November 10th, 2012

More theories on the Petraeus resignation

From a former spook.

14 Responses to “More theories on the Petraeus resignation”

  1. Smock Puppet, 10th Dan Snark Master Says:

    Petraeus resigns over affair, as criticism grows of CIA response in Libya

    ….. Aaaand Petraeus joins half the nation under the Obus.

    Now, go look through the comments at the “like”/”dislike” pattern, compared to the subject matter of the comments, and explain to me how that reflects a 50/50 national divide.


    This whole situation smells.

    And I’m not just talking about this sudden interest in blaming Petraeus for Benghazi.

  2. davisbr Says:

    …even if one has never previously descended into the fever swamps of the conspiratorialists, this whole affair rather provides ample opportunities to see what one has been missing.

  3. OlderandWheezier Says:

    This from Ronald Kessler on Newsmax:

    FBI agents on the case expected that Petraeus would be asked to resign immediately rather than risk the possibility that he could be blackmailed to give intelligence secrets to foreign intelligence agencies or criminals. In addition, his pursuit of the woman could have distracted him as the CIA was giving Congress reports on the attack on the Benghazi consulate on Sept. 11.

    The CIA ‘s reporting to Congress included a claim that protests over a YouTube video played a role in the attacks, thus allowing Obama to initially discount the possibility that the U.S. had suffered another terrorist attack just before the election.

    In contrast, based on real time video and reports, the State Department was reporting that the attack that led to the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, was terrorist-related. The State Department reported that there were no protests at the consulate.

    Still, the White House, with concurrence by the FBI and Justice Department, held off on asking for Petraeus’ resignation until after the election. His resignation occurred three days after the election, avoiding the possibility that Obama’s ill-fated appointment of Petraeus could become an issue in the election.

    FBI agents on the case were aware that such a decision had been made to hold off on forcing him out until after the election and were outraged.

    “The decision was made to delay the resignation apparently to avoid potential embarrassment to the president before the election,” an FBI source says. “To leave him in such a sensitive position where he was vulnerable to potential blackmail for months compromised our security and is inexcusable.”

  4. M of Hollywood Says:

    I have a hard time with movies that rest on complex, twisted plots. It is not long after I dip into the popcorn vat that I sit there in the dark, in the dark. What is going on? I then hope that in the next 90 minutes I can emerge not quite so dumb as I feel. This is not a nice feeling. The discomfort pushes me away from picking up the next clues. I cannot follow the emotions, because emotions are occluded by characters’ needs to … to win, to cover, to screw someone.
    Benghazi was complicated enough w/o this. Now it is unsufferably complicated. When will we ever know? What can we know? What, even, do most of those involved know? Is there one knower?
    For a little non-player, a clean, clear heart is the only “revenge.” People in the WH “won” – but I have no envy for what I imagine they feel inside. They are made of different stuff, but I could not operate as a player, occluding the search for truth. Balance, openness, seeing–these serve the heart. I cannot contemplate the strategies they learned to usher themselves through their days.
    Humility is the ultimate truth. The WH just got mega-doses of its opposite: pride. “Forward (!)” in a spherical world? Which way is that? Ah, for a contemporary Shakespeare. Where is David Mamet when we need him?

  5. Don Carlos Says:

    Not a weighty thought, but I never understood why Petraeus took the CIA job in the 1st place.

    And why Panetta took the Sec Def job.

  6. texexec Says:

    Obama’s second term is NOT gonna be a happy time for him. This is just a start.

    Also, the stock market is looking very toppy recently, especially the last few days. I just put my toe in the water, buying some SPY (follows the S&P 500) puts on Friday. Probably gonna buy some more next week…as a hedge on the stocks in my portfolio.

  7. mizpants Says:

    M of Hollywood, you speak my thoughts, or give voice to my confusion, or something.
    What a frightening time this is.

  8. DaveindeSwamp Says:

    mizpants Says:
    November 10th, 2012 at 2:31 pm
    “M of Hollywood, you speak my thoughts, or give voice to my confusion, or something.
    What a frightening time this is.”

    My 22 year old Education major is terrified and angry. Angry enough to cut off her Obama loving buddies and the Ron Paul enablers .

    Buckle up….

  9. cornflour Says:

    I rarely read CNN’s site, but Michael Totten had a link to what sounded like an interesting interview on the Petraeus affair, so I took a look.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    CNN contributor and former CIA operative Robert Baer spoke to Piers Morgan Friday and gave his perspective on the resignation of General David Petraeus. The now former CIA director resigned from his post earlier Friday citing an extramarital affair.

    “The idea that the FBI is investigating the CIA director for a marital, extramarital affair is just extraordinary,” said Baer in response to the news that the FBI was investigating the general and the alleged individual involved with the affair, Petraeus’ biographer Paula Broadwell.

    “There are 4 or 5 CIA directors that I know who were carrying on extramarital affairs while they were director. The FBI was never brought in,” said Baer. “So this is absolutely extraordinary. I’m telling you there’s more to do than with sex. There’s something going on here which I can’t explain and I think we’re going to find out very soon.”

    Watch the clip, and listen to the interview, as Baer tells Morgan that the FBI investigation into the CIA director’s affairs “smacks of George Orwell.”

    Here’s the link:

  10. Gary Rosen Says:

    M of Hollywood, the sad truth is that this new excrucating twist to the Benghazi debacle is of great benefit to Obama. The more confusing it becomes, the more people will just throw up their hands and say “well, we can never know what really happened”. The administration actually benefits if it disseminates confusing and contradictory disinformation. Very, very scary.

  11. Sam L. Says:

    This is a 5-gallon bucketful of worms inside a 55-gallon drumful of snakes. Poisonous snakes, severely unhappy poisonous snakes. I’m glad it’s spilled out over by the White House, rather than most anywhere else.

  12. Gary Rosen Says:

    “excruating” = “excruciating”

  13. Mac Says:

    Robert Baer: “There’s something going on here which I can’t explain and I think we’re going to find out very soon.”

    That there is something very fishy going on I have no doubt. I’m much less certain of his second point.

  14. M of Hollywood Says:

    this seems to make it clear

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