November 15th, 2012

The media discovers entitlement reform is necessary

Now that the election’s over.

How many times will we be saying that phrase? Perhaps it should be a regular feature here: now that the election’s over, something Romney/Ryan were criticized and/or ridiculed and/or demonized for saying becomes something that was self-evident all along, and something Obama just might get around to considering.

Someday. Or then again, maybe not. Whatever.

Ace points out that the media used to understand that entitlements needed major reform or we would be in big trouble. Then came Obama, and the whole idea became hush-hush because it was now a Republican cause, especially during the 2012 election.

Well, now that the election’s over:

Now comes the Washington Post, after fighting assiduously to re-elect the team pandering on entitlements, slandering and lying — I’m sorry, I mean “Fact-Checking” — the team which told the truth about entitlements, to impotently object that “entitlements must be on the table.”

We shall see.

17 Responses to “The media discovers entitlement reform is necessary”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    The good news is that WaPo is facing employee cutbacks and I read that NBC is having to slash jobs.

    As Glenn Reynolds says, they are Democrat operatives with bylines.

    Fire all of them.

  2. Artfldgr Says:

    they are not telling you they are going to remove them. are they

  3. holmes Says:

    WAPO does seem like an organization with an awful lot of overhead just to reprint talking points.

    Well, maybe, as with the war on terror, their side had to win in order to embrace these things. As you say, we shall see.

  4. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Tell me, is there any group of people more discredited and despised than the “journalists” of the today’s MSM?

  5. Sam L. Says:

    Yes: Republicans, conservatives, anti-abortion advocates, Evangelicals, and most Christians. By the MSM.

  6. Artfldgr Says:

    of course they are..

    with who is in power, removing the entitlements and blaming the scapegoats will make the equivalent of Crystal Nacht…

  7. kolnai Says:

    Sam L. –


    I would change Wolla’s “despised” to “despicable.”

  8. Mr. Frank Says:

    There is a story out today saying that the total number of people on food stamps would be equal to 75% of the vote Obama got. That’s not the kind of thing Dems, the party of free stuff, would want to give up.

  9. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    WAPO makes a few good points. The main one is that entitlements have to be reformed. Who knew? Oh yeah, I remember, Romney and Ryan knew.

    Another good point is about the inflation assumptions. They must be eliminated for a few years or maybe permanently. No private pension plan can afford COLAs. You’re not going to get COLAs in an IRA/401k/or a savings account. COLAs add to actual inflation and they add to people’s expectations. Which are really unrealistic unless the economy is growing at 4% a year or more.

    One thing the WAPO didn’t touch on and that is the fact that 8% growth in spending is built into the federal assumptions – EVERY YEAR!! Then Obama does the Porkulus, which was supposed to be a one time deal. Without passing a budget, Porkulus has become the norm. No wonder we are wallowing in debt that goes as far as the eye can see.

    I just finished reading a book, “The Last Resort,” by Peter Godwin. It traces the path of Zimbabwe’s economy from the time Mugabe took over (1980) up to 2000. The only difference between Obama and Mugabe is that there is still some opposition to Obama. Everything Mugabe did, in a once prosperous country, violated every tenent of the free market place. Very, very sad and yet obvious to any who would inform themselves. The white farmers and Indian merchants held out as long as they could, but it all fell apart.

    Obama has done nothing, absolutely nothing that will revive the economy. If art is right he is intent on bringing it all down. The opposition is stronger here than in Zimbabwe. We can and must fight back.

  10. southpaw Says:

    Entitlements will be on the table until the first trial balloon is floated and the howling begins. Then the only thing on the table will be the wallets of the people with jobs.
    Followed by ads of Boner and Paul Ryan, dressed in KKK attire, blowing up nursing homes and dancing on the corpses, or starving 150lb inner city 1st graders, too weak to waddle to school. On the bright side, it will make some fun TV commercials for the Super Bowl.

  11. parker Says:

    Its too late, R&R represented a chance to begin slowly turning around the ship headed toward a perfect storm, but now the course is set unless Benghazi clips the messiah’s wings. The next 4 years, if we last that long, will make fiscal collapse inevitable.

    Its too late:

  12. blert Says:

    The ONLY adjustment that can have a ‘first order’ impact is shifting the mandatory retirement age back from 65 — much faster than current legislation provides.

    We are simply living too long.

    What a social crime!

    But that’s what is, at bottom, blowing up the Federal budget.

    Innumerate Soetoro & Co. can’t fathom it.


    The other first order adjustment must be to close our borders. This is particularly true for societies/ populations with low IQ skews — for whatever reason — who necessarily must draw out-sized social benefits.

    One simply can’t have a welfare state and open borders.

    The math will always blow up.

    It is towards this end that Barry intends to deep six the American shining light on the hill.

    It won’t be bright any longer.

    Even now, the immigrants are leaving our ship — using the ratlines — about as fast as the old homestead can have them back.

  13. rickl Says:

    I saw this at Ace’s earlier today:

    Let It Burn is not rooting for the inferno, it is acknowledging it is coming.

    Let It Burn is giving the left the consequences of their actions.

    Let It Burn is the result of a struggle where, to paraphrase WarGames, “The only way to win the game is not to play.”

    Let go of the rope, let the other side win, and fall down into the mud looking like complete assholes.

    That’s what Let It Burn is about.

    Posted by: grognard at November 15, 2012 03:03 PM (NS2Mo)

  14. Oblio Says:


  15. thomass Says:

    No way! I thought if the people making over $250k started paying their fair share everything was cool.

    Darn; who would think the media and the president could be this far off on something…

  16. n.n Says:

    A beachfront property in Hawaii for everyone to enjoy!

    That and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow we have been following for nearly half a century.

  17. thomass Says:

    Anyway; this brings back old memories. I’ve been talking about the entitlement issues for over 20 years… oh well.

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