ve had the same thought. I think that the crowding also accounts at least in part for the elaborate courtesy they evince. Of course, some centuries of samurai offing anyone who offended them may have had something to do with that too.

  16. Lizzy Says:

    Parker – I am amazed at how many parents I see at my son’s elementary school, or at the local swimming pool, who have serious tattoos; women with entire sleeves, one man who appears to be tattooed over most of his body, including his shaved head. This is in a decent, middle-class neighborhood in Denver, the kind with a lot of 1 million+ dollar renovated homes. It is very common nowadays.

  17. Occam's Beard Says:

    It is very common nowadays.

    Yes, I’d like to pay top dollar to look like a member of the underclass, limit my employment opportunities, be shunned by the right half curve, and eventually pay top dollar again to have the tattoo(s) removed. What a great idea!

  18. RandomThoughts Says:

    My first thought: “What the hell?! Who in their right mind wants to look like that?!” Which is pretty much what I think every time I see someone with their nasal columalla and/or lower lip pierced.

    Then I read Artfldgr’s: “This will go out as fast as it came in, except if one thing happens… and that’s if the bagel heads have more casual sex than non bagel heads.”

    And my second thought was: “As long as they provide mandatory Norplant injections along with the forehead saline, the future of humanity might just be safe.”

  19. Tesh Says:

    I couldn’t help but think “Cardassian tumor” when I saw that. That’s… weird.

  20. Sam L. Says:

    Does anyone besides me want to run up and slather cream cheese on them? Wouldn’t waste the lox taht way, though.

  21. parker Says:

    “All the girls walk by dressed up for one another.”

    From Van to your ears:

    And from the Kinks a comment on those who flit from shop to shop just like a butterfly:

  22. parker Says:

    “Does anyone besides me want to run up and slather cream cheese on them?”

    Ugh…. that would be a close encounter of a very strange kind. 😉

  23. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Attempts to modify the body implicitly declare a dissatisfaction with self. The more extreme the modification the greater the insecurity.

  24. waltj Says:

    Japan remains an entity unto itself. The Japanese do things that make no sense to anyone except themselves, and then move on to something equally bizarre after a few weeks or years. I’ll give this trend weeks. If saw someone like this woman walking down the street, I’d be tempted to call 9-1-1 because it looks to me like she did a faceplant into light pole.

    As far as Japanese having sex, casual or otherwise, goes, that’s one of Japan’s biggest problems right now: not enough Japanese making enough babies to keep their rather expensive society functional beyond the next decade or two. Despite its fame (or infamy) in the kinky porn business, Japan suffers from a low collective libido. Instead of having real kids, they treat their pampered dogs like their children (way more so than the average American pet lover), put off marriage until later and later, and spend their money on travel and weird fads like this one. For me, this is a pity. For all their oddities, I like Japan and the Japanese, and I may be around long enough to say “it was nice knowing ya”.

  25. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Waltj—This brings up the issue of just how do you motivate various groups of people, nations, races—the Japanese and much of Europe, for instance—when a critical mass of people in each one of these groupings have apparently given in to a hedonistic, decadent, self-absorbed, energy and will-sapping, world—weary, ennui, whole peoples who have, for the most part, lost their self-confidence and spirit, one might even say “their will to live,” who, on some conscious and/or unconscious level view their futures as so bleak that they do not want to bring children into that world—to have more children?

    In Germany and elsewhere in Europe, for instance, there are apparently all sorts of bonuses and tax incentives and services that kick in when you have children, and multiple children even more so, but there are, apparently, nowhere near enough takers.

    Moreover, in the case of Japan such an attitude is an extremely sharp reversal and in direct contradiction to the fierce and confident spirit displayed by the Japanese virtually since their first mention/discovery by the Chinese in the third century A.D.

    Has these races, people’s, and nation’s time to shuffle off the stage of History just come? Are they just “played out”?

    How do you re-ignite, make deeply meaningful, and central to everyone’s lives again a spirit, a world-view, whole systems of behavior and expectations that have apparently come to the end of their existence, have just finally become exhausted and devoid of meaning and energy?

    Jung wrote about what he saw as this kind of erosion of meaning and energy with regard to Christianity, and the need for its reinvention, and the appearance/formulation of a new set of central images that would strike deep into our unconscious and conscious minds, and loom large and powerful there, images and a Mythos that would be meaningful and carry great energy for us, and motivate and direct us in a Third Millennium.

    I believe the often enigmatic and cryptic Jung thought such a Mythos and such images would, invoked by necessity, just spontaneously appear, but can such a new energizing myth and force just spontaneously arise among those peoples and nations who are on a “demographic death spiral”?

  26. Artfldgr Says:

    I think that the crowding also accounts at least in part for the elaborate courtesy they evince.

    actually, they are NOT very courteous occam…

    go ahead, check it out…
    they are only curteous to those who they have some form of connection or relationship to.

    drop packages and struggle to pick them up, no one will help you… get knocked by them as you walk by, you wont hear a sorry or excuse me…

    ie. they dont think they will ever see you again, so the curtsey is wasted.

    impressions are seldom real..

    and if your a cocojin, or a gaijin (which are not nice things to say… they mean black or white)

    Formerly living in Tokyo, I noticed that sharing a sidewalk with a “J” can be hazardous to your health. Time and time again, I would have been knocked off the sidewalk completely if I had not stopped and turned sideways (and I’m not fat) so some “J” could walk by and not make any eye contact. They could be walking alone or with someone, but they have no problem running into you. I’m not talking about the high-population areas, but areas where you pass someone every minute or two. It seems as if they don’t even recognize you as a person, but perhaps some inanimate object. If a “J” has some sort of relationship with you, they are polite, but if they don’t, it’s like you don’t exist.

    I have known this for years… over 30
    you can see it in ny, though they learn real fast how to be polite once they try to walk through a nyorker without saying sorry or ignoring them… ie. they will be chased after, stopped, and a fight will start if they don’t handle it.

    but in japan.. they will knock your ass over if your not big enough to knock theirs over…

    but part of the problem is that the person commenting is more polite than the nihonjin… they wont refuse to move…

    by the way… i have seen Germans act similar in terms of waiting on line. they will walk up to the front of the line to buy tickets… if the crowd dont stop them, too bad… (though i dont know how widespread it is, i have seen it more than once, and seen more than one almost riot start because of it)

    another commenter

    The Japanese are more often rude to the Japanese. I am Japanese and my parents are both Japanese, and I don’t like Japanese.
    They don’t even say “excuse me” or “sorry” when they push me out on the train or any other public spots. Even at a bench or something at a shopping center, and suppose you will say, “is it ok if I sit?” they will ignore you totally

    similar happens with the Chinese in flushing, though not as rude…

    Maybe it’s a culture here. I remember I spoke to a Japanese salaryman with a formal suit on in the evening (I was wearing my suits like other salarymen out there), saying “Are you in line?” – He was standing around the line for my bus. He didn’t say anything but just quickly shook his head like a 3 yr old kid does. At other times, they will be a little upset, panicked or bothered. I know why they do it. I’m also Japanese. They just don’t want anyone to speak to them, which breaks their secure & comfortable space. But without saying anything, it will create another frustration.

    and i often feel the same way…
    so i too understand it…

    the latest thing comes from women… you have an empty car… lots of room… but the women walk up and stand in front of you in your personal space and prevent you from reading etc… they wont move… and you better not say anything…

    my usual way of handling it is to keep my paper where it is, and let them walk up and have it hit them in the neck. they then try to stand there with it on their neck as they refuse to back down in their passive aggressive hate game…

    but when i turn the pages and let them settle on top of their heads, thats when they respond. they either move. or they complain… to which i say… you had a whole car to choose from, yet you chose to stand so close to me, i thought thats what you wanted.

    a recent altercation (2 days ago). nearly ended up a fight… what was the crime? i was approaching a train door, and decided to put my wallet in my back pocket… and since i am not an octopus, my elbow has to come back so i can reach. this person was so smack up close to me, that they thought i was elbowing them in the gut to start a fight. so they shoved me! i turned and yelled as they started to fight, and asked them when it was ok to put my wallet in my back pocket and why were they so close?

    i know that being 6’3″ and 222 tends to slow them down, but its amazing.

    i can tell you all kinds of things from the trains. and not just japanese quirkies, but chinese ones and others. for instance, native chinese don’t care if there are benches to sit on, they will squat where they are…

    some africans are friendly, happy, and easy to connect with, and are a joy to bump into during a crappy day as you bs… others? are a piece of work in action…

    like the day that i was standing in a jam packed subway car… a load of 6 or seven young gang bangers got on… from 115 feet away, a prick with a fedora (guess what race hate group he affiliates with), picks me out of a crowd and starts asking me questions about Obama that are supposed to set the gang bangers off.

    nice people, eh?

    but i had already bumped into those kids before, and was on good terms… so when he asked me if Obama did drugs and what my racist answer was… they all looked at me…

    I yelled back that “i never partied with Obama and if i did, i sure wouldn’t snitch on him to your hateful sorry fat ass”

    the gangbangers went “oh snap”, and laughed and we traded bumps.
    that was the end of that…

    but if i didnt grow up in a slum, would i have known what to say?

  27. neo-neocon Says:

    Artfldgr: I remember reading somewhere long ago (don’t remember the source) that Japanese society had exquisite rules of etiquette only for certain social situations, but for others that have only come to the country later (such as subways, for example) there were no rules. And where there were no old rules, and no new ones, chaos reigned. It was every person for themselves, pushing and shoving much much worse than in this country. If there was no time-honored ceremony that could guide people’s actions, there seemed to be no over-arching rules of how you ought to treat people that could be applied to the new situation.

    Don’t know if that’s true, but if so it seems it could fit in with what you and others have said.

  28. Artfldgr Says:

    Yes, I’d like to pay top dollar to look like a member of the underclass, limit my employment opportunities

    ah… but you see… its how such things work.
    these wealthy people doing it are saying they dont need to care about employment limits.

    just as women with very long nails, have them for the same reason Chinese emperors did. they advertise she is taken care of and need not work…

    if you study the area of all this, you will be surprised that each of these things make a lot of sense. the variables are long term vs short term relationships, sexual acquisition or choice, and being so successful you can do damaging things and it not matter.

    you can sure bet that ted kennedies not losing his career and all that for killing that girl, after the fact, made him a great catch.

    but if you logically try to analyst it, withougt the requisite knowlege behind it, your not going to understand it… your just going to be confused and then say the old… they are stupid.

    which i guess is what a rooster says to a peacock… look at that, its stupid… or a stickleback says about a long red tail…

    to common people a man wearing a Rolex is telling them something…but to the man who wears Brueget he is a poseur

    why did pretty women make themselves ugly? because they were so pretty, they were still pretty with the ugly stuff on. so in this way, they were telling others how much prettier they are

    in the case of the mothers with the tats in these nice neighborhood. they are telling stuff too. you guys just dont know how to read the message. and they might not either, as many of these things people dont seem to like very much once its revealed whats behind it.

    those women are telling everyone that the way to a nice home and the kind of husbands they have is through deviant sex or the promise of such.

    body piercings are about increasing pleasure of your own, or your partner… so those who have a more than normal focus on sex, will want that over people who have normal focus. (that’s when it starts, later, others copy as they don’t want to lose out – but since the copy isn’t backed up with the promise of the originals, the fad dies)

    boarding the forehead as a baby, putting on a collar as a child, and lotus foot, are all ways of telling the other that i have been part of the royal line since birth… no one who wanted to change castes could do so unless their parents did that to them as children. and if so, a peasant parents with a royal baby, would end up dead…

    today, we dont ‘get’ this, because feminism has taught us we are all equal, so careful selection of a mate is not necessary. (and betting on their victims not kowing how evolution actually works, going so far as to claim it stopped… it cant stop. there is no way to stop it… without 100% perfect copying, evolution proceeds. but if you want to devolve the lower casts backwards, its a great breeding program through policy)

    one of the most insulting things i have ever seen though is the idea of poverty chic

    that its cool to have money and a good live and imitate homeless and impoverished people in fashion… the downtrodden wealthy

    every thing being discussed here has rational easy to understand reasons that require knowledge of biology, evolution, psychology, and more to figure out.

    but upon examination, its easy to figure out why. why do women wear heels? because small feet (Same as lotus foot) is created by going on toe… not to mention but thrust… but also, it makes her legs appear longer… ie. leg length is a secondary sexual characteristic for women. which is why advertising graphics people will lengthen the legs of subjects.

    artificial porno lashes are popular now… why? they advertise a more than real health (lashes take a long time to grow, and be replaced, so they are a sign of health)… so like a stickleback with an extra long tail, they attract (and to those that dont respond to that cue, they look a bit weird).

    so men.. here is a question…
    note that i want to know what it makes YOU think, not what it makes HER think… that is, her thoughts are not going to match yours, but its your thoughts she is trying to stimulate and then find advantage over others.

    a woman goes out on a friday night, she is NOT with her girlfriends, she is wearing very skimpy clothes, dark red lipstick, red dress, thigh high 4 inch boots, a tongue stud, a tram stamp…

    what is she saying? well, in respect to everyone else, she is yelling and they are yelling too. the men are numb from having it thrown at them all day. so she is advertising sex sex sex. not to have sex, but to have choice.

    Why did bill gates marry his secretary?
    who else had access to him?

    so its for ACCESS, and CHOICE on her side

    in the example above…
    lets reverse it

    a woman goes out on a Friday night, she is with her girlfriends, she is wearing average clothing, almost no makeup, flats, has no studs, or tattoos.

    how much access will she get and hold?

    so thats why we have it. and it starts with a group that succeeds at something… others notice that… and then try to wear or exhibit waht those winners show (but not have the substance behind it).

    so tattoos women were seen as looser… short term, wiling to have sex… but that’s because the women who did get that in the early days before it was popular, did that… they DID have sex, and they were kinky, and freaky.

    the rest of the copycats though, are using the sign, not the substance.

    by the way. women HATE this kind of conversation (actually they hate anything that doesn’t support the myth)…

    they dont want to know what the men who know are picking up on and why…

    why do men go for platinum blondes and such? if you read bio books, they will say its due to the fact that babies are that way…

    but in reality? i know that the woman that does all this, is a woman that doesn’t like herself more than other women don’t like themselves!!! (And women HATE themselves and constantly want to be anything else!!!!!!!!! i can prove it too)

    the players know she is easy… she is easy precisely because he knows that she will play out her persona she put on, even if its against her actual self… she justifies it and rationalized it that other women do it, and so its normal. but what she is missing is that insecurity is a doorway… and complete reinventing yourself is the epitome of insecurity and self hate…

    go ahead. search for “reinvent yourself”…
    you may find business stuff, which makes sense… its a contrived arena…

    but you will find tons of stuff about women telling other women that to like yourself, you have to be someone else, and that you can erase yourself and do so

    5 Tips for How to Reinvent Yourself
    I’ve been through two major reinventions. And I’m telling you from personal experience, it’s not only possible – it’s imperative to your happiness.

    so learning to love yourself isnt?

    and here is vogue, a womens ideology rag
    Reinvent yourself

    by the way… woe is a man who marries reinvention 1, as reinvention 2 will hate them and dump them

    “You Are Free To Reinvent Yourself”: Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin
    As A Feminist Historiographic Metafiction

    and if you can handle it

    On Insecurity, Aging and Adulthood

    it follows the formula
    we are all incredible great people – here is my justification for that as proof… BUT

    so, that ties it up.. with the group that piles on these affectations as a security blanket…

    ie. the over 40 woman inspired by kellog commercial to steal her daughters clothes, give one of their daughers friends a bj to feel young, and pile on the fakery and such to take up a notch what was lost and wasted.

    they dont realize that for most men, thats scary… (And for the men that it isnt… well)

  29. Aaron Says:

    It’s Japan being Japan.

  30. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Have studied Japan for many years, and was stationed in Japan for a couple pf years in the early 1960s, and have observed crowds of Japanese commuters stepping, not just over but sometimes actually on the drunks—sometimes even on their faces–who were sleeping on the steps as these commuters made their way up the steps in the major Shinjuku train station near Tokyo, with the explanation being that since these Japanese had no particular clan ties to the drunks, they had no obligations whatsoever toward them, or any requirement to treat them humanely.

    I’ve often thought that our lack of any clan ties, our ”foreignness,” and our apparent violation of Bushido–by surrendering, by not committing suicide, and/or by allowing ourselves to be captured alive–coupled with the kind of fanatical release of accumulated tension I commented on above–goes a long way toward explaining the reason for Japanese savagery towards our soldiers and POWs during WWII—so much more widespread and “savage” than was reported in our media during or after the war.

  31. Artfldgr Says:

    here is another… (if you dont get the idea of a flaw making one more perfect, then toss away the beauty pencil mark between nose and mouth)

    Japan’s crooked-teeth ‘Yaeba’ trend: Imperfection said to add to sex appeal

    ‘Yaeba’ – ‘double tooth’ in Japanese – is a trendy cosmetic procedure for Japanese women to accentuate their canine teeth. Some say the imperfection makes them more approachable, but others worry it is sexualizing a childlike look.

    Many teenaged girls have undergone dental procedures called yaeba to elongate their canines, producing a fang-like imperfect – and some say childlike – appearance.

    ie. no different than American women deciding that to compete with the tarts they had to wear schoolgirl outfits… and so create the landscape where some boys upon maturing would fixate on that, and so become what when they grew up and playing with that becomes a no no?

    i mean really, they dont see that their liberated choices which are to maximize sex choice (not necessarily have more sex), have broken down the barriers and so we can no longer tell child from adult…

    Some Japanese men reportedly find crooked teeth endearing and attractive. For others, this slight imperfection makes beautiful women more approachable, reports Oddity Central. Blogs celebrate yaeba and celebrities eagerly smile for cameras to show off their protruding canines.

    Girls have increasingly flocked to dental salons for yaeba. The cosmetic fad is the most sought-after procedure provided by Dental Salon Plaisir in Tokyo’s Ginza district. At Dental Salon Plaisir, the dentists glue artificial canines onto the patients’ real teeth. Since the salon uses temporary adhesive, the transformation is not permanent.

    Read more:

  32. Artfldgr Says:

    Japanese savagery towards our soldiers and POWs during WWII—so much more widespread and “savage” than was reported in our media during or after the war.

    a recent war movie…. by clint eastwood.. illustrates that in a subtle way… if you didnt know what to look for, you saw a dead man… if you DID, then you noticed that they cut his penis off and stuck it in his mouth (and eviscerated him (probably alive))

  33. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Well they’ve got Yaeba, but we’ve got the recent news of the girl who got a new ring tattooed around her anus, featuring her new boyfriend’s name–aw, how sweet–who posted the whole procedure on Youtube (see, so I guess we got the Japanese beat for now in the decadence department.

    P.S. Perhaps the Yaeba addicts who like bad teeth might want to go to the UK. Just sayin’.

  34. waltj Says:

    FWIW, my experiences in Japan have been diametrically opposed to the ones noted here. When I’ve been bewildered by the subway or train system, I’ve had Japanese show me the right way to do things without making me feel stupid in the process. The service workers (waiters, clerks, etc.) were polite and helpful, and the mid-to-upper level salarymen who are my direct counterparts could be tough negotiators, but when the deal was signed and it was time to do the work, they did it without complaint or trying to change the terms of the contract. And I’ve been in Asia long enough to tell the difference between an ethnic Japanese and a Filipino or Chinese working in Japan. These people were all Japanese. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but that’s been my experience, and probably why I like Japan as much as I do.

    I’m well aware of Japan’s hideous record of atrocities in WW2, but it’s interesting to me that Japanese soldiers (and sailors) in WW1 and the Russo-Japanese War were noted for their by-the-book correct behavior towards enemy POWs and local civilians in the combat zones. After the Battle of the Tsushima Strait, Admiral Togo’s men pulled Russian Admiral Rozdezhvensky out of the water, treated his wounds, and extended the expected courtesies to an officer of his rank. The surviving Russian sailors were also treated properly. This was also true of Russian soldiers captured by the Japanese Army. Where Japan started to go off the rails was in the 1920s, with the rise of a militant, expansionist nationalism that paralleled similar developments in Germany, Italy, and elsewhere. We were to bear the brunt of this malignant strain of nationalism in WW2.

  35. Jewish Wigs Says:

    I think that the crowding also accounts at least in part for the elaborate courtesy they evince.

  36. Sarah Says:

    Join the Tattoo Removal Directory. Claim your listing now FREE

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